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Cam Newton Selected #1 in NFL Draft 2011

Best First Round Value Selections
Jaguars – QB Blaine Gabbert
Lions - DT Nick Fairley
Giants - CB Prince Amukamara
Ravens – CB Jimmy Smith
Saints - DE Cam Jordan
Steelers – DE Cam Heyward

Photo – QB Cam Newton

First Round Selection Order
Pick / Team / Player / Position/ College

1(1) Panthers - Cam Newton - QB - Auburn
2(2) Broncos - Von Miller - LB - Texas A&M
3(3) Bills – Marcell Dareus - DL - Alabama
4(4) Bengals - A.J. Green - WR - Georgia
5(5) Cardinals - Patrick Peterson - CB - LSU
6(6) Falcons (Browns) - Julio Jones - WR - Alabama
7(7) 49ers - Aldon Smith - LB - Missouri
8(8) Titans - Locker, Jake - QB - Washington
9(9) Cowboys - Tyron Smith - OT - USC
10(10) Jaguars (Redskins) - Blaine Gabbert - QB - Missouri
11(11) Texans - J.J. Watt - DE - Wisconsin
12(12) Vikings - Christian Ponder - QB - Florida St.
13(13) Lions - Nick Fairley - DT - Auburn
14(14) Rams - Robert Quinn - DE - North Carolina
15(15) Dolphins - Mike Pouncey - OL - Florida
16(16) Redskins (Jaguars) - Ryan Kerrigan - DE - Purdue
17(17) Patriots (Raiders) - Nate Solder - OT - Colorado
18(18) Chargers - Corey Liuget - DT - Illinois
19(19) Giants - Prince Amukamara - CB - Nebraska
20(20) Buccaneers - Adrian Clayborn - DE - Iowa
21(21) Browns (Chiefs) - Phil Taylor - DT - Baylor
22(22) Colts - Anthony Castonzo - OT - Boston College
23(23) Eagles - Danny Watkins - OL - Baylor
24(24) Saints - Cam Jordan - DE - California
25(25) Seahawks - James Carpenter - OL - Alabama
26(26) Chiefs (Falcons-Browns) - Jonathan Baldwin - WR - Pittsburgh
27(27) Ravens - Jimmy Smith - CB - Colorado
28(28) Saints (Patriots) - Mark Ingram - RB - Alabama
29(29) Bears - Gabe Carimi - OT - Wisconsin
30(30) Jets - Muhammad Wilkerson - DE - Temple
31(31) Steelers - Cam Heyward - DE - Ohio St.
32(32) Packers - Derek Sherrod - OT - Mississippi St.

‘The Nostradamus Condition’ - Final Two Round Mock Draft NFL Draft 2011

‘The Nostradamus Condition’ - Part I
Two Round Mock Draft / NFL Draft

NFL Draft is Here – ‘Trust Your Eyes’

I was in Home Depot last week and was going through the electric department when a light went off about the Atlanta Falcons at the 27th overall pick. What about TE Kyle Rudolph of Notre Dame in the first round after a fine April workout? Rudolph is a first round talent who addresses a need area for the Falcons offense. Starting TE Tony Gonzalez has been a Hall of Fame performer over his amazing career, but he enters year 15 next season. He went in the first round of the 1997 NFL Draft to the Kansas City Chiefs. It is hard to believe 14 seasons have gone by since we meet at Madison Square Garden prior to the talented class for the NFL 1997. The NFL Draft was at Madison Square Garden annually before corporate Time Warner and the NFL decided to play power games over the TV networks and the draft moved to Radio City.

Photo - TE Kyle Rudolph - Notre Dame

Gonzalez was a young 20 year old gifted athlete who played more basketball than football at Cal. He was actually part of the start of an evolution of tight ends being used as vertical threats and a bigger role in the NFL passing game. Rudolph is a complete and a good fit with the Falcons who also have pressing needs on defense at end and cornerback after collapsing in the NFL playoffs. They have done extensive work on corner Ras-I Dowling who is a rising prospect this month and a kid they have on their short list. They also have done a lot of late work on DE Jabaal Sheard of Pittsburgh who may be a surprise late first round selection.

