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NFL Power Poll - Week 3 - Chiefs, Falcons & Raiders Top Rankings


NFL Power Poll - Week 3

NFL Power Poll – Divisional Matchups Heat Up Early Leadership

Team of the Week - Chiefs

Offensive Player of Week - QB Derek Carr - Raiders
Defensive Player of Week - DE Ziggy Ansah - Lions

Rookie of Week - RB Kareen Hunt - Chiefs

Photo - QB Derek Carr - Raiders

Game of Week #3 – Atlanta Falcons (2-0) at Detroit Lions (2-0)

NFL Ranking /Record /Team
#1 - 2-0 Chiefs
QB Alex Smith and rookie back Kareem Hunt form a potent offense.
#2 - 2-0 Falcons
Falcons looking to amend their Super Bowl collapse.
#3 - 2-0 Raiders
Raiders rolling in the early schedule.
#4 - 2-0 Steelers
Steelers taking care of business.
#5 - 2-0 Ravens
Ravens on a collision course with the Steelers for AFC North leadership
#6 - 1-1 Patriots
Defending champion probably walks into AFC East title again.
#7 - 2-0 Lions
QB Matt Stafford can burn any defense in the league.
#8 - 2-0 Broncos
Broncos took it to the Boys with a strong defense.
#9 - 1-1 Seahawks
Seahawks get their first win over pathetic West rival, the 49ers.
#10 - 1-1 Packers
Packers defense may come up short vs the top tier offenses.
#11 - 1-1 Cowboys
Boys defense was terrible and probably limits an NFC East repeat.
#12 - 1-1 Eagles
Eagles are improved with young QB Carson Wentz and dangerous going forward.
#13 - 1-0 Dolphins
QB Jay Cutler may be the signing of the year.
#14 - 1-0 Bucs
QB Jameis Winston is a budding star that makes Bucs dangerous here.
#15 - 1-1 Vikings
Vikes need vet QB Sam Bradford back with Bucs coming in for a key NFC matchup.
#16 - 1-1 Titans
QB Mariota is lighting it up here with big home test vs the Seahawks this week.
#17 - 2-0 Panthers
Panthers’ defense has given up only 6 points in two games with Saints coming to town.
#18 - 1-1 Redskins
Redskins host the Raiders in Sunday night matchup that may determine two divisional races.
#19 - 1-1 Texans
Texans travel to New England in key AFC matchup.
#20 - 0-2 Giants
GMen offense has been brutally weak in opening weeks.
#21 - 1-1 Bills
Bills offense has totaled only 21 points in first two games.
#22 - 1-1 Jaguars
Jaguars defense is a top ten unit.
#23 - 1-1 Cardinals
Cardinals host the Cowboys in pivotal Monday night encounter.
#24 - 1-1 Rams
Rams looking to jump the 49ers bones on Thursday night.
#25 - 0-2 Bengals
Bengals go into Green Bay looking for first victory.
#26 - 0-2 Saints
Saints defense is still one of the 5-8 worst in the game.
#27 - 0-2 Bears
Bears offense must improve quickly to hold off more changes.
#28 - 0-2 Chargers
Chargers still find ways to lose the game.
#29 - 0-2 Jets
Jets might be worst than this ranking.
#30 - 0-2 Colts
Paying the price for five weak draft classes.
#31 - 0-2 49ers
49ers offense is the worst in the league.
#32 - 0-2 Browns
Brownies still going through growing pain.

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