NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report Jameson Williams – Alabama

NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report
 Jameson Williams – Alabama

                   Photo from Alabama Athletics     

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NFL Draft Yearbook 2022 -250 In-depth Scouting Reports
Top 300+ Rankings, 7 Round Mock Draft / Player Comparison

NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report
         Wideout Jameson Williams – Alabama

Jameson Williams #1 – 6-2, 180                                    Alabama – Sp. 4.45
         NFL Comparison: DeAndre Hopkins                   Rating 91            

Smooth athletic true junior finished his career with an ACL knee injury which terminated an outstanding breakout performance in the potent Bama attack. Earned first team SEC honors in 2021 as one of the nation’s premier playmakers. Lanky well-built physique with length and solid muscle development. Fluid mover with very good agility, hands and athleticism to rank among the best in this class. Combination of deceptive speed and overall AA with the skills necessary to become an impact starter. Burst to get open and the leaping skills to go up for the ball and make plays. Displays soft reliable hands with the ability to extend outside the frame. Makes the difficult catch in traffic, earning him the go-to receiver role. Long strider with the ability to run away from defenders and the length to create problems for smaller cover men on 50/50 balls. Gets off the line well with quickness into his routes and the ability to sink his hips and separate coming out of his breaks. He has developed a full route tree and the ability to win vs the double team. Highly polished skill set to be a fine #1 receiver. His route running and defensive recognition are very advanced. Fights through the bump and run and stays on his routes well, though needs definite strength development and improved hand technique. Dangerous runner after the catch with elusiveness, sudden quickness and deceptive speed to run away from tacklers to break plays.

The Numbers: In 2020, he was buried in the deep Ohio St receiving corps which features multiple pro prospects. He totaled only 9 catches for 154 yards for a 17.1-yard average and 2 TDs. Took advantage of the transfer rule and landed at Alabama where he became an instant star on another deep unit. Only 10 kickoff returns in 2021 with 2 TDs. At the NFL Combine, he came in just under 6’2” and 179 lbs. He did not workout due to rehabbing from his ACL surgery. Also sat out the Bama pro day.

The Skinny: Provides a nice target with strong wiry frame and deceptive quickness to create space. Fast developing prospect really came on late in his career with continuous strong performances. Developed athlete with fine route running and defensive recognition skills to be an immediate factor. Reads coverage quickly and knows where the openings are to settle into zones and makes sound adjustments. Reminiscent of NFL playmaker DeAndre Hopkins in size, speed, running style and versatility. Well-rounded skill set to give his club a plug and play weapon. Top 20 prospect with definite upside if he improves his reads and route tree. Tough smart athlete made fast adjustments after transferring from Ohio St before the 2021 season Legitimate dangerous deep threat. If healthy, he is at a high level to come in and play immediately. NFL ready and possible first overall receiver in this deep class. Best efforts in big games where he made a difference. Playmaker with Pro bowl talent. Cards, Jets, Chiefs and Packers very interested.
Draft Projection: 1st Round


NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report Kayvon Thibodeaux – Oregon

NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report
  Kayvon Thibodeaux – Oregon  

             Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images       

NFL Draft Yearbook 2022 – 250 In-depth Scouting Reports – Top 300+ Rankings, 7 Round Mock Draft / NFL Player Comparison

Defensive End – Positional Overview:
This year’s defensive end class is a very strong group which could produce as many as six #1 picks. There are several blue-chip prospects at the top and probably 5 should go in the top 15 selections. There could be as many as 10-12 in the top three rounds with as many as 15 thru the middle rounds. Aidan Hutchinson is the best defender in this draft class and could be a top two overall pick. He is NFL ready and a three-down starter. Kayvon Thibodeaux is an explosive edge defender and among the best of this special class of edge defenders. He figures in the top few selections.

