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Cornerbacks – Grade: B+

Positional Overview:
This year’s cornerback class is another excellent group of cover men which is both exceptionally deep and top heavy. There are a few blue chips expected to go at the top of the 1st round, with many through the top 50 overall selections. Six juniors head our  rankings with Denzel Ward and Jaire Alexander at the top of the class. This is an exceptionally strong group of underclassmen which improved the overall quality of this class They will probably be selected in the top 10-25 overall picks. Ward is also the best athlete at the position and has the skill set and versatility to start immediately. He is another in a long line of Buckeye corners to enter the NFL recently with most highly successful early in their careers. Alexander is a well-developed cover man with an early starting grade. He will probably be selected in the top 15-20 choices. Mike Hughes, Carlton Davis and Josh Jackson could all go in the top round or early 2nd round. Isaiah Oliver, Anthony Averett and Donte Jackson are highly regarded corners and probable mid-2nd day picks off strong 2017 performances. Averett comes off an excellent final season which probably earns him a top 50-60 selection. This is a deep group that will supply many NFL starters well into the 3rd day of the process. There could be at least 10-12 prospects selected in the top 100 choices. There will probably be 15-18 prospects selected in the top 150 picks. There should be a run on corners from the mid-1st round through the early 3rd day. This class has exceptional depth and will provide a number of middle round steals like Duke Dawson, M.J. Stewart and Isaac Yiadom. This position has annually provided the most overall selections and should once again. This class could supply as many as 35 total prospects and another 40+ high priority FA. Small college defender, Davontae Harris is highly regarded from the lower level and carries a potential starting grade. This deep crop of corners will supply a huge group of big corners with some versatility to also slide to safety in the nickel and dime packages.

NFL Teams in need:
1. Colts                   5. Giants
2. Redskins           6. 49ers
3. Cowboys           7. Bears
4. Seahawks         8. Chiefs

NFL Premier Player
   Patrick Peterson
Blue Chip – Denzel Ward
Blue Chip – Jaire Alexander
Red Chip – Mike Hughes
Rising – Donte Jackson
Falling – Tarvarus McFadden
Underrated – Anthony Averett
Overrated – Isaac Yiadom
Sleeper – Davontae Harris
Boom/Bust – Holton Hill
Biggest Upside – Isaiah Oliver
Hidden Gem – Tony Brown
Over drafted – Kevin Toliver

    Positional Traits
Best Athlete – Denzel Ward
Best Man Cover – Jaire Alexander
Best Zone Cover – Mike Hughes
Best Run support – Carlton Davis
Best Tackler – Anthony Averett
Hands – Joshua Jackson
Best Intangibles – Anthony Averett
Ball Instincts – Mike Hughes

      Top Cornerbacks  

1 * Denzel Ward – Ohio State
2 * Jaire Alexander – Louisville
3 * Mike Hughes – Central Florida
4 * Joshua Jackson – Iowa
5 * Carlton Davis – Auburn
6 * Isaiah Oliver – Colorado
7 Anthony Averett – Alabama
8 * Donte Jackson – LSU
9 * Kevin Toliver – LSU
10 Duke Dawson – Florida
11 * Tarvarus McFadden – Florida St
12 Tony Brown – Alabama
13 M.J. Stewart – North Carolina
14 Davontae Harris – Illinois St
15 Isaac Yiadom – Boston College
16 Dane Cruikshank – Arizona
17 * Quenton Meeks – Stanford
18 Darius Phillips – Western Michigan
19 Avonte Maddox – Pittsburgh
20 Perry Nickerson – Tulane
21 Brandon Facyson – Virginia Tech
22 * Holton Hill – Texas
23 * D.J. Reed – Kansas St
24 * Nick Nelson – Wisconsin
25 * J.C. Jackson – Maryland


1 * Denzel Ward #12     Ohio St                        5-11      185       – Sp. 4.35 
     Hindu Theory:  Brent Grimes                                               Rating 90
Talented true junior showed the ability over his final two season that made him a five-star recruit entering Ohio St. Earned 2nd team Big Ten in 2017 after playing behind two high draft choices Lattimore and Conley in 2016. Explosive athlete with blue chip skills to play both inside and outside. Adequate height and frame for the corner spot with good muscle development. Excellent initial quickness and back pedal with the ability to flip his hips easily and shadow receivers. Exceptional range and fine closing speed. Uses his short-area quickness and lateral movement skills to mirror receivers off the line. Maintains his speed well and does not allow separation and able to run stride for stride down the field. Instant accelerator and can reach top speed quickly. Fast footwork to mirror through the transition stage whether in the underneath or deep routes. He is a super quick, energetic, somewhat undersized cover man who gets away with an awful lot of grabbing at the college level. Needs to correct that flaw and will be far more likely to draw a flag in the NFL. Even though the Buckeyes play him on the boundary, his size and skill set appear more conducive to slot in the NFL. His best trait as a pass defender is being able to mirror and match with quick receivers and he can ride their hip all game long. He times it up pretty well closing on the underneath stuff coming out of his plant. Gets his hands on a lot of balls in those situations. His lack of height is noticeable when going against taller more physical receivers though. He can struggle at times on 50-50 balls where even though he may be in tight coverage, taller receivers can out jump him, extend and high point passes out of his reach. They can also box him out in those situations especially in the red zone. Also, the end zone fade routes vs bigger receivers often puts him at a disadvantage. As a run support player, the best thing one can say is he does try hard. He is willing to attack forward on outside runs, but if he wraps up above the knees and especially anywhere in the upper body area, he can get taken for a short ride before the ball carrier is on the ground. At times, the more powerful backs shrug him off with seemingly little effort. His lack of strength really works against him in this regard. When he wraps low, between the knees and ankles is more successful at limited yards after contact. Needs to learn to use the sideline as an extra defender and win from a trail position. Uses his outstanding change-of-direction ability to react very well to routes and jump the route for big plays. Lack of height is minimized with his exceptional leaping ability. Explosive closing burst to plant and drive aggressively to break up passes. Smallish frame and needs to add muscle which would help him improve his strength to get off blocks and finish. Looks to make the big play and has fine anticipation skills. Smooth and natural when he flips his hips to turn and run. #1 corner in this deep class. Quick smooth movement to change directions and maintain position with close coverage. Track speed with quick twitch reactions to blanket in man situations whether over a slot receiver or in the vertical game. Capable of gathering and breaking down while on the move, displaying fine developing instincts and the footwork to adjust quickly. In 2017, he finished with 37 tackles, 2TFL, 2 picks and a team-high 15 PBUs, earning first team Big Ten honors.  In 2016, he made 23 tackles with 9 PBUs, playing in a corner trio with two #1 picks Lattimore and Conley. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at just under 5’11” and 183 lbs. and did 16 reps. He ran a 4.32 time with a 39” VJ and an 11’4” BJ. Similar to Brent Grimes in natural skills, AA and development. Instinctive fast corner with quick feet, flexible hips and quick COD. Fast developing corner possesses a high ceiling. Rookie starter in most schemes. Prototypical slot corner can provide impact in package defenses. Clubs like the Colts, Bears and Cowboys interested. Probable Pro Bowler with development of his natural skills. Potential shutdown cover man.                                                                                 Draft Projection: 1st Round – Top 10 Selection

