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DraftInsiders.com 2011 NFL Predictions

DraftInsiders.com NFL 2011 Predictions
Saints Top Chargers in Super Bowl Matchup

Photo - QB Drew Brees - Saints

Player of the Year –
QB Drew Brees - Saints
Defensive Player of the Year –
CB Darrelle Revis - Jets

Rookies of the Year
Offense - RB Mark Ingram - Saints
Defense – CB Patrick Peterson - Cardinals

Breakout Player of the Year
QB Alex Smith - 49ers

Comeback Player of the Year
WR Chad Ochocinco - Patriots

NFL 2011Forecast
Frank Coyle

Philadelphia Eagles - 12-4 –

Eagles are among the best in the NFC after strong FA class. They are capable of winning the East and going deep into the playoffs behind Michael Vick.
New York Giants - 11-5 –
Giants can play with anyone on the league, but must stay healthy and play more consistently. They have a potent attack and tough veteran defense, though roster is thin after a few key injuries.
Dallas Cowboys - 8-8 –
QB Tony Romo returns after an injury marred 2010 season. They must prove they can run the ball consistently to balance this offense. Their defense is good, but not near the top two clubs in this division.
Washington Redskins - 6-10 –
Skins start another new QB this season in Rex Grossman. Their defense looks to return to their 2009 form mainly behind improved secondary play. Skins might again struggle to make .500 in the best division in the game.

Green Bay Packers -10-5 -

Aaron Rodgers is the hottest QB in the game and Packers may be the best club in the league again. The play of both lines will determine if they can repeat.
Chicago Bears - 11-5 -
Bears can win this division behind veteran QB Jay Cutler. The defense is one of the best in this league that could spell the difference over the course of the season.
Detroit Lions - 9- 7 –
Lions will in the playoff hunt if they keep QB Matt Stafford healthy for 16 games.
Minnesota Vikings - 10-5 -
Vikes look to veteran Donovan McNabb to be the difference maker on an erratic club that is capable of big wins or total self destruction.

New Orleans Saints - 12-4 –

The Saints organizations have improved on defense that gives them the edge in one of the toughest divisions in football. QB Drew Brees is capable of leading this club to the Show again.
Atlanta Falcons - 10-6 –
Falcons are thinking title but they face a very tough schedule that might be the equalizer. They could struggle at .500 through midseason. Defense is suspect.
Tampa Bay Bucs - 8-8 –
Bucs began a turnaround last season with a 10-6, though vs a soft schedule. They will regress this fall and will be not better than a young .500 club that needs maturity.
Carolina Panthers - 6-10 –

Panthers begin the Cam Newton era, but will rely on a strong ground game to win games. They face a very tough schedule and will go through some painful growing pains in 2011.

Arizona Cardinals – 10-6 –

Cards look to return to the top of the weakest division in the NFL after adding QB Kevin
Kolb. There young defense is at playoff levels currently.
San Francisco 49ers - 8-8 –
New HC Jim Harbaugh will give this club an identity. He will turn QB Alex Smith into a solid
reliable starter. There defense is a solid group, but this club might struggle to get past the .500 mark.
St. Louis Rams - 6-10 –
Rams look to build off an improved offense directed by QB Sam Bradford. There changing defense is still not up to playoff levels at this point, though HC Steve Spagnuolo is a master leader.
Seattle Seahawks - 5-11 –
Seahawks won the divisional title with a 7-9 record, the first sub .500 team to ever accomplish that feat. This club will struggle to play above the .500 mark and challenge for the playoffs.

Divisional Champs
Eagles, Packers, Saints and Cardinals

Wild Card Clubs
Giants & Falcons

NFC Championship
Saint over Packers – Saints march back to the Big Show.

New York Jets – 12-4 –

Jets look to young QB Mark Sanchez to take another step up. That would put them over the top in a tough division. They defense ranks among the top five in the game.
New England Patriots - 11-5 –
Pats look to premier QB Tom Brady to direct this changing potent offense. The new ground game and receivers could rank them at the top of the league. Their suspect changing defense will determine their final fate in key games.
Miami Dolphins - 7-9 –
Dolphins will be hard pressed to improve off back to back 7-9 seasons. QB Chad Henne is better than advertised and needs new vet Reggie Bush to become everything Ted Ginn did not become.
Buffalo Bills - 4-12 –
Bills are still rebuilding and will look to their young players to establish themselves as top NFL players. Their development will determine any improvement beyond a 4 to 6 win season.

Baltimore Ravens - 11-5 –

The Ravens will look to young QB Joe Flacco to join the upper echelon of NFL passers. The defense is still capable of ranking with the best in the game and able to win this division.
Pittsburgh Steelers - 10-6 –
Big Ben makes big plays and the Steel defense is still among best in the game. They are a threat to win any critical game.
Cleveland Browns - 7-9 –
Browns continue to rebuild behind young QB Colt McCoy hoping to get them to respectability. Only one winning season in past six seasons may continue this fall.
Cincinnati Bengals - 5-11 –
With star QB Carson Palmer on the retirement list, the Bengals look to rookie QB Andy Dalton and top pick wideout
A.J. Green to begin a new era. Their defense has never improved under HC Marvin Lewis.

