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NFL Combine – Top 5 Defensive Prospect Workouts by Positions


NFL Combine Report –
Top 5 Defensive Workouts by Positions

Defensive Line
Adams, Montravius - Auburn
Started off the defensive workouts with a blazing 4.87 forty time.
Garrett, Myles - Texas A&M
Freak athlete ran a 4.64 time at 272 lbs. and 35 ¼” arms and added a 41”VL along with 33 reps.
Thomas, Solomon - Stanford
Strong athlete ran a 4.69 time at 273 lbs. and 35” arms and added a 35”VL along with 30 reps.
Willis, Jordan - Kansas St.
Rising athlete ran a 4.53 time at 255 lbs. and 33.5” arms and added a 39”VL and 10’5” BJ along with 24 reps and an awesome 6.85 three cone time.
Jones, D.J. - Mississippi
Strong squat tackle ran a 5.04 time at 319 lbs. and added a 28.5”VL and 9’2” BJ along with 25 reps.
Kpassagnon, Tanoh - Villanova
Freakish athlete ran a 4.83 time at 6’7” and 289 lbs. and 35 5/8” arms and added a 10’8”BJ along with 23 reps.

Photo - DE Tanoh Kpassagnon - Villanova

Hendrickson, Trey - Florida Atlantic
Relentless athlete ran a 4.65 time at 266 lbs. and added a 33.5”VL and 10’2” BJ along with a fast 7.03 three cone drill.
Rivers, Derek - Youngstown St
Wiry athlete ran a fine 4.61 time at 248 lbs. and 32 3/4” arms and added a 35”VL along with 30 reps.
Jones, Nazair - North Carolina
Big athlete ran a 5.11 time at 6’5” and 304 lbs. with 34 5/8” arms and added a 24.5”VL along with good positional drills.
Walker, Charles - Oklahoma
Physical tackle ran a 4.96 time at 310 lbs. and 33 3/4” arms and added a 28”VL and 9’1” BJ along with 25 reps.

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Reddick, Haason – Temple
One of the stars of the Combine with impressive overall numbers and great postseason. Ran a nice 4.52 time with 24 reps, 36.5’ VL, 11’1” BJ and a 7.01 three cone at 61” and 237 lbs.
Cunningham, Zach - Vanderbilt
Big rangy athlete impressed with movement and leaping skills. Ran a 4.67 time with a 35” VL and 10’5” BJ and finished with a 7.03 three cone.
Anzalone, Alex - Florida
At 241 lbs., ran a 4.63 time and a 6.88 three cone.
Price, Ejuan – Pittsburgh
Ran a 4.84 time with 20 reps, 31.5” VL and 9’9” BJ at 5’11 and 241 lbs.
Brown, Blair – Ohio
Quick short backer continues to impress with 4.65 time, 37” VL and impressive positional drills.
McMillan, Raekwon - Ohio St.
Ran a nice 4.61 time with 23 reps, 33’ VL and 10’1” BJ at 6’2” and 240 lbs.
Riley, Duke - LSU
Rising prospect ran a fast 4.58 time with a 34.5” VL, 10’2” BJ and a 6.89 three cone drill.
Watt, T.J. - Wisconsin
Ran a fine 4.69 time with 21 reps, 37’ VL, 10’8” BJ and a 6.79 three cone at 6’4” and 252 lbs.
Walker Jr., Anthony – Northwestern
Ran a nice 4.65 time with 23 reps and 30.5’ VL and 9’8” BJ at 6’1” and 238 lbs.
Biegel, Vince - Wisconsin
Savvy 246 lb. backer ran a nice 4.67 time and a 6.92 three cone drill.

Defensive Backs
Peppers, Jabrill – Michigan
Blue chip athlete became first player to worked out with safeties and linebackers on different days. Ran a 4.46 time with 19 reps, a 35.5” VL and a 10’8” BJ and finished with strong defensive back positional drills.
Melifonwu, Obi - Connecticut
Huge athlete had an outstanding overall performance with a 4.40 time, 44” VL and 11’7” BJ.
Moreau, Fabian - UCLA
Rising prospect continues his strong postseason with a 4.35 time, 38” VL, 11’4” BJ and a 6.94 three cone.
Myrick, Jalen - Minnesota
Compact corner ran a super 4.28 time, 37’5” VL and 10’4” BJ that has scouts running for film.
Griffin, Shaquill - Central Florida
Big agile defender had an excellent all around effort with a 4.37 forty, 38.5” VL and 11’BJ.
Nicholson, Montae - Michigan St.
Physical 212 lb safety came ready to workout and ran a 4.42 times, 10.5” BJ and 35” VL that left a strong impression.
Witherspoon, Ahkello – Colorado
Tall agile cover man continues his amazing rise up the charts. Ran a 4.45 time with a 40.5” VL and 6.93 three cone drill.
Tankersley, Cordrea – Clemson
Talented senior put together a strong performance with a 4.40 time and 10’1BJ to dispel some criticism of 2016 tape.
Langley, Brendan – Lamar
Huge athlete had a well-rounded workout with a 4.43 time, 22 reps, 10’3” BJ and 35.5” VL.
King, Desmond – Iowa
Senior defender lined up at both corner and safety and showed his versatility to play early in package defenses. Excellent 6.67 three cone helped his cause.

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