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QB Robert Griffin III – Draft Insiders’ Yearbook Scouting Report

Robert Griffin III – Draft Insiders’ Yearbook Scouting Report

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Robert Griffin III #10 - 6’2” 220 lbs. - Baylor - Sp. 4.45 Rating 91
Hindu Theory - Donovan McNabb

Athletic slick throwing junior passer completed an incredible season for the Bears, leading them to national recognition during a Heisman Trophy winning year. Robert is an elite athlete who shined at the NFL Combine displaying top athleticism for the position. Over his short career, he improved significantly each season, combining smarts, intangibles with the athleticism to be a top flight NFL starter. He had an amazing 2011 performance where he won virtually every major award that influenced his decision to turn pro. As a prospect, he made fast progress and overall developmental while starting every game the past two years since an ACL injury ended his 2009 season early. He has the elite package scouts seek in a top flight pro prospect – strong arm, fast, smart and tough. He really looks the part as an NFL starting QB, instinctive, strong arm, incredible scrambling ability and the great fire to succeed. He is capable of making all the throws and standing tall in the pocket. He has improved his accuracy, decision-making and command of the offense with playing experience that raised his level of play annually. He can drive the ball down the field when given the proper time in the pocket. His QB efficiency ranked among the nation’s best the past two years. He has improved on his passing accuracy that gets the ball into tight windows where playing experience. His mobility is amazing and allowed him to make big plays both in and outside the pocket. He is a rare scrambler with excellent foot speed and lateral quickness that combined with keen instincts and vision allows him to make big plays. As a runner, he has the cutting skills of a scatback and shows great vision and decision making. He knows where the chains are and when to get out of bounds. He throws well on the move where his accuracy remains high. He has the physical package to become an early potential pro starter, though he still needs to refine his overall game in all areas of play. He has a lean frame and needs to add muscle to hold up vs the NFL type pass rushers he will face weekly. He shows the strength to fight off defensive linemen regularly and make a big play out of a broken play and he did it often over the course of a game. He will warrant an early 1st round selection off rare athleticism and intangibles, though his lack of experience on the finer points leaves concerns about his overall readiness for the NFL. He is coming off an excellent junior season when he matured in all areas especially showing the intangibles to lead an offense and handle pressure in championship caliber games. He must learn to hang in the pocket and go through his progressions quicker to continue to make the big throw when under heavy pressure. He sits in the pocket often while under a pass rush and retains his poise well to give his receivers time to make their moves in coverage. At times, he relies on his incredible scrambling ability too early on the play which limits his development to pick up secondary receivers that is a must to be a successful NFL starter. As a passer, he has a three quarters delivery and good footwork for a quick setup that allows him to deliver the ball with accuracy and timing. He is very adept throwing the deep ball where he combines touch, accuracy and velocity very well. He is still a young passer who needs work on overall defense recognition and decision-making. He needs to learn to look off the free safety more consistently and eliminate turnovers. He must learn to look for secondary receivers with more patience in the pocket. At times, he forces too many passes into heavy coverage, attempting to do too much or misreading coverage. He has a good arm to make all the throws, though he needs work on his intermediate throws where his accuracy and timing needs development. He has a compact delivery and is able to release the ball quickly. His overall accuracy is excellent which allows receivers to make plays after the reception.
The Numbers: As a junior, he threw for 4293 yards with 291 completions of 402 attempts for 37 TD passes and just 6 picks. He completed 72% of his passes, significant improvement over his earlier career. He rarely made mistakes when throwing on the move. As a sophomore, he threw for 3501 yards with 304 completions of 454 attempts for 22 TD passes and 8 picks. He completed 67% of his passes. At the NFL Combine, he came in at over 6’2” and 223 lbs. He ran 4.41 and 4.44 times with a blazing 1.52 ten year split time. He added a fine 39” VL and 10’ BJ. At his Baylor pro day, he threw the ball very well and ran through his drills nicely displaying a fine arm and great mobility. He is similar to former top prospect Donovan McNabb in size, AA and upside potential.
The Skinny: Fast developing young QB with all the physical and mental talent to become a premier NFL passer in time. Scouts rave about his athletic ability, leadership and character. He will command a top two selection with the Redskins paying a huge ransom for the 2nd overall pick. He is the type that needs to be in a setting where he can compete for the starting job early and get comfortable in a system. He still needs development both physically and mentally to hold up to the rigors of the NFL. Top flight NFL starter with the skills to really benefit from the tutelage of HC Mike Shanahan. Excellent talent with the complete skill set to become the face of a franchise.
Draft Projection: 1st Round - Top Two selection