Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll

NFL Power Poll – Week 4
Draft Insiders’ – Power Poll – Week 4

Team of the Week 
Dolphins Smashes Broncos in key AFC Matchup

Players of the Week
   Offense – RB Christian McCaffrey – 49ers
   Defense – DE Aidan Hutchinson – Lions

   Offense – QB Tua Tagavailoa – Dolphins
   Defense – S Keith Hamilton – Ravens

 Rookies of the Week
  Offense – QB CJ Stroud – Texans & RB De’Von Achane – Dolphins
  Defense – S Brian Branch – Lions

 Games of Week 4

Detroit @ Green Bay – 8:15 pm Prime

Miami @ Buffalo – 1:00 pm – CBs

Seattle @ NY Giants – 8:15 pm – NBC

NFL Team Power Poll

Draft Insiders’ Staff – Frank Coyle/Publisher

Ranking /Record /Team

#1 – 49ers – 3-0
The 49ers drilled the Giants behind the explosive versatile Christian McCaffrey and cagey QB Brock Purdy. Host the Cardinals in an NFC West matchup.

#2 – Eagles – 3-0
The Eagles wacked the Bucs relying on their deep strong ground game and tough defense to make the difference. Host rival the Commanders this week in their first key NFC matchup.

#3 – Chiefs – 2-1
Chiefs toyed with the pathetic Bears last week. Mahomes is the magic man. Their underrated defense has given up only 40 points in 3 games. Travel to MetLife to face struggling Jets on Sunday night.

#4 – Bills – 2-1
Bills regrouped with two game winning streak. Host crucial AFC East matchup vs the Dolphins for divisional lead. Huge challenge for divisional leadership which may define AFC playoffs.

#5 – Dolphins – 3-0
Dolphins smoked the Broncos with a record setting performance behind QB Tue and a potent ground game. That offense will be tested vs the Bills in Buffalo with clubs usually playing tight competitive contests.

#6 – Lions – 2-1
The Lions rebounded with a strong win over the Falcons. Edge defender Aidan Hutchinson is a game changer and team leader. Travel to Titletown in huge NFC North battle for leadership.

#7 – Ravens – 2-1
The Ravens fell asleep vs the Colts. Travel to Cleveland and Pittsburgh in back to back AFC North matchups which have always proven to critical in the AFC playoff picture.

#8 – Cowboys – 2-1
The Cowboys were spanked by the Cardinals again, exploiting their overrated defense. Host the Patriots this week where inconsistent QB Dak Prescott will be tested by a savvy Belichick defense.

#9 – Browns – 2-1
Browns bashed the Titans last week where in QB Deshaun Watson stepped up. Their defense has flashed dominant play. They host the Ravens in the acid test where they usually battle in very competitive matchups.

#10 – Seahawks – 2-1
Seahawks edged the winless Panthers last week. Travel to MetLife to face the GMen on Monday night. They rely on QB Geno Smith with their defense slow to come together in the early action.

#11 – Packers – 2-1
The Packers edged the Saints last week behind some clutch play of QB Jordan Love. They face a huge test at home Thursday night vs the hot Lions. Love gets his toughest test yet in his early starting time.

#12 – Saints – 2-1
The Saints fell to the Packers last week in a game they let get away from them. Host the Bucs in a huge NFC South matchup between strong contenders for the divisional title.

#13 – Jaguars – 1-2
Jaguars were bombed by the Texans, failing on both sides of the ball. Their defense was toasted by rookie QB CJ Stroud where they failed to cover with any consistency. QB Trevor Lawrence needs better protection to get this offense producing. Face the Falcons in London this week.

#14 – Bengals – 1-2
The Bengals got their first win on Monday night vs the Rams. Look to get to ,500 in a key early AFC matchup with the Titans. QB Joe ‘Cool’ Burrow has struggled with a leg injury, though needs to be the leader here to right this contender.

#15 – Chargers -1-2
The Chargers slugged it out with the Vikings and gutted it out for their first victory. They host arch rival, the Raiders this week where they need to get to .500 to stay close to the Chiefs.

#16 – Giants – 1-2
The Giants are well rested after a poor Thursday night loss to the 49ers. Host the Seahawks on Monday night in a huge game vs the Seahawks. Runner Saquon Barkley is probably out with an ankle injury. QB Danny Jones benefits from the return of LT Andrew Thomas which should improve their suspect protection.

#17 – Steelers – 2-1
Steelers edged rival, the Raiders on Sunday night. QB Kenny Pickett continues to be clutch, despite some inconsistencies. They travel to Houston to face hot rookie QB CJ Stroud where their defense faces a huge test.

#18 – Rams – 1-2
Rams came up short vs the Bengals last week. QB Stafford must carry the load with a subpar ground game currently. Travel to Indy for a key matchup to stay abreast in the tough NFC West.

