NFL Draft 2022 – First Round Selection Order

NFL Draft 2022 –

– The Jaguars are ‘On the Clock’ (again)!
Jaguars, Lions, Texans, Giants & Jets Hold Current Top 5 Selections

                     Eagles Have Three #1 Selections,
            Giants & Jets Hold Two #1 Draft Choices

The Jacksonville Jaguars are ‘On the Clock’ with the first overall selection for the NFL Draft 2022. They could earn the top overall draft choice again currently off a horrible 2-14 record if they maintain this position over the Lions. Rookie head coach Urban Meyer was fired in earlier December. Their recent overall draft decisions have been weak and slow to develop. Detroit currently holds the 2nd overall selection off a poor 2-13-1 record and could still land the top overall selection if they lose and the Jaguars win in the final week. Texans, Jets and Giants complete the top five selections with 4-12 records. There is a logjam with eight clubs between 5-11 and 7-9 that will impact the top 12 overall selections.

Jets and Giants hold two #1 picks with both probable top ten selections. The Eagles hold three #1 selections with all from the middle of the round back.

First Round Selection Order – after 16 Games

#   Team                       Record             Strength/schedule

1 Jacksonville               2-14                  .522
2 Detroit                       2-13-1               .539
3 Houston                     4-12                  .496
4 NY Jets                      4-12                  .515
5 NY Giants                  4-12                  .537
6 Carolina                     5-11                  .507
7 NY Jets (Seattle)        6-10                  .518
8 NY Giants (Chicago)   6-10                  .520
9 Washington                6-10                  .533
10 Atlanta                     7-9                    .461
11 Denver                     7-9                    .478
12 Minnesota                7-9                    .513
13 Cleveland                 7-9                    .524
14 Phil (Miami)              8-8                    .467
15 New Orleans             8-8                    .515
16 Baltimore                 8-8                    .531
17 Pittsburgh                8-7-1                 .520
18 Las Vegas                9-7                    .517
19 Philadelphia             9-7                    .461
20 Phil (Indianapolis)     9-7                    .489
21 LA Chargers             9-7                    .509
22 Miami (San Fran)      9-7                    .509
23 Buffalo                     10-6                  .469
24 New England            10-6                  .474
25 Cincinnati                 10-6                  .465
26 Arizona                    11-5                  .483
27 Dallas                      11-5                  .493
28 Kansas City             11-5                  .542
29 Tampa Bay              12-4                  .474
30 Detroit (LA Rams)     12-4                  .480
31 Tennessee               11-5                  .469
32 Green Bay                13-3                  .469

X – The Colts #1 pick goes to the Eagles as QB Carson Wentz participated in 75% of the Colts offensive plays this season and they made the playoffs.

Currently four teams, the Bears, 49ers, Seahawks and Rams do not have a 1st round selection.

Teams 19-32 make the playoffs if the season ended today and are playoff clubs in the draft order. The draft order for playoff teams is determined by the results through postseason play.

April 28-30 – NFL Draft 2022 – Las Vegas, Nevada.

NFL Power Poll – Chiefs Clinch 6th Consecutive AFC West Title

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll – Week 17

Chiefs Clinch 6th West Title
Bucs Win 1st South Title Since 2007

Teams of the Week 
Bills Take AFC East led with huge win over Patriots (9-6) – 33-21
Cowboys explode in a dominant performance over WFT for NFC East title

Upset of the Week
Houston (4-11) Slams LA Chargers (8-7) – 41-29
RB Burkhead rushes for 149 yards and 2 TDs with both rosters hindered by Covid
Players of the Week
  Offense – QB Joe Burrow – Bengals        
  Defense – S Micah Hyde – Bills
Rookies of Week
    Offense – TE Kyle Pitts – Falcons
    Defense – LB Micah Parsons – Cowboys
Games of Week 17 
   LA Rams (11-4) at Baltimore Ravens (8-7)
      Two clubs in tight divisional races that are on the line.

NFL Team Power Poll

Draft Insiders’ Staff

Ranking /Record /Team

#1 – 12-3 Packers
The Packers maintain the best record in the league for homefield advantage. Host the Vikings this week.

#2 – 11-4 Bucs
Bucs bounced the Panthers to stay apace for the best record in the NFC with a bye week the bonus.
Travel to MetLife to face the Jets this Sunday.

#3 – 11-4 Chiefs
Chiefs pounded the Steelers to clinch the AFC West and looking to claim the #1 seed for a bye week the first week of the playoffs.

#4 – 11-4 Rams
Rams beat the Vikings to reclaim lead in NFC West. In the dogfight for the top NFC position that will determine home field advantage and possible bye week. Face the Ravens this Sunday.

#5 – 11-4 Cowboys
The Cowboys bombed WFT staying abreast for playoff bye. Host the Cardinals in a playoff type matchup that has major ramifications in the NFC races.

#6 – 10-5 Cardinals
Cardinals failing in big spots and surrender the NFC West led to the Rams. Club is looking like a paper tiger as we enter crunch time.

#7 – 9-6 Patriots
Pats lose a tough game to the Bills and are tied with two games to go. Host the Jaguars this week and Belichick gets this club ready in must win situations.

#8 – 10-5 Titans
The Titans edged the 49ers for a critical win. Host the hot Dolphins this Sunday in a matchup that shapes the playoff hopes of both clubs.

#9 – 9-6 Bills
Bills came out with a strong performance beating the Pats to claim AFC East led. Host the Falcons and must take care of business over the final two weeks to make the postseason.

