NFL Draft – Wide Receivers

NFL Draft 2024 – Wide Receivers

Draft Insiders’ –  Top Prospects

      Frank Coyle/ Publisher

 Marvin Harrison heads an amazing receiving class which features several blue chips prospects at the top and incredible depth into the late rounds. Harrison is a generational prospect with NFL ready skills to provide an impact to an offense. Malik Nabers and Rome Odunze will come off the board between the 5th and 10th selections. Both are highly developed and checked all the boxes in the postseason to be rookie starters in September.

At least 6 or 7 receivers could come off the board in the first round and as many as 10-12 in the first two rounds. Expect 15-18 in the top 100 with as many chosen in the 3rd day along with countless rookie free agents. This position provides the most draft selections annually and this year should also rank as the #1 position NFL front offices select over the seven rounds.

 Here are Draft Insiders’ top 6 Prospects scouting reports, top rankings and positional overview.

Photo – Marvin Harrison – Ohio State (school)

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Wide Receivers – Grade: A+                                             

    NFL Teams need:

  1. Chiefs             5. Titans         
  2. Giants            6. Bears
  3. Bills                7. Cardinals
  4. Panthers       8. Ravens

 Positional Overview:  With the evolution of the expanded NFL passing game over the past decade, receivers have become the dominant performers in a pro-offense. At this year’s NFL Combine, another record of receivers ran sub 4.4 and 4.5 forty times. Xavier Worthy set a new NFL Combine record with an amazing 4,21 sprint. Several other players ran a sub 4.3 time as training produces new manufactured speed.  This year’s group is an exceptionally deep and quality class which may rival the best of classes of all time. This is a very strong group from the top ten through the middle rounds. This is a very deep class with a many blue and red chip prospects. This class has the talent and depth at the position to be a bumper crop which produces many NFL starters and a record number of selections. This position could provide many playmakers with as many as 5-6 1st round choices. The top three prospects Marvin Harrison, Rome Odunze and Malik are true blue playmakers at a high level of development to provide rookie impact.  Brian Thomas, AD Mitchell and Xavier Worthy are each rated as first round receivers. Other receivers, Ladd McConkey, Xavier Leggette, Troy Franklin, Roman Wilson and Malachi Corley all figure in the mid-2nd day. The top 100 could provide a new record of prospects with 15+ chosen. Unheralded prospects, Jermaine Burton, Ricky Piersall, Keon Coleman and Javon Baker are all potential early NFL starters with above average speed and developed skills. Probably 35+ receivers could go over the seven-round event. The underclassmen will once again play a huge factor here. There are a few fast-rising prospects like Ladd McConkey who is moving up quickly off an impressive postseason. There will be many rookie free agents who carry make it grades entering camp. They most likely become practice squad members with most clubs carrying at least two-three receivers for depth.

   NFL Premier Player – Justin Jefferson
Blue Chip – Marvin Harrison
Blue Chip – Rome Odunze
Blue Chip – Malik Nabers
Rising – Ladd McConkey
Falling – Johnny Wilson
Underrated – Jermaine Burton
Overrated – Tez Walker
Sleeper – Ryan Flournay
Boom/Bust – Troy Franklin
Hidden Gem – Ricky Pearsall

       Positional Traits
Best Athlete – Marvin Harrison
Best Hands – Ladd McConkey
Fastest – Xavier Worthy
Quickest – Malik Nabers
Run After Catch – Malachi Corley
Route Runner – Ladd McConkey
Deep Threat – Brian Thomas
Catch In Traffic – Rome Odunze
Blocker – Xavier Legette
Adjustments /Routes – Marvin Harrison
Long term Gem – Roman Wilson
Red Zone jump balls – Ricky Pearsall
Strongest – Rome Odunze

     Wide Receiver Rankings

1 Marvin Harrison                    Ohio State
2 Malik Nabers                        LSU
3 Rome Odunze                      Washington
4 Brian Thomas                       LSU
5 AD Mitchell                           Texas
6 Xavier Worthy                       Texas
7 Ladd McConkey                   Georgia
8 Troy Franklin                        Oregon
9 Xavier Legette                      South Carolina
10 Keon Coleman                      Florida State
11 Roman Wilson                      Michigan
12 Malachi Corley                      Western Kentucky
13 Jermaine Burton                   Alabama
14 Ricky Pearsall                       Florida
15 Javon Baker                         UCF
16 Jalen McMillan                      Washington
17 Tez Walker                           North Carolina
18 Brenden Rice                       Southern Cal
19 Johnny Wilson                      Florida State
20 Luke McCaffrey                    Rice

Wide Receiver Scouting Reports

1 Marvin Harrison #18 – 6-4, 205                       Ohio State – Sp. 4.40   
NFL Comparison: Justin Jefferson                 Rating 93
Gazelle like playmaker has excelled since starting in the Buckeyes’ passing game, totaling over 2600 yards receiving and 31 TDs in just three seasons. Earned annual All-American and Big Ten honors.  Son of HOF receiver Marvin Harrison. Twitchy athlete with the skill set to be a true #1 receiver. Great length and leaping skills create a very difficult single matchup. Excellent body control and hands to make the tough catch and win most 50/50 balls. Rare lower body flexibility to change directions and retain his speed, comparable to a 180 lb. athlete. Keyed on by defenses weekly and challenged by NFL type corners and was still a dominant weapon in the potent OSU attack. age. Developed the full route tree with impact both inside and outside. Natural soft hands with huge receiving radius to be a very tough matchup for contested passes. Reads coverage quickly and makes fast adjustments to provide a reliable target. Deadly on the crossing patterns and red zone plays where his quickness, length, instincts and separation speed make him a very difficult matchup. Generational receiver with All-Pro skill set. Top 3-4 prospect. Impact weapon for the club which has components in place. Demands special attention in every key situation.
                                                             Draft Projection: 1st Round

2 Malik Nabers #8 – 6-0, 195                             LSU – Sp. 4.40 
            NFL Comparison: Odell Beckham                   Rating 92
Elusive playmaker declared for the NFL Draft after a dominant performance in the SEC, earning first team honors. Athletic receiver combines excellent quickness and the ability to retain his speed at the breakpoint to separate consistently. Freshman All-American and put 1000 yard receiving years together his final two seasons. Exceptionally quick feet translate very well to route running and separating in coverage. Soft hands and natural running talent to break plays regularly. Very good speed with the burst to separate in the deep game and hit the big play. Keen understanding of coverage with the quickness to retain his speed in his breaks and provide a very dependable target especially through the middle zones. Plays both inside and outside, though best suited for the slot where his ability to get movement and many single matchups makes him exceptionally dangerous. Smooth weapon and capable of providing immediate impact in a passing game. Top 5-8 prospect with rookie starting talent to become a fixture in offense.
                                                              Draft Projection: 1st Round
3 Rome Odunze #1 – 6-3, 210                           Washington – Sp. 4.45 
            NFL Comparison: A.J. Brown                          Rating 92
Strong sure handed playmaker was the most dominant receiver in the nation in 2023. Earned first team All-American and Pac 12 honors working with QB Michael Pennix. Prototypical athlete for the position with big strong frame, soft hands and large receiving radius to make contested catches. Moves easy in his routes with the speed and tackle breaking ability to make big plays. Totaled over 3200 career receiving yards with 214 receptions, 24 TDs and 15.3-yard average. Shows natural receiving skills with crisp routes, good body control and sound coverage reads to provide a well-developed target and finished prospect for the pro game. High level of development with the mental toughness and preparation to start as a rookie. Blue-chip prospect with high level of production despite special attention weekly. Probable Pro Bowl receiver in the right setting and working with a quality veteran. Great work ethic and attitude with the special athleticism to put it all together. Top 5 prospect with skill set to hit the ground quickly and become a major addition to an offense. Imposing physical specimen and NFL ready. Ideal for the Chargers or Giants.
                                                                    Draft Projection: 1st Round

