NFL Calendar 2021 – February thru Opening Day – Sept 9th

NFL Calendar 2021 – February thru Opening Day
Key NFL Free Agency Dates and Designations

FEBRUARY 8th – As of Monday, teams are allowed to start releasing players without having to worry about any repercussion on last year’s (2020) Salary Cap, which still technically applies until March 17. So, teams are now able to start making moves with the aim of improving their Salary Cap for 2021. All players released between February 8th and the start of the new league year on March 17th are subject to waivers. If they clear waivers, they immediately become free agents and are free to sign a contract at any time (even if before March 17th).

With the new league year set to commence on March 17th, expect most teams to start making veteran moves at some point in early March.

LATE FEBRUARY – Over the last few years, the NFL has announced the Compensatory Draft picks on the Friday before the Scouting Combine.  With the Combine being virtual this year, it remains to be seen when the League will announce Comp picks.
FEBRUARY 23rd – MARCH 9th – As of February 23rd, teams can start designating a soon-to-be free agent player with the Franchise or Transition Tag. If a team wants to use either Tag, they must do so by 4:00 pm on March 9th.

MARCH 15th – The “legal tampering” window opens. As of March 15th, other teams can start discussing contract offers and terms with potential free agents, though a contract cannot be agreed upon until March 17th.

MARCH 17th – At 4:00 pm on Wednesday, March 17th, the 2021 NFL League year begins:

Teams must have submitted tender offers to all of their Restricted Free Agents (RFAs) and Exclusive Rights Free Agents (ERFAs) who they want to retain. Teams must exercise all 2021 contract options tied to the first day of the league year.

Free Agency for veteran players and the Trading period begins.
All teams must be under the Salary Cap and the Rule of 51 Cap computation begins.

Recent reports have suggested that the league Salary Cap is projected to be in the $180-181M range.  Using the midpoint of that range – $180.5M – as the Cap. Once RFAs and ERFAs are tendered and other adjustments are applied. This number will obviously change as teams make other moves – signing, re-signings, restructures and/or contract extensions.

APRIL 23rd – The deadline for teams to sign RFAs to an offer sheet.  If another team signs a RFA to an offer sheet, the player’s present team has five days to match that offer or potentially (depending on the tender given to the play) receive draft pick compensation if they decline to match.  With the NFL Draft starting on April 29th, the deadline to sign a player to an offer sheet and allow for the required five-day match period is April 23rd.

ARPIL 29th-May 1st – The NFL Draft 2021 – Cleveland, Ohio

MAY 4th – May 4th is the CBA-mandated date by which 5th Year Options must be exercised for 4th year players who were drafted in the 1st round.

MAY 5th – The “May 5th Tender” date.  This date, which was moved forward from June 1st a couple of years ago, is essentially the last date that the signing or losing of a free agent will count toward the Compensatory Draft pick calculation. The May 5th Tender – which rarely happens – is a way a team can potentially obtain exclusive negotiating rights with a player later in the summer.  It also provides extended Comp pick eligibility if the player is tendered a contract of at least 110% of his prior year’s compensation by May 5th.  Otherwise, if the player is not given the May 5th Tender, he no longer counts toward the Comp pick formula and the team cannot gain any special negotiating advantage later in the off season. As a practical matter, very few free agents who remain unsigned by May 5th are worth such a tender.
JUNE 1st – In past years this is the last day that teams can release a player and have all of the dead money from that release count against the present year’s Salary Cap. If released after June 1st, only the present year’s bonus prorations counts against the Cap in that year and all future bonus prorations would count against the following year’s Cap.

JULY 15th – This is the deadline for signing a player who has received the Franchise or Transition tag to a long-term deal. If no long-term deal can be reached by this date, the player must play that year under the one-year contract provided under the Franchise/Transaction Tender and cannot sign a long-term deal until after the season is over.

LATE JULY – NFL Training 2021 camps start opening.

SEPTEMBER 4th – Final cutdown date, all teams must cutdown to 53 players.