#10 – 9-6 Colts
The Colts beat the Cardinals in last one. Host the Raiders this Sunday with QB Carson Wentz testing positive for Covid early ln the week.

#11 – 9-6 Bengals
Bengals drilled the Ravens behind another strong performance by QB Joe Burrow. Host the Chiefs in huge AFC matchup for North division and key playoff positions on the line.

#12 – 8-7 Chargers
Chargers came up short vs the Texans that puts them in a dogfight for a playoff position. Host the Broncos in a must win situation and needing help for a postseason berth.

#13- 8-7 Ravens
Ravens were toasted by the Bengals in last one. Needs help for a playoff berth and host the Rams in must win situation Sunday for their longshot possibilities.

#14 – 8-7 49ers
The 49ers fell to the Titans putting them in a tough spot for the final playoff spot. Host the hot Texans this week in a must win situation for any playoff hopes.

#15 – 8-7 Dolphins
Dolphins beat the Saints to stretch their winning streak to seven games. Travel to Nashville in a must win situation to stay alive for the final AFC playoff spot.

#16 – 8-7 Eagles
The Eagles stay alive for the last wild card position with a strong win over the Giants. Travel to the Capital hoping to keep pace for the final week of the season.

#17 – 7-8 Vikings
Vikings lost a shootout with the Rams last week. Travel to Titletown for a Sunday night matchup
in a desperate chance to earn the final playoff spot.

#18 – 8-7 Raiders
The Raiders edge the Broncos to keep their slim playoff chances alive. Travel to Indy hoping for a final push to claim a postseason berth.

#19 – 7-8 Browns
Browns came up short again this time vs the Packers. Travel to Pittsburgh for Monday night clash with the loser out for any even long shot chances for the playoffs.

#20 – 7-7-1 Steelers
Steelers were bashed by the Chiefs in another lackluster performance. They host the Browns in a must win situation that will determine if they stay alive the final week.

#21- 7-8 Broncos
The Broncos lack the firepower to beat the top clubs. They fell to the Raiders in a must win situation. Travel to LA to face the equally erratic Chargers in a must win situation for both clubs.

#22 – 7-8 Saints
The Saints loss to the Dolphins all but eliminates them from the postseason. They have started four QBs this season hoping to stay atop the NFC South division. Host the Panthers in a game of also rans.

#23 – 7-8 Falcons
Falcons edged the Lions. They go to Buffalo with only a super longshot for the postseason.

#24 – 6-9 WFT
The WFT were blasted by the Cowboys. Host the Eagles in a key NFC East contest that will define any Philadelphia chances.

#25 – 5-10 Seahawks
Seahawks lose to the Bears in a close contest. Host the Lions in a battle for top ten positions in the NFL Draft.

#26 – 5-10 Panthers
Panthers were drilled in their loss to the Bucs. They travel to New Orleans with only NFC South pride on the line.

#27 – 5-10 Bears
The Bears edged out the Seahawks for their first win in weeks. Host GMen in a matchup of pathetic offenses.

#28 – 4-11 Texans
Texans won back to back games for the first time this season. Travel to San Fran hoping to get crazy and finish strong in a nightmare season for the former AFC South winner.

#29 – 4-11 Giants
The Giants offense hits new heights of ineptitude in loss to the Eagles. Travel to Chi town holding both team’s 1st round draft selections in April.

#30 – 4-11 Jets
Jets beat the struggling Jaguars for a good win. Rookie Zach Wilson continues to improve. Faces the tough Bucs defense this week which will be a major test at this point of his development.

#31 – 2-13 Jaguars
Jaguars lost a close contest with the Jets. Travel to New England to face a hungry Patriots club that rarely lets a must win situation get away from them.

#32 – 2-12-1 Lions
Lions fought the Falcons to the end, but came up short again in a season of difficult losses. Travel to Seattle hoping to register another victory.

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll – Chiefs Dance All Over Raiders

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll – Week 15

Chiefs Dance All Over Raiders
Rams Outlast Cardinals

Team of the Week 
Chiefs (9-4) Dance over Raiders (6-7) – 48-9
Chiefs explode in a dominant performance vs the trash talking Raiders

Upset of the Week
Rams (9-4) Slam Cards (10-3) – 30-23
QB Matthew Stafford back on the beam with strong Monday night performance.
Players of the Week
  Offense – QB Patrick Mahomes – Chiefs        
  Defense – DT Aaron Donald – Rams
Rookies of Week
    Offense – WR JaMarr Chase – Bengals
    Defense – CB Patrick Surtain – Broncos
Games of Week 15 
   Kansas City Chiefs (9-4) at LA Chargers (8-5)
      Two hot clubs via for AFC West leadership.

NFL Team Power Poll
Draft Insiders’ Staff

Ranking /Record /Team

#1 – 10-3 Packers
The Packers are dangerous especially with Aaron Rodgers who can change games in an instant.
Packers are playing for home field advantage and a playoff bye at this point.

#2 – 10-3 Bucs
Bucs fell asleep vs the Bills, but Tom Brady woke up this club with another heroic victory this time in OT.

#3 – 10-3 Cardinals
Cardinals fell to the Rams and hold only a one game lead in West. They fail in big spots often, yet take care of business vs the mediocre clubs.

#4 – 9-4 Patriots
Pats are well rested for their trip to Indy. Belichick is getting this club playoff ready and looking for home field advantage with a few more victories.