#19 – Bucs – 2-1
Bucs fell from the unbeaten to the Eagles last week. They still hold the lead the NFC South along with the Saints and Falcons. They travel to New Orleans in key divisional battle which may determine early leadership.

#20 – Falcons – 2-1
Falcons were inept vs the Lions, struggling mainly on offensive. Starting young QB Desmond Ridder faces the Jaguars in London, looking to rebound from a poor performance.

#21 – Commanders – 2-1
The Commanders were toasted by the Bills last week for their first loss. Travel to Philly in another big matchup where they will get tested and must prove more than a paper tiger.

#22 – Patriots – 1-2
The Pats beat the struggling Jets with another strong Belichick game plan. Travel to Dallas for big matchup where their offense will be tested by quality speed. Belichick will have to put together great game plan to neutralize the savvy QB Burrow with both clubs needing a victory for their postseason hopes.

#23 – Jets – 1-2
Jets have been totally inept on offense behind young QB Zach Wilson. With few options currently, they need a new game plan. Host the Chiefs Sunday night in a very difficult matchup They need a stronger ground game to put their tough defense in better position to contain the Chiefs explosive attack.

#24 – Titans – 1-2
The Titans got crushed by the Brown last week. Host the Bengals this week where the loser goes a
discouraging 1-3. Titans are one of the lowest scoring clubs in the league which has negated a good
defensive effort. Their offense needs to step up and control the game behind runner Derrick Henry.

#25 – Colts – 2-1
Colts shocked the Ravens last week in OT. They host the Rams where their pass defense will be tested to the fullest. They hope to hold the AFC South leadership with a home victory.

#26 – Raiders – 1-2
Raiders failed to close vs the Steelers last week. Travel to LA to face rival, the Chargers in a key AFC West contest looking to reach the .500 mark. Offense struggling mightily currently.

#27 – Texans – 1-2
The young Texans played hard and shocked the Jaguars. Rookie QB CJ Stroud has brought fire to their struggling offense. Hout the Steelers in a battle of young passers with Kenny Pickett. They could surprise in the wide open AFC South.

#28 – Vikings – 0-3
Vikings failed to beat the Chargers in a close shootout. Their explosive offense continues to compensate of a vulnerable defense with major secondary issues. Travel to Carolina in a battle of the winless.

#29 – Cardinals – 1-2
Cardinals beat the Cowboys regularly with young QB Joshua Dobbs directing the upset. They travel to  San Fran for huge divisional test.

#30 – Panthers – 0-3
Panthers waiting for top pick Bryce Young to clear concussion protocol. This season promises growing pain, though valuable experience for the face of the franchise. Host the winless Vikings this week with Young likely to return to the field.

#31 – Broncos – 0-3
Broncos were annihilated by the Dolphins 70-20 last week. Things coming apart at the seam.
Travel to Chicago in week’s second matchup of winless teams.

#32 – Bears – 0-3
The Bears are equally inept on both sides of the ball and are on another losing streak. Who voted QB Justin Fields as the leagues’ #86th ranked player? They host the desperate Broncos this week.

Frank Coyle is a long-time scout with nationwide ties with NFL and college coaches, scouts and player agents. He is a member of the FWAA and voter in major college player awards – Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Lombardi, Thorpe, Biletnikoff etc. for the past 30 years. He writes College Football Mondays weekly during the season. He was a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He does sports radio shows for CBS and ESPN on a year-round basis related to NFL and College Football especially during the postseason team and All-star Bowl time. He has worked for CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Yahoo and Rivals sports publications and web sites


Draft Insiders’ & Coaches Top 25 Poll

Draft Insiders’ & Coaches Top 25 Poll

Ohio State Beats Notre Dame in Top Ten Matchup
17 Clubs Remain Unbeaten Entering Conference Matchups

 Draft Insiders’ – Top 25 Poll 2023 – Week Five
Frank Coyle / Publisher

Team of the Week
Ohio State Beats Notre Dame – 17-14

Players of the Week
  Offense – QB Drew Allar – Penn State
  Defense – DT Byron Murphy – Texas

Draft Insiders’ – Top 25 Poll

1          Georgia                        4-0                   
2          Michigan                      4-0                   
3          Ohio State                    4-0                   
4          Florida State                4-0       
5          USC                             4-0       
6          Washington                  4-0       
7          Penn State                   4-0       
8          Texas                           4-0                   
9          Utah                             4-0                   
10         Oregon                         4-0
11         Notre Dame                  4-1       
12        LSU                              3-1                   
13         Alabama                      3-1       
14         North Carolina             4-0       
15         Oklahoma                    4-0                   
16        Miami                           4-0
17         Duke                            4-0
18         Washington State        4-0       
19        Ole Miss                       3-1
20         Oregon State                3-1                                           
21         Tennessee                    3-1       
22         Missouri                      4-0
23        Kansas                         4-0
24         Florida                         3-1
25         Kansas State               3-1
Others receiving consideration: Fresno St., Colorado, Kentucky, UCLA, Iowa, Louisville, Clemson, TCU, South Carolina, Syracuse, Cincinnati, James Madison, Air Force, Mississippi State, Tulane, Maryland, Auburn, Texas A&M, Wyoming, Arkansas, Wake Forest, UCF and BYU