Indianapolis Colts - 10-6 –

QB Peyton Manning starts the season on the bench healing from neck surgery. This club is aging and faces but still dangerous to win big games in the playoffs. Whether the aging defense plays up to those levels remain to be seen.
Houston Texans - 10-6 –
A .500 record won’t get it done this season. Only a playoff berth will keep this club from facing major changes after the season.
Tennessee Titans - 8-8 –
The Titans look to veteran Matt Hasselbeck to keep this club respectable until top pick QB Jake Locker can take the reins. They might surprise and press for a playoff berth.
Jacksonville Jaguars - 6-10 –
Jaguars turned the page with the release of veteran QB David Garrard. They have taken a few steps back recently and a sub .500 record appears likely unless many questions are answered positively.

San Diego Chargers - 12-4 –

The Chargers are a loaded club with QB Philip Rivers directing a veteran club.
They can win the NFL title behind a veteran defense but needs their troubled special teams to improve significantly.
Kansas City Chiefs - 10-6 –
Chiefs won the division behind QB Matt Cassel and runner Jamaal Charles. The young defense is quietly improving and capable of helping them to compete for a playoff berth.
Oakland Raiders - 7-9 –
Raiders are a franchise in disarray and have not won more than 5 games since the 2002 season and this year looks like another repeat disaster.
Denver Broncos - 5-11 –
Broncos made huge changes this offseason under new HC Josh McDaniel. They should face difficult growing pains that will push them to the bottom of the AFC.

Divisional Champs
Jets, Ravens, Colts & Chargers

Wild Card Clubs
Patriots & Texans

AFC Championship
San Diego over Indianapolis

Chargers show a top defense can stop a potent offense in big

Super Bowl Matchup

New Orleans Saints over San Diego Chargers
Saints win a wild Super Bowl showdown with Chargers.

Sooners’ Head Draft Insiders.com, AP and Coaches Top 25 Teams

Sooners’ Head Draft Insiders.com, AP and Coaches Top 25 Teams

This is DraftInsiders.com first weekly 2011 season College Poll. We will have weekly polls thru the season & postseason in our College Football Mondays blog column.

WR Ryan Broyles - Oklahoma

Team of the Week- Baylor

Draft Insiders.com Top 25 Poll
(This year’s record in parentheses)

1. Oklahoma (1-0)
2. LSU (1-0)
3. Alabama (1-0)
4. Stanford (1-0)
5. Boise St (1-0)
6. Nebraska (1-0)
7. Oklahoma St (1-0)
8. Texas A&M (1-0)
9. Florida St (1-0)
10. Wisconsin (1-0)
11. South Carolina (1-0)
12. Oregon (0-1)
13. Michigan St (1-0)
14. Virginia Tech (1-0)
15. West Virginia (1-0)
16. Penn St. (1-0)
17. Arkansas (1-0)
18. Ohio St (1-0)
19. Mississippi St (1-0)
20. Florida (1-0)
21. Texas (1-0)
22. Baylor (1-0)
23. Missouri (1-0)
24. South Florida (1-0)
25. TCU (0-1)

AP Top 25 Poll
Rank / Name / W L / Previous Week

1 Oklahoma - 1-0 /1
2 LSU - 1-0 /4
3 Alabama - 1-0 /2
4 Boise St. - 1-0 /5
5 Florida St. - 1-0 /6
6 Stanford - 1-0 /7
7 Texas A&M - 1-0 /8
8 Wisconsin - 1-0 /11
9 Oklahoma St. - 1-0 /9
10 Nebraska - 1-0 /10
11 Virginia Tech - 1-0 /13
12 South Carolina - 1-0 /12
13 Oregon - 0-1 /3
14 Arkansas - 1-0 /15
15 Ohio St. - 1-0 /18
16 Mississippi St. - 1-0 /20
17 Michigan St. - 1-0 /17
18 Florida - 1-0 /22
19 West Virginia - 1-0 /24
20 Baylor - 1-0 /NR
21 Missouri - 1-0 /21
22 South Florida - 1-0 /NR
23 Penn St. - 1-0 /NR
24 Texas - 1-0 /NR
25 TCU - 0-1 /14

Coaches Top 25 Poll
Rank Team (first-place votes) Record

1. Oklahoma (43) - 1-0
2. Alabama (9) - 1-0
3. LSU (7) - 1-0
4. Florida St - 1-0
5. Boise St - 1-0
6. Stanford - 1-0
7. Oklahoma St - 1-0
8. Texas A&M - 1-0
9. Wisconsin - 1-0
10. Nebraska - 1-0
11. Virginia Tech - 1-0
12. South Carolina - 1-0
13 Arkansas - 1-0
14. Oregon - 0-1
15. Ohio St - 1-0
16. Michigan St - 1-0
17. Mississippi St - 1-0
18. Florida - 1-0
19. Missouri - 1-0
20. Penn St - 1-0
21. Texas - 1-0
22. Auburn - 1-0
23. Arizona St - 1-0
24. West Virginia - 1-0
25.TCU - 0-1

Dropped out
No. 18 Notre Dame (0-1, lost to South Florida 23-20), No. 22 Georgia (0-1, lost to then-No. 7 Boise State 35-21).