#5 – 9-4 Chiefs
Chiefs danced on the Raiders heads in their thorough stomping Sunday. Chiefs peaking at the right time and face a critical AFC West matchup vs the Chargers for divisional leadership.

#6 – 9-4 Rams
Rams’ explosive air game is back and maybe Odell Beckham becomes an impact midseason addition. Host the Seahawks this Sunday.

#7 – 9-4 Titans
The drilled the lifeless Jaguars with an impressive shutout performance. Travel to Pittsburgh looking to maintain a strong South lead vs the desperate Steelers.

#8 – 9-4 Cowboys
The Cowboys come off a good win vs WFT. Travel to MetLife to face the faltering GMen and within reach to clinch the East title.

#9 – 8-5 Chargers
Chargers have regained their swag and look to maintain vs the Chiefs this Thursday night. Shootout between Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes has the makings on a postseason matchup.

#10- 8-5 Ravens
Ravens lost a close contest vs the Browns. Struggling with inconsistency and pressing secondary issues.

#11 – 7-6 Bills
Bills came back vs the Bucs, but fell in OT to another Tom Brady comeback. Bills are in danger of falling out of the playoff race and host the Panthers in desperate need of a victory.

#12 – 7-6 49ers
The 49ers beat the Bengals in OT. Host the Falcons that is vital for both teams’ playoff hopes.

#13 – 7-6 Colts
The Colts are rested coming off their bye week and host the Patriots this Saturday. This game may define their playoff chances.

#14 – 7-6 Bengals
Bengals’ defense failed again in big spot vs the 49ers. They travel to Denver in a must win situation for both clubs.

#15 – 7-6 Browns
Browns beat the Ravens in a huge North contest. They host the Raiders this Saturday where they need to win to separate themselves in the tight North divisional and AFC wild card races.

#16 – 6-6-1 Steelers
Steelers looked terrible in their loss to the Vikings. They host the Titans in a must win situation that will determine if they can stay alive the final month.

#17- 7-6 Broncos
The Broncos shut out the Lions to stay in the tight AFC playoff chase. They host the Bengals in
in a must win situation for two inconsistent clubs.

#18 – 6-7 Dolphins
Dolphins are on a 5 game winning streak coming off their bye week. Host the Jets, looking to get to .500
to make a stretch run where the AFC playoff spots are wide open.

#19 – 6-7 WFT
The WFT fell to the Cowboys in another close game. Travel to Philly in another key NFC East contest that could define both teams’ slim chances.

#20 – 6-7 Eagles
The Eagles come off their bye week and face WFT where the winner is alive for the last wild card position. Their offense holds the key here and must set the pace to beat a tough Washington D.

#21 – 6-7 Vikings
Vikings drilled the Steelers on Thursday night. Travel to Chi town for a Monday night matchup
and need to win to get to .500 for a chance at a wild card spot.

#22 – 6-7 Saints
The Saints come off a win vs the Jets. Travel to Tampa in a must win situation to have any chances for a playoff spot.

#23 – 6-7 Falcons
Falcons beat the Panthers in a critical matchup. They go to San Fran with the loser looking to next season.

#24 – 5-8 Seahawks
Seahawks extended their winning vs Houston. Travel to LA for major test vs the Rams, hoping to extend their long shot hopes for the postseason.

#25 – 6-7 Raiders
The Raiders got crushed by the Chiefs. Trash talking never won an NFL game yet.

#26 – 5-8 Panthers
Panthers struggled in loss to the Falcons. They travel to Buffalo to face the desperate Bills this Sunday.

#27 – 4-9 Giants
The Giants are a total mess with backup QBs struggling. They host the Cowboys and are playing only on pride in this divisional rivalry.

#28 – 4-9 Bears
The Bears will probably finish with rookie QB Justin Fields going through his learning curve. He faces the Vikings at home on Monday Night this week.

#29 – 3-10 Jets
Jets continue to struggle especially offensively. Rookie Zach Wilson continues to adjust to the NFL and travels to Miami for a traditional AFC East matchup.

#30 – 2-11 Texans
Texans outmatched again last week vs the Seahawks. Travel to Jacksonville in a battle for the AFC South basement the door prize.

#31 – 2-11 Jaguars
Jaguars were shutout in Nashville. Host the Texans looking for this young roster to gain a victory and get more experience despite facing a huge wholesale roster change.

#32 – 1-11-1 Lions
Lions were outclassed in Denver. Host the Cardinals looking to surprise the NFC West leader.

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll – Pats’ Take Command of AFC East

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll Week 14

Patriots Win 7th in a Row with Victory over Bills
Cardinals, Bucs, Cowboys and Chiefs Lead Divisions

Team of the Week 
Patriots (9-4) edge Bills (7-5)
Pats’ Control Clock to Take Command of AFC East

Upset of the Week
Lions Shock Vikings – 29-27
Detroit claims first victory with gutty performance on last second TD pass.
Players of the Week
  Offense – QB Justin Herbert – Chargers        
  Defense – LB Jordan Hicks – Cardinals
Rookies of Week
    Offense – WR Amon-Ra St. Brown – Lions
    Defense – LB Jaelen Phillips – Dolphins
Games of Week 14 
   Los Angeles Rams (8-4) at Arizona Cardinals (10-2)
     Rams looking to close the gap in the West entering final month.