SEPTEMBER 9th – At 12:00 a.m., the Rule of 51 ends and all teams must be fully under the 2021 Salary Cap. This includes all of the players on the 53-man roster, the Practice Squad and all players on any of the reserve lists (IR, PUP, etc.).

SEPTEMBER 9th, 12th-13th – Week 1 of 2021 NFL regular season.

Senior Bowl 2021 Game – Mond & Sample Earn MVP Honors

Senior Bowl 2021 Game

    Draft Insiders’ Staff

QB Mond and DE Sample Earn Game MVP Honors

The 2021 Senior Bowl game was played after an impressive effort by the All-classic staff led by Director Jim Nagy. The condensed week of practices prior to the Saturday game came off without a glitch from the benefit of strict Pandemic guidelines and an expanded player roster.

With an interesting roster of pro prospects who completed the week of practices, physicals and interviews the All-star classic was a competitive contest that ended with a National team win over the American squad 27-24.

QB Kellen Mond of Texas A&M walked off with the MVP award after a clutch effort directing several drives to lead the National team throughout the second half when they scored all their points. Mond helped his cause, showing a strong arm, fine mobility and sound decision making. He heads the second tier of QB prospects entering the interview process prior the NFL Draft 2021.

         Draft Insiders’ 2021 January Newsletter is available now

The February Newsletter will be available this week with extensive coverage of the Senior Bowl plus Mock Draft and new Top 100 prospects

Runners Michael Carter and Rhondae Stevenson were featured often and produced. Carter displayed big play ability as both a runner and receiver and helped his cause immensely. Wideouts Amari Rodgers, Frank Darby and Shi Smith had nice performances and elevated their stock.

The NFL Draft usually benefits from the Senior Bowl defenders and this game featured several impact pass rushers in Cam Sample, Quincy Roche, Janarius Robinson and Patrick Jones. LB KJ Britt of Auburn had a strong game and picked up his keys quickly and had a burst to the ball to finish. Sample had an impressive game and earned Defensive MVP honors.

Linebackers, Jordan Smith and Baron Browning also made big plays during the game after a strong week of practices. Corner Aaron Robinson displayed fast developing coverage skills in the practices and joined the elite cover men in this class after an impressive overall week.

This was the final football action for the year with the offseason workout portion in disarray with both the NFL Combine and school Pro Days terminated or significantly curtailed. They could be completely closed out due to the Pandemic as teams face stiff limitations completing the scouting process. Zoom sessions may be the only interaction with players in many cases, between prospects and any perspective NFL teams.

Senior Bowl Game Players

Offensive Players
12 Mond, Kellen                        QB       Texas A&M       6024     205
11 Ehlinger, Sam                       QB       Texas               6014     222
7 Carter, Michael                       RB        North Carolina   5077     202
29 Stevenson, Rhamondre         RB        Oklahoma         5115     227
3 Rodgers, Amari                      WR       Clemson           5094     211
10 Felton, Demetric                   WR       UCLA               5085     189
13 Fitzpatrick, Dez                     WR       Louisville           6021     202
84 Darby, Frank                        WR       Arizona State    6001     194
13 Smith, Shi                            WR       South Carolina 5100     186
75 Radunz, Dillon                      OL        North Dakota St   6055 304
72 Hainsey, Robert                    OL        Notre Dame      6044     302
55 Hudson, James                    OL        Cincinnati          6043     302

Defensive Players
5 Sample, Cam                         DL        Tulane             6026     274
92 Odighizuwa, Osa                  DL        UCLA               6020     280
96 Robinson, Janarius               LB        Florida State     6050     266
90 Jones, Patrick                       DL        Pittsburgh         6044     264
49 Graham, Ta’Quon                 DL        Texas               6030     290
55 Roche, Quincy                      DL        Miami               6027     243
33 Britt, KJ                                LB        Auburn             6001     239
47 Smith, Elerson                      LB        Northern Iowa   6064     262
55 Browning, Baron                   LB        Ohio State        6031     241
31 Robinson, Aaron                   CB        Central Florida 5114     190
25 St. Juste, Benjamin               CB        Minnesota         6033     200
8 Taylor, Keith                           CB        Washington       6023     191
27 Grant, Richie                        S          Central Florida 5115     8200

