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Gil Brandt – Analyst and legendary V.P. and Director of Player Personnel for the Dallas Cowboys for 30 years.“I’ve been involved with the NFL for decades. In that time, I have known few people who can match Frank Coyle’s ability to judge football talent. I value his opinions very much. And any fan who wants an accurate and in-depth analysis of college players headed to the NFL should read Frank Coyle’s Draft Insiders’ Digest. Frank offers great insights you won’t find in any other NFL Draft publication.”

Eric DeCosta – General Manager – Baltimore Ravens  – Frank Coyle is one of the best evaluators in the business because he does his own work. He’s not interested in other people’s opinions. He’s got a keen eye for talent an d a passion for scouting college talent. Without a doubt, his Draft Insiders Digest is essential for fans and NFL executives. I look forward to receiving my copy every April.”

Phil Savage – former Senior Bow Bowl Director & Cleveland Browns GM  – I have found Frank Coyle’s information to be very thorough and insightful. In my opinion, any NFL fan who is interested in the NFL Draft would enjoy Draft Insiders’ Digest very much. I know how many hours and months the Ravens and Browns put in preparing for the NFL Draft and I think Frank Coyle and his staff do the same thing. It’s obvious by their volume of quality information on the college prospects in Draft Insiders’ Digest.”

Dick Butkus – Hall of Fame Chicago Bear linebacker and founder of Butkus Football Network Frank Coyle does an excellent job year round rating the top college players as they prepare for the NFL. Draft Insiders’ Digest is a must for anyone that follows the NFL Draft and pro prospects.”


NFL Live Radio with Frank Coyle
NFL Live Radio with Frank Coyle

Frank Coyle is a nationally known football scout who publishes Draft Insiders’ Digest. In its 30th season, is a website and publication dedicated to the coverage of NFL and NCAA Football.


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