Kayvon Thibodeaux – Scouting Report

* Kayvon Thibodeaux #5 – 6-4, 255                Oregon – Sp. 4.60                         
                NFL Comparison: Demarcus Ware               Rating 93
Physically gifted true junior declared for the NFL Draft after an injury marred 2021 season limited by an ankle injury. Freakish athlete with rare combination of length, agility, speed and power to play in both NFL fronts. Long angular frame with long arms (33 1/8”) and quick feet to play both outside positions in either pro scheme. Shows explosiveness off the snap to be an impact speed pass rusher with the size, length and natural strength to also win as a power rusher. The ideal defender as a weak side end in a 4-3 scheme, as well as the agility and foot quickness to play outside in a 3-4 front. His versatility and upside potential make him attractive to all defenses and should land among the top overall selections. Despite facing double team blocking, he continued to make impact plays along the talented Ducks’ front. Rare physical traits for the position with the agility of a linebacker and power of a lineman. Chiseled physique and well distributed with the room to add muscle to fit the prototypical measurables for an elite pro edge rusher. Shows fine functional strength to stack and shed blockers, though can be engulfed at the point at times. Uses his good height to his advantage and uses his long arm to get blockers off his body and follow with technique to separate and burst to the ball. Very good movement skills and footwork for his size and when called upon to drop into coverage on zone blitzes, showed good agility and coordination. Displays a very good spin move to disengage blockers with a great closing burst. Special quick-twitch athleticism and comes off the snap quickly and shows rare flexibility to bend the edge. Consistent with his knee bend and use of leverage. Currently his pass rush is a nice combination of speed and power, though he needs to refine and add new moves to become a premier pro edge defender. Shows the speed to be very effective in pursuit to the opposite sidelines or downfield. Fine length to effectively disrupt passing lanes and be a factor deflecting passes. Shows a strong jarring hand punch, though needs further development to gain a consistent early advantage. Shows deceptive strength to hold the POA and win most individual battles, though his narrow frame makes him vulnerable at the point. Relies mainly on his initial burst and swim move to beat blockers and needs to develop moves like a rip and using his long arm better especially facing the double team. Must play with good pad level to maintain leverage. Sound awareness with agility and balance to move down the LOS to finish. Fine short area burst to win early on the down and penetrate the backfield. Over the 2021 season, he started 11 games and finished with 50 tackles, 12 TFL, 8 QB hurries, 1 PBU, 2 FF and 7 sacks and earned 1st team Pac-12 honors. His production slipped late in the season when he received special attention weekly with double team blocking. Over his three-year career, he played in 31 games with 123 tackles, 35.5 TFL, 3 FF, 7 PBU and 19 sacks. In three Pac-12 championship games, he combined for 21 QB hurries, 13 tackles, 5.5 TFL and 4.5 sacks. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’4” and 254 lbs. with 33 1/8” arms and 9 3/4” hands. Ran a 4.58 time with a 1.59 ten-yard split. Added 27 reps in the lifting. Excellent fit for weakside end in a 4-3 set or the attack backer role in a 3-4 scheme. Talented defender with the complete skill set, though must dispel the somewhat hot and cold label. Blue chip #1 prospect with the skills similar to Demarcus Ware in AA, body type and Pro Bowl potential. Must adapt to facing double teams to be an elite NFL defender. Dedication to football has been questioned, though his production disputes that. Top 5 pick with incredible upside and scheme diversity to become a difference maker. Special elite edge rusher.
Draft Projection: 1st Round – Top 5 Selection

NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report OT Trevor Penning – Northern Iowa

NFL Draft Yearbook 2022 Scouting Report
 Trevor Penning – Northern Iowa

NFL Draft Yearbook 2022 – 250 In-depth Scouting Reports
Top 300+ Rankings, 7 Round Mock Draft / NFL Player Comparisons