Senior Bowl 2021 Game Day

Senior Bowl 2021 Game Day

    Draft Insiders’ Staff

The 2021 Senior Bowl game is here with an interesting roster of pro prospects who completed the week of practices, physicals and interviews. The All-star classic worked through the global Pandemic with a slightly condensed schedule that started on Tuesday with the weigh=in and practices that continued thru Thursday. Director Jim Nagy assembled a quality larger roster of 135+ athletes in the event of any opt outs of the invited. The week went well setting the stage for the game Saturday at 2:30 pm Est on the NFL Network.

         Draft Insiders’ 2021 January Newsletter is available now

The February Newsletter will have extensive coverage of the Senior Bowl and the entire All-star postseason. It will be available by Feb. 7th.    Order Today

Senior Bowl Game Day

Look for QBs, Jamie Newman and Ian Book will get extensive playing time especially after Mac Jones sustained a foot injury. Jones had an outstanding week of practices, but probably sits out the game.

Runners Larry Roundtree, Michael Carter and Rhondae Stevenson may not be household names, but should be featured here and given a chance to display their natural talent and capable of being impact playmakers Saturday. Carter is a well rounded back who can be a difference maker here.

Wideouts Frank Darby, Shi Smith, Josh Palmer and D’Wayne Eskridge are expected to be featured in the passing game. Darby and Eskridge were impressive over the practices and can be impact performers here. TEs Hunter Long, John Bates and Tre’ McKitty had strong practice sessions and could be featured in the passing game. They elevated their stock this week.

The NFL Draft 2021 could provide many defensive front seven prospects and this game features several impact pass rushers. DE Jonathan Cooper, Quincy Roche, Patrick Jones and Daelin Hayes showed a burst off the edge in practices and look to continue in a game with features no blitzing backers. Cooper is primed for a huge effort and created continuous havoc in matchups. Look for edge rushers, Jones and Roche to provide impact as outside rushers and possible difference makers in this game.

Linebackers, Chazz Surratt, Jordan Smith and Baron Browning made big plays in the practices. Surrant  showed speed, instincts and playmaking ability this week. Look to them to be in the action throughout the contest to be the stars on their units. Corners Aaron Robinson, DJ Daniel, Ambry Thomas and Thomas  Graham, displayed well developed coverage skills in the practices.  They hope to prove NFL ready with a strong game performance that should elevate their stock. Safeties Richie Grant and Divine Deablo had strong weeks. Grant showed excellent range and versatility while Deablo displayed strong tackling.

This will be the final real football action in these prospects for the year with the offseason workout portion of the NFL Draft process hitting problems with both the NFL Combine and school Pro Days significantly curtailed if not completely closed out due to the Pandemic.

Senior Bowl Players to Watch

Offensive Players

7 Newman, Jamie                      QB       Wake Forest     6027     235
12 Book, Ian                               QB       Notre Dame      6000     210
10 Jones, Mac                            QB       Alabama           6025     217
7 Carter, Michael                       RB        North Carolina   5077     202
34 Rountree, Larry                    RB        Missouri            5106     216
29 Stevenson, Rhamondre       RB        Oklahoma         5115     227
84 Darby, Frank                        WR       Arizona State    6001     194
1 * Toney, Kadarius                   WR       Florida             5111     189
3 Rodgers, Amari                      WR       Clemson           5094     211
13 Smith, Shi                             WR       South Carolina 5100     186
85 Palmer, Josh                        WR       Tennessee        6012     210
1 Eskridge, D’Wayne                 WR       Western Michigan 5091 188
4 Collins, Nico                           WR       Michigan           6042     215
10 Felton, Demetric                   WR       UCLA               5085     189
16 Surratt, Sage                        WR       Wake Forest     6025     215
83 Granson, Kylen                     TE        SMU                 6021     242
87 McKitty, Tré                          TE        Georgia            6041     247
80 Long, Hunter                        TE        Boston College 6051     254
87 Bates, John                            TE        Boise State       6055     259
55 Hudson, James                     OL        Cincinnati          6043     302
71 Meinerz, Quinn                     OL        Wisconsin-White  6032 320
56 Anderson, Jack                     OL        Texas Tech       6046     309
73 Banks, Aaron                        OL        Notre Dame      6053     338
75 Radunz, Dillon                      OL        North Dakota St    6055 304