‘Trust Your Eyes’ - The endless Pro Days will finally terminate at some point this week. They have taken on an element of lunacy that only NFL draftniks could appreciate. I attended only a few Pro Days this year and most of it has become total nonsense. Over 90% of the results should confirm what you should have known months earlier. Granted, the medical and injury situations are vital to update for final rankings. Many marginal prospects benefit from the exposure, but the final rankings should not be changed to any big degree. The old athletic and scouting slogan “Trust your Eyes” applies here more than anywhere. This is not the Olympics, its evaluating football players for a specific skill set for the NFL game. My final Pro Day was at Monmouth University (N.J.) on Monday April 25th. The Eagles worked out wideout Chris Hogan in a fog similar to the Fog playoff game years ago. Hogan is a Miles Austin clone that the Eagles wanted to get a final look at the raw athlete. Hogan played only one season at Monmouth after a Lacrosse career at Penn St. He is a fine athlete and actually blew the competition away at the Fordham Pro Day a month ago. The Eagles have three #7 picks, so I expect them to use one of them on Hogan as an athlete who can help on coverage units while he develops as a receiver. Though he is similar to the Cowboy’s Miles Austin in athleticism, size and smarts, he is not as developed as a receiver and needs strong coaching on the basics of route running, reading defenses and make adjustments during the play. He will have to earn his stripes on coverage units, and at 220 lbs. and a legitimate sub 4.50 time, he has the athleticism and toughness to win a role on the coverage teams. With time to develop, he could be a major sleeper from the lower level that shocks NFL scouts.

The first round of the NFL Draft shakes out very interesting among certain clubs from a high needs standpoint. Even more intriguing is the fact that of these comparisons are among divisional rivals and also teams drafting within a few selections of one another. That may contribute to a higher number of deals on the clock with the only movement and deals involving this years or future draft picks. The Bills/ Cardinals hold the key to the top ten. Both love LB Von Miller and also need a QB. They will dictate how the QBs fall out in the first part of round one. You could certainly include the 49ers in that mix with both QB and attack LB high on their need list. They could get closed out of both Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert at #7. The 3rd QB to come off the board will probably set off a run of passers that includes, Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, Colin Kaepernick and Andy Dalton that may not get beyond the top 40 overall picks. The Redskins are nervous sitting at the 10th overall spot and they could be beyond the top three passers with other clubs like the Titans also looking to add a starting QB. There are several divisional rivals, the Ravens/Steelers, Bears/ Packers, Bucs/Saints/Falcons and Giants/Eagles who all have very similar needs and all drafting with 6 picks in round one. It should be interesting.

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‘Final NFL Mock Draft - Two Rounds
Update Report 2011 has a Complete Seven Round Mock Draft

Selection Order x - compensatory pick * underclassmen - April 28-30, 2011

First Round
1. Carolina - * Blaine Gabbert - QB - Missouri
Alternate Pick: * Patrick Peterson - CB - LSU

