NFL Draft Yearbook Scouting Report OT Trevor Penning – Northern Iowa

NFL Draft Yearbook 2022 Scouting Report
 Trevor Penning – Northern Iowa

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    Trevor Penning Scouting Report

Trevor Penning #70 – 6-7, 325 –  Northern Iowa – Sp. 4.90
NFL Comparison: Kolton Miller –  Rating 90
                                       Northern Iowa Athletics
Tall physical senior has been one of the best left tackles in college, starting all four years at that position with MVC honors his final three seasons. Long athletic frame with long arms and the footwork to develop into a pro left tackle after 33 starts. Earned an invite to the Senior Bowl where he held up very well on the outside, displaying developed skills to handle top edge rushers. Massive agile athlete displays excellent setup in pass pro with natural movement skills to slide and adjust easily to counter moves. His current level of development may allow him to start immediately at tackle. Showed the tenacity in his game to face NFL edge talent. As a pass blocker, displays very good initial quickness, balance, flexibility and patience. Uses his long reach and strong punch to contain early and sustain through the play. He allows the rusher to come to him and rarely over-commits and under control coming out of his stance. Smooth in his kick-slide and lateral agility. He has the ideal physical package for left tackle in the NFL. Trim physique and carries no excess weight. Displays a quick hand punch, but needs to show the ability to recoil. Improved his punch power with experience, though must improve his ability to handle counter moves. When he locks on to edge rushers, he consistently wins. As a drive blocker, he has the ability to move defenders on power plays. Able to make the reach blocks and angle blocks on inside and outside zones. When asked to pull, he shows fairly good quickness and get good fits on the 2nd level. Bends his knees well with leverage to anchor and stop the bull rush, though needs to refine that due to his great length. At times, plays with a thin base and gives ground when his technique falters and rushers can give him trouble when he plays high. Shows flexibility in his kick slide. Very tough blocker with the tenacity to sustain and dominate throughout. Frame, arm length and the footwork to mirror rushers cam earn him an early starting tackle grade. At the Senior Bowl, he performed very well when taking a big step up in competition. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’7” and 325 lbs. with 34 1/4” arms and 10 1/8” hands. Ran a 4.89 time with a 1.70 ten-yard split. Did not lift. Added a 28” VL, a 9’3” BJ, a 4.62 shuttle and 7.25 three cone. Very good positional drills with a solid overall performance. Similar to tackles like Kolton Miller with the prototypical skill set for the demanding leftside spot. Older fans will remember former Giants’ Jumbo Elliott as very similar physically and demeanor. Developed left tackle with huge upside potential. Probable mid-1st round pick with starting grade, though needs further strength, conditioning and technique work. Needs to be consistently sound technically to earn a starting position. Complete physical talent to improve further. Top 15 prospect with high ceiling and probable Pro Bowler in time. Nasty NFL ready mauler.
Draft Projection: 1st Round