Defensive Players

9 Basham, Carlos                      DL        Wake Forest     6033     281
90 Jones, Patrick                       DL        Pittsburgh         6044     264
55 Roche, Quincy                      DL        Miami               6027     243
56 Hubert, Wyatt                       DL        Kansas State    6026     265
0 Cooper, Jonathan                   DL        Ohio State        6026     254
9 Hayes, Daelin                          DL        Notre Dame      6036     261
49 Graham, Ta’Quon                 DL        Texas               6030     290
50 Surratt, Chazz                       LB        North Carolina   6014     227
22 Smith, Jordan                       LB        UAB                 6061     255
55 Browning, Baron                   LB        Ohio State        6031     241
31 Robinson, Aaron                   CB        Central Florida 5114     190
14 Daniel, DJ                              CB        Georgia            5115     183
23 Rochell, Robert                     CB        Central Arkansas  5117 195
1 Thomas, Ambry                      CB        Michigan           5117     189
4 Graham, Thomas                   CB        Oregon             5104     193
25 Nasirildeen, Hamsah           SAF      Florida State     6031     213
26 Webb, Mark                          SAF      Georgia            6013     210
27 Grant, Richie                        SAF      Central Florida 5115     200
27 Deablo, Divine                      SAF      Virginia Tech     6033     226

NFL Draft 2021 First Round Draft – The Jaguars are ‘On the Clock’!

NFL Draft 2021 First Round Mock Draft    –

        The Jaguars are ‘On the Clock’!

Jets, Dolphins, Falcons and Bengals Complete Top 5 Selections
          Jaguars, Jets and Dolphins Hold Two #1 Draft Choices

The Jacksonville Jaguars are ‘On the Clock’ with the first overall selection for the NFL Draft 2021. They earned the top overall draft choice off the horrible 1-15 record. New rookie NFL head coach Urban Meyer inherited a roster that has been dissipated of talented veterans especially on defense over recent years. Their recent overall draft decisions have been weak with poor personnel decisions at the executive level. Meyer has the luxury of possessing the #1 overall selection in a year when a generational prospect, Trevor Lawrence is available. The Jaguars are one of three teams that hold two #1 picks with the others the Jets and Dolphins.

NY Jets earned the 2nd overall selection off a poor 2-14 record with both wins coming in the season. The Dolphins hold the Texans #1 pick which landed them the 3rd overall selection. The Texans will rotate with the Falcons in the 3rd and 4th positions in each round while the Bengals and Eagles will do the same with the 5th and 6th overall selections.

A teams’ opponent’s W-L record will determine all tie situations. Teams that are still tied will flip though none necessary this year. Playoff teams will shuffle according to their postseason results to determine the final top 32 selections. NFL teams look to both the veteran Free Agency period and the NFL Draft 2021 to improve their rosters. The salary cap will go down for the first time in years with a $170 million cap range per team expected. It will dictate the movement of many veteran players this offseason and have an impact among the premier draft selections.

NFL Draft 2021 – First Round Mock Draft – January, 2021

* Underclassmen – Selection order prior to Super Bowl game
        All underclassmen had until Jan. 18th to declare for the NFL Draft 2021. Players have three days to rescind their decision and return to school and still retain their college eligibility.