Coaches Poll – Top 25 Poll

Rank    Team            Record  Points
1          Georgia (61)      4-0        1592
2          Michigan           4-0        1495
3          Ohio State (2)    4-0        1414
4          Florida State     4-0        1390
5          Texas               4-0        1336
6          USC                 4-0        1288
7          Penn State        4-0        1225
8          Washington (1)  4-0        1194
9          Oregon             4-0        1071
10         Utah                 4-0        1010
11         Alabama           3-1        930
12         LSU                  3-1        844
13         Notre Dame      4-1        837
14         Oklahoma         4-0        784
15         North Carolina   4-0        698
16         Duke                4-0        605
17         Washington St  4-0        555
18         Miami               4-0        485
19         Tennessee        3-1        404
20         Ole Miss           3-1        305
21         Oregon State    3-1        293
22         Missouri            4-0        140
23         Florida              3-1        134
24         Kansas             4-0        120
25         Kansas State    3-1        109

Others receiving votes: Fresno State 93, Kentucky 87, TCU 54, Maryland 39, Texas A&M 36, Louisville 36, UCLA 36, Clemson 35, Syracuse 32, Colorado 29, Air Force 24, Iowa 16, Tulane 11, Wyoming 8, Marshall 2, James Madison 2, Liberty 1, Georgia State 1

Dropped from rankings: Colorado 19, Iowa 22, Clemson 23, UCLA 25

Draft Insiders’ & Coaches Top 25 Poll

Draft Insiders’ & Coaches Top 25 Poll

Pac-12 Places 8 Teams in Top 25
  22 Clubs Remain Unbeaten Entering Major Weekend Matchups

 Draft Insiders’ Top 25 Poll 2023 – Week Four
Frank Coyle / Publisher

Team of the Week
Colorado beats Colorado State 43-35 in Overtime

Players of the Week
QB Jayden Daniels – LSU
WR Malik Nabers – LSU

Draft Insiders’ Top 25 Poll – Sept 18th

1          Georgia                        3-0                   
2          Michigan                      3-0                   
3          Ohio State                    3-0                   
4          Florida State                3-0       
5          USC                             3-0       
6          Notre Dame                  4-0       
7          Washington                  3-0       
8          Penn State                   3-0       
9          Texas                           3-0                   
10         Utah                             3-0                   
11         Oregon                         3-0
12        LSU                              2-1                   
13         North Carolina             3-0       
14         Oregon State                3-0                   
15         Oklahoma                    3-0                   
16        Ole Miss                       3-0
17        Miami                           3-0
18         Duke                            3-0       
19         Colorado                      3-0       
20         Tennessee                    2-1       
21         Washington State        3-0       
22         UCLA                           3-0                   
23         Iowa                             3-0                   
24        Clemson                      2-1
25         Missouri                      3-0
Others receiving consideration: Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, Kansas State, TCU, South Carolina, Syracuse, Cincinnati, James Madison, Air Force, Mississippi State, Fresno St., Louisville, Tulane, Maryland, Kansas, Auburn, Texas A&M, Wyoming, Arkansas, Wake Forest, UCF and BYU

Coaches Poll – Top 25 Poll

Rank    Team                Record Pts
1          Georgia (62)     3-0        1598
2          Michigan (1)      3-0        1514
3          Florida State     3-0        1396
4          Ohio State (1)   3-0        1394
5          USC                 3-0        1325
6          Texas               3-0        1312
7          Penn State        3-0        1224
8          Washington       3-0        1164
9          Notre Dame      4-0        1044
10         Utah                 3-0        967
11         Oregon             3-0        946
12         Alabama           2-1        886
13         LSU                  2-1        808
14         Oklahoma         3-0        683
15         Oregon State    3-0        660
16         Ole Miss           3-0        602
17         North Carolina   3-0        592
18         Duke                3-0        469
19         Colorado           3-0        435
20         Tennessee        2-1        362
21         Miami               3-0        298
22         Iowa                 3-0        206
23         Clemson           2-1        193
24         Washington St   3-0        160
25         UCLA               3-0        156

