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NFL Supplemental Draft 2011 Postponed

NFL Supplemental Draft Postponed

Photo – QB Terrelle Pryor – Ohio St.

The NFL postponed the NFL Supplemental Draft scheduled for Wednesday August 17th. The delay stems from league officials trying to determine the eligibility of former Ohio St QB Terrelle Pryor. Pryor has petitioned the NFL for inclusion in this week's NFL Supplemental Draft

Pryor was facing an opening 5 game suspension due to NCAA infractions for receiving improper benefits including taking cash. With the Pryor suspension and the termination of highly successful Ohio St. head coach Jim Tressel due to this and other violations, the Buckeye starting passer seeked advice about turning pro this summer. He has been working out this summer in hopes of landing with an NFL team during the preseason.

With the delay in the NFL Supplemental Draft from July to August due to the lockout and now the postponement, the NFL office is trying to set an example of dealing with suspended college players. Players may have to face a brief suspension to start their pro careers that makes them accountable for their college action and send a message to future defections to the pro game to avoid an infraction. This delay may accomplish to future college players with violations of NCAA by laws.

The NFL has circulated a list of players eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft and Pryor is not been included. Currently, there are 5 players are eligible for this player draft including major college players, RB Caleb King of Georgia, DE Michael McAdoo of North Carolina and safety Tracy Wilson of Northern Illinois. In addition, there are a couple of small college prospects in DE Keenan Mace of Lindenwood and CB Torez Jones of Western Carolina who have petitioned the NFL commissioner’s office for entry in the NFL Supplemental Draft.

There will be a Special Report for subscribers for the NFL Supplemental Draft 2011