NFL Team Power Poll
Draft Insiders’ Staff

Ranking /Record /Team

#1 – 10-2 Cardinals
Cardinals hold the top spot with a narrow victory over the Bears. Host the Rams Monday night that may decide the West title winner.

#2 – 9-3 Packers
The Packers are rested to host the Bears Sunday night. Packers are playing for home field advantage and a playoff bye with the North title also a certainty.

#3 – 9-3 Bucs
Bucs kept rolling along. Host the Bills in a playoff primer for their high scoring attack.

#4 – 9-4 Patriots
Pats win their 7th straight game with gutting victory in Buffalo. The Belichick magic never left.

#5 – 8-4 Chiefs
Chiefs come off a win vs the Broncos. Host the Raiders looking to maintain their West leadership.

#6 – 8-4 Ravens
Ravens came up short vs the Steelers. Travel to Cleveland with a makeshift secondary for the stretch run.

#7 – 8-4 Rams
Rams rebound vs the Jaguars with their explosive air game. Travel to the desert for major West battle with the Cardinals that they must win to close the gap.

#8 – 8-4 Titans
The rested Titans host the Jaguars looking to maintain their South lead over the surging Colts.

#9 – 8-4 Cowboys
The Cowboys travel to the Capital looking to improve their East lead to three games.

#10 – 7-5 Bills
Bills continue to struggle offensively. Travel to Tampa Bay for crucial matchup where they must reestablish themselves as playoff contenders.

#11 – 7-6 Colts
The Colts shut out the Texans. Get their bye week to heal up for the stretch run.

#12 – 7-5 Chargers
Chargers came out firing vs the Bengals to stay in the tight AFC West race. Host the struggling GMen in a crucial contest for their playoff hopes.

#13 – 7-5 Bengals
Bengals defense failed to show up vs the Chargers. Host the 49ers in a must win situation this week.

#14 – 6-5-1 Steelers
Steelers won slug out vs the Ravens to keep alive their AFC playoff hopes. Travel to Minny for vital Thursday night contest.

#15 – 6-6 WFT
The WFT beat the Raiders in yet another close game. Host the Cowboys in an NFC East contest that could define divisional title.

#16 – 6-6 49ers
The 49ers failed vs Seahawks that puts them in a dogfight for the final NFC playoff spot. Travel to Cinny for vital contest that could determine both teams’ playoff hopes.

#17 – 6-6 Raiders
The Raiders came up short vs WFT. Travel to KC for major matchup with the Chiefs which has all the makings of a must win to stay in contention.

#18 – 6-6 Browns
Browns coming off their bye week and need to get their bearings to stay alive in the AFC playoff chase. Host the Ravens with major ramifications.

#19- 6-6 Broncos
The Broncos struggled offensively in the loss to the Chiefs. Host the hot Lions in a must win situation.

#20 – 6-7 Eagles
The Eagles get a late bye to prepare for the stretch run. Face an NFC East diet the rest of the schedule.

#21 – 6-7 Dolphins
Dolphins won their 5th straight behind a solid defense. Get their bye week to prep for stretch run where they hope to extend their stretch and get help for playoff possibility.

#22 – 5-7 Vikings
Vikings lost another tough game, this time to division rival the Lions. Host the Steelers Thursday night and need to win to keep their remote postseason hopes alive.

#23 – 5-7 Saints
The Saints are rested after lose to the Cowboys on Thursday night. Travel to Jets in a crucial game for their slim postseason hopes.

#24 – 5-7 Falcons
Falcons failed vs the Bucs in a critical matchup. They go to Carolina with the loser looking to next season.

#25 – 4-9 Giants
The Giants came up empty with backup QB Mike Glennon. Playing out the string from here with major changes expected this offseason.

#26 – 4-8 Seahawks
Seahawks dug in for their victory over the 49ers. Travel to Houston hoping to extend their winning despite a long shot for postseason.

#27 – 5-7 Panthers
Panthers are coming off their bye week and host the Falcons. Offense has struggled mightily since the first month with hopes they can turn it around with Cam Newton.

#28 – 4-8 Bears
The Bears will return to rookie Justin Fields for stretch run. He faces the Packers in Green Bay on Sunday Night.

#29 – 3-9 Jets
Jets reaching new levels of ineptitude on both sides of the ball. Host the Saints looking to get young players into new schemes.

#30 – 2-10 Texans
Texans host the Seahawks, hoping to recover from shut out in last game.

#31 – 2-10 Jaguars
Jaguars travel to Nashville to face the rested Titans. Looking to an offseason of wholesale changes in this collapsing organization.

#32 – 1-10-1 Lions
Hail to the Lions. Gutty win after several heartbreaking losses. Travel to Mile High looking for two game winning streak.

NFL Power Poll Week 13 – Patriots Crush Titans

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll – Week 13

Patriots Win 6th in a Row for 1st in AFC East
Packers Edge Rams in NFC Matchup

Team of the Week 
Patriots (6-5) crush Titans (8-4) – 36-13
Rookie QB Marc Jones leads Pat’s 6th victory in a row.

Upset of the Week
Raiders Beat Cowboys – 36-33
QB Derek Carr dices Cowboys secondary.
Players of the Week
  Offense – RB Leonard Fournette – Bucs        
  Defense – CB JC Jackson – Patriots
Rookies of Week
    Offense – WR Jaylen Waddle – Dolphins
    Defense – LB Odafe Oweh – Ravens

Games of Week 13 
   New England Patriots (8-4) at Buffalo Bills (7-4)
     First of two meetings in next month that should determine AFC East winner.