Complete Rankings
Others receiving votes: Kansas State 114, Missouri 44, Fresno State 43, Florida 41, Kentucky 28, TCU 26, Maryland 19, Kansas 17, Auburn 16, Texas A&M 11, Syracuse 10, Air Force 9, Tulane 7, UCF 5, Wyoming 3, James Madison 3, Ohio 3, Wake Forest 2, Louisville 2, BYU 1, Memphis 1, Arkansas 1

Dropped from rankings: Kansas State 15

Draft Insiders’ & Coaches Top 25

Draft Insiders’ & Coaches Top 25 Poll

 Texas Beats Bama

 Draft Insiders’ Top 25 Poll – Week Three

Frank Coyle / Publisher

Team of the Week
Texas Shocks Alabama

Player of the Week
Offense – QB Quinn Ewers – Texas

Draft Insiders’ – Top 25 Poll

1          Georgia                        2-0                   
2          Michigan                      2-0                   
3          Ohio State                    2-0                   
4          Florida State                2-0       
5          USC                             3-0       
6          Notre Dame                  3-0       
7          Washington                  2-0       
8          Penn State                   2-0       
9          Texas                           2-0                   
10         Tennessee                    2-0                   
11         Alabama                      1-1
12        LSU                              1-1                   
13         Utah                             2-0                   
14         Oregon                         2-0
15         Kansas State                2-0                   
16         North Carolina             2-0       
17         Oregon State                2-0                   
18         Oklahoma                    2-0                   
19        Ole Miss                       2-0
20        Miami                           2-0
21         Duke                            2-0       
22         Colorado                      2-0       
23         Washington State        2-0       
24         UCLA                           2-0                   
25         Iowa                             2-0                   
Others receiving consideration: Kentucky, Clemson, TCU, South Carolina, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Mississippi State, Fresno St., Missouri, Louisville, Kansas, Tulane, Maryland, Auburn, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Boise State, Troy and Kansas

Coaches Poll – Top 25 Poll

Rank    Team             Record     Pts
1          Georgia (64)     2-0        1624
2          Michigan (1)      2-0        1533
3          Florida State     2-0        1441
4          Ohio State        2-0        1401
5          USC                 3-0        1319
6          Texas               2-0        1318
7          Penn State        2-0        1229
8          Washington       2-0        1129
9          Tennessee        2-0        1039
10         Alabama           1-1        1016
11         Notre Dame      3-0        1004
12         Utah                 2-0        893
13         Oregon             2-0        870
14         LSU                  1-1        714
15         Kansas State    2-0        675
16         Oklahoma         2-0        584
17         Oregon State    2-0        562
18         North Carolina   2-0        506
19         Ole Miss           2-0        503
20         Duke                2-0        363
21         Colorado           2-0        357
22        Clemson           1-1        207
23         Miami               2-0        195
24         Iowa                 2-0        166
25        UCLA               2-0        101

Others receiving votes: Washington State 80, Kentucky 38, TCU 26, Auburn 23, Fresno St 21, Texas A&M 21, Kansas 17, Tulane 16, Missouri 14, Maryland 14, Wake Forest 13, Oklahoma St 12, UCF 11, Arkansas 10, Syracuse 9, Cincinnati 8, Mississippi St 7, Wisconsin 7, Wyoming 6, Minnesota 6, Air Force 5, South Carolina 3, Memphis 3, Louisville 3, James Madison 2, Michigan St 1

Dropped from rankings: Wisconsin 19, Tulane 22, Texas A&M 23

NFL 2023 Predictions – Bengals Ready for SB Challenge

NFL 2023 Predictions
Chiefs Face Heavy AFC Competition to Repeat
Bengals Ready for SB Challenge

Eagles and 49ers Hope to Hold Off NFC Risers

 DraftInsiders.com – NFL 2023 Predictions

  Frank Coyle/ Head scout

The 2023 NFL season is finally here with huge changes across the league giving fans hope their team can get to the elusive Super Bowl. Teams are hard pressed to duplicate the SB, just ask the Los Angeles Rams who fell significantly last season. The Chiefs will seek their third title in four seasons this year, though they will be pressured in the deep talented AFC Conference which is loaded with contenders with premier QBs from top to bottom.

Parity reigns across the league with both the AFC East and West and NFC East and West looking like powerhouse divisions which could provide multiple playoff teams each. New upstarts like the Jaguars, Giants, Jets, Lions, Saints and Chargers could all play a huge role in the playoff races while established clubs like Bucs, Packers and Rams may be pressed to return to the NFL postseason.  