4 Brian Thomas #11 – 6-3, 210                         LSU – Sp. 4.35 
            NFL Comparison: Tee Higgins                        Rating 90
Big body wideout complete a breakout performance in 2023, earning first team SEC honors. Coupled with star QB Jayden Daniels to form an amazing tandem with receiver Malik Nabers. Thomas totaled 17 receiving TDs for over 1100 yards and a 17.3 yard average per catch. Large strong frame to fight off coverage and tacklers, though the burst to separate quickly and get deep consistently. At the NFL Combine, he ran a 4.33 time with a 1.50 ten-yard split. That speed translated very well to the field and his initial burst is very deceptive to create early on the play. Strong body allows him to post up cover men, along with the burst off the line to be a threat in the deep game. His speed presses coverage where his size also becomes a matchup problem. Dangerous on the go and intermediate routes. At times, he can also gather too much at the breakpoint. Shows strong reliable hands with a big radius to win contested balls. Makes yardage after the catch with good tackle breaking power. Prototypical starter with big play ability. TD ratio of 1 for every reception is exceptional. Explosiveness, speed and size create intriguing potential. Must refine route running to be ready for starting duty. Very impressive 2023 season with probably earn him a mid first round grade, though needs to refine his game.
                                                                        Draft Projection: 1st Round

5 AD Mitchell #5 – 6-2, 200                                Texas   – Sp. 4.35         
NFL Comparison: CeeDee Lamb                     Rating 89
Athletic strong receiver completed an impressive final season with Texas after transferring from Georgia. Big framed smooth prospect played in two very deep receiving corps which limited his touches in college. Shows top speed (4.34) with a quick initial burst which allows him to separate consistently from cover men. Long frame and tough over the middle and in any 50/50 ball situations. Earned invitation to the NFL Combine and was very impressive with 39” VL and 11’4” BJ along with 4.34 sprint. Prototypical skill set and his ability translates well to the field. Top leaper with potential #1 receiver talent, though not completely developed after two stops and limited reps. Needs work on refining his route running and defensive recognition. Learning to use his big frame more effective on contested passes to secure the ball consistently. Though at a nice LOD, he has further refinement before ready to earn starting time. Type with big ceiling, though faces an early learning curve. Possible surprise #1 pick, though more a good 2nd round value who can pay big dividends in time. Top 40 prospect with impact ability in the right setting and alignment.
                                                          Draft Projection: 1st-2nd Round

6 Ladd McConkey #84 – 5-11, 187                     Georgia – Sp. 4.40       
            NFL Comparison: Julian Edelman                   Rating 89
Savvy speedy playmaker completed an unheralded, though productive career in the deep Bulldog receiving corps. Despite limited reps, he is very developed in all receiving skills, especially route running, defense recognition and pass catching. His ability to separate in coverage rivals cagey veterans. He is exceptionally quick at the breakpoint with crisp footwork to separate very well to provide a sure target. Soft natural hands with the ability to extend and make the tough catch. Explosive on the snap to pressure coverage and eat up the cushion with sharp cutting skills. He retains his 4.4 speed and it translates well to the field. His quick footwork beats man coverage regularly especially if he comes clean off the line. Expanded receiving game and runs a complete route tree from different positions. Good running skills with the instant acceleration to hit a seam and break a long gainer. Must continue to get stronger to win contested balls and break tackles. Type with the deceptive speed to surprise secondaries. Capable of working the slot and outside with a very high level of development to help day one. Needs improved strength to prove durable in the NFL, though played 39 games over short three seasons. Impact weapon gives a passer an uncanny target to move the chains and make the critical play. Highly developed to provide rookie impact for a smart play caller to move him around in formations. Gem with big time play making skills.
                                                            Draft Projection: 1st-2nd Round

NFL Draft 2024 – Cornerbacks

NFL Draft 2024 – Cornerbacks
Draft Insiders’ –  Top Prospects

Frank Coyle/ Publisher

Quinyon Mitchell heads a very strong cornerback class which could once again provide the most defensive draft choices in the NFL Draft. Mitchell and Terrion Arnold rank the top two prospects in this talented class and both could be off the board by the mid-first round. Both are highly developed and checked all the boxes in the postseason to be rookie starters in September.

At least 5 or 6 corner could come off the board in the first round with many clubs having pressing needs at the position. Here are Draft Insiders’ top 5 Prospects scouting reports, top rankings and positional overview.

Photo – Quinyon Mitchell – Toledo (New York Post)

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Cornerbacks – Grade: A

     Positional Overview:

This year’s cornerback class is a high-quality group which is very deep and provide a few blue-chip prospects at the top. Blue chip defenders Quinyon Mitchell and Terrion Arnold head this class and are expected to go in the mid-1st round with many other highly regarded corners expected to go through the late first round into the 2nd day selections. Underclassmen dominate our top ten prospects, though the senior group is a very solid with nice development. Mitchell is our #1 prospect off an excellent postseason in all areas. Arnold is another blue-chip Bama defender who is NFL ready. Nate Wiggins is a speedster who is expected to earn a late first round selection. Cooper DeJean and Ennis Rakeshaw have the skill set to start early and are well developed to fit in any pro scheme. Max Melton has prototypical shutdown skills for the pro game. He is rising fast and could earn a mid-2nd day selection. He is a rising cover man with well-developed talent to press for early starting time. Kool-Aid McKinstry and Kamari Lassiter are possible late 1st or early 2nd round picks. Both are SEC battle tested and figure to press for starting jobs in camp. TJ Tampa is another talented big corner, coming off an impressive career finish. Nehemiah Pritchett and Khyree Jackson have the length DCs like in outside defenders. Both are good fits for zone schemes. DJ James, Kris Abrams-Draine, Andru Phillips, Mike Sainristil and Chau Smith-Wade are well developed nickel corners who are NFL ready. Sainristil is coming off an impressive final performance which has him rising up the charts. This is a deep group that will supply many NFL starters well into the 3rd day of the draft. There could be at least 12 prospects selected in the top 100 choices. There will probably be 15-18 prospects selected in the top 150 picks with the expected run-on corners from the mid-1st round through the early 3rd day. This class has very good depth and will provide several middle round steals. Seniors, Elijah Jones and Renaldo Green are cover men with developed talent to become major surprises. This position has annually provided the most overall selections and could duplicate that again. This deep group could supply as many as 35 total prospects and another 40 high priority FA. This group will supply a few big corners with some versatility to also slide to safety for the sub packages.   

 NFL Teams in need:

  1. Bills                    5. Rams
  2. Colts                 6. Commanders
  3. Titans               7. Ravens           
  4. Steelers            8. Vikings    

 NFL Premier Player
Patrick Surtain

Blue Chip – Quinyon Mitchell
Blue Chip – Terrion Arnold
Red Chip – Cooper Dejean
Rising – Max Melton
Falling –  Kris Abrams-Draine
Underrated – Caelen Carson
Overrated – Jarrian Jones
Sleeper – Renardo Green
Boom/Bust – Kool-Aid McKinstry
Biggest Upside – Ennis Rakestraw
Hidden Gem – Elijah Jones
Long Term Gem – TJ Tampa

   Positional Traits
Best Athlete – Quinyon Mitchell
Best Man Cover – Quinyon Mitchell
Best Zone Cover – Terrion Arnold
Best Run support – TJ Tampa
Best Tackler – Terrion Arnold
Best Nickel – Andru Phillips
Hands – Cooper Dejean
Best Intangibles – Ennis Rakestraw
Ball Instincts – Mike Sainristil
Most Versatile – Max Melton
Over drafted – Khyree Jackson
Major College Sleeper – Nehemiah Pritchett

Top Cornerbacks – Final Rankings

1 Quinyon Mitchell          Toledo
2 Terrion Arnold               Alabama
3 Cooper Dejean              Iowa
4 Nate Wiggins                  Clemson
5 Ennis Rakestraw          Missouri
6 Kool-Aid McKinstry     Alabama
7 Kamari Lassiter            Georgia
8 Max Melton                     Rutgers
9 TJ Tampa                        Iowa State
10 Khyree Jackson           Oregon
11 Nehemiah Pritchett      Auburn
12 Josh Newton                  TCU
13 DJ James                       Auburn
14 Renardo Green             Florida State
15 Caelen Carson              Wake Forest
16 Kris Abrams-Draine    Missouri
17 Andru Phillips                Kentucky
18 Mike Sainristil                Michigan
19 Chau Smith-Wade        Washington State
20 Cam Hart                        Notre Dame
21 Elijah Jones                   Boston College
22 Dwight McGlothern      Arkansas
23 Jarrian Jones                Florida State
24 Kamal Hadden               Tennessee
25 Jarvis Brownlee            Louisville