2. Denver - * Marcell Dareus - DE - Alabama
Alternate Pick: * Patrick Peterson - CB - LSU

3. Buffalo - Von Miller - LB - Texas A&M
Alternate Pick: * Blaine Gabbert - QB - Missouri

4. Cincinnati - * A.J. Green - WR -Georgia
Alternate Pick: * Cam Newton - QB - Auburn

5. Arizona - * Cam Newton - QB - Auburn
Alternate Pick: Von Miller - LB - Texas A&M

6. Cleveland - * Julio Jones - WR - Alabama
Alternate Pick: * Patrick Peterson - CB - LSU

7. San Francisco - * Patrick Peterson - CB - LSU
Alternate Pick: * Cam Newton - QB - Auburn

8. Tennessee - Prince Amukamara - CB - Nebraska
Alternate Pick: * Julio Jones - WR - Alabama

9. Dallas - * Nick Fairley - DL - Auburn
Alternate Pick: Prince Amukamara - CB - Nebraska

10. Washington - * Aldon Smith - DE/LB - Missouri
Alternate Pick: * Cam Newton - QB - Auburn

11. Houston - Cameron Jordan - DE - California
Alternate Pick: * Aldon Smith - LB – Missouri

12. Minnesota - * Da'Quan Bowers - DE - Clemson
Alternate Pick: * Cam Newton - QB - Auburn

13. Detroit - * Robert Quinn - DE - North Carolina
Alternate Pick: * Tyron Smith - OT - Southern Cal

14 St. Louis - Ryan Kerrigan - DE - Purdue
Alternate Pick: * Aldon Smith - DE/LB - Missouri

15. Miami - * J.J. Watt - DE - Wisconsin
Alternate Pick: Jake Locker - QB - Washington

16 Jacksonville - Jake Locker - QB - Washington
Alternate Pick: Ryan Kerrigan - DE - Purdue

17. New England (Oakland) - Mike Pouncey - OC - Florida
Alternate Pick: Anthony Castonzo - OT - Boston College

18. San Diego - * Muhammad Wilkerson - DT - Temple
Alternate Pick: * Justin Houston - LB - Georgia

19. New York Giants - * Corey Liuget - DT- Illinois
Alternate Pick: Anthony Castonzo - OT - Boston College

20. Tampa Bay - * Tyron Smith - OT - Southern Cal
Alternate Pick: Jimmy Smith - CB - Colorado

21. Kansas City - * Justin Houston - LB - Georgia
Alternate Pick: * Akeem Ayers - LB - UCLA

22. Indianapolis - Anthony Castonzo - OT - Boston College
Alternate Pick: Nate Solder - OT - Colorado

23. Philadelphia - Jimmy Smith - CB - Colorado
Alternate Pick: * Marvin Austin - DT - North Carolina

24. New Orleans - * Marvin Austin - DT - North Carolina
Alternate Pick: Cameron Heyward - DE - Ohio St

25. Seattle - Adrian Clayborn - DE - Iowa
Alternate Pick: Cameron Heyward - DL - Ohio St

26. Baltimore - * Akeem Ayers - LB - UCLA
Alternate Pick: Titus Young - WR - Boise St

27. Atlanta - * Kyle Rudolph - TE - Notre Dame
Alternate Pick: Ras-I Dowling - CB - Virginia

28. New England - Brooks Reed - LB - Arizona
Alternate Pick: * Akeem Ayers - LB - UCLA

29. Chicago - Nate Solder - OT - Colorado
Alternate Pick: Derek Sherrod - OT - Mississippi St

30. New York Jets - Ras-I Dowling - CB - Virginia
Alternate Pick: Brooks Reed - LB - Arizona

31. Pittsburgh - Gabe Carimi - OT - Wisconsin
Alternate Pick: Ras-I Dowling - CB - Virginia

32. Green Bay - Cameron Heyward - DE - Ohio St
Alternate Pick: * Martez Wilson - LB - Illinois

‘Second Round
33 New Eng (Carolina) - * Martez Wilson - LB - Illinois
34 Buffalo - Colin Kaepernick - QB - Nevada
35 Cincinnati - Christian Ponder - QB - Florida St
36 Denver - * Ryan Mallett - QB - Arkansas
37 Cleveland - Jabaal Sheard - DE - Pittsburgh
38 Arizona - Dontay Moch - LB - Nevada
39 Tennessee - Titus Young - WR - Boise St
40 Dallas - Derek Sherrod - OT - Mississippi St
41 Washington Andy Dalton - QB - Texas Christian
42 Houston - * Aaron Williams - CB - Texas
43 Minnesota - * Rahim Moore - S - UCLA
44 Detroit - Marcus Gilbert - OT - Florida
45 San Fran - * Mark Ingram - RB - Alabama
46 Denver (Miami) Johnny Patrick - CB - Louisville
47 St. Louis - * Torrey Smith - WR - Maryland
48 Oakland - Stephen Paea - DT - Oregon St
49 Jacksonville - Allen Bailey - DE - Miami (Fl)
50 San Diego - Phil Taylor - DT - Baylor
51 Tampa Bay - * Brandon Burton - CB - Utah
52 N.Y. Giants - * Randall Cobb - WR - Kentucky
53 Indianapolis - Dan Watkins - OL - Baylor
54 Philadelphia - Sam Acho - LB - Texas
55 Kansas City - Marcus Cannon - OT - TCU
56 New Orleans - * Mikel Leshoure - RB - Illinois
57 Seattle - * Greg Little - WR - North Carolina
58 Baltimore - Jerrel Jernigan - WR/RS - Troy
59 Atlanta - * Brandon Harris - CB - Miami
60 New England - * Ryan Williams - RB - Virginia Tech
61 San Diego (Jets) - Leonard Hankerson - WR - Miami
62 Chicago - Stefen Wisniewski - OL - Penn St
63 Pittsburgh - Benjamin Ijalana - OT - Villanova (Pa.)
64 Green Bay - * Jon Baldwin - WR - Pittsburgh