 2 * Jaire Alexander #10            Louisville         5-10      195       – Sp. 4.40  
     Hindu Theory: Asante Samuel                                               Rating 90
Naturally talented shutdown cover corner earned back to back AAC honors his final two years. Started since late as a true freshman. Impressive NFL Combine established him as one of the premier corners in this deep class. Outstanding quick-twitch athleticism, fine balance and light feet with a top closing burst on the ball. Fine route-recognition and instincts to be in position to make plays consistently. Wiry solid frame with average arm length and the fluidity and easy movement skills to shadow receivers. Good strength to tackle or jam at the line, though he can be overpowered by bigger receivers. Reliable drag down tackler with consistent open-field tackling skills. He has the tools to play all types of coverage. Strong enough to handle press with a powerful quick punch. Looks smooth dropping into coverage, with exceptional change-of-direction ability and the speed to stay stride for stride down the field with receivers. Very tough playing man off coverage, using his fine vision to read the QB and outstanding reaction skills to drive on the ball and cause breakups. Average height and arm length, though his fine leaping ability and body control allows him to win more than his share of jump balls. Quarterbacks were reluctant to attack his side of the field the past two seasons. Shows ball hawking skills and reliable hands for the interception when challenged. As a tackler, he will get into trouble if he tries to take on too high and fails to wrap-up properly. In coverage, he is very aggressive and can sometimes get fooled by double moves. The bigger more physical receivers can cause him some problems at times and stem him. He possesses an extremely rare combination of blinding speed, with fine quickness and change of direction to overcome mistakes down the field. Plays man coverage as well as anyone in the country. Seems to have eyes on the back of his head. Awareness and peripheral vision are off the charts. Exceptionally good hands for the pick and has made some spectacular highlight reel plays in this regard. Versus Clemson in 2016, he had two interceptions. Took one ball away from Mike Williams by undercutting the route in the end zone, coming up with a diving grab and the other came later when he got in front of Deon Cain on a vertical route and went up in the air to get it. He also forced a fumble after a catch that a teammate recovered. All in all, he showed that he can stand up to the very best in competition. When the ball is in the air, he closes on it as well as anyone. He reminds me of Asante Samuel in this regard, as well as in his all-around ball hawking skills. He also displays a significant willingness to come up strong and force the run. He goes low and chops the legs out from under the runner, or wraps them up showing consistently reliable tackling. Also will bring to the lucky team that drafts him absolutely supreme punt return capability. His toughness and dedication are exemplified by how he came back from an opening week knee injury in 2017, to get back on the field late in the season and them culminate things with a totally wicked NFL Combine workout performance. In 2017, he started 6 games due to a broken hand and a knee injury. He totaled only 19 tackles, 15 TFL, 1 pick and 4 PBU. In 2016, he started all 13 games and made 39 tackles, 1 TFL, 5 picks and 9 PBU, earning first team ACC honors. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 5’10” and 196 lbs., with 31 1/8” arms. He ran a 4.38 time and added a 35” VJ and a 10’7” BJ. He had a 3.98 shuttle and 6.71 three cone and finished with very good positional drills. Possesses fine overall talent with good size, ball skills and confidence. Shows discipline and maturity on the field and in practice. Definite 1st-round ability and well rounded, but needs work on his technique and reads to be NFL ready as a starter. Complete corner with some refinement of his reads and coverage skills. His high level of development indicates he can either start or play the nickel corner role immediately. Similar to Asante Samuel in size, AA, break on the ball and natural coverage skills. One of the best pure cover men in this class. Blue chip prospect with marginal top 25 grade. Fast developing skill set and high-level NFL starter.
Draft Projection: 1st-2nd Round

 3 * Mike Hughes #19                Central Florida             5-10      190    – Sp. 4.50       
     Hindu Theory:  Kyle Fuller                                             Rating 88
Gambling true junior cornerback and return specialist earned AAC 2nd team conference honors in his only season with the Knights. Began his career at North Carolina, though left after one season due to after off the field issues. Entered JC level in 2016 before entering Central Florida. Blue chip athlete and big play punt returner with explosive suddenness and the long speed to break plays. Smaller physique for cornerback who plays big in both run and pass defense. Possesses a solid, somewhat compact, well-proportioned muscular physique. Superb ball hawk and lightning quick with explosiveness out of his breaks in coverage or returning punts. Very good agility, smooth light feet to matchup and mirror receivers. Maintains a low backpedal and easily flips his hips and transitions very well to ride a receiver down the field. Keeps sound positioning using his natural athleticism and smooth movement skills to maintain coverage. Likes to play very tight coverage and is capable of doing so at a high level. Very good diagnostic skills when playing man off coverage. Able to read-react well to plant and drive on the ball and make an interception. He can be physical in run support and plays with a tenacious attitude. When playing with his back to the ball, does a good job of reading the receiver and keying to time his jumps. Natural ball athlete who plays the ball like a receiver at the catch point. Very alert and aware and uses his exceptional vision to see the field and read the QB. Sound football intelligence, always working to perfect his skills. Though there are some durability concerns, he shows up weekly and plays on several units. At times, his gambling style has been a liability when he guesses wrong and give up an early advantage. Still needs development in route recognition. More frequently plays the ball than the receiver, though needs consistency at turning to locate the ball. Limited press coverage experience. Gets grabby down the field and is vulnerable to interference calls. Will overplay the deep routes and be susceptible to back shoulder throws and stop routes. When the pass has been thrown, he takes on the mentality of a receiver and just figures the ball belongs to him as much as anybody. Once he has the ball in his hands, takes on the persona of a running back. Follows his blocks, weaves well through traffic and is a threat for a long return. One his best traits is the ability to jam a receiver in press coverage. Works hard to contain their release off the line and uses his hand punch and aggressive nature to not let them get into their routes at all sometimes. Often completely messes up the timing between passer and receiver. The only questions are being just a one-year starter at the major college level, and therefore just has a small sample size for teams to judge him by. Also brings to a team his supreme talents as both a punt and kickoff return man. His averages on both were outstanding and he took 2 kickoffs and one punt to the house. He became the first player in UCF history to return a punt, kickoff and interception for a touchdown in one season. He did very well against top QB-WR duos too, such as Memphis’ Riley Ferguson and Anthony Miller. Mike picked off one pass, broke up two others and helped limit the very talented Miller to just 3 catches for 37 yards and no scores. In 2017, he had 49 tackles, 4 picks and 11 PBU, earning 2nd team AAC honors. In 2015 at North Carolina, he had 11 tackles, no picks and 3 PBU. Smallish frame will be a concern for holding up to the physicality of the NFL. His cover skills, athleticism and competitiveness give him an early starting grade especially as a nickel. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 5’10” and 189 lbs. with 30 7/8” arms. He ran a 4.53 time and added a 35.5” VL and a 10’7” BJ. Added a 4.13 shuttle and 6.70 three cone along with fine positional drills. Comparable coverage skills to Kyle Fuller and Jason Verrett. Off the field issues need to be closely examined. In zone coverage, he recognizes routes quickly and can help in a cover 2 scheme. Natural man corner with limited experience vs top competition. Quick-twitch ball hawker and 1st round bubble player to make a difference. Keen instincts to be fine playmaker and early defender in either scheme or package defenses, though he must temper when to gamble and when to stay with the receiver.
Draft Projection: 1st-2nd Round

4 * Josh Jackson #15  Iowa                             6-0       195        – Sp. 4.45  
     Hindu Theory:  Aqib Talib                                     Rating 87
High cut athletic redshirt junior corner had an incredible 2017 for the Hawkeyes, earning Defensive Back of the Year along with first team Big Ten honors. One-year starter with only 1 starting assignment prior to the 2017 season, though he saw extensive action in the Iowa package defenses. Finished with a strong 2017 performance that elevated his status. He has the athleticism and physical package for corner, combining speed, length and instincts to be NFL ready. Possesses natural athleticism with fine size to matchup with big receivers and win most jump ball situations. Light feet, sound instincts and outstanding change of direction  and lateral quickness. Able to play press coverage well and shows he can jam and reroute most WR’s he faces. Looks comfortable playing zone too and that he understands the concepts and his responsibilities in this type of coverage. Knows angles and displays sound route recognition to keep positioned between QB and receiver. Anticipates routes and breaks nicely on the ball in zone coverage. Used in press coverage and was successful in that technique, though needs further work. Fine acceleration to run stride for stride with receivers and use his length and leaping skills to shut down the deep game. Possesses the agility and confidence to compete for early snaps on defense. Very good vision, reads routes and finds the football consistently. Shows excellent hand-eye coordination and soft hands to make the most of interception chances. Breaks down adequately in space to wrap up and secure ball-carriers and can be a very physical defender. Big receivers rarely post him up especially in the red zone. Good range, lateral agility and balance. Instinctive pass defender with good size and instincts make up for slightly above average speed. Possesses requisite ball skills and anticipation for the corner position with a refined overall skill set. His acumen as a ball hawk is obvious in his play on the field. He attacks the ball with the seeming mentality that each one is his and he has as much right to it as the offensive player. The Iowa coaches allowed him to cover the opponent’s top WR no matter where he lined up, late in the season, after his outstanding performances against top ten teams Ohio State and Wisconsin. This is something they did not do with former DPOYs Micah Hyde and Desmond King, which speaks well of the confidence they developed in Jackson. His ball awareness and the physicality he possesses and plays with could mean some teams may have their eyes on him as a free safety too. As a junior, he started 13 games and had 48 tackles with 1 TFL, 18 PBU and 8 picks which led the nation. Earned All-American and Big Ten honors. As a sophomore, he started 1 of 12 games and had 10 tackles with 4 PBU and no picks. At the NFL Combine, he came in at over 6’ and 196 lbs., with 31 1/8” arms and 18 reps. He added a 38” VL, 10’3” BJ, ran a 4.48 forty with a 4.03 shuttle and 6.86 three cone. Interesting top 30 prospect with fast developing talent and early starter especially in a cover two scheme. Similar to Aqib Talib in size, length and skill set. Figures in the mid-late 1st round with definite upside as a pro. Fast developing cover man comes off a major breakout season he hopes to continue earning a rookie starting role. Excellent value if lost in deep class and falls to early 2nd round. Fast level of development allows him to play immediately and possibly start.
Draft Projection: 1st-2nd Round