2023 Season Awards

    MVP Award – QB Josh Allen – Bills

Offensive Player of the Year – QB Jalen Hurts – Eagles
Defensive Player of the Year – DE Aidan Hutchinson – Lions
Comeback Player of the Year – QB Baker Mayfield – Bucs

Rookies of the Year
Offense – RB Bijan Robinson – Falcons
Defense – DL Lukas Van Ness – Packers

Offensive Player of the Year – QB Trevor Lawrence – Jaguars
Defensive Player of the Year – LB T.J. Watt – Steelers
Comeback Player of the Year – QB Marc Jones – Patriots

Rookies of the Year
Offense – WR Zay Flowers – Ravens
Defense – LB Will Anderson – Texans

Philadelphia Eagles – 12-5
Eagles are still the team to beat in the NFC and rely on young QB Jalen Hurts and veteran defense to make another strong run at title.

New York Giants – 10-7
GMen are geared up to make the playoffs again behind an offense directed by young emerging talented Daniel Jones. Their offensive line made looks to RT Evan Neal to take a critical step up. They look to explosive Kayvon Thibodeaux to become a difference maker weekly.

Dallas Cowboys – 9-8
Cowboys are still a contender though need QB Dak Prescott to prove he can beat the top clubs. Their defense depends on big play defenders, LB Micah Parsons and corner Trevon Diggs to set the pace.

Washington Redskins – 6-11
Skins start another new QB in Sam Howell behind a very average line. Their defense loses DE Chase Young early to IR, though front four is one of most in the league.

Detroit Lions – 10-7
Lions closed winning 8 of final 9 last season and looks to ride that momentum to a playoff appearance. HC Dan Campbell has them playing hard and their defense can step up behind dominant DE Aidan Hutchinson.

Minnesota Vikings – 9-8
Vikes will ride QB Kirk Cousin and wideout Justin Jefferson. Their changing defense will determine if they can repeat in the average NFC North.

Green Bay Packers -7-9
The post Aaron Rodgers ear begins with young QB Jordan Love. Young offense will be challenged. Veteran tough defense should keep them competitive weekly.

Chicago Bears – 6-11
QB Justin Fields was a threat to run and dangerous there, though only an average pocket passer entering his third season. Their young defense probably goes through painful growing challenges.

New Orleans Saints – 10-7
The Saints begin the Derek Carr era looking for an explosive offense with wideout Chris Olvie and Michael Thomas. Saints’ defense is a top five unit who keeps them in the postseason chase.

Tampa Bay Bucs – 9-8
The Bucs lose QB Tom Brady to retirement and look to new vet Baker Mayfield to direct this attack. Their veteran talented defense has faded recently and must return to prior levels for this club to challenge for the NFC South.

Atlanta Falcons – 7-10
Falcons have changed the face of this club recently, but improvement probably depends on first year starting QB Desmond Ridder. Their ground game behind rookie Bijan Robinson gives them a much needed new dimension. Defense ranked with the worst in the league and will have half new starters.

Carolina Panthers – 6-11
Panthers turns the page with top pick QB Lance Young starting behind a much-improved line. Their talented young defense should continue to improve. This club could be the surprise team here, though   probably a year away of turning them into victories.

San Francisco 49ers – 11-6
The 49ers look to young Brock Purdy to lead this balanced offense which ranks among the best in the league. Wideout Deebo Samuel and TE George Kittle are among the best playmakers in the game. Edge defender Nick Bosa is the games’ best pass rusher. 49ers will challenge for the NFL title.

Seattle Seahawks – 10-7
Seahawks hope to ride the hot hand of Geno Smith for another strong offense. They have rebuilt their once renowned defense and will press for the NFC West division.

Los Angeles Rams – 9-8
Rams seem so removed from their SB title from just two years ago. Only a strong performance behind star QB Matthew Stafford can return this club to the postseason. Their once top defense still relies on DT Aaron Donald, though the supporting cast has slipped noticeably recently.

Arizona Cardinals – 4-13
Cards will start the season without injured QB Kyler Murray after the worst season of his career. They face massive turnover on both sides of the ball and have the makeup to challenge for the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft 2024.

Divisional Champs
Eagles, Lions, Saints and 49ers

Wild Card Clubs
Giants, Seahawks & Cowboys

NFC Championship
49ers beat Eagles in NFC title game


Buffalo Bills – 12-5
Bills are shooting for their 4th consecutive East title behind star QB Josh Allen. Receivers Diggs and Gabriel along with TEs Knox and rookie Dalton Kincaid form a strong contingent.  One of the league’s top defenses will have to prove better in big game situations to get that elusive SB title.

New York Jets – 11-6
Aaron Rodgers mania is at a high pitch with good reason. Jets’ offense will depend on their line to step up and protect Rodgers. This defense will rank among the top in the game, though must come up big in late key games to make the postseason. Capable of competing vs every NFL club.

Miami Dolphins – 10-7
Dolphins ride the health of young QB Tua Tagovailoa to direct this potent offense. They look to new DC Vic Fangio to improve this talented unit. Dolphins capable of returning to the postseason if Tua stays heathy. Must survive the tough AFC East race.

