NFL Free Agency 2019 – Franchised Players – Designated Salary By Positon

NFL Free Agency 2019 – Franchised Players – Designated Salary by Position

NFL announced that the 2019 salary cap has been set at $188,200,000 per club, up from the 2018 ceiling of $177,200,000. The NFL announced the numbers for teams to designate franchise or transition players closed. This year, six players were designated as non-exclusive franchise players. No transition tags were used this year by any club.

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The new salary cap number represents an $11 million increase over the 2018 number which was $12 million over the 2017 salary cap. Since 2012, the cap has increased by nearly $70 million per team. The salary cap figure has ballooned in recent years as the effects of new bulging television deals are being figured into the amount. The total has jumped over $45 million each of the past four seasons. Though this is the 6th straight year the salary cap has increased by at least $10 million.

Under the collective bargaining agreement, teams are required to spend an average of 89 percent of the salary cap from 2013 to 2019. League-wide, teams must spend an average of 95 percent of the salary cap over the four-year period.

This new money boosts many clubs into a higher bracket that could produce a buying frenzy in the opening weeks starting March 13th. The salary cap per team below is a fluctuating total according to ongoing roster moves – re-signing, releases and restructuring of current players. The new totals should guarantee a heavily active Free Agent market thru the spring.

NFL 2017 Salary Cap – Franchise/ Transitional Tags 

The NFL salary cap figures list Franchise non-exclusive and transition tags. Non-exclusive players must be tendered a one-year deal no less than the listed amount for their position, which is determined by the average of the top five salaries at their position. With the non-exclusive tag, the current team has the right to match any offer or get two 1st round choices in return. An exclusive Franchise tag ties him to his current team at a higher but undetermined price for one season. Both sides can continue to negotiate on a longer deal even after a franchise tag has been applied.

NFL teams had until March 5th to designate either franchise or transitional tags. The transition tag is created by averaging the top 10 salaries at one position.

Free Agency Labels

Exclusive Franchise Players – None

Franchise Non-exclusive Players (6)

DeMarcus Lawrence             DE            Cowboys
Dee Ford                                 DE/LB      Chiefs
Jadeveon Clowney                DE/LB      Texans
Frank Clark                            DE             Seahawks
Grady Jarrett                         DT             Falcons
Robbie Gould                        PK              49ers

Official Franchise Tags – Salary cap 2019 – $188.2M
Franchise Tag Salary Numbers for each position

  2019 Franchise Tag Values

     Position                  Tender Amount
Quarterback                  $24,865,000
Running Back               $11,214,000
Wide Receiver               $16,787,000
Tight End                      $10,387,000
Offensive Lineman      $14,067,000
Defensive End              $17,128,000
Defensive Tackle           $15,209,000
Linebacker                    $15,443,000
Cornerback                   $16,022,000
Safety                              $11,150,000
Kicker/Punter                $4,971,000