       Pre-Senior Bowl Game

1st Round
# Team      W/L        Player              Pos Ht/Wt School

1 Jacksonville 1-15 * Trevor Lawrence – QB 6-6, 225 Clemson
2 NY Jets 2-14 * Justin Fields – QB 6-3, 225 Ohio St
3 Miami (Houston) 4-12 * Ja’Marr Chase – WR 6-0, 210 LSU
4 Atlanta 4-12 * Zach Wilson – QB 6-3, 210 Brigham Young
5 Cincinnati 4-11-1 * Penei Sewell – OT 6-6, 330 Oregon
6 Philadelphia 4-11-1 * Patrick Surtain – CB 6-2, 205 Alabama
7 Detroit 5-11 * Gregory Rousseau – DE 6-7, 265 Miami
8 Carolina 5-11 DeVonta Smith – WR 6-1, 175 Alabama
9 Denver 5-11 * Christian Barmore – DT 6-5, 315 Alabama
10 Dallas 6-10 * Caleb Farley – CB 6-2, 205 Virginia Tech
11 NY Giants 6-10 * Jaelan Phillips – DE 6-5, 265 Miami
12 San Francisco 6-10 Rashawn Slater – OG 6-4, 315 Northwestern
13 LA Chargers 7-9 * Jalen Mayfield – OT 6-5, 325 Michigan
14 Minnesota 7-9 * Daviyon Nixon – DT 6-3, 305 Iowa
15 New England 7-9 * Kyle Pitts – TE 6-6, 245 Florida
16 Arizona 8-8 * Micah Parsons – LB 6-3, 245 Penn State
17 Las Vegas 8-8 * Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah – LB 6-2, 215 Notre Dame
18 Miami 10-6 * Christian Darrisaw – OT 6-5, 315 Virginia Tech
19 Washington 7-9 * Mac Jones – QB 6-3, 215 Alabama
20 Chicago 8-8 * Jaylen Waddle – WR 5-10, 185 Alabama
21 Indianapolis 11-5 * Samuel Cosmi – OT 6-7, 310 Texas
22 Tennessee 11-5 Alex Leatherwood – OL 6-6, 315 Alabama
23 NY Jets (Seattle) 12-4 * Wyatt Davis – OG 6-4, 315 Ohio St
24 Pittsburgh 12-4 Travis Etienne – RB 5-10, 205 Clemson
25 Jacksonville (Rams) 10-6 Kwity Paye – DE 6-4, 270 Michigan
26 Cleveland 11-5 * Azeez Ojulari – LB 6-3, 240 Georgia
27 Baltimore 11-5 * Jaycee Horn – CB 6-1, 205 South Carolina
28 New Orleans 12-4 * Trey Lance – QB 6-4, 225 North Dakota St
29 Buffalo 13-3 * Pat Freiermuth – TE 6-5, 255 Penn St
30 Green Bay 13-3 Kadarius Toney WR – 5-11, 190 Florida
31 Tampa Bay 11-5 * Eric Stokes – CB 6-1, 185 Georgia
32 Kansas City 14-2 * Zaven Collins – LB 6-4, 260 Tulsa

Senior Bowl 2021 Begins in New Setting/ Venue

Senior Bowl 2021 Begins in New Mobile Setting

The Reese’s Senior Bowl 2021 has begun after a concerted effort by the staff, directed by Jim Nagy over the past year.  The premier All-star classic has been sold to capacity for its first game to be played in Hancock Whitney Stadium on the campus of the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, on January 30, 2021. The Carolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins coaching staffs were assigned for the 72nd annual Reese’s Senior Bowl. Both young staffs should benefit from the week long exposure to the prospects to view them in a pro setting of meetings, interviews, practices and game action.

As is true for all large sporting events played during the current Covid-19 pandemic, seating capacity for 2021 Reese’s Senior Bowl has been significantly reduced to comply with local and state government public heath orders. Practices will be closed to the public this year and we are unable to host events such as Senior Bowl Summit, Meet the Players, Game Day Tailgating, or the new Friday Night Players Parade and Free Concert

Roster weigh-in is set for Tuesday morning with the first practices that afternoon. Practices will continue through the shortened week.