New England Patriots – 8-9
Pats are slipping in one of the best divisions. They look to new OC Bill O’Brien to help QB Mac Jones take a huge step up after a disappointing 2022. Bill Belichick will coax this young defense to further improvement. Pats are always in the playoff hunt, though the AFC may be too loaded this season.

Cincinnati Bengals – 12-5
QB Joe Burrow is a difference maker again and capable of carrying this club to the SB. He goes to wideouts Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins both produced 1000-yard performances. Their defense needs to improve especially in coverage. They look for critical maturing to live up to SB hype.

Baltimore Ravens – 10-7
The Ravens look for a healthy QB Lamar Jackson to improve their passing game vs top competition. Their ground game is highly productive, though unspectacular. They made major changes in their secondary to improve coverage. Ravens will push to return to postseason, though need a big effort from Jackson vs top clubs.

Pittsburgh Steelers – 10-7
Steelers look to young QB Kenny Pickett to continue his fast progress. Wideout George Pickens is ready to emerge to an elite level in year two. Their offensive line must improve to play up to their potential. The Steel defense slipped noticeably especially vs the pass despite edge TJ Watt. This club is a borderline contender and needs offensive line and secondary to step up to make the postseason.

Cleveland Browns – 7-10
Browns started vet QB Deshaun Watson after his 11 game suspension where he was noticeably rusty. No excuses this season for their poor passing game. Back Nick Chubb is a workhorse. Their highly rated defense gives up too much air yardage and points and will have to improve for this club to contend.

Jacksonville Jaguars – 11-6
Jaguars rode the hot hand of young QB Trevor Lawrence to the divisional round. HC Doug Pederson can improve this offense further with new wideout Clavin Ridley joining a strong receiving group. Their young defense is loaded and looks to edge Travon Walker and Mike LB Devin Lloyd to become playmakers. This club can take another step up with Lawrence directing this club to another AFC South title.

Tennessee Titans – 9-8
The Titans slipped significantly last season and will be hard pressed to win a playoff spot. They need both QB Ryan Tannehill and premier back Derrick Henry to return to prior form. Their OL must improve after surrendering too many sacks. Their defense crashed last season and their young corners must improve especially vs playoff clubs. Tough team with limited playmakers on both sides of the ball. Long shot for postseason.

Houston Texans – 7-10
New regime and field leadership in HC DeMeco Ryans and QB CJ Stroud and edge Will Anderson. Stroud gets the starting call to begin a new era. Their defense ranks among the worst in the league and equally inept vs the pass and run. HC Ryans will continue their massive roster turnover, hoping he can turn more games into W while he develops their young talent.

Indianapolis Colts – 5-12
The Colts have fallen quickly attempting to maintain playoff levels with veteran passers. They turn the page with raw rookie QB Anthony Richardson. Stud runner Jon Taylor may move in a trade which could begin a bigger house cleaning. Their young defense has failed to improve and a big reason they could land in the basement.

Kansas City Chiefs – 12-5
Chiefs look for their 8th consecutive West title behind elite QB Patrick Mahomes. He will rely on TE Travis Kelce to lead a changing receiving corps. Their defense looks to CB McDuffie and edge rusher Karlaftis to become playmakers.  Veterans DT Chris Jones ranks with the best interior linemen in the league. SB contender plays in the toughest conference and will be pushed to the fullest with every team capable of West title.

San Diego Chargers – 11-6
The Chargers look to young QB Justin Herbert to lead this potent offense to the playoffs again. Herbert was outstanding and adds top pick WR Quinten Johnston. The line looks to a healthy LT Slater to stabilize their front. They can surprise for the West title, though need improvement from their young defense especially healthy vets, LB Joey Bosa, CB J.C. Jackson and safety Darwin James.

Denver Broncos – 9-8
Broncos have missed the playoffs since 2016 with vet QB Russell Wilson playing poorly. He must return to prior levels for this club to compete in the tough AFC. Their highly regarded defense performed only average with marginal pressure and average coverage.  Club is hoping new HC Sean Payton can get Wilson right and defense returns to prior levels.

Oakland Raiders – 7-10
Raiders parted ways with talented QB Derek Car and replaced by vet Jimmy Garoppolo. This club has fall significantly off horrible draft classes from 2019 thru 2021 with five of six top picks released or let go. Wideout Davante Adams and runner Josh Jacobs need to carry this offense.  Edge rushers Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones are difference makers, though have a marginal supporting cast. Raiders will be hard pressed to play over .500 in the tough AFC and probably a few draft classes from postseason.