    Trevor Penning Scouting Report

Trevor Penning #70 – 6-7, 325 –  Northern Iowa – Sp. 4.90
NFL Comparison: Kolton Miller –  Rating 90
                                       Northern Iowa Athletics
Tall physical senior has been one of the best left tackles in college, starting all four years at that position with MVC honors his final three seasons. Long athletic frame with long arms and the footwork to develop into a pro left tackle after 33 starts. Earned an invite to the Senior Bowl where he held up very well on the outside, displaying developed skills to handle top edge rushers. Massive agile athlete displays excellent setup in pass pro with natural movement skills to slide and adjust easily to counter moves. His current level of development may allow him to start immediately at tackle. Showed the tenacity in his game to face NFL edge talent. As a pass blocker, displays very good initial quickness, balance, flexibility and patience. Uses his long reach and strong punch to contain early and sustain through the play. He allows the rusher to come to him and rarely over-commits and under control coming out of his stance. Smooth in his kick-slide and lateral agility. He has the ideal physical package for left tackle in the NFL. Trim physique and carries no excess weight. Displays a quick hand punch, but needs to show the ability to recoil. Improved his punch power with experience, though must improve his ability to handle counter moves. When he locks on to edge rushers, he consistently wins. As a drive blocker, he has the ability to move defenders on power plays. Able to make the reach blocks and angle blocks on inside and outside zones. When asked to pull, he shows fairly good quickness and get good fits on the 2nd level. Bends his knees well with leverage to anchor and stop the bull rush, though needs to refine that due to his great length. At times, plays with a thin base and gives ground when his technique falters and rushers can give him trouble when he plays high. Shows flexibility in his kick slide. Very tough blocker with the tenacity to sustain and dominate throughout. Frame, arm length and the footwork to mirror rushers cam earn him an early starting tackle grade. At the Senior Bowl, he performed very well when taking a big step up in competition. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’7” and 325 lbs. with 34 1/4” arms and 10 1/8” hands. Ran a 4.89 time with a 1.70 ten-yard split. Did not lift. Added a 28” VL, a 9’3” BJ, a 4.62 shuttle and 7.25 three cone. Very good positional drills with a solid overall performance. Similar to tackles like Kolton Miller with the prototypical skill set for the demanding leftside spot. Older fans will remember former Giants’ Jumbo Elliott as very similar physically and demeanor. Developed left tackle with huge upside potential. Probable mid-1st round pick with starting grade, though needs further strength, conditioning and technique work. Needs to be consistently sound technically to earn a starting position. Complete physical talent to improve further. Top 15 prospect with high ceiling and probable Pro Bowler in time. Nasty NFL ready mauler.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report – LB Chad Muma – Wyoming

NFL Draft 2022 Yearbook Scouting Report –

Photo:  Troy Babbitt – Wyoming Athletics

LB Chad Muma – Wyoming


NFL Draft 2022 Yearbook
250 In-depth Scouting Reports
Top 300+ Prospects Ranked 7 Round Mock Draft – Special Deluxe Package – 12 Issues with NFL Draft 2022 Yearbook

Linebacker Prospect

Chad Muma #48 – 6-3, 240 – Wyoming –  Sp. 4.60
           NFL Comparison: Logan Wilson                    Rating 82
Physical dependable senior excelled both downhill and between the hash marks in his two-starting seasons for the Cowboys. Back-to-back 1st team MWC performer with over 200 tackles during that period. Aggressive and passionate and plays hard till the whistle. Good teammate and hard worker. Above average quickness and playing speed and displays a burst to consistently close. Good range sideline-to-sideline with sound angles and the ability to get through traffic and scrape. Top athleticism downhill and laterally with the agility and COD to play in space. Developing core strength at his 240 lbs. which he is beginning to use effectively as a huge hitter. Plays behind his pads and rarely on the ground. Strong active hands and has learned to use them in all facets. Potential to develop into a 3-down backer with improvement in coverage ability. Former safety is a quick study in coverage and capable of being an early three down starter. Reliable run-plugger does a plus job of stopping runs before they can turn into positive yardage. Displays good peripheral vision and decisive in his read/react ability. Goes where his eyes tell him. Takes few false steps and trusts his vision and instincts. Shows awareness and technique to slips blocks well. Maintains good balance with the instincts to react which allows him to play fast. Squares himself up to ball carriers to create an impact and make the tackle. Plays within himself and has been a consistent tackler vs a high level of competition and big games. Capable blitzer with the burst to close, though relies more on power than technique. Consistently slips/sheds blockers in space with a combination of technique and power. Sifts well through trash and tough to get off his feet. Struggles vs big interior blockers and prefers to slip with strong hands and quick feet. Able to disengage and stay on his feet. Though not a quick twitch athlete, he will be a starter in time. In pass coverage, he is proficient in zone and short area currently, though needs development in the deeper zones. Potential to cover faster TE’s up the seam, though not ready now. Good lateral range, though can be exploited by fast backs in space when asked to cover too much ground. Also, shows the versatility to play Sam in the 4-3 set. As a senior, he totaled 142 tackles, 9 TFL, 1 PBU, 3 picks and 2 sacks, starting all 13 games. Earned DPOY and 1st team MWC honors. At the NFL Combine, he weighed in at 239 lbs. and 6’3” with 31 5/8” arms and 10” hands. Ran a 4.63 time with 27 reps and had a 40” VL, 10’9” BJ and did a 4.28 shuttle and 7.06 three cone. It was a very good workout. Top AA and play recognition ability and he is able to contribute early and possibly start. Intelligent and heady and understands assignment football while able to carry them out well. Rising savvy backer and top 50-75 prospect with fast development and the intangibles to make an impact as both a starter and special teams’ performer.
                               Draft Projection: 2nd-3rd Round

NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report – WR Christian Watson – North Dakota St

NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report
Christian Watson – North Dakota State

NFL Draft 2022 Yearbook
250 In-depth Scouting Reports
Top 300+ Prospects Ranked 7 Round Mock Draft – Special Deluxe Package – 12 Issues with NFL Draft 2022 Yearbook

Wide Receiver Prospect

Christian Watson #1 – 6-4, 210 – North Dakota State – Sp. 4.35
            NFL Comparison: CeeDee Lamb                          Rating 88
Fast sure handed senior was the go-to guy for the Bisons over his career. Earned first team honors in 2019. Good lean athletic frame with speed and the running skills to be an impact weapon in the NFL. Speed to get deep regularly on the nine route and developing the nuances as a route-runner to separate from coverage and run the full route tree. Good lean muscle development and adequate functional strength, but could benefit from adding more muscle to his frame. Smooth runner moves in a gliding style, yet showed good elusiveness as a runner after the catch with efficient footwork to create space and break the play. Outstanding hand-eye coordination and able to elevate and high point the ball. Strong hands and usually able to maintain control while taking hits. Natural athlete and polished in many critical aspects of play. With experience, he has learned to run better routes with quicker cuts. Able to maintain concentration on making the catch and separate from defenders. Alert and works his way back to pass. Reading zone coverage better and learning how to find and settle in the soft spots. Adequate as a blocker, but needs hand technique work to improve and sustain.
The Numbers: In 2021, he played in 12 games and had 43 receptions for 801 yards for 18.6 yard average and 7 TDs. At the Senior Bowl, he had a good performance, especially running routes with quick adjustments on the ball. During his career, he caught 105 passes for 2140 yards for a 20.4 average and 14 TDs. At the NFL Combine, he came in just over 6’4” and 208 lbs. Ran a 4.36 time with an exceptional 1.46 ten-yard split time. Added a 38.5”VL and an 11”4”BJ. It was an excellent workout. Similar to CeeDee Lamb in size, speed, body type, AA and development.
The Skinny: Fast athlete with speed to take the lid off a defense. Developing receiver with definite playmaking ability to be a weapon in a few roles both outside and in the slot. Impact in three wideout sets early. Playmaker needs to prove he will go over the middle consistently and must learn the full route tree to be a complete receiver. Fast rising top 50 prospect on my board after the NFL Combine. Probably goes in the early rounds with the strong demand at the position for playmakers. Emerging talent with the tools to continue to improve and be a huge factor in the right situation. Versatile playmaker can provide impact in time and be a difference maker. Incredible ceiling to become an NFL star.
Draft Projection: 1st-2nd Round

NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report – TE Trey McBride – Colorado St

NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report

Trey McBride – Colorado State

NFL Draft 2022 Yearbook
250 In-depth Scouting Reports

 Top 300+ Prospects Ranked   7 Round Mock Draft –  Special Deluxe Package – 12 Issues with NFL Draft 2022 Yearbook

Tight End Prospect

 1 * Trey McBride #85 – 6-3, 245             Colorado State – Sp. 4.55
NFL Comparison: Dallas Clark                     Rating 88