Draft Insiders’ staff will be in attendance for the weigh-in, practices and scheduled game. Our February Newsletter will have an extensive Senior Bowl report.

DATE: Saturday, January 30, 2021

TIME: 1:30pm CT

WHERE: Mobile, Alabama

STADIUM: University of South Alabama, Hancock Whitney Stadium



Declared Underclassmen for the NFL Draft 2021

 Declared Underclassmen for the NFL Draft 2021

      NFL List of Official Underclassmen by Year

The list of 98 players granted special eligibility for entry to the 2021 NFL Draft was released by the NFL. Each of the players granted special eligibility has met the league’s three-year eligibility rule and has submitted to a written application in which he renounced his remaining college football eligibility. The deadline for receiving applications was Jan. 18.

 The 98 players granted special eligibility for the 2021 NFL Draft:

    Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford
    Calvin Ashley, OT, Florida A&M
    Tutu Atwell, WR, Louisville
    Christian Barmore, DT, Alabama
    Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota
    Nick Bolton, LB, Missouri
    Larry Borom, OT, Missouri
    Bobby Brown, DT, Texas A&M
    Dyami Brown, WR, North Carolina
    Shakur Brown, CB, Michigan State
    Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia
    Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson
    Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU
    Brady Christensen, OT, BYU
    Andre Cisco, S, Syracuse
    Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa
    Aashari Crosswell, S, Arizona State
    Drew Dalman, C, Stanford
    Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech
    Jamin Davis, LB, Kentucky
    Wyatt Davis, OG, Ohio State
    Brendan DeVera, LB, ASA JC
    Brennan Eagles, WR, Texas
    Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech
    Simi Fehoko, WR, Stanford
    Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
    Paris Ford, S, Pittsburgh
    Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn State
    Kenneth Gainwell, RB, Memphis
    Kendrick Green, OG, Illinois
    Olaijah Griffin, CB, USC
    Javian Hawkins, RB, Louisville
    Darius Hodge, edge rusher, Marshall
    Jevon Holland, S, Oregon
    Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina
    Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma State
    Talanoa Hufanga, S, USC
    Jermar Jefferson, RB, Oregon State
    Jamar Johnson, S, Indiana
    Ernest Jones, LB, South Carolina
    Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami
    Kelvin Joseph, CB, Kentucky
    Brenden Knox, RB, Marshall
    Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State
    Terrace Marshall, WR, LSU
    Jalen Mayfield, OT, Michigan
    Cameron McGrone, LB, Michigan
    Isaiah McKoy, WR, Kent State
    Alim McNeill, DT, N.C. State
    Evan McPherson, K, Florida
    Davis Mills, QB, Stanford
    Dax Milne, WR, BYU
    Trevon Moehrig, S, TCU
    Elijah Moore, WR, Mississippi
    Israel Mukuamu, CB, South Carolina
    Marcus Murphy, S, Mississippi State
    Greg Newsome, CB, Northwestern
    Daviyon Nixon, DT, Iowa
    Azeez Ojulari, edge rusher, Georgia
    Joseph Ossai, edge rusher, Texas
    Jayson Oweh, edge rusher, Penn State
    Jaret Patterson, RB, Buffalo
    Ronnie Perkins, DE, Oklahoma
    Jaelan Phillips, edge rusher, Miami
    Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
    Gregory Rousseau, edge rusher, Miami
    Asante Samuel, CB, Florida State
    Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn
    Stevie Scott III, RB, Indiana
    Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
    Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU
    William Sherman, OT, Colorado
    Jamien Sherwood, S, Auburn
    Amon-Ra St. Brown, WR, USC
    Caden Sterns, S, Texas
    Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia
    Patrick Surtain, CB, Alabama
    Tamorrion Terry, WR, Florida State
    Bryce Thompson, CB, Tennessee
    Tommy Togiai, DT, Ohio State
    Tommy Tremble, TE, Notre Dame
    Joe Tryon, edge rusher, Washington
    Jay Tufele, DT, USC
    Christian Tutt, DB, Auburn
    Jaylen Twyman, DT, Pittsburgh
    Alijah Vera-Tucker, OG, USC
    Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama
    Ar’Darius Washington, S, TCU
    Rachad Wildgoose, CB, Wisconsin
    Adam Williams, P, Memphis
    Javonte Williams, RB, North Carolina
    Milton Williams, DT, Louisiana Tech
    Pooka Williams Jr., RB, Kansas
    Seth Williams, WR, Auburn
    Trill Williams, S, Syracuse
    Marco Wilson, CB, Florida
    Zach Wilson, QB, BYU
    Nahshon Wright, CB, Oregon State
The following 30 players have in timely fashion under NFL rules officially notified the league office that they have fulfilled their degree requirements. They are eligible for selection:

    Jack Anderson, OG, Texas Tech
    Aaron Banks, OG, Notre Dame
    Samuel Cosmi, OT, Texas
    Adrian Ealy, OT, Oklahoma
    Darren Hall, CB, San Diego State
    Trey Hill, C Georgia
    Anthony Hines, LB, Texas A&M
    Wyatt Hubert, DE, Kansas State
    James Hudson, OT, Cincinnati
    Creed Humphrey, C, Oklahoma
    Mac Jones, QB, Alabama
    Joshua Kaindoh, DE, Florida State
    Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
    Hunter Long, TE, Boston College
    Isaiah McDuffie, LB, Boston College
    Ifeatu Melifonwu, CB, Syracuse
    Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue
    Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama
    Josh Myers, C, Ohio State
    Tre Norwood, CB, Oklahoma
    Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB, Notre Dame
    Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State
    Blake Proehl, WR, East Carolina
    Chris Rumph, DE, Duke
    Benjamin St-Juste, CB, Minnesota
    Sage Surratt, WR, Wake Forest
    Marlon Tuipulotu, DT, USC
    Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State
    Connor Wedington, WR, Stanford
    Pro Wells, TE, TCU
The following players inquired about their draft status and are eligible for selection without the need for special eligibility:

    Walker Little, OT, Stanford
    Foster Sarell, OT, Stanford
    Jordan Smith, LB, UAB

Year/ Players – Granted Special Eligibility
2021 – 98         2015 – 74  
2020 – 99         2014 – 98
2019 – 103        2013 – 73
2018 – 106        2012 – 65
2017 – 95          2011 – 56
2016 – 96         2010 – 53

NFL Draft 2021 – First Round Draft Sequence

NFL Draft 2021 – First Round Draft Sequence

January, 2021

* Underclassmen –   Selection order prior to Championship games

Pre-Championship Games

           All underclassmen had until Jan. 180th to declare for the NFL Draft 2021. Players have three days to rescind their decision and return to school and still retain their college eligibility.

1st Round 

#   Team                     W/L

1 Jacksonville              1-15

2 NY Jets                      2-14

3 Miami (Houston)     4-12

4 Atlanta                       4-12

5 Cincinnati                 4-11-1

6 Philadelphia             4-11-1

7 Detroit                       5-11

8 Carolina                    5-11

9 Denver                      5-11

10 Dallas                      6-10

11 NY Giants               6-10

12 San Francisco        6-10

13 LA Chargers           7-9

14 Minnesota              7-9

15 New England         7-9

16 Arizona                   8-8

17 Las Vegas               8-8

18 Miami                     10-6

19 Washington            7-9

20 Chicago                  8-8

21 Indianapolis          11-5

22 Tennessee             11-5

23 NY Jets (Seattle)   12-4

24 Pittsburgh               12-4

25 Jacksonville (Rams)  10-6

26 Cleveland               11-5

27 Baltimore                11-5

28 New Orleans          12-4

29 Tampa Bay             11-5

30 Buffalo                   13-3

31 Green Bay              13-3

32 Kansas City           14-2