 1 Quinyon Mitchell #27 – 6-1, 195                     Toledo – Sp. 4.35         
NFL Comparison: LaJarius Sneed                   Rating 92
Athletic aggressive corner completed an excellent career at Toledo, starting his final three seasons and earning first team MAC honors. Excellent combination of length, speed, quickness and instincts. Easy mover for his size and combined with quick reads allows him to break on passes aggressively. Fast developing prospect excelled at both the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine events. Savvy ball hawk with keen instincts to read QBs, and receivers with the burst to the ball to make big plays. Definite fast improvement in all areas especially technique and play recognition. Top balance and footwork allow him to use his sub 4.4 speed and long over 6’1” frame in any matchup. Gains a sound early technique advantage to blanket receivers. Transition skills need some work, though can mirror receivers in man coverage down the field. Rides receivers hip well using his height and long reach to squeeze windows well.   Reads routes with the burst to the ball to break up passes. Major breakout in 2022 with 20 PBUs and 5 interceptions earning him 1st team MAC and All-American mention. Followed with another dominant season and postseason. NFL ready rookie starter with Pro Bowl talent. Strong tackler with backer type hits and sure open field hits.  Aggressive style will endear DC, though he must clean up deep coverage and position to avoid penalties. Top flight developed prospect with skill set to become a day one fixture. Most complete cover man in a very deep group. Impact rookie.                                                                Draft Projection: 1st Round

2 Terrion Arnold #3 – 6-0, 190                           Alabama – Sp. 4.50      
   NFL Comparison: Marshon Lattimore           Rating 91
Savvy confident athlete finished with an impressive 2023 and declared for the NFL Draft. Third year sophomore finished with an excellent NFL Combine workout, with smooth drills displaying all the essential corner skills. He did 4.50 time and 1.54 ten-yard split with a 37” VL and a 10’9” BJ. That followed a breakout 2023 performance where he performed very well vs top flight receivers. Good size and length with the footwork to change directions quickly and retain coverage. Fast reactions and developing instincts to read routes and the AA to matchup and make plays on the ball. Top coverage grades with 65 tackles, 5 interceptions and 12 PBUs in 2023. Solid grades vs both LSU and Texas receivers over past two seasons. Smooth pedal with great eyes and quick feet to read QBs and receivers with the burst to the ball to break up passes. Fast rising prospect with top ball skills to press for early playing time. Makeup of a shutdown corner and rank with any prospect in this class with reps and technique work. Shows good recovery speed and naturally plays the ball with the ability to use his length and experience to be a shutdown cover man. Athlete with the complete makeup of a top flight early starter. Top 20 prospect and defender on the come.
                                                      Draft Projection: 1st Round
3 Cooper Dejean #3 – 6-1, 205                          Iowa – Sp. 4.50             
            NFL Comparison: Minkah Fitzpatrick              Rating 88                    
Long versatile senior defender completed his career with an abbreviated final performance due to a broken fibula. Earned Big Ten honors his final two seasons. Sat out both the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine weeks. Strong frame and comes in at 6’1” and 203 lbs. with long arms. Smooth mover with good back pedal, change of directions skills and instincts to line up anywhere in the secondary. More reps on the corner, though equally talented to play safety. Deluxe sub package defender with the ability to lineup outside, over the slot, in the box or the deep patrol. Top punt returner where he shows soft hands, quick footwork and the burst to make plays. Blankets receivers with the physical play to win matchups. Excellent tackler and run support defender to earn reps in all packages. Plays the ball very well with the ability to read routes, play position and use his length and toughness to make plays. Moves well with flexible hips to open quickly and retain coverage. High grades vs Big Ten receivers and rarely loses space in transition which allows him to play tight man. Able to get a good jam and control a receiver and uses his long arms well to help maintain spacing. Smart zone defender to react quickly to underneath passes and needs work on plays and routes to be NFL ready. Developed prospect with the package clubs seek in a starting corner. Where he fits is according to where he lands, though a prospect capable of being a key piece in a pro scheme. Top 25 prospect with physical package to excel, though must get right physically. Special workout April 8 will clarify leg injury and status. At his pro day, he ran well in the low 4.5 and retained his first round grade.
                                                         Draft Projection: 1st Round

4 Nate Wiggins #2 – 6-1, 175                             Clemson – Sp. 4.28     
            NFL Comparison: Greg Newsome                    Rating 88                    
Langy athletic corner has been an excellent ball hawk in the ACC, showing very developed ball skills. Earned ACC honors his final two seasons. Quick twitch defender with good length at over 6’1” and 30 1/2” arms, though a lean 173 lbs. Exceptional range and fine closing speed. Uses his top short-area quickness and lateral movement skills to mirror receivers and maintains his speed to run stride for stride down the field. At the NFL Combine, he ran a blistering 4.28 time with a 1.59 ten. Pulled hamstring ended his workout after adding a 36” VL and 10’7” BJ. Smooth in his ability to change directions and retain position with close coverage. Able to gather himself and break down in space on the move, displaying fine quickness and flexibility. In press coverage, gets good arm extension and can redirect and disrupt receivers at the line. Natural cover man and ball skills with the timing and hands to make big plays. In two starting seasons, he made 3 picks with 19 PBUs with many clubs throwing away from him after his 2022 season. Uses the sidelines well as an extra defender and can track well from a trail position. Uses his outstanding COD to react well on comeback routes. Rookie starter either outside or in slot with highly developed skills. Needs further core strength development and hand technique to reach potential. Top 25 prospect and fixture in secondary.
                                                            Draft Projection: 1st Round
5 Ennis Rakestraw #2 – 5-11, 185                     Missouri – Sp. 4.50     
            NFL Comparison: Denzel Ward                        Rating 88
Aggressive athlete with blue chip skills for the demanding pro corner position. Strong wiry frame for the corner spot with good muscle development. Excellent initial quickness with the ability to flip his hips easily and shadow receivers. Fast footwork that allows him to mirror through the transition stage in both the underneath or deeper routes. Instant accelerator who reaches good speed quickly to ride a receiver’s hip. Exceptional range and fine closing speed. Uses his fine short-area quickness and lateral movement skills to mirror receivers and maintains speed. Keen instincts and smooth COD and able to gather and break down well in space, displaying fine quickness and flexibility. Natural cover man and uses the sidelines and can track well downfield. Explosive cobra-like to plant and drive aggressively and BU passes. Challenges throws looking to create a turnover. In run support, attacks aggressively with secure tackling to finish. Sure tackler at the line or in the open field. Top 30 pick and starter with well- rounded skills.
                                                     Draft Projection: 1st Round

NFL Draft – Offensive Tackles

NFL Draft 2024 – Offensive Tackles

Draft Insiders’ Yearbook Top Prospects

 Frank Coyle/ Publisher

Joe Alt heads an amazing offensive tackle class which could set new records for first round selections and overall total picks in the NFL Draft 2024.  At least 5 or 6 tackles could come off the board in the first round with many clubs having pressing needs at the position. Here are the top 4 Prospects scouting reports, top rankings and positional overview.

Photo – Joe Alt – Note Dame (school)

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Offensive Tackles: Grade: A+

          NFL Teams in need:

  1. Bengals              5. Giants
  2. Packers             6. Cowboys                  
  3. Chiefs                7. Dolphins                
  4. Bears                 8. Commanders

     Positional Overview:
            This year’s tackle class is an incredibly strong overall group with the top six prospects expected to be chosen within the first round. Joe Alt and Tailese Fuaga carry blue chip labels and have developed tackle skills and should be off the board in the top 10-12 selections. There could possibly be another four tackles chosen in the first round in Olu Fashanu JC Latham, Tyler Guyton, Jordan Morgan and Amarius Mims. There may be as many as 10-12 prospects selected in the top 100 choices. Many of these prospects have the physical skills and versatility to also play guard. Chris Jones and Roger Rosengarten are fast-rising prospects with very good athleticism and development to play the outside and probably start as rookie right tackles.  made fast progress and finished with a huge effort at the NFL Combine. Kiran Amegadjie may not be household name, though is a high-quality lineman with the skills to become a fixture on a pro line. He has the left tackle skill set to eventually start, though is still raw in many aspects of plays. Javon Foster and Blake Fisher are highly regarded with the prototypical numbers to start in the NFL. Foster can start at right tackle reasonably early after coming off a strong final season and postseason which moved him into the early middle rounds. As many as 20-25 tackles could be chosen over the 7 rounds and probably at least 15 prospects in the top 150 picks. This class has very good depth with the strength from the top ten picks thru the early 3rd day of the process. This class may furnish many starting left tackles in time with most 2nd tier prospects strictly right side. This class can provide 15+ starters in time.