Two Round Mock Draft for the NFL Draft 2011

Two Round Mock Draft
After the NFL Combine
* Underclassmen

DL Marcell Dareus - Alabama

Team / Player / Pos / School
First Round

1 Carolina - 2-14 - * Da'Quan Bowers - DE - Clemson
2 Denver - 4-12 - * Nick Fairley - DT - Auburn
3 Buffalo - 4-12 - * Marcell Dareus - DE - Alabama
4 Cincinnati - 4-12 - * Patrick Peterson - CB - LSU
5 Arizona - 5-11 - Von Miller - LB - Texas A&M
6 Cleveland - 5-11 - * A.J. Green - WR - Georgia
7 San Fran - 6-10 - * Blaine Gabbert - QB - Missouri
8 Tennessee - 6-10 - * Cam Newton - QB - Auburn
9 Dallas - 6-10 - Prince Amukamara - CB - Nebraska
10 Washington - 6-10 - Jake Locker - QB - Washington
11 Houston - 6-10 - * Julio Jones - WR - Alabama
12 Minnesota - 6-10 - * Robert Quinn - DE - North Carolina
13 Detroit - 6-10 - Cameron Jordan - DE - California
14 St. Louis - 7-9 - * Aldon Smith - DE - Missouri
15 Miami - 7-9 - * J.J. Watt - DE - Wisconsin
16 Jacksonville - 8-8 - Ryan Kerrigan - DE - Purdue
17 New Eng (Oak) - 8-8 - Adrian Clayborn - DE - Iowa
18 San Diego - 9-7 - Anthony Castonzo - OT - Boston College
19 NY Giants - 10-6 - * Muhammad Wilkerson - DT - Temple
20 Tampa Bay - 10-6 - * Brandon Harris - CB - Miami (Fl)
21 Kansas City - 10-6 - * Tyron Smith - OT - Southern Cal
22 Indianapolis - 10-6 - Nate Solder - OT - Colorado
23 Philadelphia - 10-6 - Jimmy Smith - CB - Colorado
24 New Orleans - 12-4 - * Corey Liuget - DT - Illinois
25 Seattle - 7-9 - * Ryan Mallett - QB - Arkansas
26 Baltimore - 12-4 - * Justin Houston - LB - Georgia
27 Atlanta - 13-3 - * Aaron Williams - CB - Texas
28 New England - 14-2 - * Mark Ingram - RB - Alabama
29 Chicago - 11-5 - Gabe Carimi - OT - Wisconsin
30 NY Jets - 11-5 - Phil Taylor - DT - Baylor
31 Pittsburgh - 12-4 - Mike Pouncey - OC - Florida
32 Green Bay - 10-6 - * Akeem Ayers - LB - UCLA

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2nd Round
33 New Eng (Carolina) - Derek Sherrod - OT - Mississippi St
34 Buffalo - Colin Kaepernick - QB - Nevada
35 Cincinnati - Stephen Paea - DT - Oregon St
36 Denver - * Martez Wilson - LB - Illinois
37 Cleveland - Cameron Heyward - DE - Ohio St
38 Arizona - Christian Ponder - QB - Florida St
39 Tennessee - Christian Ballard - DL - Iowa
40 Dallas - Danny Watkins - OG - Baylor
41 Washington - * Torrey Smith - WR - Maryland
42 Houston - * Rahim Moore - S - UCLA
43 Minnesota - Titus Young - WR - Boise St
44 Detroit - Sam Acho - LB - Texas
45 San Francisco - * Jon Baldwin - WR - Pittsburgh
46 Denver (Miami) - * Brandon Burton - CB - Utah
47 St. Louis - Leonard Hankerson - WR - Miami (Fl)
48 Oakland - Allen Bailey - DE - Miami (Fl)
49 Jacksonville - Quinton Carter - S - Oklahoma
50 San Diego - * Kyle Rudolph - TE - Notre Dame
51 Tampa Bay - Drake Nevis - DT - LSU
52 NY Giants - Bruce Carter - LB - North Carolina
53 Indianapolis - Curtis Brown - CB - Texas
54 Philadelphia - Stefen Wisniewski - OC - Penn St
55 Kansas City - * Greg Little - WR - North Carolina
56 New Orleans - Jerrel Jernigan - WR - Troy
57 Seattle - * Mikel Leshoure - RB - Illinois
58 Baltimore - * Randall Cobb - WR - Kentucky
59 Atlanta - Benjamin Ijalana - OT - Villanova (Pa.)
60 New England - Dontay Moch - LB - Nevada
61 San Diego (NY Jets) - Ras-I Dowling - CB - Virginia
62 Chicago - * Jurrell Casey - DT - Southern Cal
63 Pittsburgh - Marcus Cannon - OT - TCU
64 Green Bay - Jarvis Jenkins - DL - Clemson