NFL Team Power Poll
Draft Insiders’ Staff

Ranking/Record /Team
#1 – 9-2 Cardinals
Cardinals return from their bye week with trip to Chi-town. Hoping QB Kyler Murray regains his magic down the stretch.

#2 – 8-3 Packers
The Packers win la wild shootout with the Rams. QB Aaron Rodgers continues to amaze scouts with his uncanny ability to lead this offense with rare accuracy and time management.

#3 – 8-3 Bucs
Bucs Tom Brady once again toasted a quality defense. Travel to Atlanta hoping to widen their South lead.

#4 – 7-4 Patriots
Pats won their 6th straight game and travel to Buffalo for monster AFC East clash.

#5 – 7-4 Chiefs
Chiefs come off their bye week and are gaining momentum weekly. Host the Broncos looking to separate in the AFC West.

#6 – 8-3 Ravens
Ravens win another one on guile and toughness vs the Browns. Travel to Steel City with huge AFC North implications.

#7 – 7-4 Rams
Rams come up short again this time vs the Packers as they continue to decline. Host the Jaguars looking to get back into the win column.

#8 – 8-4 Titans
The erratic Titans were drilled by the Patriots. Get their bye week looking to regroup for final stretch.

#9 – 7-4 Cowboys
The Cowboys were stifled by the Raiders for another loss. Travel to New Orleans needing to get back in the win column.

#10 – 7-4 Bills
Bills had their best performance in a month vs the Saints. Host Patriots hoping to regain the AFC East lead.

#11 – 7-4 Bengals
Bengals crushed the Steelers in a key North matchup. Host the Chargers in crucial playoff contender contest.

#12 – 6-6 Colts
The Colts lost a shootout vs Tom Brady. Travel to Houston needing a victory to stay apace in their playoff push.

#13 – 6-5 Chargers
Chargers were bashed by the Broncos in the tight AFC West race. Travel to Cinny to face the hot Bengals in a crucial AFC contest that could affect the wild card positions.

#14 – 6-5 49ers
The 49ers have quietly jumped into playoff contention. Travel to Seattle in a vital AFC West matchup.

#15 – 6-5 Raiders
The Raiders edged Cowboys on Turkey day. Host WFT in hopes to stay in tight AFC West division where one game separates the entire division.

#16 – 5-6 Vikings
Vikings lost a tough game vs the 49ers. Travel to Motown and must win scenario to get to .500 for stretch run.

#17 – 5-5-1 Steelers
Steelers were toasted by the Bengals. Host the Ravens in a must win situation for any playoff hopes.

#18 – 6-6 Browns
Browns offense continues to struggle with a banged up Baker Mayfield. Get a bye week to get healthy for a stretch run that will challenge them in the competitive AFC race.

#19- 6-5 Broncos
The pesky Broncos get the Chiefs in KC in a terrific Sunday night contest. Defense faces their toughest test.

#20 – 4-7 Giants
The Giants gutted it out in their victory over Eagles. Travel to Miami for must win game to keep their playoff possibilities alive.

#21 – 5-6 Saints
The Bills danced all over the Saints. Host Cowboys Thursday night in a crucial game in their postseason hopes.

#22 – 5-7 Eagles
The Eagles were jumped by the GMen. Face the Jets this week hoping to stay in the playoff chase.

#23 – 5-6 Falcons
Falcons looking to get to .500 vs the Bucs in a critical matchup. Their defense has failed continuously this fall.

#24 – 5-7 Dolphins
Dolphins are on a hot streak hoping get into the wild car race. Host the Gmen this Sunday where the loser is most likely done for the season.

#25 – 5-6 WFT
The WFT beat the Seahawks in another close game. Travel to Las Vegas looking to reach the .500 level.

#26 – 5-7 Panthers
Panthers continue to struggle offensively despite Cam Newton. Bye week gives them time to regroup for final stretch.

#27 – 4-7 Bears
The Bears got lucky vs the Lions on Thanksgiving. Host the Cardinals looking to jumpstart struggling offense.

#28 – 3-8 Seahawks
Seahawks continue to struggle especially offensively. Host the hot 49ers hoping to avert sinking deeper in the West basement.

#29 – 3-8 Jets
Jets edged the Texans despite a shaky performance by QB Zach Wilson. Host the Eagles hoping to build some momentum.

#30 – 2-9 Texans
Texans host the Colts, hoping to earn their 3rd divisional victory.

#31 – 2-9 Jaguars
Jaguars face the Rams looking for their young roster to gain further experience.

#32 – 0-10-1 Lions
Lions gave away the Thanksgiving game to the Bears. Host the Vikings looking for that first victory.

NFL Power Poll – Week 12 – Chiefs Defense Stifles Cowboys

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll – Week 12

Chiefs Defense Stifles Cowboys
Colts Pound Bills

Team of the Week 
Colts (6-5) crush Bills (8-3) – 41-15
Colts’ runner Jonathan Taylor rips Bills defense for 5 TDs.

Upset of the Week
Texans shock Titans – 22-13

Players of the Week
  Offense – RB Jonathan Taylor – Colts        
  Defense – DL Chris Jones – Chiefs
Rookies of Week
    Offense – WR Elijah Moore – Jets
    Defense – CB Asante Samuel – Chargers
Games of Week 12 
   LA Rams (7-3) at Green Bay Packers (8-3)
     Great potential shootout between Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford

NFL Team Power Poll

Ranking /Record /Team
#1 – 9-2 Cardinals
Cardinals beat the Seahawks to retain a two game lead in the NFC West. Get their bye week, hoping to get QB Kyler Murray fully healthy for the stretch run.