Divisional Champs
Bills, Bengals, Jaguars and Chiefs

Wild Card Clubs
Jets, Dolphins & Ravens

AFC Championship
Bengals beat the Chiefs

Super Bowl Matchup
Bengals over 49ers
Joe Burrow drives Bengals to a SB title

NFL Opening Week Schedule

NFL Opening Week Schedule 2023

Thursday, September 7th – 8:20 pm EDT – NBC
Lions (0-0) vs Chiefs (0-0)

Sunday, September 10th

1:00 pm EDT – FOX
Panthers (0-0) vs Falcons (0-0)

1:00 pm EDT – CBS
Texans (0-0) vs Ravens (0-0)

1:00 pm EDT – CBS
Bengals (0-0) vs Browns (0-0)

1:00 pm EDT – FOX
Jaguars (0-0) vs Colts (0-0)

1:00 pm EDT – CBS
Buccaneers (0-0) vs Vikings (0-0)

1:00 pm EDT – CBS
Titans (0-0) vs Saints (0-0)

1:00 pm EDT – FOX
49ers (0-0) vs Steelers (0-0)

1:00 pm EDT – FOX
Cardinals (0-0) vs Commanders (0-0)

4:25 pm EDT – FOX
Packers (0-0) vs Bears (0-0)

4:25 pm EDT – CBS
Raiders (0-0) vs Broncos (0-0)

4:25 pm EDT – CBS
Dolphins (0-0) vs Chargers (0-0)

4:25 pm EDT – CBS
Eagles (0-0) vs Patriots (0-0)

4:25 pm EDT – FOX
Rams (0-0) vs Seahawks (0-0)

8:20 pm EDT – NBC
Cowboys (0-0) vs Giants (0-0)

Monday, September 11th
8:15 pm EDT – ESPN, ABC, ESPN2
Bills (0-0) vs Jets (0-0)

Draft insiders’ Top NFL Defensive Rookies for 2023

Draft insiders’ Top NFL Defensive Rookies for 2023

Frank Coyle/ Head scout

Edge Will Anderson – Texans
Impact edge rusher should excel under the tutelage of new HC DeMeco Ryans. Capable of taking this unit up a few levels this season and become an elite NFL difference maker.

Photo – DL Lukas Van Ness – Packers

DL Lukas Van Ness – Packers
Emerging versatile playmaker has improved significantly over his recent career. Gives the Packers a diverse front seven defender who can create big mismatches.

Frank Coyle is a long-time scout with nationwide ties with coaches, scouts and player agents. He is a long-time scout from mini-camp through training camps prior to the regular and postseason. He is a consultant to many NFL player agents related to all levels of preparation for both NFL Free Agency and the NFL Draft process. He was a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He does sports radio shows for ESPN, Fox Sports and Sporting News on a year-round basis related to College Football especially during the postseason team and All-star Bowl time. He has worked for CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Yahoo and Rivals sports publications and web sites.

LB Jack Campbell – Lions
Gritty backer will be counted on to be the anchor in this defense. He reflects HC Dan Campbell’s mentality and should be an early three down starter.

CB Devon Witherspoon – Seahawks
Quick cover man has been hindered in camp by hamstring issues, but has the makeup and level of development to become a top flight NFL corner early in his career.

CB Tre Banks – Giants
Prototypical cover man stepped in like a veteran this preseason. Capable of being a shutdown corner in time and counted on to be a tough starter now.

DT Jalen Carter – Eagles
Big agile athlete joins a potent front line. Capable of impact in limited reps where his initial burst can be very disruptive from the inside.

CB Emmanuel Forbes – Commanders
Ball hawk was a welcome addition here. He will benefit from a strong front four and hopes to continue his legacy to intercept passes.

LB Drew Sanders – Broncos
Instinctive defender will get reps both inside and outside and should become a fixture in this front seven within a short time.

CB Christian Gonzalez – Patriots
Long cover man should excel in a Bill Belichick defense and become a fixture in this defense. His skill set allows Belichick to play diverse schemes.

Safety Brian Branch – Lions
Savvy versatile defender gives this secondary a leader and playmaker who can provide impact this fall from a few roles.

Edge Keion White – Patriots
Athletic versatile edge defender has the talent to become a three down difference maker with refinement. Probably starts as a key rotational front seven for pass rushing sets.

CB Mekhi Blackmon – Vikings
Quick savvy cover man has a high level of development to be a mainstay in this secondary and possible a fulltime rookie starter.


Draft Insiders’ Top Offensive Rookies

NFL Top Offensive Rookies for 2023

Frank Coyle/ Head scout

WR Zay Flowers – Ravens

(Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire)

Highly developed playmaker should become a favorite for Lamar Jackson immediately. Capable of opening up this attack and giving them a huge boost

PhotoWR Zay Flowers – Ravens (school)

RB Bijan Robinson – Falcons
Complete back should be the linchpin here and get 200+ touches this season.

WR Quenton Johnston – Chargers
Huge athlete will give this air attack a huge boost for strong armed Justin Herbert and has the talent to be the #1 here within a short time.