          Top Offensive Tackles 

1 Joe Alt                               Notre Dame
2 Tailese Fuaga                 Oregon St
3 Olu Fashanu                   Penn State
4 JC Latham                       Alabama
5 Tyler Guyton                    Oklahoma
6 Amarius Mims                 Georgia
7 Roger Rosengarten        Washington
8 Jordan Morgan                Arizona
9 Christian Jones               Texas
10 Patrick Paul                     Houston
11 Kingsley Suamataia       BYU
12 Javon Foster                    Missouri
13 Kiran Amegadjie             Yale
14 Blake Fisher                    Notre Dame
15 Delmar Glaze                  Maryland
16 Brandon Coleman          TCU
17 Frank Crum                     Wyoming
18 Nathan Thomas              Louisiana
19 Walter Rouse                   Oklahoma
20 Tylan Grable                    Central Florida
21 Julian Pearl                     Illinois
22 Gottlieb Ayedze              Maryland

Offensive Tackles – Top Four Prospects

1 Joe Alt #76 – 6-8, 320 – Notre Dame – Sp. 5.05
            NFL Comparison: Jack Conklin                        Rating 92
Massive athletic tackle finished his career with an impressive performance. earning back-to-back All-American honors. Starting since his true freshman season after playing tight end in HS, he became a fixture on the Irish front line. Son of former Chiefs tackle John Alt. Incredible bulk and mass and the refined technique to use his physical tools to the fullest. Understands angles and uses his long arms and strong hands to consistently protect the edge in pass pro. Anchors well and resets to handle counter moves to be a proficient protector. As a run blocker, he is physical and uses his punch, arms and top functional strength to maul opponents and steer them from the hole. At times, he plays too high which limits his power. He must drop his pads to be most effective. At the NFL Combine, he came in over 6’8” 321 lbs. with 34 ¼” arms and 10” hands. Ran an impressive 5.05 time and did 27 reps. Added a 28” VL and a 9’4” BJ. Shows all the physical and mental assets to be an early NFL starter. Graded out high consistently over his 31 starts in 47 games. In protection, slides easy with consistent technique and the toughness and discipline to man down the demanding left tackle role. Shows fast progress in most positional skills. Type to be an early starter on either side with some development. Blue chip top 6-10 prospect with complete skills.
Draft Projection: 1st Round – Top ten

2 Tailese Fuaga #75 – 6-6, 325 – Oregon State – Sp. 5.15
                 NFL Comparison: Penei Sewell                      Rating 90
Huge nimble tackle excelled in the Beavers program, earning Pac-12 honors his final two seasons. Long frame at just under 6’6” and 324 lbs. with rare flexibility and footwork plus core strength to be a complete prospect. Combines power, quickness and foot speed to be dominant in the running game. Uses his hands very well to strike defenders and gain control with the strong hands (10 1/8”) to sustain. Shows elite skills, grading high vs top Pac-12 edge rushers. Easy mover and core strength to slide quickly, adjust and handle counter moves. Footspeed to pull and get into space to lead runners at the 2nd level. Very developed technique to fit on defenders in space and dominant at the 2nd level. Rare combination of size, agility, strength and technique to be NFL ready. At the NFL Combine, he came in 6’6” and 324 lbs. with 33 1/8” arms and 10 1/8” hands. Ran an impressive 5.13 time and added a 32” VL and a 9’3” BJ. Talented athletic blocker with the measurables and skill set for either tackle. Impressive Senior Bowl practices where he dominated vs the best edge rushers, winning vs both speed and power. High top ten grade and blocker with the development to settle into right tackle position as a rookie. Future Pro Bowler with the skill set to be the premier right tackle in the game.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

3 Olu Fashanu #74 – 6-6, 315 – Penn State – Sp. 5.10
         NFL Comparison: Christian Darrisaw                      Rating 88
Large fluid tackle made critical development in 2023 after a short career which included only 9 starts entering his final season. True junior combines length, balance, footwork and agility to start at the outside position. Still raw in technique and unchallenged in most games leave questions of level of development and NFL readiness. Slides and mirrors well and can wall off or stop counter moves inside with his powerful punch and reach. Quick laterally in his kick-slide vs rushers, though must prove he can sustain vs power on a consistent basis. Able to get movement as a run blocker when he bends and uses his lower body power. Needs technique work to sustain longer and must bend to get full use of his massive frame. When he gets high, he allows power rushers to get under his pads and penetrate the edge. At the Combine, he came in 6’6” and 312 lbs. with 34” arms and small 8 1/2” hands. Ran a solid 5.11 time and added a 32” VL and a 9’1” BJ. Talented athletic blocker with the measurables at right tackle to improve his technique and core power before switching to more natural left side. Needs to use his hands more consistently and will more power. Raw blue chipper with development concerns after questionable game to game challenges. Might disappoint early if asked to fit at left tackle. Top 15 prospect.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

4 JC Latham #65 – 6-5, 335  – Alabama – Sp. 5.30
      NFL Comparison: Trent Brown                                 Rating 88
Gigantic right tackle is a physical specimen with all the skills to translate to the NFL. True junior and two-year starter on the outside with high grades at right tackle which is where he projects in the NFL. Massive bulk at 342 lbs. on a 6’5”+ frame. Amazing 35 1/8” arms, 11” hands and 84 3/8” wingspan. He graded out high over the 2023 season, though still a work in progress from a technique standpoint. Learning to use his bulk and length and translate it into power. Must show consistent balance and coordinated footwork and hand usage to finish. He can be a dominant run blocker when technically sound and keeps his pads low. In pass protection, he can be a waist bender and struggles to adjust and gets grabby when beaten early. His huge hands are an asset which needs further technique work to maximize his usage. Dominant run blocker currently. With some strong coaching on his technique, he carries a rookie starting grade at RT. Top 15 prospect with definite upside.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

Three Round Mock Draft – NFL Draft

NFL Draft 2024 – Three Round Mock Draft – 7.0

 April 11, 2024Underclassmen –
Updated Selection order

All underclassmen had until Jan. 15th to declare for the NFL Draft 2024. Players had three days to rescind their decision and return to school and still retain their college eligibility. No underclassmen rescinded their decision.

Post Pro Days/ NFL Combine

Frank Coyle / Head scout

First Round

   #    Team                                   Position            Player                          School

1 Chicago (Carolina)                            QB                   Caleb Williams             Southern Cal

2 Washington                                      QB                   Jayden Daniels             LSU

3 New England                                    QB                   Drake Maye                  North Carolina

4 Arizona                                            WR                   Marvin Harrison Jr         Ohio State

5 LA Chargers                                     WR                   Malik Nabers                 LSU

6 NY Giants                                        TE                    Brock Bowers                Georgia

7 Tennessee                                        OT                    Joe Alt                         Notre Dame

8 Atlanta                                             Edge                Dallas Turner                Alabama

9 Chicago                                           WR                   Rome Odunze               Washington

10 NY Jets                                            OT                    Taliese Fuaga               Oregon State

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11 Minnesota                                        QB                   JJ McCarthy                  Michigan

12 Denver                                             Edge                Chop Robinson             Penn State

13 Las Vegas                                        CB                    Terrion Arnold               Alabama

14 New Orleans                                     OT                    Olu Fashanu                 Penn State

15 Indianapolis                                      CB                    Quinyon Mitchell            Toledo

16 Seattle                                             Edge                Laiatu Latu                    UCLA

17 Jacksonville                                     OT                    Troy Fautanu                Washington

18 Cincinnati                                         OT                    JC Latham                    Alabama

19 LA Rams                                          OT                    Tyler Guyton                 Oklahoma

20 Pittsburgh                                        WR                   Brian Thomas               LSU

21 Miami                                               C                      Jackson Powers-Johnson  Oregon

22 Philadelphia                                     CB                    Nate Wiggins                Clemson

23 Minnesota (Houston-Cleve)        DB                   Cooper DeJean             Iowa

24 Dallas                                                OL                    Graham Barton             Duke

25 Green Bay                                        DL                    Byron Murphy               Texas

26 Tampa Bay                                      OT                    Amarius Mims               Georgia

27 Arizona (Houston)                         Edge                Jared Verse                  Florida State

28 Buffalo                                            WR                   Adonai Mitchell             Texas

29 Detroit                                             DL                    Jer’Zhan Newton           Illinois

30 Baltimore                                         DL                    Darius Robinson            Missouri

31 San Francisco                                  CB                    Ennis Rakestraw           Missouri

32 Kansas City                                      WR                   Ladd McConkey            Georgia

Second Round

33 Carolina                                           WR                   Xavier Worthy               Texas

34 New England                                    OT                    Jordan Morgan             Arizona

35 Arizona                                            WR                   Xavier Legette               South Carolina

36 Washington                                      Edge                Chris Braswell               Alabama

37 Carolina (NY Giants)                      WR                   Troy Franklin                 Oregon

38 LA Chargers                                     CB                    Kool-Aid McKinstry        Alabama

39 Tennessee                                        DL                    Braden Fiske                 Florida State

40 Washington (Chicago)                   LB                    Payton Wilson               NC State

41 Green Bay (NY Jets)                       OT                    Patrick Paul                  Houston

42 Houston (Minnesota)                    CB                    Kamari Lassiter             Georgia

43 Atlanta                                             C                      Zach Frazier                  West Virginia

