Tremaine Edmunds and Lorenzo Carter Head Outside Linebackers

Outside Linebackers – Grade B

Positional Overview: This year’s class of outside linebackers is a very good group that should provide many starters for both pro schemes. With half the clubs playing the 3-4 scheme, this position may supply as many as 20+ defenders for that set. The top two, Tremaine Edmunds and Lorenzo Carter are late developing prospects who had outstanding final performances that continued through the postseason. Both checked off all the boxes which probably earns them mid to late 1st round selections. Edmunds impressed at every event and fits both pro schemes. Carter had an equally impressive final season that elevated him to the top of the class. He could also hear his name at the end of the first round. Seniors, Harold Landry and Uchenna Nwosu are highly regarded defenders coming strong final performances. Both carry solid late first early/second day consideration. Malik Jefferson and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo were playmakers and look to be selected on the 2nd day of the NFL Draft process. Rising prospects Shaquem Griffin, Jerome Baker and Fred Warner have drawn strong attention from pro scouts off strong finishes to their careers. They figure as top 100 bubble prospects. Griffin is the best story of any draft class, overcoming a hand deformity and subsequent amputation to excel as D1 defender who earned Conference Player of the Year honors. His NFL Combine performance will be the standard for outside linebackers for years to come. Hercules Mata’afa and Marquis Haynes fit the 3-4 clubs well. They are slipping through the cracks and have starting ability as 3-4 backers. Darius Leonard and Andrew Ankrah are small college defenders who completed excellent careers. Leonard finished with an excellent Senior Bowl. Ankrah has fallen through the cracks, but carries a starting grade for the outside in a 3-4 set. They have the makeup of premier special teams’ performers and figure in the 3rd day. This position will probably provide 8-10 prospects in the top 100 selections. Expect approximately 15 chosen in the top 150 picks with this group providing many defenders rated with starting grades. There should be as many as 20+ players chosen over the 7 rounds. This class also includes many ‘tweener types who specialize in rushing the QB and good fits for the 3-4 set, though a highly risky position. Oren Burks and Leon Jacobs are two fast underrated gems and projects to the pro 4-3 scheme and early special teams’ demons.

NFL Teams in need:

    1. Steelers      5. Cowboys
    2. Lions           6. Bills
    3. Ravens        7. Raiders
    4. Packers       8. Vikings

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      Positional Traits
Best Athlete – Lorenzo Carter
Best Run – Uchenna Nwosu
Best Pass Cover – Shaquem Griffin
Best Tackler – Tremaine Edmunds
Best Pass Rush – Harold Landry
Best Pursuit – Darius Leonard
Best Intangibles – Shaquem Griffin
Ball Instincts – Tremaine Edmunds

  NFL Premier Player
         Von Miller
Blue Chip – Tremaine Edmunds
Blue Chip – Lorenzo Carter
Red Chip – Harold Landry
Rising – Uchenna Nwosu
Falling – Ogbonnia Okoronkwo
Underrated – Fred Warner
Overrated – Jerome Baker
Sleeper – Darius Leonard
Boom/Bust – Malik Jefferson
Ready to Play – Harold Landry
Long Term Gem – Lorenzo Carter
Hidden Gem – Andrew Ankrah
Over drafted – Harold Landry

        Top Outside Linebackers 

1 * Tremaine Edmunds – Virginia Tech
2 Lorenzo Carter – Georgia
3 Harold Landry – Boston College
4 Uchenna Nwosu – USC
5 * Malik Jefferson – Texas
6 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo – Oklahoma
7 Darius Leonard – South Carolina St
8 * Jerome Baker – Ohio St
9 Fred Warner – Brigham Young
10 Oren Burks – Vanderbilt
11 Shaquem Griffin – Central Florida
12 * Hercules Mata’afa – Washington St
13 Marquis Haynes – Mississippi
14 Leon Jacobs – Wisconsin
15 Andrew Ankrah – James Madison