RB Jahmyr Gibbs – Lions
Playmaker gives the Lions their best three down runner since Barry Sanders. Probably becomes their feature performer this fall in this attack.

QB Bryce Young – Panthers
Overall top pick has responded well to HC Frank Reich’s coaching and gets the starting call opening day. Shows the makeup to handle the big stage.

TE Dalton Kincaid – Bills
Big agile receiver gives QB Josh Allen a highly developed weapon with impact ability in this attack especially in the red zone.

WR Marvin Mims – Broncos
Coming off a great preseason, this speedster is perfect fit for three wideout sets. Capable of becoming an early favorite of veteran passer Russell Wilson.

TE Michael Mayer – Raiders
Sure-handed two-way athlete gives QB Jimmy Garoppolo an excellent weapon in the short and intermediate zones and can become a fixture in this attack.

WR Jonathan Mingo – Panthers
The prototypical numbers teams covet in a #1 receiver. Should become rookie QN Bryce Young’s favorite receiver, though must prove consistent catching the ball and route running.

C John Michael Schmitz – Giants
Took to the pivot like a seasoned veteran this preseason. Capable of being a fixture inside here with a strong career.

TE Sam LaPorta – Lions
Developed receiver gives QB Jared Goff an excellent playmaker in the middle zones to move the chains.

WR Jalin Hyatt – Giants
Speedster can take the top off the defense and open this attack for Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. Capable of impact in three wideout sets.


Draft Insiders’ & Coaches Top 25 Poll

Draft Insiders’ & Coaches Top 25 Poll

ACC Rules Opening Week
Duke and Florida State Win Major Matchups

 Draft Insiders’ Top 25 Poll 2023 – Week Two
Frank Coyle / Publisher

Teams of the Week
Duke Shocks Clemson
Florida State Pounds LSU

Photo – DE Jared Verse, Florida State – Joshua Bessex/AP Photographer

Players of the Week
Offense – QB Riley Leonard – Duke
Defense – Edge Jared Verse – Florida St.

Draft Insiders’ Top 25 Poll

1          Georgia            1-0                   
2          Michigan          1-0                   
3          Ohio State        1-0                   
4          Alabama          1-0                   
5          USC                 2-0       
6          Florida State    1-0                               
7          Notre Dame      2-0       
8          Washington      1-0       
9          Penn State       1-0       
10         Texas               1-0                   
11         Tennessee        1-0                   
12        LSU                  0-1                   
13         Utah                 1-0                   
14         Oregon             1-0                   
15         Kansas State    1-0                   
16         Clemson          0-1       
17         North Carolina 1-0       
18         Oregon State    1-0                   
19         Wisconsin        1-0                   
20         Oklahoma        1-0                   
21        Ole Miss           1-0
22         Texas A&M      1-0                   
23         Duke                1-0                   
24         Tulane              1-0                   
25         Colorado          1-0                   
Complete Rankings
Others receiving consideration: Iowa, Florida, Miami, Kentucky, South Carolina, Pittsburgh, Fresno St., UCLA, Louisville, Maryland, Auburn, UTSA, Arkansas, Boise State, Troy and Kansas

Coaches Poll – Top 25 Poll

            Team             Record    Points
1          Georgia (63)     1-0        1647
2          Michigan (1)      1-0        1534
3          Alabama (2)      1-0        1515
4          Ohio State        1-0        1422
5          Florida State     1-0        1388
6          USC                 2-0        1283
7          Penn State        1-0        1216
8          Washington       1-0        1115
9          Tennessee        1-0        1099
10         Texas               1-0        957
11         Notre Dame      2-0        950
12         Utah                 1-0        924
13         Oregon             1-0        904
14         LSU                  0-1        738
15         Kansas State    1-0        630
16         North Carolina   1-0        546
17         Oklahoma         1-0        543
18         Oregon State    1-0        499
19         Wisconsin         1-0        445
20         Ole Miss           1-0        411
21         Clemson           0-1        287
22         Tulane               1-0        255
23         Texas A&M       1-0        236
24         Duke                1-0        222
25         Colorado           1-0        161

Complete Rankings
Others receiving votes: Iowa 111, Pittsburgh 53, Kentucky 50, UCLA 44, TCU 40, Fresno State 30, Miami 22, Auburn 22, Arkansas 18, Maryland 14, Missouri 13, Troy 11, Oklahoma State 11, NC State 10, Illinois 9, Wyoming 8, Air Force 7, Washington State 7, Wake Forest 7, Minnesota 6, Mississippi State 5, South Carolina 4, Kansas 4, Texas Tech 3, SMU 3, UCF 3, Houston 2, UTSA 1, James Madison 1, Memphis 1, Michigan State 1, Louisville 1, Arizona 1

Dropped from rankings: TCU 16, Texas Tech 24