Pro Days 2011 - March Workout Schedule

Pro Days 2011 - Workout Schedule
Updated March 10th

Pro Day schedules are posted by schools starting with the first week of March. Several schools will have two Pro Days, though most are attempting to utilize one date and event to provide the last workout and other pertinent information for the NFL Draft 2011. We intend to attend several Pro Days, in addition to many interviews over the final two months on the journey to the NFL Draft 2011.

Photo – WR Torrey Smith - Maryland

March 3

Florida Atlantic

March 4
Alabama State
Weber State

March 7
Arkansas Tech
Central Arkansas

March 8
Alabama A&M
Prairie View A&M

March 9
Colorado St
Georgia Tech
Kent State
Mississippi St
North Texas
Northern Colorado
Portland St

March 10
Northern Illinois

March 11
Eastern Illinois
Jackson State
Ohio State
Southern Miss

March 14
Wake Forest

March 15
Bowling Green
Montana State

March 16
Florida A&M
Florida St.
James Madison
Michigan State
Penn State
Virginia Union

March 17
Virginia Tech
West Virginia

March 18
Arkansas State
Northwestern State (La.)

March 21
North Dakota State

March 22
South Dakota State

March 23
Boston College
Central Florida
Hampton University
North Carolina State
Texas State

March 24
Middle Tennessee State
Southern Illinois

March 25
Arizona State
Ball State

March 28
Central Missouri
Missouri Western
Northwest Missouri State

March 29
Coastal Carolina

March 30
New Mexico State

March 31
Eastern Washington

NFL Draft 2011 Pro Prospect - Cam Newton Workout

Cam Newton Schedules Early Workout

Photo - QB Cam Newton - Auburn

QB Cam Newton of Auburn has scheduled a workout in San Diego for February 10th that will be open to the media. Newton declared for the NFL Draft 2011 in January and is one of the premier prospects at the position this year. Though he clearly needs to answer some key questions about his overall development, he is one of the Wild Cards in the first round at this point of the process. NFL teams according to league rules say, teams can attend a private workout for a player only at the player’s school or in his hometown. In addition, teams are not allowed to work out a player who has been invited to the NFL Combine before the event in late February. The NFL Combine is scheduled for Feb 23rd thru March 1st in Indianapolis, In.

We will have a complete scouting report on the NFL Combine and Pro Days in the newsletters in March and April. We will also have an updated workout report prior to the NFL Draft.

Newton’s scheduled workout will be only a few weeks before the NFL Combine. Newton wants to show the progress that he has made since winning the Heisman Trophy and BCS national title game in early January. He will be working with noted QB coach George Whitfield who has also worked with Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger among other big name NFL passers. Whitfield has been working with Newton since the Auburn’s victory over Oregon and hopes to improve his overall mechanics from his initial setup from center and setting his feet in the pocket to throw the ball. Newton played almost exclusively in a shotgun spread offense at Auburn and rarely went under center or went through his progressions in the pocket for secondary receivers.

Whether Newton intends to attend the NFL Combine is unclear, though his early indications after declaring was that he would go center stage in Indianapolis in front of NFL front office brass. The Auburn pro day is also an option for Newton, though many events at the schools for the top prospects has been limited in many respects to a few drills according to how they do at the NFL Combine. The NFL Combine will probably determine which events they participate in at the pro day in the spring.