Athletic mobile junior flashed big play talent over his MWC career, earning first team honors in 2021. Two-time MWC honoree and John Mackey 2021 winner. Lined up as both an inline and flex performer over his four starting seasons. Fluid athlete with top athleticism to press the middle of the field and naturally run the seam. Agile and flexible to change directions or go up for the ball. Natural hands catcher with run after the catch ability that is just being tapped into in a number of formations. Fast developing receiver with huge upside as a vertical threat. Solid specimen and easy mover with some growth potential. He has improved significantly as a blocker. Quick athlete with the explosiveness off the line to get into a defender or his routes with the footwork and agility to be a very effective movement blocker with further technique work. Greatest asset is his developed playmaking ability. Early contribution as flex receiver and H-back with the receiving skills to become a difference maker. High grades for top overall development and receiving skills. Savvy route runner with very good instincts to read and adjust to coverage and sit in holes. Able to catch outside the frame with a nice receiving radius and huge hands (10 1/8”). Settles in the soft spots in zones to move the chains. Very dangerous on crossing routes with fine run after the catch ability and speed to break plays. Quick getting off the line and beats the jam to get a clean release. At the breakpoint, he separates well in coverage and creates a consistently reliable target. Tough in the shorter zones on crossing routes, hooks and underneath routes with good hands and the ability to adjust. Runs well and snatches the ball in a crowd. Difficult matchup in single coverage with a developed route tree. As blocker, he is quick on the snap with stocky athletic frame and good hand usage to get a surge at the point of attack. Needs development blocking, including a stronger punch with improved lower body power and footwork. In limited time inline, he graded out high as a blocker, relying more on toughness and athleticism than sound technique and functional strength. As a move blocker, gets into an opponent on 2nd level and shows quickness to sustain. On the move, shows the talent to seal and neutralize with the agility to reach backers, though needs technique and strength work.

The Numbers:   In 2021, he started 12 games and caught 90 passes for 1121 yards and 1 TD. Earned first team MWC and All-American honors. In 2020, he started every game and caught 22 passes for 330 yards, a 15-yard average and 4 TDs, earning 2nd team MWC honors. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 246 lbs. and just under 6’4” with 32 1/2” arms and 10 1/8” hands. Did not run and did 18 reps in the lifting. Added a 33” VJ and a 9’9” BJ. Looked very good in the positional drills with the agility to adjust to the pass. Similar to former Colts’ Pro Bowler, Dallas Clark in size, play making ability, AA and developed receiving talent. Also, similar to George Kittle in many respects.

The Skinny:  Mobile sure handed prospect with very good athleticism to play in base and multiple sets with highly developed skills and LOD as a receiver. Quality addition with the athletic talent to give an offense an early playmaker. As a receiver, he has upside with soft hands, fine movement skills and good speed to stretch the seam. Versatile and marginal top 40 and rising prospect with the talent to surprise in the right offense. Emerging playmaker with skill set to be ideal for today’s pro-offenses.
Draft Projection: 1st-2nd Round

NFL Draft Yearbook Sample Scouting Report – TJ Watt

NFL Draft Yearbook Sample Scouting Report – TJ Watt

Written in March annually prior to the NFL Draft

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NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report – 2017

* T.J. Watt #42 – 6-4, 255, Wisconsin – Sp. 4.65
NFL Comparison: Ryan Kerrigan                     Rating 90