5 * Carlton Davis #6                 Auburn             6-1      205       – Sp. 4.50 
     Hindu Theory:  Xavier Rhodes                                            Rating 88
Big physical true junior has been an all-star corner for the Tigers since earning Freshman All-American honors. Chose to declare early for the NFL draft. Named 1st team SEC for 2017 and 3rd team in 2016. Fine height, athletically built with long 32 3/4” arms. Ideal size for the position to matchup with both size and speed. Smooth footwork in transition and able to play tight coverage down the field. Shows a good backpedal and able to mirror his man in coverage, though his pedal can get high at times. Matches up well in press coverage, knowing how to use his length and power to disrupt receivers getting into their routes. Excellent functional strength to redirect receivers and also use the sidelines to leverage them off their pattern. Aggressive and competes hard at the point of the catch. He is not a quick twitch defender with only average short-area ability to close in coverage. He can be physical and play bump and run, though needs further refinement there. He did extremely well in 2017 against top receivers like Kirk and Ridley. Low interception totals are partly because he is seldom challenged. Very alert and aware. Sees plays develop quickly and attacks and closes hard. Displays very good hip flex, able to turn and run with most receivers and knows his to use the sideline to crowd them down the field. Uses his long strong arms to rip through a receiver’s arms and break up the catch. He is not shy when it comes to defending the run. Shows steady improvement technique wise during his short career. Tough mentally and plays a physical brand of football and graded out high vs SEC talent. Refocuses quickly after a negative play and became a fixture in the tough Tiger defense gained valuable experience over past two seasons. Best suited for a cover two scheme. Powerful tackler in run-support and wants to attack the line or drop runners in the open field. Plays hard and usually maintains outside contain. Mirrors well downfield and maintains technique at the top of routes to use his length well in jump ball situations. His initial reads are usually sound and plays a disciplined game. Good at playing the ball and using his fine length to win on contested passes. Strong hands to jam in press to throw off route timing. Lacks the quick-twitch to close suddenly from his plant and drive when playing man off coverage. Above average closing speed with the leaping ability and arms to win most jump ball situations. At times, he struggles reading route adjustments and loses contact on the double move through the middle routes. He has been very durable, with only one game missed in three seasons. He does have small hands (8 7/8”) and has not gotten many interceptions, with only 4 in three years. His lone pick in 2017 came on a pass tipped by a teammate in the game against Missouri. In 2017, started 13 games and totaled 36 tackles, 11 PBU and 1 interception. In 2016, started 12 games and totaled 46 tackles, no picks and 10 PBU. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 6’1” and 206 lbs. with 32 3/4” arms. He ran 4.53 time with 1.59 ten-yard split and did 16 reps in the lifting. Added a 34” VL and 10’4” BJ. At his pro day, he improved his forty time from the Combine to 4.44, with a 4.21 shuttle and a 7.30 cone. Stood on his Combine numbers for the rest. Similar to Xavier Rhodes in size, athleticism, playmaking abilities and overall LOD. At times, he tends to get too high and slow to open his hips that delays his reaction time, particularly vs quicker receivers. Probable early starter and package defender. Could go as high as the mid-1st round. Graded out highly facing top receivers and performed well in big game situations. Rising cover man with fast developing skills. Top 30-40 talent with early starting ability. Clubs like the Bills, Colts, Cowboys and Jets interested.
Draft Projection: 1st-2nd Round

6 * Isaiah Oliver #26           Colorado                6-0       200       – Sp. 4.50       
    Hindu Theory: Stephon Gilmore                                          Rating 87
Tall, athletic true junior has been a shutdown corner for the Buffaloes over his final two seasons. Earned Pac-12 honors in 2017 after being a nickel starter in the CU trio of corners in 2016 along with Chidobe Awuzie and Ahkello Witherspoon. Two sport star playing on the CU track team and a Pac-12 Decathelon honoree. At Colorado, he won the 100-meter (10.82), 400-meter (48.15) and long-jump (24-1) at the 2017 Pac-12 Championships. Fine height, athletically built with very long 33.5” arms and large (9 3/4” hands). Ideal size/speed ratio for the position. For a big corner, he has fairly smooth footwork in transition and able to play tight coverage down the field. Comes cleanly out of his backpedal and able to mirror his man. Matches up well in press and is learning how to use his length and reach to disrupt receivers. His back pedal can be high at times and needs some work. Flips his hips well and usually doesn’t open up too soon and receivers can seldom get him turned around coming off the line. Outstanding ability to anticipate, read-react, with the closing burst to match. His ball skills rank as highly as any corner in this class, where he has been very productive getting his hands on the ball. He has the size and strength along with the skills to play press coverage. Consistent in his ability to jam the receiver at the line and slow his release considerably. For a big cover, he displays fine short-area quickness to play close in man coverage. Strong to redirect receivers and push them off their routes. Very aggressive and competes hard at the point of the catch. Steady improvement in technique during his time vs top NFL caliber QBs. Plays a physical game with the strength and discipline to play all the techniques. Consistent in run-support to maintain outside contain and a sure open field tackler. In coverage at times, he gets too grabby downfield and his technique breaks down especially when he loses track of the ball. In bail technique, he sometimes opens up too soon and does not read routes as well.  Needs to read routes quickly because he lacks the quick-twitch to close suddenly from his plant and drive when playing man off coverage. Needs to learn to trust his technique and not play as hands on in the NFL. In 2017, totaled 26 tackles, 13 PBU and 2 interceptions, earning 1st team Pac-12 honors. In 2016, he started 2 of 13 games with over 400 snaps. He totaled 34 tackles, 1 pick and 8 PBU and was a value defender in their package defenses. Needs a little time at the next level to be coached up in technique while continuing to develop understanding of the game, though at a high level currently. Talent to develop into a fine all around corner. Work on his backpedal will improve his reaction time, particularly with quicker receivers. Probable early package defender. Should go as high as the mid-1st to early 2nd round. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at over 6’ and 201 lbs. with 33.5” arms. He ran 4.50 time and did not lift. he has the length and leaping ability (36.5” VJ at his Pro Day) to compete well for 50-50 balls. Also brings to the table very fine skills as a punt returner, where he was a very productive weapon for the Buffs as a sophomore in 2016. Displays fine footwork and smooth hip flexibility. Similar to Stephon Gilmore in size, athleticism, playmaking abilities and overall LOD. Graded out high facing top Pac-12 receivers and performed well in many big game situations. Big rising young corner with developing skills. Top 60 talent with shutdown ability in time to rank among the best in this class, though currently still young and wins on rare athleticism. Clubs like the 49ers, Colts, Giants, Chiefs and Cowboys interested.           Draft Projection: 2nd Round

7 Anthony Averett #28             Alabama          5-11      185        – Sp. 4.40       
   Hindu Theory: A.J. Bouye                                                     Rating 86
Talented former high recruit redshirt senior was a two-year starter in the incredible Bama secondary. Sat behind future #1 pick corner Marlon Humphrey among other quality cover men earlier in his career. Excellent track athlete as a youth with a 25’ long jump, high jumper and sprinter in high school. Outstanding complete skill set for the position and started every game his final two seasons. Two-year starter earned first team All-American by DraftInsiders.com after a fine 2017 overall performance. Lean athletic frame with very good movement skills for the position, though needs strength work. He is a highly gifted all-around athlete, and the fastest member of a very talented Crimson Tide secondary that is loaded with NFL prospects. His well-balanced football acumen was evidenced by his being a three-year two-way starter in HS at QB and DB. He is among the very best athletes among this year’s corner group. As a cover man, his instincts, quickness and ability to close are to off the charts. Coached up well by Bama staff. Very underrated among the Alabama contingent and among the corners in this class in general. Mirrors and matches as well as anyone. Stays on a receiver’s back pocket, stride for stride and uses his fine ball skills and awareness to swat the pass away at the catch point. With his anticipation and blazing speed, it is very difficult for any wide receiver to get deep on him. Fine tackler in the open field. Breaks down, keeps his eyes on the target and wraps consistently well. His speed and ability to time it up, makes him an effective blitzer off the edge too. Totaled 2 career sacks. Smaller than ideal for the outside though, with short arms (30 1/4”) and small hands (8 1/2”) which means many, if not most teams, may see him as a slot/nickel corner only, or primarily. Over his career, he was exposed to several techniques especially man situations and is at a nice level of development. Displays a fine combination of speed, fluidity and physicality to be a top pro corner with further development. Shows outstanding open-field tackling ability with sound technique and hand use to get off blockers. Very good at the line when coming up to take on blockers and finish the play. Willingness to stick his nose in the middle of the action and fights off blocks to finish. Able to effectively handle press coverage and very adept at bump-and-run using his strong hands to deliver a powerful punch. Uses his strength to reroute receivers off the jam. Opens his hips smoothly with the ability to retain his fine speed and tight coverage. Shows the ability to turn, run and close and stay tight on inside or outside releases. Will get on top of vertical routes, blanketing his man while maintaining very good speed down the field. Displays the good vision, balance, timing and ball skills to break up passes. Finished with only 1 career interception and 16 PBUs, all in his final 2 seasons. Fine instincts and awareness to adjust to plays outside his zone. Decisive tackler in open field with the elite speed to make up ground quickly. Most effective when asked to play man coverage, though grades out high in zone schemes. Raises his game against tougher opponents with nice focus. Displays ability to play on an island with confidence and has a short memory. Can be effective covering outside or in the slot and could possibly start early in career. As a senior, he started 14 games and made 48 tackles, 4 TFL, 1 sack, 1 pick and 8 PBU, earning first team SEC honors. As a junior, he started 15 games and made 48 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 FF, no picks and 8 PBUs. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at over 5’11” and 183 lbs. with 30 1/4” arms. He ran a 4.36 time and did 13 reps in the lifting. Added a 31.5” VL and a 9’11” BJ and a 4.40 shuttle and a 6.93 three cone drill. Performed well in big game situations which improved his grade. Strong week at the NFL Combine and Senior Bowl. With some muscle and further technique development, he carries an early starting grade. The talent to be among the best corners in this draft. Savvy highly talented and developed prospect. Early starter with the skills to be a factor in multiple packages immediately. Similar to A.J. Bouye in natural skills, AA, development and hitting power. Blue chip addition with a high LOD, though still a work in progress on finer points of coverage. Savvy technician with developed skill set to play immediately. Top special teams’ performer. Rising top 75 prospect with early impact.           Draft Projection: 2nd-3rd Round