Packers' RB James Starks Wins Rookie Award

Packers' Running Back Starks Wins Weekly Rookie Award

Photo - James Starks - Packers

QB Aaron Rodgers threw three TD passes and unheralded rookie running back James Starks ran for 123 yards as the Packers beat Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, 21-16 in an NFC Wild Card game. Starks was a rookie 6th-round draft pick who injured his hamstring prior to training camp and proceeded to miss the first 11 games of the season while on the PUP list. He pounded the Eagles for 123 rushing yards on 23 carries to give the Packers their first 100 yard rusher on the season and instrumental in their 21-16 Wild Card playoff win.

QB Aaron Rodgers called Starks’ playoff effort perhaps the most important factor in the Packers winning the game. His yardage shattered the previous Green Bay rookie record for rushing yards in a playoff game. Travis Williams had 88 yards back on Dec. 23, 1967, against the Los Angeles Rams in Milwaukee.

Starks got off to a great start against the Eagles when he burst through a big hole for a 27-yard gain on his first carry. He carried three more times for 9 yards on that early drive that ended with a 7-yard TD pass to TE Tom Crabtree.

“He established a hot hand early, and I rode it,” Head Coach Mike McCarthy said. “James was a difference-maker.”

Starks also added two receptions for 9 yards along with his 123 yards rushing. This came in his first playoff game and late season play following nearly two years off with a shoulder injury. Starks averaged 5.3 yards per carry and gained at least 4 yards on 12 of his 23 rushes. The production was pretty consistent, and it gave the Packers several manageable third downs as the offense converted 8-of-13 on the critical down.

Running Back Rankings in Draft Insiders’ - Yearbook March 2010
Starks was ranked #12 in March 2010. He was not ranked in the top 25 in any other scouting service. His March 2010 scouting report is below along with LaGarrette Blount and Anthony Dixon, two other unheralded first year backs who had an impact over the 2010 season.

Running Back Rankings
1. C.J. Spiller - Clemson
2. * Ryan Mathews - Fresno St
3. * Jonathan Dwyer - Georgia Tech
4. * Jahvid Best - California
5. * Toby Gerhart - Stanford
6. * Joe McKnight - Southern Cal
7. Ben Tate - Auburn
8. Dexter McCluster - Ole Miss
9. Montario Hardesty - Tennessee
10. Anthony Dixon - Mississippi St
11. LaGarrette Blount - Oregon
12. James Starks - Buffalo

12. James Starks #19 - 6’2” 220 lbs. - Buffalo - Sp. 4.50
Hindu Theory - Matt Forte

Tough strong senior tailback completed an injury riddled career playing only a few ’09 games before a shoulder injury that ended his season. James failed to duplicate his outstanding junior effort last season. As a junior, he made a significant contribution to the Bulls bowl season. He displayed definite pro potential after finishing with over 1300 yards rushing and 16 TDs despite missing three games due to injuries. He displays a powerful slashing style with the ability to run through tacklers and get the most of each attempt. Over his earlier career, he had several big games that improved his draft status entering his critical final season. He is a strong runner between the tackles with the power to move the pile and break tackles. He has a quick burst to the hole and uses his a big frame well that allows him to run through tacklers and consistently finish his runs with fine body lean. He is a tough runner with good vision, power and balance to be one of the hidden gems of this class if healthy. He has burst to the hole, allowing him to get through the line and use his strong frame to run through tacklers with enough speed to get the corner. His game is getting the tough yardage between the tackles. As a receiver, he has sure hands and has developed well as a route runner and displays good defense recognition skills. He is a natural runner with fine power and quickness, getting huge amounts of yardage after contact. He is a back with a low center of gravity who is very effective when he runs with good pad level and not allowing defenders a clean shot at him. He finishes each rushing attempt with excellent body lean. He has fine lower body strength, including thick thighs, allowing him to run through defenders consistently. He has some natural running skills making defenders miss initially, though he is mainly a one cut runner who runs in a north-south style. His running skills include – decision-making, vision, balance and power with good speed to break into the secondary. As a senior, he started every game before an early season shoulder injury. As a junior, he rushed for 1333 yards and 16 TDs despite missing 3 games with injuries. At the NFL Combine, he ran fine 4.50 and 4.57 times with 15 reps. He added 36” VL and 9’11” BJ with 6.89 three cone and 4.23 short shuttle times. He completed an excellent workout in the positional drills. His quickness and power is what will win an NFL roster spot, showing the AA to make the tough critical inside yardage and possibly start in time. He can be a solid change of pace runner with the ability to contribute in a few roles including a key goal line runner, in addition to projecting to FB in a West Coast offense. Over his career, he displayed the toughness to be a weekly power back with consistent production and ball security his strongest traits. He will probably fall to the late rounds off his injury history. Good late round steal, though he must answer the durability issues to realize his NFL starting potential.