44 Las Vegas                                        QB                   Bo Nix                         Oregon

45 New Orleans (Denver)                    QB                   Michael Penix Jr.           Washington

46 Indianapolis                                     WR                   Roman Wilson               Michigan

47 NY Giants (Seattle)                         WR                   Malachi Corley              Western Kentucky

48 Jacksonville                                     WR                   Ricky Piersall                Florida

49 Cincinnati                                         CB                    Max Melton                   Rutgers

50 Philadelphia (New Orleans)          S                      Tyler Nubin                   Minnesota

51 Pittsburgh                                        CB                    T.J. Tampa                   Iowa State

52 LA Rams                                           TE                    Ja’Tavion Sanders         Texas

53 Philadelphia                                     OT                    Christian Jones             Texas

54 Cleveland                                          OT                    Roger Rosengarten       Washington

55 Miami                                               DT                    Kris Jenkins                  Michigan

56 Dallas                                               WR                   Keon Coleman             Florida State

57 Tampa Bay                                      LB                    Edgerrin Cooper            Texas A&M

58 Green Bay                                        OG                   Cooper Beebe               Kansas State

59 Houston                                           Edge                Marshawn Kneeland      Western Michigan

60 Buffalo                                             WR                   Tez Walker                   North Carolina

61 Detroit                                             CB                    Caelen Carson              Wake Forest

62 Baltimore                                        LB                    Junior Colson                Michigan

63 San Francisco                                  S                      Calen Bullock                Southern Cal

64 Kansas City                                     OT                    Kingsley Suamataia       BYU

Third Round

65 Carolina                                           LB                    Cedric Gray                  North Carolina

66 Arizona                                            DL                    Maason Smith               LSU

67 Washington                                    RB                    Trey Benson                 Florida State

68 New England                                 LB                    Jeremiah Trotter Jr.       Clemson

69 LA Chargers                                   RB                    Jonathan Brooks           Texas

70 NY Giants                                        S                      Cole Bishop                  Utah

71 Arizona (Tennessee)                      RB                    Jaylin Wright                 Tennessee

72 NY Jets                                            WR                   Javon Baker                  Central Florida

73 Detroit (Minnesota)                      S                      Javon Bullard                Georgia

74 Atlanta                                             DL                    Leonard Taylor III          Miami (Fl)

75 Chicago                                           OL                    Christian Haynes           UConn

76 Denver                                            TE                    Cade Stover                 Ohio State

77 Las Vegas                                        S                      Kamren Kinchens          Miami (Fl)

78 Washington (Seattle)                   S                      Jaden Hicks                  Washington State

79 Atlanta (Jacksonville)                 WR                   Johnny Wilson               Florida State

80 Cincinnati                                       DT                    T’Vondre Sweat             Texas

81 Seattle (New Orleans-Denver)    LB                    Trevin Wallace              Kentucky

82 Indianapolis                                    DL                    Ruke Orhorhoro            Clemson

83 LA Rams                                          WR                   Brennen Rice                USC

84 Pittsburgh                                       WR                   Jalen McMillan             Washington

85 Cleveland                                        RB                    MarShawn Lloyd           USC

Miami (Pick forfeited)

86 Houston (Philadelphia)               CB                    Khyree Jackson             Oregon State

87 Dallas                                              OL                    Sedrick Van Pran          Georgia

88 Green Bay                                       RB                    Blake Corum                 Michigan

89 Tampa Bay                                      Edge                Brandon Dorlus             Oregon

90 Arizona (Houston)                        CB                    Kris Abrams-Draine       Missouri

91 Green Bay (Buffalo)                      OT                    Javon Foster                 Missouri

92 Detroit                                            WR                   Ja’Lynn Polk                 Washington

93 Baltimore                                        OL                    Zak Zinter                     Michigan

94 San Francisco                                Edge                Adisa Isaac                   Penn State

95 Kansas City                                    TE                    Jared Wiley                   TCU

96 * Jacksonville                                 CB                    Andru Phillips                Kentucky

97 * Cincinnati                                     WR                   Luke McCaffrey             Rice

98 * Pittsburgh (Philadelphia)         TE                    Theo Johnson               Penn State

99 * LA Rams                                      QB                   Spencer Rattler             South Carolina

100 * Washington (San Fran)          OT                    Blake Fisher                  Notre Dame


Top 50 Pro Prospects for NFL Draft

Top 50 Pro Prospects for the NFL Draft 2024

 April, 2024 –    underclassmen eligible declared by Jan 15, 2024
Post Pro Days /NFL Combine Workouts

     * Iowa has a scheduled Pro Day for DB  Cooper DeJean – Monday, April 8th

  Frank Coyle/ Head scout

#    Pos      Pro Prospect             School

1        QB       Caleb Williams             Southern Cal
2        WR       Marvin Harrison Jr         Ohio State
3        QB       Jayden Daniels                LSU
4        QB       Drake Maye                     North Carolina
5        TE        Brock Bowers                 Georgia
6        WR       Rome Odunze                Washington
7         WR       Malik Nabers                 LSU
8        OT        Joe Alt                             Notre Dame
9        Edge    Dallas Turner                 Alabama
10        OT        Taliese Fuaga               Oregon State

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11        CB        Quinyon Mitchell            Toledo
12        OT        JC Latham                    Alabama
13        CB        Terrion Arnold               Alabama
14        Edge    Jared Verse                  Florida State
15        OT        Olu Fashanu                 Penn State
16        WR       Brian Thomas               LSU
17        OT        Troy Fautanu                Washington
18        QB       JJ McCarthy                  Michigan
19        OT        Graham Barton             Duke
20        Edge    Laiatu Latu                    UCLA
21         C          Jackson Powers-Johnson    Oregon
22        DL        Byron Murphy               Texas
23        DB       Cooper DeJean             Iowa
24        OT        Amarius Mims               Georgia
25        CB        Nate Wiggins                Clemson
26        DL        Jer’Zhan Newton           Illinois
27        OT        Tyler Guyton                 Oklahoma
28        WR       Adonai Mitchell             Texas
29        Edge    Chop Robinson             Penn State
30        CB        Ennis Rakestraw           Missouri
31        WR       Ladd McConkey            Georgia
32        WR       Xavier Worthy               Texas
33        OT        Patrick Paul                  Houston
34        WR       Troy Franklin                 Oregon
35        Edge    Chris Braswell               Alabama
36        DL        Darius Robinson            Missouri
37         C          Zach Frazier                  West Virginia
38        CB        Kool-Aid McKinstry        Alabama
39        WR       Xavier Legette               South Carolina
40        CB        Kamari Lassiter             Georgia
41        DL        T’Vondre Sweat             Texas
42        OT        Jordan Morgan             Arizona
43         DL        Braden Fiske                 Florida State
44        WR       Roman Wilson               Michigan
45         QB       Bo Nix                         Oregon
46        LB        Payton Wilson               NC State
47        S          Tyler Nubin                   Minnesota
48        QB       Michael Penix Jr.           Washington
49        LB        Edgerrin Cooper            Texas A&M
50         WR       Malachi Corley              Western Kentucky

Pro Day – Big 12 Conference Combine

Pro Day – Big 12 Conference Combine 2024

 137 Prospects Invited to 1st Ever – Big 12 Pro Day

 Frank Coyle/ Head scout

The Big 12 is hosting a joint pro day featuring prospects from multiple schools (Baylor, BYU, UCF, Cincinnati, Houston, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech and West Virginia) at Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas on March 27-30. This will be one of several workouts telecasted by the NFL Network. Draft Insiders will have a few scouts at the event and include reports into our NFL Draft Yearbook.