8 * Donte Jackson #1               LSU                 5-10      175       – Sp. 4.30      
    Hindu Theory: Jason Verrett                                                Rating 85
Cat quick true junior is one of the fastest players in this class, in addition to top overall athleticism. Two-year starter after being a valuable nickel corner as a freshman in the Tigers’ talented defensive backfield. Earned 2nd team SEC honors over his final season which included a few starts at safety. He is short, very skinny, not very strong or physical, but possesses blinding speed and outstanding athleticism. The Bayou Bengals played him on the boundary, but most likely lacks the necessary physicality and size to remain there in the NFL. State title holder as a HS sprinter (10.2 in 100 meters) and that kind of speed shows up when watching him play. As a cover corner, his instincts are no better than average, but this is partly offset by his rare recovery speed. Definite quick-twitch, with very fluid hips and instant change-of-direction capability. He averaged one pass defensed per game started while at LSU. Over his career, he showed lock down corner skills with the athletic talent teams seek in a pure cover corner. Rare speed with the instincts of a cat burglar to jump routes and make big plays. Explosive out of his backpedal with exceptional closing speed and timing. As a tackler, he is well below average though, due to his lack of strength and short arms. Big powerful receivers can run right through him if he does not wrap up low. As a run defender, he shows the ability to get low and wrap up which is the only way he can get most backs to the ground. His interest and zeal to play the run is inconsistent however. In 2017, he started 12 games and totaled 49 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 1 pick and 10 PBU and SEC 2nd team honors. In 2016, he played in 12 games and totaled 39 tackles, 2 picks and 8 PBU. At the NFL Combine, he checked in over 5’10” and 178 lbs. with 29 1/2” arms and did only 7 reps. He ran a blazing 4.32 forty with a 1.55 ten-yard split. Added a 10’4 BJ, but stopped workout due to leg cramps. It was an excellent sprint time. Similar to Jason Verrett in size, athleticism, playmaking abilities and overall LOD. Elite quickness to help in the nickel packages immediately. He can shutdown quick slot receivers. Rising prospect off his NFL Combine performance. One of the class’s biggest boom or bust prospects. Needs critical development in his overall technique, play recognition and tackling. Top 75 prospects and one of the gifted cover men in this class.
Draft Projection: 3rd Round

9 * Kevin Toliver II #2  LSU                              6-2       204       4.52  – Sp. 4.40    
     Hindu Theory: Darius Slay                                               Rating 82
Tall athletic junior started since early in his true freshman season, playing the boundary corner position. Long athlete with average arms and good speed and quickness the position demands. He arrived at LSU as a 5-star recruit and the #1 HS corner in the land. His stay in Baton Rouge therefore would have to be considered relatively disappointing, because he did not come close to measuring up to that standard. Long, lean well sculpted specimen with good arm length and very good hand size. Physically, he fits the mold for a boundary corner. He is adept at press coverage and likes to get physical when jamming his man, knock them off their routes and mess up their timing. He has the movement skills to mirror and match with very close coverage. He has supreme confidence in his ability to play tight and really fights to contest any pass. He does not show the speed necessary to consistently run deep with the faster receivers, unless he can jam them at the snap. In run support, he is a willing participant and will close quickly and drive through the ball carrier with his shoulder. He has been injured a lot at LSU and suspended multiple times for rules violations. Further clouding his future potential. As a corner, shows good balance, acceptable hip flip and good acceleration in coverage. Quick to close in run support and against underneath routes and can tackle in the open-field. Fluid mover with fine range to track the ball and pursue runners to make plays. Shows poise in coverage with deceptively quick feet and long strides to cover ground. Uses size and physicality to jam receivers at the line, though inconsistent in that technique. Uses good arm extension in his jam and possesses good coordination and balance in transition. Nice acceleration and good straight-line speed to remain at corner. Able to disrupt passes before the catch, though needs better hand technique and footwork to be in position to make more plays. Average physicality playing the run, though at times struggles disengaging from blockers. Average drag down tackler needs to take his game up a level. Could struggle covering deep in the NFL with more build up speed than sudden acceleration. Only good functional recovery speed and strength in coverage. Change-of-direction is still raw in close quarters which may limit him initially to scheme-specific sets. Not as effective mirroring slot receivers in man-to-man. Some teams will see him as more of a zone cover than a man matchup corner. As a junior, he started 5 of 12 games and made 28 tackles with 2 TFL, 10 PBU and 1 pick. As a sophomore, he started 5 of 7 games and made 21 tackles with no picks and 1 PBU. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’2” and 192 lbs. with 30 1/8” arms. He did not run. He did 10 reps with a 33” VL and a 10’ BJ. Did not do a full workout by choice. At his pro day, as with the Combine, he chose not to run. Instead repeating the same three events he completed at the latter. BJ of 9’11”, VJ: 36.5″, with 14 reps on the bench. This is somewhat disconcerting. Size, speed, quickness and instincts will allow him to match up in zone coverage where he needs refinement in his recognition skills to play up to his athleticism. Falling top 100 prospect with body type, coverage skills and LOD similar to Darius Slay in positional athleticism, but never realized that type of level of play. Long corner with good matchup skills with big receivers, though disappointing in many respects. Boom or bust prospect with high ceiling.
Draft Projection: 3rd Round

10 Duke Dawson #7     Florida              5-11     200       – Sp. 4.45                     
     Hindu Theory: Chris Harris                                            Rating 82
Scrappy experienced senior corner completed a nice career with first team SEC honors in 2017. One-year starter with good speed and adequate size and length with fine production. During his career, he was a key defender in the Gators nickel package which is basically a starting defender. Somewhat shorter than ideal, but has a solid muscular physique. Experience during his career at all the backfield positions, as well as being a solid special teamer. He has the hip flex, anticipation and change-of-direction to handle slot corner very well. Also, he has shown to be capable playing on the outside. He uses good balance, strength and hand punch to consistently jam receivers. Mirrors very well in coverage and is able to stay with some of the fastest receivers far down the field. He shows good ball skills, reactive quickness and sound hand-eye coordination. As an open field tackler, he is able to break down well, stay under control and wrap up with good consistency. He is not shy about taking on blockers and getting involved in run defense. Fluid athlete with good movement skills and experience in both man and zone coverage. Very efficient backpedal with flexible hips to open, turn and matchup in coverage. Shows the recovery speed to mirror receivers and use his instincts to jump routes. Compact build with well-distributed muscle mass and good overall athleticism. Coordinated with a natural short stride. Tries to attack the throw as much as possible, though can be overpowered on contested balls. Sure hands to make big plays with composure when the ball is in the air. Experienced in press, off-man and zone coverage with the smarts to absorb schemes easily. Remains under control in coverage, showing the ability to anticipate routes and close quickly. Footwork is very efficient at the breakpoint. As a tackler, he is reliable in the open field. Does his share of grabbing and mauling downfield which will draw flags more often in NFL. Savvy functionally good corner with ball skills who must refine his game to compete for NFL starting duty. Suited for zone cover two scheme. As a senior, he started 10 games and made 37 tackles with 2 TFL, 9 PBU and 4 picks. Earned SEC first team honors. As a junior, he played in 12 games, mainly as the nickel corner and made 24 tackles with 3.5 TFL, 7 PBU and 1 pick. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 5’11” and 197 lbs. with 31 1/2” arms. Ran 4.46 time with a 1.57 ten yard split  along with 15 reps. He did not workout. He has the body type, coverage skills and LOD similar to Chris Harris in positional athleticism. Good athlete with the speed, quickness and instincts that allow him to match up with quick slot receivers day one. Marginal top 100-125 prospect with a potential starting grade in the right system. Early nickel corner and developed skill set to continue to improve. Corner with nice level to play as a rookie. Prospect with playmaking skills in the right scheme.
Draft Projection: 3rd-4th Round

