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Stanford Guard David DeCastro Heads Interior Line Class - Yearbook 2012 Player Scouting Report

David DeCastro Heads Interior Line Class
Draft Insiders' Yearbook Scouting Report

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Photo – OL David DeCastro - Stanford

1. David DeCastro #52 - 6’5” 315 lbs. - Stanford - Sp. 5.30 - Rating 91 Hindu Theory: Steve Hutchinson
Physical aggressive junior guard has started all 39 games, earning Pac 12 first team honors later in his career. David is a hard-nosed physical blocker who started inside, grading out very high in all aspects of play that should earn him a mid first round selection in April. He is an aggressive blocker who combines fine athleticism, sound technique, very good functional strength and the toughness the position demands. He is a powerfully built guard with well-developed agility and footwork to carry out all the assignments. He plays with very sound leverage and shows a strong leg drive and a forceful hand punch to grade out high consistently. He has adequate arm length that allows him to get into a defender quickly and steer him out of the hole. He displays the tenacity and aggressiveness to win vs pro caliber defenders and uses his fine technique to play with leverage. He is a relentless player who goes hard from snap to whistle the entire game. His strong leg drive creates consistent movement blocking at the POA where he can direct, wall off and sustain well inline with the ability to be effective on short pulls. He is cut in the mold of a tough aggressive NFL guard very much like Steve Hutchinson who has gone on to have a Pro Bowl career. He has the nasty demeanor that scouts seek in a starting lineman and the footwork and functional strength to carry out all the assignments. He comes out of his stance quickly with sound positioning and a fast strong hand punch that gains early control by jarring a defender. He is a physical blocker who locks on with strong hands and moves his feet to control a defender with the ability to finish well. He is very quick and efficient when pulling with the ability to adjust and get good fits when blocking on the 2nd level. As a pass blocker, he slides easily with the ability to mirror and adjust to secondary rush moves. He anchors well vs the bull rush with top functional strength and agility to sustain his blocks well. He works hard to finish and shows the nasty demeanor of an early starting NFL guard. At times, he can play high with a narrow base that negates his power and slips off blocks. He needs to play technically sound and within himself to be highly effective. As a drive blocker, he is a tough physical competitor that gets into his blocks quickly, relying on his strong hands to control a defender and good leg drive to get movement. He has good functional strength to handle the big 300 lb.+ tackles he will face weekly with the ability to flip his hips and seal with good power to finish each block. He shows the ability to pick up stunts and blitzes quickly. At the NFL Combine, he came in at just under 6’5” and 316 lbs. with 32 3/4” arm length. He ran a 5.32 time with 34 reps and did a 29.5” VL and an 8’2” BJ. He had very impressive agility and positional drills. Over his career, he graded out very well vs top competition with the ability to learn quickly and adjust to game type situations. He has the look of a very likely rookie starting guard in the right setting. Physical durable blue-collar lineman with fine AA and very good technique and fine intangibles. Blue chip guard with the skill set and intangibles to start as a rookie. Talented highly developed prospect with definite top 12-15 value and future Pro Bowl guard who will get strong consideration by Chiefs and Cowboys.
Draft Projection: 1st Round