Frank Coyle writes College Football Mondays weekly during the season and a regular Blog @ draftinsiders.com. He is a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He is also a member of the FWAA and voter in College team and player awards - Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Thorpe, etc. He is a voter for weekly Team and Player Awards

Clemson's Da’Quan Bowers Wins Nagurski Award

Da’Quan Bowers Wins Nagurski Award

Photo – DE Da’Quan Bowers – Clemson

Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers has been named the recipient of the Bronko Nagurski Award. The honor is presented each year by the Football Writers Association of America and the Touchdown Club of Charlotte to the top defensive player in the nation.

Bowers is the first Clemson player to win a national award of this magnitude since 1982 when Terry Kinard was named the National Defensive Player of the Year.

The other finalists for the Nagurski Award were DT Nick Fairley of Auburn, LB Justin Houston of Georgia, LB Luke Kuechly of Boston College and CB Patrick Peterson of LSU.

Frank Coyle voted for Auburn’s DT Nick Fairley for the Nagurski Award.

"This is a great honor for Da'Quan," said Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney, who was the keynote speaker for the banquet. "He has had a terrific year, a dominant year. He has come to play every single game this year and is very deserving of this award."

Bowers led the nation in sacks with 15.5 and was second in tackles for loss with 25. His sack total is second in Clemson history for one season, best among defensive linemen and is the most by an ACC player since 1999 when Keith Adams had a Clemson record 16 sacks.

Bowers's tackle for loss total is the most by a Clemson defensive lineman since 1991 when Rob Bodine had 27. Bowers had a streak of nine straight games with a sack during this season, the longest streak in Clemson history. Last week, Bowers was named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year. The junior is also finalist for the Bednarik Award, Lombardi Award and Hendricks Award. Those announcements will come later this week.

Playing with a heavy heart following the deaths this year of his father, Dennis, and close friend Gaines Adams of the Chicago Bears, Bowers burst onto the scene this fall after two average seasons. The 6’4” 275 lbs. junior had shed 15 pounds and was performing well in preseason camp in August when his father collapsed while performing in his gospel band. Bowers was later visiting him in the hospital when his father suffered a seizure and died. Bowers spent two weeks away before rejoining the team.

Bowers wore Adams' old #93 this and had a sack in nine straight games, breaking Adams' record by a game. He's surpassed Adams' record for sacks by a defensive lineman and needs one sack when Clemson (6-6) meets South Florida (7-5) in the Meineke Bowl on Dec. 31 to break Keith Adams' overall school sacks record.

Bowers first met Adams when he attended a Clemson camp in the eighth grade. Adams would later set numerous Clemson records and was a finalist for the Nagurski Trophy in 2006 before being a first-round pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the following spring. Adams, who was later traded to Chicago, died in January of cardiac arrest. The autopsy report said he had an enlarged heart.

Bowers had tough competition for the Nagurski award named after the former Minnesota college star and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Fairley has 10½ sacks and 21 tackles for a loss, Kuechly leads the country with 171 tackles, Houston has 10 sacks and 18½ tackles for a loss and Peterson has four interceptions.
Bowers' big season puts him among an elite group of past winners that includes Warren Sapp, Charles Woodson, Champ Bailey, Roy Williams, Glenn Dorsey, Brian Orakpo and Ndamukong Suh.
"It's incredible," Bowers said. "It's just an honor to be here in this situation."

Frank Coyle writes College Football Mondays weekly during the season. He is a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He is also a member of the FWAA and voter in College team and player awards - Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Thorpe, etc. He is a voter for weekly Team and Player Awards

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