#2 – 8-3 Titans
The hot/cold Titans lose to another cellar dweller in the Texans. Travel to NE for major AFC test with postseason implications.

#3 – 8-3 Packers
The Packers lose a wild North matchup vs the Vikes. QB Aaron Rodgers continues to compensate for the Packers deficiencies. Host the Rams in key NFC contest.

#4 – 7-3 Bucs
Bucs Tom Brady diced the Gmen’s defense to pieces. Travel to Indy in another fine matchup.

#5 – 7-3 Rams
Rams are rested to travel to Titletown for a vital NFC game. Looking for offense to return.

#6 – 7-3 Ravens
Ravens were fortunate to comeback vs the Bears. Host the Browns hoping Lamarr Jackson is at full strength.

#7 – 7-4 Patriots
Pats won their 5th straight game and host the Titans in a critical AFC matchup with postseason implications.

#8 – 7-4 Chiefs
Chiefs are gaining momentum game by game with win over Cowboys. Get their bye week to continue their second half charge.

#9 – 7-3 Cowboys
The Cowboys were stifled by the Chiefs. Host the Raiders on Turkey day.

#10 – 6-5 Colts
The Colts have turned it around with big win over the Bills. Host the Bucs in key matchup.

#11 – 6-4 Bills
Bills have fallen over last month and last week to the Colts continued their slide. Travel to NO on Thanksgiving hoping to turn the tide.

#12 – 6-4 Bengals
Bengals drilled the Raiders. Host the Steelers in a key North matchup.

#13 – 5-5 Chargers
Chargers came back vs the Steelers. Need to continue vs the Broncos in Mile High.

#14 – 5-5 49ers
The 49ers took care of the Jaguars. Host the Vikings in telltale NFC matchup.

#15 – 5-4-1 Steelers
Steelers collapsed late vs the Chargers. Travel to Cinny and face Bengals in vital contest for their postseason chances.

#16 – 6-5 Browns
Browns just got by the Lions. Travel to Baltimore in vital North contest that may define any postseason hopes.

#17 – 5-5 Vikings
Vikings were relentless in their win over the Packers. Continue tough schedule with trip to San Fran.

#18 – 5-5 Saints
Saints were blitzed by the Eagles. Host Bills on Thanksgiving that may determine fate for both clubs.

#19 – 5-6 Eagles
The Eagles jumped the Raiders to continue their hot streak. Face the Giants looking to get to .500.

#20 – 5-5 Raiders
The Raiders continue to struggle and show lack of unity. Face Cowboys in Big D on Turkey day.

#21- 5-5 Broncos
Broncos are rested from their bye week. Host Chargers in key West showdown.

#22 – 4-6 Falcons
Falcons were outclassed again, this time by the Patriots. Face the Jaguars in a must win situation.

#23 – 3-7 Giants
The Giants were toasted in Tampa. Offense continues their annual struggle.

#24 – 4-7 Dolphins
Dolphins coming off their 3rd consecutive victory. Host the Panthers looking to a return to respectability.

#25 – 4-6 WFT
The WFT beat the Panthers with late score. Host the Seahawks this Monday night.

#26 – 4-6 Panthers
Panthers will go with Cam Newton the rest of the season, hoping his magic works again.

#27 – 3-7 Seahawks
Seahawks struggled vs the Cardinals. Travel to the Capital for the Monday night affair.

#28 – 3-7 Bears
The Bears let the Ravens game to get away from them. Sinking into the abyss.

#29 – 2-8 Texans
Texans are rested coming off their bye. They travel to Nashville for a demanding matchup.

#30 – 2-8 Jaguars
Jaguars are again competing for the lowest scoring team in the league.

#31 – 2-8 Jets
Jets were manhandled again by the Dolphins. Rookie QB Zach Wilson returns for the 2nd half.

#32 – 0-9-1 Lions
Lions lost to the Browns. They face Bears on Thanksgiving hoping to avoid being the leagues’ biggest turkey.

All-Star Game Schedule 2022

All-Star Game Schedule 2022

A full schedule of postseason All-star games return this year after closing down every event except the Senior Bowl Classic last offseason. The Covid 19 virus cancelled a wide range of events, making the scouting process very difficult. The NFL Draft 2021 class will be interesting to evaluate in a few more seasons and seeing if a higher number of early draft selection become busts and more late round sleepers emerge over the first three or four seasons.

Both dates and locations of several events have changed in many cases for the major All-star venues, in addition to several small college All-star events. scouting staff will be at events plus the NFL Combine 2022. Each All-star event will have announcements thru the postseason with player and coaching additions and updates. Check back here for updates related to All-star game changes. staff will update events and will create several Emails and Tweets from every event over the week long practices and games.  

All-Star Game Schedule 2022

Jan. 15 -Hula Bowl – Orlando, Florida
The Hula Bowl is set to be played at the University of Central Florida on Jan. 15, 2022. The game is usually played in Honolulu but Aloha Stadium is going through a renovation. The Hula Bowl moved its historic game from Honolulu to Orlando for its 2022 game. The iconic game is pleased to feature an amazing lineup of coaching legends for its Orlando Debut.  This year’s coaching staff has over 275 years of combined coaching experience.  The game will maintain much of its rich Hawaiian heritage, and will continue with its two squads, titled the AINA and KAI, representing the Land and Sea in Hawaiian.

Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith will return to the sidelines to be the AINA head coach at the 2022 Hula Bowl.  During his time at the helm of the Falcons, he became the franchise’s winningest head coach by number of wins.  In addition, he was awarded the prestigious NFL 2008 Coach of the Year Award by the Associated Press.

Brian Billick will head up the KAI squad. He was the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings from 1994 to 1998. The team broke the NFL scoring record in the 1998 season. Following this record setting performance, Billick spent nine seasons as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens from January 19, 1999 to December 31, 2007. On January 28, 2001, Billick won Super Bowl XXXV as the Ravens’ head coach in a 34–7 victory over the New York Giants. It was the Ravens’ first Super Bowl appearance. He was inducted into the Baltimore Ravens Ring of Honor in 2019.

Jan. 29 – NFLPA Collegiate Bowl – Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Ca.
The NFLPA Collegiate Bowl announced their 10th edition of its game will take place on January 29, 2022. Originally slated for the week before, the new date best allows the Collegiate Bowl to once again provide participants with the world-class experience that’s made it the premier postseason all-star showcase. After going virtual for the 2021, the game will once again be played at the historic Rose Bowl Stadium and be televised on NFL Network. Former NFL head coaches, Jeff Fisher and Marvin Lewis have been selected to lead the American and National teams for the 2022 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. The 10th annual game will take place at the historic Rose Bowl Stadium in California and air live on NFL Network.

Feb. 3 – East-West Shrine Bowl – Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada.
The 97th annual East-West Shrine Bowl has moved to Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas.

Feb. 5 – Senior Bowl – Hancock Whitney Stadium, Mobile, Alabama.
In 2021, a new era in the Senior Bowl’s history began with the game moving to Hancock Whitney Stadium on the South Alabama Jaguars’ campus. Throughout its history, the Senior Bowl has produced over 55 players that went on to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The game is unique among college all-star games as the teams are coached by NFL staff. Former MVPs of the game include the likes of Dan Marino, LaDainian Tomlinson, Dak Prescott and Justin Herbert.

Coaching staffs will be announced after the NFL season. They come from non playoff clubs that retain their coaching staffs and usually drafting in the top 5 selections for the NFL Draft 2022.

Senior Bowl Game
Saturday, February 5, 2022, 1:30pm CT, Mobile, Alabama
University of South Alabama, Hancock Whitney Stadium
TV: NFL Network

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll – Titans Defense Stifles Saints

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll – Week 11

Titans Defense Stifles Saints – 23-21
Packers Shutout Seahawks – 17-0

Team of the Week 
Patriots (6-4) crush Browns (5-5) – 45-7
Patriots QB Mac Jones tears Browns defense to shreds.

Upsets of the Week
WFT beats Bucs – 29-19
Panthers Shock Cardinals – 34-10
Players of the Week
  Offense – QB Patrick Mahomes – Chiefs        
  Defense – DL Jeffery Simmons – Titans
Rookies of Week
    Offense – QB Marc Jones – Patriots
    Defense – S Javon Holland – Dolphins
Game of Week 11 
   Dallas Cowboys (7-2) at Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)
     Long-time arch rivals clash for AFC West leadership

NFL Team Power Poll

Ranking /Record /Team

#1 – 8-2 Titans
The hot Titans win their 6th straight game which propels them to the top spot.

#2 – 8-2 Packers
The Packers back on the beam with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. Defense is playing well and shuts out the Seahawks. Travel to Minnesota for key North matchup.

#3 – 7-2 Cowboys
The Cowboys exploded vs the Falcons. Travel to KC for a postseason type test.

#4 – 8-2 Cardinals
Cardinals lost without Kyler Murray. Travel to Seattle this week with Murray questionable.

#5 – 7-3 Rams
Rams were stifled again by the 49ers. Get their bye week, looking to regroup for 2nd half.

#6 – 6-3 Bucs
Bucs were surprised in the Capital coming off their bye. Host Giants this Monday night.

#7 – 6-3 Ravens
Ravens were shocked in Miami. Travel to Chicago this Sunday, hoping to retain North leadership.

#8 – 6-3 Bills
Bills bombed the Jets. Host the Colts in key AFC battle.

#9 – 6-4 Patriots
Pats won their 4th straight game behind the hot hand of QB Marc Jones. Dangerous club gaining momentum.

#10 – 6-4 Chiefs
Chiefs exploded vs the Raiders and AFC West leadership. Host the Cowboys this week.

#11 – 5-5 Colts
The Colts got by the Jaguars in a key game to get to .500. Travel to Buffalo in key AFC matchup.

#12 – 5-4 Chargers
Chargers failed to beat the Vikings. Host Steelers hoping to recapture their edge.

#13 – 5-4 Bengals
Bengals travel to Las Vegas, needing to get back in the win column.

#14 – 5-4 Raiders
The Raiders have struggled the past two weeks and face key contest to maintain postseason hopes.

#15 – 5-4 Saints
Saints came up just short vs the Titans. Travel to Philly for critical game for both teams’ playoff hopes.

#16 – 5-3-1 Steelers
Steelers tied vs the winless Lions. Travel to LA and face Chargers, maybe without Big Ben.

#17 – 4-5 49ers
The 49ers played their best game vs the Rams. Get the Jaguars this week looking to hit the .500 mark.

