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NFL Draft 2013 Update - Wideout Robert Woods of Southern Cal - Draft Insiders' Yearbook Scouting Report -

NFL Draft 2013 - Wideout Robert Woods of USC -
Draft Insiders' Yearbook Scouting Report

Robert Woods of Southern Cal is one of the fast rising prospects in this NFL Draft class after an excellent workout at the Trojans pro day a few weeks ago. Woods has been a top 75 prospects since declaring for the NFL Draft 2013 in January, but his high level of development in the finer points of receiving has impressed clubs. His ability to play both outside and in the slot with the refined route running to be an immediate factor in three wideout sets. He has outstanding hands and the ability to adjust to the ball with keen instincts to read coverage and make adjustments in his routes and come back to the ball.

He has risen into the early second round off a fine workout and excellent career production with the possibility to being a surprise late first round selection. Several playoff teams, namely the Patriots, Packers, 49ers and Ravens have him high on their late first round/early 2nd round list. He could be the 3rd receiver off the board after Cordarrelle Patterson and Tavon Austin, both who are expected to be mid first round selections.

Photo - WR Robert Woods - Southern Cal

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Robert Woods #2 - Southern Cal - 6’ 200 - Sp. 4.50
Hindu Theory: Steve Smith

Agile athletic junior wideout completed an outstanding career that ranks him with the top performers in school history. Robert is a quick savvy receiver with fine athletic ability and the development to become an NFL playmaker. He has good size, speed and agility that combined with his toughness and savvy with the ability to run the full route tree. He has good speed, hands and the pass catching abilities to start early in his pro career. He moves well with the quickness off the line to get into his routes in fine shape and the ability to cut at the break point and separate from coverage. He is an athlete who fights through the jam successfully and rarely gets pushed off his route. He has been a consistent performer who hopes to follow the long USC legacy of fine NFL receivers. His production fell with an injury to starting QB Matt Barkley late last season. He uses his angular frame well to shield off defenders and has shown the ability to go over the middle and make the tough catch. He works the sidelines well, showing the ability to extend and make the difficult catch and stay in bounds with fine footwork and hands. He has the separation speed to get deep, though rarely used in the vertical game over his late career with sophomore sensation Marquise Lee their prime deep threat. He has the ability to track the ball and make good adjustments, using his fine body control and leaping skills to catch the ball at the highest point. In this class, he is one of the more athletic and experienced wideouts who shows the skill set to be a good pro within a short time. He has quick feet and excellent jumping ability to make a play in a crowd and be a dangerous red zone player. In his route running, he gets to top speed in good shape and maintains it with the ability to change speeds and separate. He catches the ball well and is a good runner after the catch. He is an athlete who has the package that scouts seek in a starter with reliable hands, good running skills and the quick moves and acceleration to make plays. He has learned to set up corners better with experience, but needs to develop changes of speed to be up to NFL standards. He has good body control with the ability to easily adjust to the ball in flight and make the difficult catch. He has the deceptive speed to separate in the deep game with the concentration to track the ball well.
The Numbers: As a junior, he started all 13 games and caught 76 passes for 846 yards, an 11.1 average and 11 TDs in the erratic USC offense. As a sophomore, he caught 111 passes for 1292 yards, an 11.6 yard average and 15 TDs, earning 1st team Pac-12 honors. Over his career, he caught 252 passes for 2930 yards, an 11.5 yard average and 32 TDs. At the NFL Combine, he came in just over 6’ and 201 lbs. He ran 4.51 and 4.54 times with a 33.5” VL, a 9’9” BJ and did 14 reps. He had ordinary agility drills of 4.47 short shuttle and 7.15 three-cone times.
The Skinny: Athlete with the ability to become a solid possession receiver within a short time. He is a quality prospect with the skill set to become an early starter and all the physical tools necessary to become a good #2 type receiver. He has the burst of deceptive speed to get behind the secondary, though is more a tough go to intermediate receiver. Athletic receiver with the talent to be a playmaker with the skills to make a difference in the right setting. In the mold of former Trojan wideout Steve Smith in size, speed, AA and LOD. Incredibly, he has fallen off an average type 2012 production and will most likely be selected in the late 2nd day. Clubs like the Chargers, Dolphins, Jaguars and Seahawks interested.
Draft Projection: 2nd Round

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