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Draft Yearbook out next week- over 250 in-depth Reports

 2024 NFL Draft – April 25-27 – Detroit

The full list of participants has been released for the 2024 Big 12 Pro Day, presented by the Air Force Reserve. A total of 137 prospects will participate in the inaugural Conference-wide Pro Day which will take place in Frisco, Texas at the Ford Center at The Star from March 27-31.

The first-ever Big 12 Pro Day will be operated in cooperation with the National Football League. The Big 12 and NFL are partnering to reimagine student athlete evaluations with player skill assessments designed to maximize the prospect experience.

The event will also feature Zebra Technologies, the Official Real Time Location Solutions Provider of the NFL. Zebra generates data for the NFL’s Next Gen Stats platform, and will apply this same tracking technology to spotlight player performance at the Big 12 Pro Day.

On Thursday, March 28, Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers and Tight Ends will work out from 7:15 a.m. to 10 a.m. Running Backs will take the field from 10:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. followed by Defensive Backs from 2:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Saturday, March 30 will see Specialists work out from 7:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. followed by Offensive Linemen from 9:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Defensive Linemen will be on the field from 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. before Linebackers conclude the weekend from 2:45 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. (all times Central).

Player workouts will be open to the public Thursday, March 28 and Saturday, March 30 from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT.

NFL Network will showcase coverage with an hour-long broadcast on Thursday, March 28, and Friday, March 29 at 7 p.m. CT each night. Saturday’s events will be featured as part of NFL Network’s Path to the Draft weekly coverage leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft.

Pro Prospects Participating in Big 12 Combine

     Listed below sorted by position:

John Rhys Plumlee, UCF
Emory Jones, Cincinnati
Jason Bean, Kansas
Running Backs
Aidan Robbins, BYU
Deion Smith, BYU
Mark-Antony Richards, UCF
Ryan Montgomery, Cincinnati
Dylan McDuffie, Kansas
Elijah Collins, Oklahoma State
Emani Bailey, TCU
Wide Receivers
Javon Baker, UCF
JaJuan Forte, UCF
Corey Gammage, UCF
Daquris Wiggins, Cincinnati
Dimitri Stanley, Iowa State
Phillip Brooks, Kansas State
Erik Pizarro, Kansas State
Seth Porter, Kansas State
Arland Bruce IV, Oklahoma State
Leon Johnson III, Oklahoma State
Jaylon Robinson, TCU
Warren Thompson, TCU
Xavier White, Texas Tech
Devin Carter, West Virginia
Tight Ends
Isaac Rex, BYU
Alec Holler, UCF
Zachary Marsh Wojan, UCF
Michael O’Laughlin, Houston
Easton Dean, Iowa State
Mason Fairchild, Kansas
Ben Sinnott, Kansas State
Braden Cassity, Oklahoma State
Josiah Johnson, Oklahoma State
Curtis Raymond III, TCU
Jared Wiley, TCU
Baylor Cupp, Texas Tech
Noah Massey, West Virginia
Offensive Linemen
Clark Barrington, Baylor
Paul Maile, BYU
Tylan Grable, UCF
Lokahi Pauole, UCF
Alexx Schmidt, UCF
Trevor Radosevich, Cincinnati
Jack Freeman IV, Houston
Patrick Paul, Houston
Michael Novitsky, Kansas
Dominick Puni, Kansas
Cooper Beebe, Kansas State
Christian Duffie, Kansas State
Hayden Gillum, Kansas State
KT Leveston, Kansas State
Andrew Coker, TCU
Brandon Coleman, TCU
Willis Patrick, TCU
Cole Spencer, Texas Tech
Rusty Staats, Texas Tech
Dennis Wilburn, Texas Tech
Zach Frazier, West Virginia
Doug Nester, West Virginia
Defensive Linemen
TJ Franklin, Baylor
Gabriel Hall, Baylor
Justin Sambu, Baylor
Jackson Cravens, BYU
Atunaisa Mahe, BYU
Tre’Mon Morris-Brash, UCF
Jowon Briggs, Cincinnati
Malik Vann, Cincinnati
Austin Booker, Kansas
Patrick Joyner, Kansas
Devin Phillips, Kansas
Khalid Duke, Kansas State
Anthony Goodlow, Oklahoma State
Nathan Latu, Oklahoma State
Tico Brown, TCU
Rick D’Abreu, TCU
Soni Misi, TCU
Myles Cole, Texas Tech
Jaylon Hutchings, Texas Tech
Defensive Linemen / Linebackers
Byron Vaughns, Baylor
Daniel Grzesiak, Cincinnati
Nelson Ceaser, Houston
David Ugwoegbu, Houston
Davoan Hawkins, West Virginia
Mike Smith Jr., Baylor
Maxwell Tooley, BYU
AJ Vongphachanh, BYU
Jason Johnson, UCF
Shaun Peterson Jr., UCF
Walter Yates III, UCF
Malik Robinson, Houston
Gerry Vaughn, Iowa State
Hayden Hatcher, Kansas
Rich Miller, Kansas
Craig Young, Kansas
Daniel Green, Kansas State
Xavier Benson, Oklahoma State
Jamoi Hodge, TCU
Tyrique Matthews, Texas Tech
Lee Kpogba, West Virginia
Defensive Backs
Kamden Garrett, BYU
Eddie Heckard, BYU
DeJordan Mask, UCF
Decorian Patterson, UCF
Jireh Wilson, UCF
Taj Ward, Cincinnati
Antonio Brooks, Houston
Malik Fleming, Houston
Brian George, Houston
Alex Hogan, Houston
Hasaan Hypolite, Houston
Ben Nikkel, Iowa State
T.J. Tampa, Iowa State
Kalon Gervin, Kansas
Kwinton Lassiter, Kansas
Kenneth Logan, Kansas
Andrew Russell, Kansas
Millard Bradford, TCU
Josh Newton, TCU
Mark Perry, TCU
Malik Dunlap, Texas Tech
Tyler Owens, Texas Tech
Dadrion Taylor-Demerson, Texas Tech
Rayshad Williams, Texas Tech
Beanie Bishop Jr., West Virginia
Marcis Floyd, West Virginia
Malachi Ruffin, West Virginia
Long Snappers
Gavin Gately, Houston
Randen Plattner, Kansas State
Zeke Zaragoza, Oklahoma State

Place Kickers
Chase Contreraz, Iowa State
Seth Keller, Kansas
Alex Hale, Oklahoma State
Griffin Kell, TCU
Ryan Rehkow, BYU
Laine Wilkins, Houston
Jordy Sandy, TCU
Austin McNamara, Texas Tech

NFL Combine Report – Defensive Players

‘Word on the Street’

Frank Coyle

NFL Combine Report – Defensive Players

With the skilled positions getting the primary focus at the NFL Combine, especially the weekend exposure, the talented defense class quietly stepped up with strong impressions for scouts. The defensive back class presented several blue chip cornerbacks, one of the premier positions in the game and a group which will provide at least 15 prospects in the top 100 selections in April.

Edge defenders Dallas Turner, 6-4, 245 – Alabama, Laiatu Latu, 6-5, 260 – UCLA and Chop Robinson, 6-3, 255 – Penn State had impressive weeks. Turner displayed quick strong hands and the lateral movement to attack the line. He is very developed and improved his stock and probably top 6-10 selection. Latu is blazing quick off the edge and displayed that skill set in the positional drills. He moves easily and has the explosive first step to gain an advantage and bend the edge. Robinson had a strong performance. He showed a powerful punch and quick feet at over 250 lbs. He moved well in the coverage drills which impressed scouts.

DT T’Vondre Sweat, 6-4, 366, Texas, Byron Murphy, 6-1, 310, Texas and Braden Fiske, 6-4, 295, Florida State lived up to expectations. Sweat is a massive athlete who moves well and looked sharp in drills despite the 366 lbs. He has developed athletic ability to beat the double team, push the pocket and hold the point. Playing in the 340 lb. area may allow him to realize his incredible potential. Murphy is an explosive interior lineman with fine technique and power to penetrate. He moves well along the line which he displayed in the agility drills. Fiske is a fast riser. He has quick strong hands to win early on the down. He ran a blazing 4.78 sprint with a 1.68 ten split. He added 26 reps in the lifting while running drills very well. His efforts may push him into the first round.                            