11 * Tarvarus McFadden #4     Florida St         6-2       200       – Sp. 4.65       
     Hindu Theory: Daryl Worley                                                              Rating 78
Long fluid athlete completed an erratic short two year starting career with a disappointing final season. Earned first team ACC honors in 2016 after a huge overall performance. Lean athletic frame with good movement skills for the position. As a physical specimen, he has fine length, long 32 1/2” arms and huge 10 3/8” hands. Produced a very impressive sophomore season in 2016, when his 8 interceptions were 2nd most in FSU history. His victims included Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, Chad Kelly and Brad Kaaya, meaning he played well against top competition. In 2017 however, he failed to pick off even one pass, an inexplicable drop off. He was a five-star recruit out of HS where he earned the Lockheed Martin Air Defender of the Year, which is given to the nation’s top prep defensive back. In 2016, he was 1st team All-American and won the Jack Tatum Award, given to the nation’s top DB. He appeared on the path to being a sure 1st rounder, till the significant decline in 2017. He still earned 2nd team All-ACC. As a cover man, he is very good at press coverage, with fine short area quickness, especially considering his size. He is able to usually get a good jam and continues to maintain tight coverage throughout the route. Uses his long arms well to help maintain spacing. On contested passes he usually does very well, given the physical advantages he brings to the table. He has fine ball skills and reads the receiver to know when to turn and locate the ball. He has upper echelon lower body explosion and can really get off the ground to compete well for high throws. Despite his very below average track speed and drop in production in 2017, he has consistently allowed a very low completion percentage. Able to effectively handle press coverage and very adept at bump-and-run. Uses his length and strength to reroute receivers off the jam. Opens his hips smoothly with the ability to retain his speed and tight coverage. Displays the ability to turn, run and close and stay tight on inside or outside releases. Will get on top of vertical routes and cover but struggles to maintain good speed down the field. Displays the good timing and ball skills to break up passes. With his size and ball skills, some teams may want to consider moving him to safety. As a junior, he started 13 games and made 30 tackles, no picks and 10 PBU. As a sophomore, he started 13 games and made 20 tackles, 8 picks and 6 PBUs, earning 1st team ACC honors. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 6’2” and 204 lbs. with 32 1/2” arms. He ran a 4.67 time and did not lift. Added a 38.5” VL and a 10’2” BJ. Performed well in big game situations which improved his grade. Falling talented corner off a questionable final performance. Displays ithe skills for an NFL career, but needs to show his technique and defensive reads are ready to be a factor in multiple packages. Needs to do more film work and improve his route-recognition and anticipation ability to use his natural skills to the fullest. His fine initial quickness and short-area burst make it tough for any receiver to gain much separation, though must show play to play discipline to earn a role in the package defenses. Dropping off inconsistent performance, though a defender with a fairly high level of development and one of the better corners in this class when focused. More discipline to his game will determine if he realizes his natural talent.
Draft Projection: 3rd-4th Round

12 Tony Brown #2        Alabama                      6-0       200        – Sp. 4.40  
    Hindu Theory: Justin Gilbert                                                   Rating 78
Physical versatile athlete played several roles in the Bama secondary which will facilitate his early NFL playing time. He may be the most underrated member of the Crimson Tide secondary. He comes close to matching the speed of his former teammate Averett, though with less fluid hips or pass coverage instincts. He is extremely physical, with a muscular physique and long arms. The Tide lined him at nickel and from that spot he was a very stout run defender, almost like a nickel/OLB hybrid. Able to close quickly on runs to his side and show consistently reliable tackling ability. In pass coverage though, he was the weak link in the ‘Bama secondary. He has track speed and is super quick in drills, but lacks the instincts to play up to those abilities. Loses a little in his plant and drive out of his pedal and can give up a lot of underneath catches. Fine all around athletic ability including good straight-line speed which helped him succeed along with using his size and muscularity well. Good footwork with high backpedal that limits his ability to change directions quickly. Shows the ability to get a physical jam on receivers at the line, using good strength and arm extension. Some project him to starting inside at safety where he has the skill set to succeed. He usually displays sound technique and body control to be in position to grade out well, though needs work on his initial reads and responsibilities from the back patrol. He has the makeup to be a good blitzer, though needs development on his timing there. One other big plus with this player though would be his special teams’ ability. He will give you a solid consistent performance on all four units. In 2017, played in 14 games and totaled 31 tackles, 1 TFL, 2 PBU, 1 pick and 1 QB hurry. Over his career, he played in 38 games and totaled 79 tackles, 4.5 TFL, 3 picks and 7 PBU. Great special teams’ athlete with all the talent to be an immediate gunner and impact defender. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’ and 199 lbs. and 31 1/2” arms. He ran a 4.35 with 14 reps. Added 31.5“ VL, a 10’6” BJ and did a 4.11 shuttle and a 6.78 three cone for an exceptional overall performance. Can struggle finding the ball in the deep game when he gives up a step initially. In zone coverage, he needs development in his reads and responsibilities, though he plays the ball fairly well in front of him with good anticipation. He will benefit from the run at this position through the early rounds where he could be chosen in the top 125 picks. Upside to develop into a workman like starter. Good open field tackler with nice combination of technique and power. Tough prospect both physically and mentally. Confident in his abilities with a short-term memory to bounce back quickly after mistakes. Some mechanical flaws which creates inconsistency in gaining proper body position downfield. Sometimes allows too much cushion at the line and needs to improve his spacing. Still raw with jamming receivers at the line. At times, flips his hips too early and needs time to develop his backpedal. With technique improvement and better discipline, he has all the tools to become a NFL starter in time.
Draft Projection: 4th-5th Round

13 M.J. Stewart #6        North Carolina                5-11      200       – Sp. 4.55                  Rating 78
Physical savvy senior started two seasons for the Tar Heels, earning ACC honors his final two years. Named honorable mention each season. Strong frame with quick footwork and leaping skills to matchup with NFL caliber receivers. Agile athlete with fine instincts to use his ball skills and lead the team in PBUs his final two seasons, though no interceptions. He is an aggressive highly competitive corner and is very alert and aware to locate and decisively close on the ball. Possesses all the necessary skills to be effective in either press or zone coverage. Though not a quick-twitch corner, he has fine diagnostic skills, good reaction time and the athleticism to break on the ball. Fluid swivel hips, fairly smooth footwork with only average closing speed. Tough in run-support and does not shy away from throwing his body around. Depends on vision, timing and hand-eye coordination rather than pure speed to shut down opponents. May be a challenge for him to match up with the fast receivers at the next level. May struggle to recover after false steps, due to lack of top make-up speed. In run support, he gets off blockers on the perimeter and finishes with strong hits. Should be very effective playing the nickel in the NFL. Displays good reflexes, natural instincts and ball skills. Developed nickel corner with fine man coverage skills to matchup with quick slot receivers. Struggles riding a hip down the field and gives up too much space and some height advantage in matchup with big receivers. At times, he can be too grabby in coverage and has been penalized regularly. As a senior, he started 12 games and made 45 tackles with no interceptions, 2 sacks and 12 PBU that earned ACC honorable mention. As a junior, he started 13 games and made 66 tackles with 3.5 TFL, 11 PBU, and no picks for ACC honorable mention. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 5’11” and 200 lbs. with 31 1/4” arms. He ran a 4.54 time, 18 reps and added a 35” VL, 9’10” BJ with a 4.28 shuttle and 6.90 three cone. Fine overall effort and looked good in the positional drills. Reacts well to the thrown ball with the range to close into the intermediate zones when beaten early on the down. His overall progress in coverage should allow him to fill the nickel corner role early. Quality cover man with the talent to start in time and be a good nickel, though he needs to refine his overall game. Marginal top 150 talent and a steal in the mid-3rd day. Make it grade for package defenses, though may be limited to those roles. Solid zone cover man falling in draft process and fine value.