Explosive dynamic redshirt junior completed his career with an amazing breakout performance after a limited earlier stay in Madison. Brother of NFL defender JJ Watt. Like JJ, he also converted to defense from tight end entering college. Earned 1st team Big Ten and 2nd team All-American by DraftInsiders.com in 2016. Excellent combination of size, speed, athleticism and tenacity. Took his game up a few levels in 2016 where the game slowed down and he instinctively picked up schemes, blocking angles and the ball to respond naturally and quickly. Big athletic frame and the movement skills to attack the line or move laterally or in reverse. Finally, healthy from the prior knee injury, he flashed dominant skills in both run and pass defense. Tough physical defender who strikes with a powerful punch to get blockers off balance and use his good speed to make his move. Though not a refined quick twitch edge athlete, he can win with speed and will likely play more up as a linebacker in the pros. Emerged as one of the rising prospects in this draft class after an excellent final season. Shows perhaps the best technique development in this class, working out with his Pro Bowl brother JJ.  Quick burst off the ball often gets tackles off-balance and allows him to cross their face. Displays flexibility to avoid their reach and turn the corner with very good closing speed. Possesses a balanced spin move to counter inside and a better than expected bull rush. More effective playing up where he projects best to the backer role in the pro 3-4 scheme. Powerful edge defender with broad shoulders and impressive upper body development. Shows he can get hands under the tackle’s reach and walk much bigger pass-blockers back. Good pursuit speed, with the instincts and determination to chase down ball-carriers from behind. Explosive tackler and just learning to dislodge the ball on impact. Shows good ball awareness, often ripping and tugging when he gets the chance. At the point vs the run, he can anchor well vs big tackles and picks up the ball with the ability to separate and chase. At times, he takes on blockers too high and gets washed out of the play. Sets the edge very well vs the run with the girth to hold his ground and functional strength to neutralize tackles or tight ends even in combo blocks. Projects as an OLB in either front best, though could be a 4-3 weak side end in some schemes. Among the very best pure edge rushers in this draft, though could be even better with more experience and diversity in his rush moves. As a junior, he started all 14 games and had 71 tackles, a team-high 15.5 TFL, a team-high 11.5 sacks, 13 QB hurries, 2 FF, 1 pick and 4 PBU. In 2015, played in 13 games with no starts and made 8 tackles, 1.5 TFL, no sacks, 4 QB hurries and 3 PBU. First two years comprised redshirt and injury seasons in 2013 and 2014. A knee injury forced him to miss 2014. At the NFL Combine, he came in over 6’4”, 252 lbs. with long 33 1/8” arms and huge 11” hands. He ran a 4.69 time with a 1.61 ten-yard split and did 21 reps. He added a 37” VL, a 10’8” BJ and looked very sharp in the positional drills and had excellent times of a 6.79 three cone and a 4.13 in the short shuttle. Best suited for the attack backer role in a 3-4 defense where his playmaking ability off the edge shows a fast-developing elite skill set. He flashed many of the same skills as. Fast rising prospect jumped into the early rounds off a big postseason following a breakout 2016 effort. Power and fine burst with positional versatility. Similar to Ryan Kerrigan coming out of Purdue in body type, scheme versatility, pass rushing skills and overall demeanor. Rising hard-nosed defender with the intangibles to get the most out of his fast-developing skill set. Flying up the board and a top 25 pick off his impact ability. Steelers, Seahawks, Browns and Packers interested. First round bubble prospect.

Draft Projection: 1st Round


NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report – Justin Jefferson

NFL Draft Yearbook Sample Scouting Report

Written in March annually prior to the NFL Draft

Draft Insiders’ 2022 Yearbook – available this spring
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NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report – 2020

* Justin Jefferson #2 – 6-1, 200, LSU – Sp. 4.45
                 NFL Comparison: Calvin Ridley      Rating 90
Big agile junior has been a key part of the Tigers’ deep receiving corps over his two starting seasons while earning All-American and SEC honors in 2019. Smooth wideout with long arms and strong hands. Fast developing skills to become an NFL playmaker within a short time and very productive over his career operating with QB Joe Burrow. Deceptive gliding running style with soft reliable hands and excellent use of his body to shield off defenders. Combines good size and speed with top hands to be one of the most intriguing prospects at this position. Shown fine improvement on the key points and nuances of the game, especially route running and overall defensive awareness. Amazing production vs top ten talent. Wiry high cut receiver with very good ball skills to start immediately. Savvy ability to separate in the deep game, though he lacks elite top end speed. Highly developed as a route runner with the ability to change speeds and use multiple moves on a defender. Eats up a cornerback’s cushion and comes out of his cuts well for a lanky receiver to create separation. Finds holes in coverage and is especially dangerous on the short and intermediate crossing routes. Precise route runner with the ability to recognize coverage and zone schemes to make fast adjustments. Size and agility to fight off the jam and separate in coverage with very good run after the catch ability. Shows development to adjust nicely and catch outside the box. Especially dangerous on the fade pattern with the developed hands to make the tough catch. At the sidelines, he uses his height, reach and leaping skills to create matchup problems. Learning to use his hands better to avoid the jam and stay on routes. Disciplined footwork at the breakpoint with very good body control to adjust and track the ball. As a route runner, he shows the ability to make cuts and retain his speed. Earned 1st team SEC honors. Scored 24 TDs over his final two seasons as one of the best red zone threats in the country. At the NFL Combine, he came in over 6’1” and 202 lbs. with 33” arms and 9’1/8” hands.  Did not lift. Ran an impressive 4.43 time and added a 37.5” VL and a 10’6” BJ. Performed very well in positional drills showing sure hands and good radius to complete an excellent overall performance. Similar to Calvin Ridley and Adam Thielen in size, speed, AA and playmaking ability. Developed polished receiver with early NFL starting talent. This fast riser developed almost as quickly as his QB Burrow. High LOD to play in multiple sets day one. Player with the athleticism to become a solid #1 receiver and big play NFL performer. Marginal top 25 prospect with talent to continue to improve and become an impact weapon.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

