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NFL Draft 2014 Moved to May 8-10


NFL Draft 2014 Moved to May 8-10

The NFL announced this week that the 2014 draft will be held May 8-10 in New York at Radio City Music Hall. They moved the event back three weeks from its traditional late April time frame in the ever expanding NFL calendar.

The NFL has spoken with the NFLPA about changing the overall football schedule in the future, though the only date change will be related to the NFL Draft this year. The NFL Scouting Combine will continue to take place in Indianapolis from February 19-25, 2014. The new NFL year begins March 11th with the Free Agency and trading period.

The NFL will continue to hold several regional combines on various dates from January 24th through February 16th with a probably Super combine in early April. They have made no decisions regarding dates for the NFL Draft 2015 and beyond. They will look at a number of alternatives including holding the draft at Radio City or at other locations, either in the New York area or in other cities. Some NFL clubs want the event to move to different cities annually, though that will be discussed in the future as there will be no significant changes in the dates of any other off-season event next year.