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NFL Draft 2018 Selection Order - The Browns are ‘On the Clock’!


NFL Draft 2018 Selection Order - The Browns are ‘On the Clock’!

Once again, the Cleveland Browns are On the Clock for the NFL Draft 2018 with the first overall selection. It marks the second consecutive year the Browns earned the top overall draft choice. The last team to accomplish this was the… Cleveland Browns in 1999 and 2000 during their early expansion years. Not much as changed in almost 20 years. The Browns are just the 5th team to earn this back to back year accomplishment. They have been one of the worst teams in recent memory in all major sports with ongoing poor results despite a constant turnover in their front office and coaching staffs. Their draft decisions have beem atrocious with several trades out of the top early selections, especially passing on a chance of either QBs, Carson Wentz or Jared Goff just two years ago. This Sunday they can tie the Detroit Lions as the only teams to go 0-16 during the regular season with a loss to the Steelers. Head coach Hue Jackson will complete his second season this weekend after going 1-15 last season. His 1-30 two-year record stands by itself as one of the worst in NFL history.

Photo - QB Sam Darnold - Southern Cal

The Browns are in position to make major strides this April. In addition to the top overall pick, they also hold the Houston Texans #1 choice, currently the 4th overall selection. Rarely does a club hold two #1 picks let alone two in the top five overall choices. The Browns also hold three #2 picks, one #3 and two #4 selections, a boatload of top 100 draft choices to address several major need areas. New GM John Dorsey came aboard midseason 2017 and has had a few months to evaluate the current roster, in addition to their salary cap. He is in position to bolster a decent roster that has some young players in place, though needs players in key positions and leadership roles on both sides of the ball. The Browns upcoming decisions in both veteran Free Agency and the NFL Draft 2018 will dictate the movement of many players this offseason especially among the premier selections.

Playoffs - Conference & Super Bowl games determine final positions
x - division winner y - playoff berth

First Round
# / Team / W-L / Opp W-L %

1 Cleveland 0-15 .517
2 NY Giants 2-13 .533
3 Indianapolis 3-12 .483
4 Cleveland (Houston) 4-11 .508
5 Tampa Bay 4-11 .558
6 Denver 5-10 .483
7 San Francisco 5-10 .521
8 NY Jets 5-10 .521
9 Chicago 5-10 .558
10 Cincinnati 6-9 .467
11 Oakland 6-9 .508
12 Miami 6-9 .542
13 Arizona 7-8 .488
14 Washington 7-8 .538
15 Green Bay 7-8 .538
16 LA Chargers 8-7 .463
17 Buffalo 8-7 .492
18 Detroit 8-7 .496
19 Dallas 8-7 .500
20 Seattle 9-6 .488
21 Tennessee 8-7 .438
22 Baltimore 9-6 .438
23 Buffalo (x Kan City) 9-6 .479
24 Atlanta 9-6 .550
25 x Jacksonville 10-5 .425
26 x LA Rams 11-4 .500
27 y Carolina 11-4 .538
28 y New Orleans 11-4 .538
29 x Minnesota 12-3 .500
30 x Pittsburgh 12-3 .450
31 x New England 12-3 .488
32 x Philadelphia 13-2 .458

Team tie-breaking procedure for the NFL Draft

If two or more clubs are tied in the selection order, the strength-of-schedule tie breaker is applied, subject to the following exceptions for playoff clubs: The Super Bowl winner is last and the Super Bowl loser next-to-last. Any non-Super Bowl playoff club involved in a tie shall be assigned priority within its segment below that of non-playoff clubs and in the order that the playoff clubs exited from the playoffs. Within a tied segment a playoff club that loses in the Wild-Card game will have priority over a playoff club that loses in the Divisional playoff game that in turn will have priority over a club that loses in the Conference Championship game. If two tied clubs exited the playoffs in the same round, the tie is broken by strength of schedule. If any ties cannot be broken by strength of schedule, the divisional or conference tie breakers, when applicable, are applied. Any ties that still exist are broken by a coin flip.