14 Davontae Harris #10            Illinois St         5-11      205       – Sp. 4.45                      Rating 75
Well-built long aggressive corner started his final three seasons, earning 1st team MVC honors as a junior and senior. Strong frame with very good athleticism to fit the prototypical NFL starting corner role. Long press corner with good strength and hand usage to gain a fast advantage when jamming. Plays a physical game with the fire and athleticism to get the most out of his fine talent. Good movement skills with adequate flexible hips and the footwork to change directions and retain coverage. Impressive late career led to invitation to the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine where he performed well. Ideal physique for a zone corner at 5’11” and 205 lbs. with developed instincts to play in both man and zone schemes. Defender shows average quick twitch skills to blanket receivers in man situations. Better suited for a cover two scheme where he can sit in a zone and close on the ball. Smooth pedal with the hips to open and turn and ride a receiver downfield. He has the closing burst with the power to drive through the receiver. Quick footwork to plant and drive with sound zone awareness in coverage. Good speed to recover, though at times is suspect in the deep game. Picks up the ball well and makes plays on the high pass where his height, reach and leaping ability allows him to battle big receivers. His instincts and ability to read and react to routes needs some development. Loses too much at times in transition and must learn to read routes and the QB better. In run support, he tackles well with good technique and pop. Talent to excel in zone schemes in time, displaying the physical skills to be a defender who can matchup well in a few techniques. Athlete with nice coverage ability and is learning to use his length and athleticism. Matches up well with both fast and big receivers with the speed to cover deep, though he needs further work on his initial reads and positioning. Capable of converting to safety and possible dime defender there. As a corner, he has developed instincts that may earn him early playing time to package defenses and special teams. Good at coming up to support the run with aggressive tackling at the LOS or in the open field. Tough defender with good special teams’ value on coverage units. As a senior, he started every game and totaled 57 tackles, 2 sacks, 4.5 TFLs along with 2 picks and 12 PBU for first team Missouri Valley. He earned a Senior Bowl invitation. As a junior, he started 11 of 12 games and totaled 59 tackles,5.5 TFLs along with 2 picks and 13 PBU for first team Missouri Valley. At the NFL Combine, he checked in over 5’11” and 205 lbs. with 31 1/8” arms. He ran a 4.43 time with a 1/56 ten yard split and did 22 reps. Also had a 32.5” VL and 10’3” BJ with a 4.40 shuttle and 6.96 three cone with good positional drills. It was an outstanding workout that elevated his stock significantly. This verified his athleticism to carry a potential starting corner grade. Displays the makeup of a starting gunner where he can carve a niche. Marginal top 150 prospect with versatility to give a club depth at a few secondary positions. Talent to surprise in the right setting and probable starting zone corner in time. Nice upside, though needs refinement before ready for starting duty.

15 Isaac Yiadom #20                Boston College            6-1       190       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 75
Long athlete had a strong finish to his career earning invitations to the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine after a successful 2017 performance. Earned first team AAC honors in 2017 after extensive time as an underclassman. Tall slender specimen with long arms and the quick footwork to play at the next level. Though still raw in a few key areas, he has the size and movement skills of a starting corner. His performance has been erratic in a few areas, especially allowing big plays and committing penalties. Good height and length for the corner to matchup vs big receivers with the frame to add more muscle. Good backpedal with the ability to open hips and close on the underneath passes. Reacts well to routes with sound initial reads to trust his eyes better. Strong hands to jam at the line and effective at closing on plays in front of him. At times, he is an inconsistent wrap up tackler at line or in the open field and must improve there to see playing time. Good aggression in run support and does not shy away from contact. Needs work at reading the QB’s eyes and anticipating routes. Above average ball skills with ability to make plays and high point the ball vs big receivers. Uses full extension and nice timing to get his hands on the ball. Narrow hips, lean through the core and slender limbs, lacking prototypical physique and functional strength. Tight hips to open in coverage, though usually smooth in transition. At times, he struggles when he has to turn and recover in the deep game where he has produced penalties and allowed big plays. Lacks quick-twitch and can get beat off the LOS and doesn’t show top burst out of his breaks. Above average field speed with just a lone gear, taking too long to recover. Allows excessive space between himself and the receiver and must maintain better contact during the routes. Consistency in hand usage to gain control early on the down, though gives up too much space on some plays and can get flagged for being grabby downfield. When in proper position, he is a solid ball defender with good speed for the next level. Ability to tackle reliably and challenge receivers for the ball may make him a good fit for a cover-2 scheme. As a senior, he started 13 games and made 53 tackles with 2 picks and 9 PBU. As a junior and sophomore, he started 15 of 22 games and was very effective on the outside. In 2016, he started 8 of 13 games and made 26 tackles with 10 PBU and no picks. Played in 48 career games with 110 career tackles, 26 PBUs and 3 interceptions. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 6’1” and 190 lbs. He ran a 4.52 time with 8 reps, a 10’ BJ and added a 4.18 shuttle. His career experience and progress in coverage plus measurables should allow him to fill roles in the nickel and dime packages. Fast developing corner with the talent to be a good pro, though he needs to refine his overall game. Rising defender and top 125 and 3rd day addition. Definite upside, though must improve his technique and reads to realize his potential. Slightly overrated off good final effort, though has starting skills.

16 Dane Cruikshank #9            Arizona                        6-1       210       – Sp. 4.45          Rating 72
Aggressive cornerback completed a fine two-year career starting all 25 games in his Wildcat stay after starting at the JC level. Outstanding physical specimen with ideal triangle numbers and works out like a banshee. He verified this with an excellent NFL Combine. He will likely get drafted for at least those reasons alone. He is a safety-corner tweener and where he gets tried first will largely depend on the team that drafts him. As a cover man, he is a big-time hitter, but inconsistent otherwise. If his instincts hold up, he does have the athleticism to handle slot receivers. When the ball is in his area, he reacts well and has good hands. He also has the willingness to hit and tackle that could make him a possibility as a box safety. He can be a wicked blitzer from that position. In 2016, the Wildcats played him at boundary corner and he struggled for the most part. He allowed many TDs and was flagged often. Double moves generally fool him too. If he does not succeed though, it won’t be due to lack of effort. If he can improve his instincts, he could make a fine press coverage corner. With his height/weight, speed and penchant for hitting and tackling, he has the look of at least being a top special teams demon. Nice size with good length and speed and the toughness to continue to man the position. Shows fluid movement skills and the flexible hips and footwork to continue to progress. Improving recognition and awareness to project to a defense that plays a heavy zone coverage scheme. Competitor with a nice combination of size, arm length, toughness and speed to earn time in the nickel and dime packages with development. Good athletic skills with intriguing special teams’ talent. As a corner, he displayed improving instincts while performing well weekly vs pro caliber D1 receivers and passers. Learning to make sound initial reads where his speed and quickness allows him to matchup. Though not a quick twitch athlete, shows the recovery speed to make up ground and use his reach, length and leaping ability to make plays. Experience in both man and zone coverage, though best suited for the cover two scheme. In run support, he can come up and support at the line and finish. Disciplined athlete, especially performing the bump and run and at a high level currently. In pass coverage, he has the hip flexibility to turn and run with above average footwork and smooth transition from his pedal to break on the ball. Adequate quickness and learning to trust his eyes more with each game. His ability to read the route and QB determines if he is in proper position. Moving up the rankings after a strong late career performance. As a senior, he started 13 games and made 75 tackles with 5.5 TFL, 3 picks and 5 PBU, earning Pac-12 honorable mention. As a junior, he started 12 games as boundary corner and made 60 tackles with 2 picks and 7 PBUs. Shows the makeup of a top flight special teams’ performer and projects as a starting gunner. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 6’1” and 209 lbs. with long 31” arms. He ran a 4.41 time and did 25 reps and added a 38.5” VL and a 10’1” BJ. Added a 4.24 shuttle and a 6.89 three cone. Excellent workout and positional drills. Rising underrated defender with the ball skills to fit a cover two scheme and possibly start in time. Development to be a valuable backup in package defenses. Improving tough raw athlete and rising top 150-200 prospect with the talent and fine intangibles to help as a quality role player and probably surprise in the package defenses. Interesting developing corner with also a safety skill set to be a valuable serviceable defender for the nickel and dime at a few spots. Player on the come with his best football ahead of him.

17 * Quenton Meeks #24          Stanford                      6-1       197       – Sp. 4.60          Rating 72
Lanky true junior athlete is coming off a strong final season where he graded out well in the Cardinal defense. Started since midway of his freshman season Son of long time former NFL defensive coordinator Ron Meeks. Earned Pac-12 honors his final two seasons, including 2nd team in 2017. Possesses a compelling combination of size, short area quickness and decent, though not ideal speed. He has the size to play safety, the quick-twitch and change-of-direction to play slot corner and enough speed and pure coverage ability to play boundary corner with the latter probably his best position. He may need to be protected deep though, against some of the faster receivers. He has been technically sound since he arrived at Stanford. He does not get grabby and seldom draws flags. Also knows all about preparation and film study, largely due to the positive influence of his father. Due to his strength and attention to detail, he is a very sound and reliable tackler. Arrives with some force, sees his target, wraps up well, and minimizes yards after contact. As a cover corner, he is most effective on the underneath and intermediate routes, where he can usually stay on the hip of the receiver and mirror him. Rangy athlete with good size, reach and reactions, which will warrant consideration on the early 3rd day of the draft. Adequate hips with a little tightness in transition to recover and maintain leverage. When he reads the route properly, he can make plays with the ability to jump and get his hands on the ball. High backpedal with footwork to turn, though shows some stiffness. Jams well at the line, though needs further technique work there. Above average athlete who graded out fairly well at the NFL Combine. Savvy at times and positions himself to win in matchups. Physical cover man and a reliable tackler who comes up to support the run and get off blockers. In press coverage, he can be physical and play the bump and run, though hesitant at times and loses too much vs fast receivers. Matches up well vs big receivers where his speed and length allow him to blanket and fight for the ball. Plays best in a scheme that allows him either to press and reroute at the line or play off in cover two zone. As a junior, he started every game and totaled 65 tackles with 8 PBU and 2 picks for 2nd team Pac-12. As a sophomore, he played in 11 games and was credited with 22 tackles with 2 PBU and 2 interceptions. At the NFL Combine, he came at 6’1” and 209 lbs. with 31 3/4” arms. He did not run. He did 11 reps and a 39” VL and 10’8” BJ. Added a 4.23 shuttle and 6.72 three cone to complete a very good workout. Fits into the nickel and dime packages vs possession receivers where his agility, height and instincts may earn time. Savvy corner with the talent to fill a few key roles, though needs work on his reads and hand technique to retain coverage. Lacks the burst to recover when beaten and needs deep support regularly. Quality role performer and possibly a move to safety. Marginal top 150 prospect with talent, but probably only in a zone scheme. Serviceable defender with make it grade.