Bucs’ Antoine Winfield Scouting Evaluation – Draft Insiders’ Yearbook Scouting Report – NFL Draft 2020

Bucs’ Antoine Winfield Scouting Evaluation – Draft Insiders’ Yearbook Scouting Report – NFL Draft 2020

Winfield – Immediate Impact Defender in the Bucs’ Defense

Antoine Winfield has been a major difference maker for SB Champion Bucs since starting game one as a rookie in 2020. Frank Coyle of Draft Insiders’ ranked him as one of the top safeties especially as a complete defender. He ranked among as one of premier playmakers in the NFL Draft 2020 class and predicted him an early NFL starter and playmaker. He has been a major steal in the late 2nd round and arguably one of the best values in the entire draft class. He was among the Bucs defensive leaders on their run to the NFL Championship.

This season, he has continued his impact in a diverse role in the Bucs secondary. This week vs the Patriots on Sunday night, he was a difference maker in the Bucs 19-17 victory. He totaled 5 tackles, 1 FF, 1 PD and 1 interception and kept Pats’ rookie QB Mac Jones off balance in most key situations.

Safeties NFL Draft 2020

* Underclassmen

* Antoine Winfield #11 – 5-9, 205, Minnesota – Sp. 4.45
NFL Player Comparison: Tyrann Mathieu                            Rating 86
Hard-hitting undersized dynamo safety has been the leader in the Gophers’ secondary since his true freshman season. Stepped in as a full-time starter as a true freshman with limited starting duty the following two seasons due to injuries. His 2019 performance was his best and earned first team Big Ten honors. Short compact athlete combines excellent speed, quickness and fluid athleticism to be a three-down defender with the versatility to lineup at a few spots in the nickel packages. At times, he seeks to deliver big stops, but is not a violent hitter and his marginal size is a concern related to holding up to the physicality of the game. Sure wrap down tackler, though needs to breakdown better in space and eliminate some missed tackles. Displays a quick closing burst, arriving with good pad level to maintain leverage and breakup passes. Outstanding read-react ability and attacks with an aggressive manner with a motor that knows only one speed. Drives through his target upon contact and able to finish. Lined up in a variety of ways, usually the high safety and slot corner in different alignments. Effective single-high safety with excellent range to make up ground and get to the ball. Often lined up over a slot receiver, and shows the quick footwork to mirror off the line with the closing speed to break up passes. Sometimes he drops down into the box and blitzes and added 4 sacks with 3 coming in 2019. Versatile with the range and instincts to play free in the deep middle and at times the toughness and run stopping ability to be the eighth man in the box. He has fine instincts for man-coverage, but only average matchup skills where his lack of height will be tested in the NFL. Fine field vision and reacts to the ball quickly. Attacks the throw at the catch point as if he was the receiver. Marginal height and above average leaping ability, compromises his ability to win jump-ball throws. Plays all facets of the game with a strong sense of urgency. In 2019, started 13 games and had 88 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 7 picks, 1 PBU and 2 FR. Earned 1st team Big Ten honors. In 2018, started 4 of 4 games and made 17 tackles, 1 FR, 1 pick and 1 PBU. For his career, totaled 177 tackles with 7 TFL, 9 picks and 6 PBU. Best suited for playing single high scheme. Fine athleticism to be a three-down defender. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 5’9” and 203 lbs. with 30 1/8” arms. He ran a 4.45 time and did not lift. Added a 36” VL and a 10’4“ BJ with no agility drills. He has the speed, quickness and ball skills to be an early starter and compares to Tyrann Mathieu in size, AA and versatility. Shows flexible hips and quick footwork with the instincts to continue to improve in coverage. Talent to be a difference maker. High quality athlete and football player with experience to compete for time in different packages and an excellent addition. Son of former longtime NFL corner Antoine Winfield. Probable early starting ability with the versatility and fast developing talent to be a three-down defender. Rising top 50 selection with impact talent. Teams like the Cowboys and Dolphins have on their short list in the 2nd day.
Draft Projection: 2nd Round



QB Justin Herbert Justifies Frank Coyle High Scouting Evaluation – Draft Insiders’ Yearbook Scouting Report – NFL Draft 2020

QB Justin Herbert Provides Impact in Big Games
Draft Insiders’ Yearbook Scouting Report – NFL Draft 2020

QB Justin Herbert has been a major difference maker for the Chargers after being taken in Round One. Frank Coyle of Draft Insiders’ ranked him as the #2 QB behind only the first overall selection Joe Burrow. He ranked him as one of premier playmakers in recent NFL Draft classes and fore casted him an early NFL starter. He has been a major steal as the #6 overall select and arguably one of the best values in the entire draft class. He has the Chargers competing for a playoff spot this fall in the very competitive AFC West which may provide three clubs for the NFL 2022 playoffs.