Others receiving votes
Baylor 117; South Florida 97; Iowa 44; Utah 42; Georgia 35; Houston 31; Northwestern 30; Arizona 28; Central Florida 18; Hawaii 17; Michigan 15;North Carolina 15; Clemson 13; Northern Illinois 13; Southern Mississippi 12; Air Force 10; Notre Dame 8; Tennessee 5; Brigham Young 4; Maryland 4; Georgia Tech 3; Washington 3; California 1; Cincinnati 1; Texas Tech 1.

Frank Coyle is a long time member of the FWAA and voter in College player awards - Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Thorpe and All-American teams. He writes College Football Mondays weekly during the season. He is a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He is also a member of the FWAA and voter in College team and player awards.

'College Football Monday'

'College Football Monday'
Frank Coyle's New Weekly Column

Mikel LeShoure Wins Player of the Week

Photo - RB Kendall Hunter – Oklahoma St

The top four clubs remained unbeaten with three clubs idle and only Boise St. playing this week. The Broncos pounded Fresno St 51-0 as they march through the WAC undefeated. They face their biggest test this week at Nevada in what should be a high scoring affair. Boise St’s QB Kellen Moore put on another excellent performance directing the potent offense that has them in the title chase.

Auburn rested last week up along with Alabama waiting for their much anticipated ‘Iron Bowl’ contest this Friday. Auburn hopes to secure a BCS berth for #1 here vs a tough two loss Bama club. The Tide is the defending champion and are capable of pulling an upset here. The Tigers’ QB Cam Newton will be the focus of attention on his march to the Heisman Trophy and possible national championship. TCU and Oregon were also idle. Oregon faces a tough matchup vs Arizona this Friday on a game that has national title implications.

LSU has quietly moved into national title contention but they need a lot of help to move up as a one loss team. They have faced the toughest schedule among top ten teams, but with four undefeated clubs ahead of them they need an upset weekend over Thanksgiving to move up the rankings.

Maybe the biggest win last week was Texas A&M beating Nebraska 9-6. There is no better place for college football than College Station, the scene of many great Aggie victories. The huge win put the Aggies at 8-3 and eligible for a good bowl invitation. Virginia Tech continues their recovery from a 0-2 start with a nice win over Miami. The Hokies are now 9-2 and knocking on the door for the top ten.

The Oklahoma St Cowboys are one of the great stories of the year. HC Mike Gundy has done a remarkable job leading them to their first 10 win season with a 10-1 record. They rank in the top ten and face rival Oklahoma (9-2) in a huge Bedlam matchup this Saturday. The Cowboys (10-1 overall and 6-1 Big 12) are looking to lock up the Big 12 South championship with a win over the Sooners (9-2 overall; 5-2 Big 12). Running back Kendall Hunter rushed for 105 yards on 22 carries and is headed for another Big 12 rushing title at the conclusion of the season. HC Gundy ranks right at the top of the Coach of the Year honors in what should be a very difficult vote.

In one of the most bizarre college football games in history, Illinois blasted Northwestern 48-27 at Wrigley Field. What made the game so bizarre is that both offenses had to play in the same direction due to the bleachers being to close to the playing field at one end. This was the first college game at Wrigley in 40 years and will fit into Chicago lore along with Billy goats and black cats plus the infamous Cubs losing streaks. Illinii running back Mikel LeShoure rushed for a school record 330 yards and 2 TDs.

In the first football game at the new Yankee Stadium, Notre Dame beat Army 27-3. In the home of champions in the Bronx, the Irish became bowl eligible with the victory with another strong defensive performance. They complete their season at Southern Cal before entertaining bowl invitations.

College Football Week Ten Notes
Oklahoma St receiver Justin Blackmon extended his Cowboy receiving records with his 10th straight 100 yard receiving and TD game. Blackmon had 10 catches for 130 yards and 1 TD. It brings his 2010 season totals to 85 receptions for 1415 yards and 16 TDs, working with emerging passer Brandon Weeden. As a third year sophomore, he could declare for the NFL Draft 2011 in January if he wants to leave Stillwater.

Nevada running back Vai Taua is an integral part of the Wolf Pack’s high-powered attack. He has set a new NCAA record with 24 games of over 100 yards on the ground. He is a highly developed back with the power to run inside and the quickness to get to the outside. He shows fine hands as an outlet receiver and is one of the more well-rounded and developed backs in the nation. He has moved up the charts as a pro prospect and with a strong showing in the postseason, he could be selected right after the top tier of running back prospects.

Frank Coyle writes ‘College Football Monday’ weekly during the season. He is a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He is also a member of the FWAA and voter in College team and player awards - Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Thorpe, etc. He is a voter for weekly Team and Player Awards

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