18 Darius Phillips #4    Western Michigan        5-10      195       – Sp. 4.50                      Rating 70
Stocky, compact athlete has been a very productive three-year starter, earning MAC honors annually as both a corner and return specialist. Quick twitch athlete with easy movement skills and keen instincts to make plays. Adequate size with long arms. Shows good balance, patience, and technique in coverage and is able to jam at the line and remain square to the receiver. Trusts his eyes and is quick to punch on the jam with fine read-react ability to close on the underneath routes. Anticipates routes and is seldom fooled by concepts. Shows very good ball skills, though his short size hinders him vs big receivers. He will compete for 50/50 passes and attempts to be physical at the catch point. Solid man and zone awareness and leverages well with smooth hips to flip and retain his good speed. Shows adequate strength and tenacity working off blocks. Needs to develop further as a run defender and must improve especially in the open field. Durable and started three seasons, including one of the nation’s best returners. Good sense of awareness on influence plays and misdirection. Hips and feet are very good when opening to turn and run from press coverage. Field speed is better than his track speed. Gives up little separation on crossing routes and is an ideal slot corner with an early starting grade. Backpedal is low and efficient with little wasted motion to easily transition. Most experience came in off coverage where he graded out well consistently. May lack the length some teams desire for the outside. Good football intelligence and overall toughness. As a senior, he played in 12 games with 40 tackles, 5 TFL, 10 PBU, and 3 picks that earned him 1st team MAC honors. During his junior season, he started 14 games with 40 tackles with 4 TFL, 9 PBU and 4 picks. Over his career, he scored 5 TDs on returns including kickoff TDs to open his final two seasons. HE played in 51 games with 128 tackles, 35 PBUs and 12 interceptions. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 5’10” and 193 lbs., with 31 1/2” arms. He ran a 4.54 forty. He did not workout due to a knee and wrist injuries. Similar to corner Adam Jones in size, AA, LOD and speed. Top kickoff returner. The skill set to continue to improve as a cover man, though he needs further reps to progress and settle into a zone defense. Projects as an early starting nickel. Best in the nickel or dime packages and good middle round pick with upside in right setting. Improving slot corner and marginal top 150 prospect. Impact returner.

19 Avonte Maddox #14            Pittsburgh        5-09      185       – Sp. 4.40                      Rating 70
Quick twitch senior corner completed a fine career with the Panthers, starting since midway of his freshman season. Earned ACC 3rd team ACC honors in 2017 and honorable mention as a sophomore. Marginal size with a slender frame, though the speed and quickness to mirror the fast receivers. Very good low backpedal with the ability to plant and drive on the ball with the hitting power to wrap up. Displays the skill set clubs look for in a cover corner, combining good instincts and sound technique. He can play press man and has the agility to ride a receiver’s hip. Responds quickly to trust what he sees with the sound sure tackling. Moves easily with the ability to flip his hips and mirror receivers down the filed. Graded out well vs quality ACC receivers despite short frame. Picks up his keys quickly with the athleticism to react and make plays on the ball. Reads a QB well with the route recognition and the ability to adjust and take good angles to get his hands on the pass. Displays the speed to recover with above average movement skills and fine leaping ability. Struggles vs big receivers for contested passes and is vulnerable in those matchups especially in the red zone. Supports the run adequately with reliable tackling, though at times struggles to get off blockers at the line. Lines up at a few positions and projects best in the slot, which will help him make an NFL roster and see early playing time. Good timing on sacks with 7 sacks his final two seasons. As a senior, he started 10 of 12 games and had 11 PBU, 4 sacks, 3 FF and 2 picks, earning ACC 3rd team honors. Over his junior season, he started 9 of 10 games and made 49 tackles, 8.5 TFL, 8 PBU and 3 picks. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 5’9” and 183 lbs. with short 29 1/2” arms and 13 reps. He ran a 4.39 time and added a 37” VL and 10’5” BJ with a 4.0 shuttle and 6.51 three cone. Fits the slot role very well and has the makeup to earn time in nickel package as a rookie. Good athlete with highly developed cover talent to fill a few key roles – nickel and cover two corner. Skill set to surprise and be a very effective nickel. Must prove durable after missing 5 games his final two seasons with an assortment of injuries. Rising marginal top 150 prospect with ability to fill a key role. Tough competitive attitude with good grades vs top competition. Fine 3rd day value in this deep class. Nice addition with the mental makeup to become a solid regular in pro defensive packages.

20 Parry Nickerson #17                       Tulane             5-10      185        – Sp. 4.35        Rating 70
Sudden athlete started four seasons for Tulane and earned AAC first team honors over his final two seasons. Ranks among the more underrated corners in this class. Earned an invitation to the NFLPA All-star game and the NFL Combine where he ran a 4.32 sprint before a hamstring strain ended his workout. Fast defender with some suddenness to close on the ball and a very good short area burst to recover. Savvy cover man who will jump routes and make plays when in zone coverage. Developed man coverage skills with keen instincts, though needs further reps and work. Adequate size with blazing speed and the overall athleticism to continue to improve. Can line up over quick slot receivers and mirror and ride them across the field. When he plays with good hand technique and sound route recognition, he also blankets receivers in the vertical game. Great top end speed allows him to matchup in the deep game, though his average length can create matchup issues. Needs strength work to be more effective in run support as a tackler. Also, must show he can get off blockers to make tackles at the line and in the openfield. Trusts his eyes when reading routes allows him to break on the ball suddenly and use his athleticism to the fullest. Needs to prove he can handle the physicality of the game especially tackling in the open field. Marginal ability to play bump and run and control receivers. Though little experience vs NFL caliber players, he shows advanced man cover skills along with good instincts to sit in zone and break on the ball. Makes a club as a nickel and possibly challenge for the starting role in his career. Carries a starting grade there and could be a good cover man once he settles into a defense. Limited experience in big games vs top caliber receivers. His game needs some discipline especially in tackling. As a senior, he started every game and posted 55 tackles, 6 picks and 8 PBU, earning first team AAC. As a junior, he started 11 games and made 29 tackles with 9 PBU and 4 picks for 1 TD. Over his career, he totaled 16 interceptions with 31 PBUs. Impressive at the NFLPA week, showing excellent man coverage skills. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 5’10” and 182 lbs. He ran a 4.32 time and did 15 reps. Ended his workout due to hamstring pull on his first sprint. Fits with man and zone coverage clubs equally well and has the makeup to earn time in nickel and dime packages. Athlete with the skill set to surprise, though needs critical time to get comfortable in a scheme. Cover talent to mirror and close on the pass, though must develop on the finer points of positioning and hand usage. Top 150 prospect with an improving LOD and a good 3rd day steal for the club that is willing to give him time. Quality bargain with starting nickel potential and rising natural cover man.

21 Brandon Facyson #31         Virginia Tech               6-1       200       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 68
Long senior has been a starter over his four seasons. Earned Freshman All-American honors, but struggled with injuries through the next four years including the 2014 season when granted a medical redshirt. Tall high cut athlete with fine overall size and leaping ability to matchup with big receivers. Developed talent facing a steady diet of ACC receivers where he was tested weekly. Closes on the ball with an adequate short area burst to recover. Physical cover man will press receivers and redirect them off the line. Will jump routes and shows developed coverage skills to break up plays. He should be able to handle the physicality of the pro game, including tackling at the line and especially in the open field. Tough playing bump and run with ability to control receivers, but needs definite work on hand technique and strength work to jam better at the line. Long arms (32 5/8”) to force receivers off their routes and maintain position well thru routes. He will be challenged by quicker and faster players at the NFL level. Held up well vs ACC performers, showing the instincts to matchup and grade out high. Type that will make a club initially as a backup and eventually become a good boundary corner within a zone coverage scheme if proves healthy. He could struggle lining up over quick slot receivers and mirror them down the field, though rarely beaten over his late career. Struggles to change directions quickly with some stiffness in his hips to break on the ball. Competes well and has learned to use the sidelines to pin receivers on the edge. In zone coverage, he knows down and distance with discipline in positioning for sound tackling. In his backpedal, he can be a little high and tight at times and somewhat slow to come out of his pedal to recover. He has the ability to mirror and retain leverage down the field. He comes out of his transition okay to plant and drive on the ball. In run support, he is a good tackler with good power to drop runners with the ability to slip blockers and make stops. He has proven a reliable open field tackler. As a senior, he started 13 games finished with 19 tackles, 2 TFL, no picks and 5 PBU. As a junior, he started 14 games and was credited with 48 tackles,4 TFL, 2 FF, 11 PBU and no interceptions. At the NFL Combine, he ran a 4.53 and did 16 reps. He stopped workout due to leg cramping. Grades out high vs the bump and run to direct receivers off their routes. Shows the agility and range to cover and make plays on the ball. Feisty corner with man-cover skills to fit in sub package defenses especially over possession receivers. Developing zone skills with the makeup to earn time in sets after settling into a scheme. Surprise starter with fine AA and nice experience, though limited to certain schemes. Field speed is better than his timed speed. Underrated athlete with the talent to win a backup role as #4 role initially. Good role performer with make it grade. Marginal top 200 prospect with potential, but may always be limited to package defenses. Possible safety conversion. Skills to surprise and find a niche in the NFL.