2 Justin Herbert #10 – 6-6, 235,  Oregon – Sp. 4.70
                NFL Play Comparison: Carson Wentz – Rating 90
Big athletic senior led the Ducks’ offense the past four seasons, displaying blue chip skills for the position. During his true freshman season, he flashed big play ability while starting seven games on his way to 42 career starts. Finished his career with an MVP award in the Rose Bowl and a strong performance at the Senior Bowl. He displays optimal physical traits of an NFL starting QB – very good size and overall athleticism with an elite arm along with good mobility and pocket awareness. His intangibles include poise, anticipation, toughness, vision and leadership. Operated behind a talented line which supplies three linemen likely drafted in this class. Shows the complete physical package with excellent production at a high level. Displays good footwork to set up and shows a crisp long delivery with smooth release and capable of firing strikes with touch and timing. Needs to continue to improve touch and accuracy in the shorter zones and hitting receivers in stride. Quick footwork to move in the pocket and create passing lanes with the instincts to go through his check downs fast and find secondary receivers. Capable of pulling the ball down and making a play with his feet regularly. Late in his career, he added muscle to hold up to the rigors of the NFL. Shows quick feet to avoid pressure well, reset his feet and plant to make a big throw. Operated mainly from the gun and needs work on his drop back and setting his feet while reading coverage. Shows the smarts and discipline to be a quick study. Usually makes sound decisions with the ball, by displaying the ability to deliver strikes down the seam. Possesses touch on deep passes. His long throwing mechanics are a concern, though he shortened it up over his final effort which improved his accuracy significantly. Also showed the ability to make quicker adjustments and take control and rally his offense. Makes clutch throws with the game on the line. Possesses a powerful arm with improved touch to hit receivers in stride. At times, shows a tendency to focus too long on his primary target and needs to progress to his other options quicker when under pressure. Needs to step up in the pocket and drive the ball into intermediate windows. Shows good ball security in general with quick decisions. Needs improved basic footwork and follow through while showing more pocket presence. Over his career, he played in 44 games with 10,541 passing yards for a 64% with 95 TDs and 23 interceptions. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’6” and 236 lbs. with 10” hands and 32 7/8” arms. Ran a 4.68 time with a 35.5” VJ, a 10’3” BJ and added a 4.46 shuttle and 7.06 three cone. In the passing drills, he displayed good velocity, timing and accuracy. He helped his cause with a strong performance. Threw the ball well with timing, velocity and accuracy. His competitiveness has been questioned, though his strong postseason addressed that in big games, Senior Bowl and NFL Combine. Athletic frame holds up to the physical demands of the game. Shows good defensive recognition to go through his progressions to find secondary receivers. Graded out high vs talented Pac-12 defenders with extensive time vs NFL caliber prospects. Won Pac-12 title in 2019. Despite a middling skill position supporting cast, he had excellent production with minimal mistakes. Athlete with talent and smarts, though needs some maturity at the position. Interesting prospect with the upside potential to develop quickly and start early. Compares to Carson Wentz and is similar in size, delivery, in body type, accuracy and overall development. Blue chip QB prospect with the Dolphins, Chargers, Panthers and Jaguars hoping to land with a top ten selection.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

Frank Coyle is a long-time scout with nationwide ties with NFL and college coaches, scouts and player agents. He is a member of the FWAA and voter in College player awards – Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Lombardi, Thorpe, Biletnikoff etc for the past 25 years. He writes College Football Mondays weekly during the season. He is a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He does sports radio shows for CBS, ESPN, Fox Sports and Sporting News on a year-round basis related to NFL and College Football especially during the postseason team and All-star Bowl time. He has worked for CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Yahoo and Rivals sports publications and web sites