LB Payton Wilson, 6-4, 235, North Carolina State was lightning fast with explosive quickness and keen instincts in drills. He dropped easily in coverage and is a well-rounded defender with the development to be a three down early starter. He can play a few positions and is scheme diverse. Edgerrin Cooper, 6-3, 235, Texas A&M is a ripped athlete who runs well and ran a 4.51 sprint. He added 34.5” VL and 9’10” BJ He was an easy mover in drills and is a prospect on the come. Cedric Gray, 6-2, 234, North Carolina is a rangy athlete who ran a 4.64 time. He did 17 reps and added a 35.5 VL. His positional drills were excellent, moves quickly laterally and can drop into the deep zones in coverage. Shows the skill set of a three-down starter, though may be limited to a 4-3 on either outside.

Cornerbacks, Terrion Arnold, 6-0, 198, Alabama, Quinyon Mitchell, 6-0, 195, Toledo and Nate Wiggins, 6-1, 173, Clemson separated themselves from in a high-quality class. Wiggins ran a blistering 4.28 time, the best of the entire defensive class.  His 173 lbs. is a concern, though he has developed coverage skills, including smooth hips, quick feet and the speed to ride a receiver down the field. Arnold came in just under 6’ and had a good performance in drills, though ran only a solid 4.51time. His length, agility and instincts are developed and NFL ready. He added a 37” VL and is an explosive mover. Mitchell shined in the workouts. He has the prototypical corner skill set and displayed this over the drills. He runs well (4.33) with quick feet, flexible hips, fast reads and the long speed to mirror top receivers. He leaped 38” and added a 10’2” BJ and 20 reps in the lifting. He was very quick in agility drills with loose hips and explosive acceleration.

NFL Combine 2024 – Offensive Risers

‘Word on the Street’

Frank Coyle

2024 NFL Combine

The NFL Combine 2024 concluded an excellent week-long event on Monday with the offensive linemen and special teams lifting. Most of the 321 pro prospects exited Indianapolis by the weekend after extensive testing, including the important on the field workouts.

The usual number of high prospects opted out of the workouts, including QB Caleb Williams and wideout Marvin Harrison who will compete at their school Pro days in March.

This NFL Draft 2024 class features strong groups at QB, WR, OL and CBs, the premier positions in the game. The workout results reflected those assumptions with excellent performances by numerous prospects. The talented QB class saw a few prospects sit out the drills especially the passing event, including Caleb Williams, Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels. The second tier of QBs, JJ McCarthy, Bo Nix and Michael Penix did participate in the passing drills and all left strong impressions. The passing drills included all the throws with movement in the pocket and was a well-rounded workout which impressed scouts. The pro day season starts and is the final opportunity for the Big Three and other QBs to leave a lasting impression.

The wide receiver group will rival the best classes at the position especially the great 1996 class. Wideout Rome Odunze put on a terrific all-around workout which most likely keeps him in the high 5-8 selections. Wideout Xavier Worthy ran two incredible 40-yard sprints including a new record 4.21 time that established the NFL Combine mark. Worthy is blazing fast at 165 lbs. with experience both outside and inside plus return skills. He can take the top off the defense and his excellent performance probably earns him a first round late grade.

Wideouts, Roman Wilson, AD Mitchell, Ladd McConkey and Ricky Pearsall all had impressive performance including fast sprints and excellent positional workouts. They will be a run-on receivers following the top three prospects with many in the first or early second rounds. The wideout position could provide 15+ prospects in the top 100 selections. McConkey is just one prospect who continues to impress scouts. After interviewing him in Indy, he handled the environment like a pro and was focused on business and preparation. He was precise in positional drills, showing excellent routes, body control and hands with the ability to separate consistently. He should hit the ground running as a rookie in the NFL and can provide impact in three wideout and multiple sets.

A huge contingent of offensive linemen was invited to the event with arguably the best group of prospects in recent history. The line will provide at least 8 prospects for the first round. There could be as least as another 10 chosen in the top 3 rounds. This class will provide an incredibly deep tackle class with several kicking inside to guard to earn early starting time.

RT Roger Rosengarten of Washington ran the fastest among the linemen with a 4.92 time and a fine 1.73 yard split. This follows a strong week at the Senior Bowl where he displayed core strength and consistent technique. Frank Crum of Wyoming ran an excellent 4.94 sprint with a quick 1.70 yard split. He elevated his stock showing both power and agility for a massive prospect. Christian Jones of Texas continued a strong postseason and ran a 5.05 time with a 1.78 ten. His level of play has progressed fast over the past year which will allow him to compete for early NFL starting time.

John Alt ran a 5.05 time with a 1.74 ten, Kingsley Saumataia did a 5.06 time with a 1.74 ten, Tailese Fuaga at 6-6, 330 ran a 5.14 sprint and Tyler Guyton at 6-7, 330  did 5.19 sprint. All impressive tackle sprints with early draft grades. Alt and Fuaga look like top ten selections and NFL ready starters.

Troy Fantanu, 6-4, 315   of Washington ran a 5.01 with a fast 1.71 ten. He is an amazing mover with an easy slide to adjust and strong hands and top balance to mirror defenders. He lacks great length, though could plug and play at guard as a rookie and become a fixture there for a decade. He is a highly developed blocker with toughness, savvy and intangibles to excel in the NFL.

OL Tanor Bartolini had an impressive workout with a 4.94 time and a 1.74 ten. He moved efficiently and flashed strong hands and the base to get movement on contact. He helped his cause further here after a solid Senior Bowl effort. OL Cooper Beebe ran well with a 5.03 time at 322 lbs. He utilizes great power relying on his strong base, long arms and developed technique to move defenders. He is highly developed with extensive experience to start day one in the NFL.

NFL Draft 2024 – Top 100 Pro Prospects

Top 100 Pro Prospects for the NFL Draft 2024

    February 29, 2024 –   underclassmen declared by Jan 15, 2024
Pre-NFL Combine Workout Rankings

#        Pos      Pro Prospect               School
1          QB       Caleb Williams              Southern Cal
2         WR       Marvin Harrison Jr      Ohio State
3         QB       Drake Maye                  North Carolina
4         QB       Jayden Daniels              LSU
5         TE        Brock Bowers                Georgia
6        OT        Joe Alt                     Notre Dame
7        OT        Olu Fashanu                  Penn State
8        WR       Rome Odunze               Washington
9         WR       Malik Nabers                 LSU
10        OT        Taliese Fuaga               Oregon State
11        Edge    Dallas Turner                Alabama
12        DL        Jer’Zhan Newton           Illinois
13        Edge    Laiatu Latu                    UCLA
14        CB        Terrion Arnold               Alabama
15        Edge    Jared Verse                  Florida State
16        OT        Troy Fautanu                Washington
17        CB        Quinyon Mitchell            Toledo
18         C          Jackson Powers-Johnson    Oregon
19        CB        Nate Wiggins                Clemson
20        DB       Cooper DeJean             Iowa
21        OT        Amarius Mims               Georgia
22        CB        Ennis Rakestraw           Missouri
23        OT        JC Latham                    Alabama
24        CB        Kool-Aid McKinstry        Alabama
25        OT        Tyler Guyton                 Oklahoma
26        Edge    Chop Robinson             Penn State
27        WR       Keon Coleman             Florida State
28        Edge    Bralen Trice                  Washington
29         QB       Bo Nix                         Oregon
30        OT        Patrick Paul                  Houston
31        WR       Troy Franklin                 Oregon
32        QB       JJ McCarthy                  Michigan
33        Edge    Chris Braswell               Alabama
34        WR       Roman Wilson               Michigan
35        DL        Darius Robinson            Missouri
36        CB        Kamari Lassiter             Georgia
37        S          Tyler Nubin                   Minnesota
38        WR       Brian Thomas               LSU
39        OT        Graham Barton             Duke
40        DL        T’Vondre Sweat             Texas
41        OT        Jordan Morgan             Arizona
42        WR       Adonai Mitchell             Texas
43         DL        Braden Fiske                 Florida State
44        WR       Xavier Worthy               Texas
45        DL        Byron Murphy               Texas
46        QB       Michael Penix Jr.           Washington
47         S          Kamren Kinchens          Miami (Fl)
48         WR       Malachi Corley              Western Kentucky
49        LB        Payton Wilson                 NC State
50         DL        Leonard Taylor III         Miami (Fl)