#18 – 5-5 Browns
Browns were bombed by rookie QB Marc Jones. Host the Lions to regain playoff chase.

#19 – 5-5 Broncos
Broncos were blitzed by the Eagles at home. Get their bye week, hoping to find answers for the 2nd half.

#20 – 4-5 Falcons
Falcons were outclassed by the Cowboys. Host the hot Patriots this Thursday night.

#21 – 3-6 Giants
The Giants are rested off their bye week. Get runner Barkley back for Monday night clash with the Bucs.

#22 – 4-5 Vikings
Vikings edged the Chargers last Sunday. Host the Packers in a vital matchup for any postseason hopes.

#23 – 4-6 Eagles
The Eagles blasted the Broncos.  Host the Saints in big NFC matchup.

#24 – 4-5 Panthers
Panthers beat the Cardinals without Kyler Murray. Cam Newton is back and directed the win.

#25 – 3-6 Seahawks
Seahawks were shutout in Russell Wilson’s return. They face a must win situation at home vs the Cardinals this week.

#26 – 3-6 Bears
The Bears are rested for visit from the Ravens. At the turning point for any postseason hopes.

#27 – 3-7 Dolphins
Dolphins coming off huge victory over the Ravens. Look for three in a row facing Jets on road.

#28 – 3-6 WFT
The WFT surprised Bucs at home. Travel to Carolina hoping to build some momentum.

#29 – 2-7 Jaguars
Jaguars fell short vs the Colts in a tough loss. Host the hot 49ers this week.

#30 – 2-7 Jets
Jets were crushed again, this time by the Bills. They may have the worst roster in the league.

#31 – 1-8 Texans
Texans are rested coming off their bye. They travel to Nashville for a demanding matchup.

#32 – 0-8-1 Lions
Lions didn’t lose vs the Steelers, though they didn’t win. The NFL’s first tie of the season keeps the Lions from going winless in 2021.

NFL Draft – 1st Round Selection Order At Midseason

NFL Draft 2022 –

Draft Insiders’ staff

First round selection order at midseason

#          Team             W-L   Schedule
1          Detroit            0-8-1     .554
2          Houston           1-8        .534
3          Jacksonville    2-7        .512
4          NY Jets             2-7        .575
5          Phil (Miami)     3-7        .511
6          NY Giants (Chic)  3-6     .548
7          NY Giants                     3-6        .553
8          NY Jets (Seattle)           3-6        .571
9          Washington                   3-6        .571
10         Philadelphia                4-6        .511
11         Atlanta                          4-5        .452
12         Minnesota                     4-5        .530
13         Miami (San Fran)           4-5        .534
14         Denver                          5-5        .462
15         x Indianapolis                5-5        .468
16         Cleveland                      5-5        .516
17         Cincinnati                      5-4        .434
18         Las Vegas                      5-4        .476
19         Carolina                        5-5        .473
20         LA Chargers                  5-4        .541
21         New Orleans                 5-4        .541
22         New England                6-4        .441
23         Kansas City                  6-4        .564
24         Pittsburgh                   5-3-1     .482
25         Buffalo                         6-3        .394
26         Baltimore                    6-3        .471
27         Tampa Bay                   6-3        .494
28         Detroit (LA Rams)        7-3        .446
29         Dallas                           7-2        .494
30         Green Bay                    8-2        .467
31         Arizona                         8-2        .505
32         Tennessee                    8-2        .516

X – The Colts #1 pick will go to the Eagles if QB Carson Wentz participates in either 75% of the Colts offensive plays this season or he plays in 70% if they make the playoffs.

Currently four teams, the Bears, 49ers, Seahawks and Rams do not have a 1st round selection.

Teams 19-32 make the playoffs if the season ended today. These playoff clubs in the draft order for playoff teams is determined by the results through postseason play.

April 28-30 – NFL Draft 2022 – Las Vegas, Nevada.



Walter Payton Award 2021 Watch List – FCS Offensive Player of Year

Walter Payton Award 2021 Watch List

UNI football’s Trevor Penning is the first offensive lineman to be named to this year’s Walter Payton Award watch list.

Penning was among 11 players added today, which now includes 46 players. The 2021 Stats Perform FCS Walter Payton Award is presented annually to the national offensive player of the year in college football’s Division I subdivision.

Trevor Penning is our #1 small college prospect and a potential high draft selection. He is scheduled to play in the 2022 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

For the 2021-22 Award Calendar- Player & Coach Awards – Go to

The Payton Award is celebrating its 35th anniversary season. It’s named for the legendary Hall of Fame running back. Past recipients include Steve McNair, Tony Romo, Brian Westbrook, Jimmy Garoppolo, Cooper Kupp and Trey Lance.

Penning became the first Panther to earn the Missouri Valley Football Conference Offensive Lineman of the Week award Oct. 25 following UNI’s win over No. 6 South Dakota State. He also earned MVFC First Team Preseason honors.

Newest members by position:

Davis Alexander, Portland State
Ren Hefley, Presbyterian
Keon Howard, UT Martin
Cole Johnson, James Madison
Shedeur Sanders, Jackson State
Jason Shelley, Missouri State
Xavier Shepherd, Kennesaw State

Running Back
Malik Grant, Sacred Heart
Isaiah Ifanse, Montana State

Wide Receiver
Xavier Gipson, Stephen F. Austin

Offensive Line
Trevor Penning, UNI