 Frank Coyle is a long-time scout with nationwide ties with NFL and college coaches, scouts and player agents. He has a new column ‘The Word on the Street’ dedicated for the NFL Draft and Free agency insight and news with unique content during January through May. He was a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He does sports radio shows for CBS and ESPN on a year-round basis related to NFL and College Football especially during the postseason team and All-star Bowl time. He has worked for CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Yahoo and Rivals sports publications and web sites

51        OL        Cooper Beebe               Kansas State
52        WR       Ladd McConkey            Georgia
53        LB        Edgerrin Cooper            Texas A&M
54        WR       Xavier Legette               South Carolina
55        CB        Kalen King                    Penn State
56        OT        Kingsley Suamataia       BYU
57         OL        Zak Zinter                     Michigan
58        Edge    Adisa Isaac                   Penn State
59         DT        Kris Jenkins                  Michigan
60        S          Javon Bullard                Georgia
61        OT        Javon Foster                 Missouri
62        CB        T.J. Tampa                   Iowa State
63        LB        Jeremiah Trotter Jr.       Clemson
64         Edge    Jonah Elliss                  Utah
65         CB        DJ James                     Auburn
66        LB        Cedric Gray                  North Carolina
67         OT        Christian Jones             Texas
68         S          Calen Bullock                Southern Cal
69         Edge    Marshawn Kneeland      Western Michigan
70         TE        Cade Stover                 Ohio State
71        S          Cole Bishop                  Utah
72        WR       Ja’Lynn Polk                 Washington
73        DL        Mekhi Wingo                 LSU
74         WR       Tez Walker                   North Carolina
75         CB        Caelen Carson              Wake Forest
76        WR       Tory Horton                   Colorado State
77         TE        Ja’Tavion Sanders         Texas
78        OL        Sedrick Van Pran          Georgia
79        RB        Jonathan Brooks           Texas
80        OL        Kiran Amegadjie            Yale
81        OL        Christian Haynes           UConn
82        CB        Kris Abrams-Draine       Missouri
83         C          Zach Frazier                  West Virginia
84        DL        Maason Smith               LSU
85        LB        Tommy Eichenberg       Ohio State
86        WR       Johnny Wilson               Florida State
87         WR       Brennen Rice                USC
88        OL        Christian Mahogany       Boston College
89        QB       Spencer Rattler             South Carolina
90        DL        Ruke Orhorhoro            Clemson
91        RB        Braelon Allen                Wisconsin
92        RB        Blake Corum                 Michigan
93        Edge    Brandon Dorlus             Oregon
94        CB        Josh Newton                 TCU
95        S          James Williams             Miami (Fl)
96        RB        Audric Estime                Notre Dame
97         LB        Junior Colson                Michigan
98         RB        Jaylin Wright                 Tennessee
99        Edge    Austin Booker               Kansas
100       CB        Nehemiah Pritchett        Auburn

NFL Draft 2024 – Two Round Mock Draft – 5.0

NFL Draft 2024 – Two Round Mock Draft

February 26, 2024 
Frank Coyle/ Head scout

All underclassmen had until Jan. 15th to declare for the NFL Draft 2024. Players had three days to rescind their decision and return to school and still retain their college eligibility. No underclassmen rescinded their decision.

Pre-NFL Combine Super Bowl winner Kansas City will draft last in every round except for any Compensatory picks at the end of Rounds 3 thru 7.

Two Round Mock Draft – 5.0

 1st Round

#           Team              W/L       Pos       Player                          School
1 Chicago (Carolina – 2-15)        QB       Drake Maye                  North Carolina
2 Washington (4-13)                  QB       Jayden Daniels             LSU
3 New England (4-13)                QB       Caleb Williams             Southern Cal
4 Arizona (4-13)                          Edge    Dallas Turner                Alabama
5 Los Angeles Chargers (5-12)   WR       Marvin Harrison Jr         Ohio State
6 New York Giants (6-11)           OT        Olu Fashanu                 Penn State
7 Tennessee (6-11)                     WR       Rome Odunze               Washington
8 Atlanta (7-10)                          WR       Malik Nabers                 LSU
9 Chicago (7-10)                         OT        Joe Alt                         Notre Dame
10 New York Jets (7-10)            OT        Taliese Fuaga               Oregon State
11 Minnesota (7-10)                  DB       Cooper DeJean             Iowa
12 Denver (8-9)                         Edge    Laiatu Latu                    UCLA
13 Las Vegas (8-9)                    TE        Brock Bowers                Georgia
14 New Orleans (9-8)                CB        Terrion Arnold               Alabama
15 Indianapolis (9-8)                OT        Amarius Mims               Georgia
16 Seattle (9-8)                          DL        Jer’Zhan Newton           Illinois
17 Jacksonville (9-8)                  CB        Quinyon Mitchell            Toledo
18 Cincinnati (9-8)                     OT        Troy Fautanu                Washington
19 Los Angeles Rams (10-7)      CB        Nate Wiggins                Clemson
20 Pittsburgh (10-7)                   C     Jackson Powers-Johnson   Oregon
21 Miami (11-6)                            Edge    Jared Verse                        Florida State
22 Philadelphia (11-6)                CB        Kool-Aid McKinstry        Alabama
23 Houston (Cleveland – 11-6)    OT        JC Latham                    Alabama
24 Dallas (12-5)                            OT        Tyler Guyton                    Oklahoma
25 Green Bay (9-8)                     OT        Patrick Paul                     Houston
26 Tampa Bay (9-8)                    CB        Kamari Lassiter              Georgia
27 Arizona (Houston – 9-8)         WR       Troy Franklin                 Oregon
28 Buffalo (11-6)                          CB        Ennis Rakestraw             Missouri
29 Detroit (12-5)                          S          Tyler Nubin                     Minnesota
30 Baltimore (13-4)                    OT        Jordan Morgan             Arizona
31 San Francisco (12-5)             Edge    Chop Robinson              Penn State
32 Kansas City (11-6)                 WR       Keon Coleman               Florida State
2nd Round
33         Carolina                         WR       Adonai Mitchell             Texas
34         New England                 DL        Darius Robinson            Missouri
35         Arizona                           LB        Payton Wilson               NC State
36         Washington                   OL        Cooper Beebe               Kansas State
37         NY Giants                      Edge    Chris Braswell                Alabama
38         LA Chargers                  Edge    Bralen Trice                   Washington
39         Tennessee                        S          Kamren Kinchens           Miami (Fl)
40         Washington (Chicago)   OL        Graham Barton          Duke
41         Green Bay (NY Jets)      DT        T’Vondre Sweat           Texas
42         Minnesota                      QB       Michael Penix Jr.          Washington
43         Atlanta                            QB       Bo Nix                              Oregon
44         Las Vegas                      OT        Kingsley Suamataia       BYU
45         Denver                           QB       JJ McCarthy                   Michigan
46         Indianapolis                  DT        Kris Jenkins                  Michigan
47         NY Giants (Seattle)        S          Calen Bullock                Southern California
48         Jacksonville                  DL        Braden Fiske                 Florida State
49         Cincinnati                      WR       Brian Thomas               LSU
50         Phil (New Orleans)         S          Javon Bullard                Georgia
51         Pittsburgh                      WR       Roman Wilson               Michigan
52         LA Rams                        LB        Edgerrin Cooper            Texas A&M
53         Philadelphia                  DL        Leonard Taylor III          Miami (Fl)
54         Cleveland                      WR       Xavier Worthy               Texas
55         Miami                            CB        Kalen King                    Penn State
56         Dallas                            LB        Jeremiah Trotter Jr.       Clemson
57         Tampa Bay                   WR       Ladd McConkey            Georgia
58         Green Bay                    Edge    Jonah Elliss                  Utah
59         Houston                        OT        Javon Foster                 Missouri
60         Buffalo                          WR       Malachi Corley              Western Kentucky
61         Detroit                           OL        Zak Zinter                     Michigan
62         Baltimore                      WR       Tez Walker                   North Carolina
63         San Francisco               DL        Byron Murphy               Texas
64         Kansas City                   S          Cole Bishop                  Utah