22 * Holton Hill #5                    Texas                           6-2       195       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 68
Big rangy athlete had a checkered career including fine performances vs top talent along with several suspensions that terminated his Texas stay. Fine length and athleticism to develop further. At the NFL Combine, he gave a strong overall workout. Prototypical triangle numbers with developing recognition skills and learning to trust his eyes when to break on the ball. Strong frame with high backpedal and the ability to turn and close on the pass. Physical at the line with the ability to jam and control the receiver. Only marginal playing off blockers to finish though with fairly reliable tackling. Fluid athlete with good length, footwork and overall athleticism to challenge for pro starting time. High cut specimen moves easily in the secondary. High pedal with choppy steps which cost him valuable time changing directions and breaking on the ball. Shows the skill set to develop into a starting cover man, though his basic pedal and reads must improved. Moves well with quick feet and fairly flexible hips to turn and cover in the deep game, though can lose track of the ball too often. Undisciplined in his responsibilities to make sound decisions off his keys. Speed, agility and ball instincts to become a quality corner with further development and consistency. Needs development in his basic technique and initial reads to realize his talent. Over his career, he showed the recovery speed to run stride for stride with top receivers. Combination of length, speed, quickness and agility to play press or zone. Best on underneath patterns where he is able to react quickly and use his physicality to break up passes. Needs work on his reads with better decisions and adjustment to routes and multiple moves. Needs to know when to gamble and when to maintain sound positioning. Fairly smooth movement skills for a bigger corner with the hip flexibility and footwork to transition. In his back pedal, he must show the ability to sink his hips more consistently to come out of his breaks quicker. His initial reads are improving with better route recognition and reading QBs eyes. Adequate COD for a big defender with the anticipation to jump routes. Displays good body control and is fluid coming out his breaks with the ability to recover. In zone coverage, he fits best with the ability to sit in an area and win on his skills. His range and catchup speed are good to recover and use his long arms to deflect passes. As a junior, he appeared in 9 games before a season ending suspension that ended his career. He made 51 tackles with 6 PBU and 2 picks. Against Maryland in the opener he returned both an interception and blocked kick for TDs. As a sophomore, he played in only 5 games with 21 tackles, 1 PBU and no interceptions. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at almost 6’2” and 196 lbs. with 32” arms. Did 14 reps and ran a 4.49 time with a 31” VL, 10’ BJ, 4.15 shuttle and 6.83 cone. Developing talent needs better overall discipline and hand technique to be ready for playing time. Falling though interesting prospect with NFL skill set and potential, but key questions related to his suspensions. Carried a top 50-75 grade before another team rules suspension. Later 3rd day gamble and one of the biggest boom or bust prospects. Young developing corner with clear upside, though one you hope matures and takes advantage of his natural talent. Needs to settle into a scheme. Early package defender with eventual starting grade.

23 * D.J. Reed #2          Kansas St               5-9       185       – Sp. 4.50             Rating 68                   
Aggressive smallish senior has been an unheralded performer in the Big 12, starting his only two seasons with the Wildcats. Earned conference honors each season. Quick sudden cover man with good ball skills, though only adequate long speed to go with marginal size. Despite his size, he is a physical defender who has developed good fundamentals for the position and will tackle at the line and in the open field. Shows keen instincts, good eyes and the quickness to close on the ball. Disciplined athlete who developed nicely over time. Plays with sudden reactions and toughness to utilize his good instincts to be in position to make plays. Capable of mirroring receivers down the field consistently. Smallish physical frame with limited growth potential. Talented corner with good speed which translates well in coverage. Good man corner with fine vision and instincts with only adequate tackling. Inconsistent tackling runners in the open field. Struggles getting off blockers at the line. Technically sound in his pedal with a low step and the ability to flip his hips and close. Keen eyes to read routes and make plays on the ball. In coverage, finds the ball and tracks it well. Top man-to-man coverage, though struggles vs big receivers. Quick change of direction skills to burst back on passes in front of him. As a senior, he started 11 of 11 games and totaled 47 tackles, 4 interceptions and 13 PBU, earning first team Big 12 honors. As a junior, he started 13 games and was credited with 75 tackles, 3 picks and 18 PBU. Earlier time in JC after starting at Fresno St. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 5’9” and 188 lbs. and ran a 4.51 time with a fine 1.58 ten-yard split. He also did a 36.5” VL and did 11 reps. Hip injury ended his workout. He can play man or zone off coverage. Shows the quick twitch skills and the agility and range to cover and make plays on the ball. Feisty corner with man-cover skills to fit in sub package defenses especially over slot receivers. Good zone coverage skills and has the makeup to earn early time in the nickel package once he settles into a scheme. Athlete with the talent to win a roster spot and good role performer with definite make it grade. Marginal top 200 prospect with starting nickel potential, though may always be limited to package defenses. More quick than fast, though the skills to surprise and find a niche in the NFL. Solid nickel in time with some development.

24 * Nick Nelson #11    Wisconsin                    5-11      200       – Sp. 4.50                      Rating 65
Feisty compact senior defender completed a fine one-year career at Wisconsin after starting at Hawaii his first two seasons.  Earned Big Ten honors in 2017 after an earlier JC career. Quick aggressive cover man who is an instinctive defender with developing playmaking ability and ball skills to compensate for adequate size. Smart competitive athlete who has a good nose for the ball and the quick reactions to make plays. Shows well-developed skill set to challenge for the nickel role and possibly a starting boundary corner. Despite his lack of ideal size, he plays much bigger and brings an aggressive style to the field in run and pass defense. Quicker than fast with good initial reaction skills to read routes and break on the ball. Sound technique with a low pedal, quick footwork and the closing burst to match up well in man or zone situations. Above average quick twitch burst and relies on fast reads and sound technique to be in position to make plays. Graded out well vs quality Big Ten receivers. He can press and redirect receivers at the line with the functional strength to control them. Shows good awareness in zones, combined with the speed, quickness and instincts to compete for playing time. Displays the ability to close on the ball in front of him with the toughness to tackle. Good flexible hips, range and COD with the ball skills to break up the pass. Only average deep speed, he can struggle vs fast receivers due to his lack of recovery speed in the vertical game. Developed at picking up the ball in the deep game and maintains leverage and positioning most of the time. During the 2017 season, he started every game and made 35 tackles with 21 PBUs and no interceptions. He sat out the 2016 season due to transfer rules. During the 2015 season at Hawaii, he started 13 games and posted 53 tackles with no picks and 15 PBU. Over his career, he played in 37 games with 124 tackles no interceptions and 42 PBUs. At the NFL Combine, he ran 4.52 time and did 17 reps with a 10’3” BJ. Savvy athlete with the ability to fit early in the nickel and dime packages. Good instincts and ball awareness with the recognition and foot quickness to react. Aggressive defender with the talent to possibly start in a cover 2 scheme and early nickel back, though needs protection deep. Falling prospect off a MCL tear in an early April workout. Marginal top 200 prospect with make it grade and fine late 3rd day value with ability to fill a key role in package defenses. May need time on IR to be ready to compete for roster and playing time.

25 * J.C. Jackson #7                Maryland           5-11     195       – Sp. 4.50                      Rating 65
Athletic redshirt junior corner has been a fixture in the Terps’ secondary, starting his two seasons. Transfer from Florida after off the field issues in early 2015 that lead to a move to the JC level the next fall. Started 23 of 24 games at Maryland and graded out high vs ACC talent. Short hard-nosed corner plays bigger than his size and graded out high weekly. Standout in coverage during big games with quick feet, fluid hip flip and good closing burst. Consistently undercuts receivers to bat the ball away and possesses the blend of quickness, strength and feisty demeanor scouts seek in a nickel corner. Stocky physique with active hands to jam receivers at the line. Focused and will not give away anything, playing with confidence and a competitive nature. Shows a second-gear to close on the ball and outstanding hand-eye coordination to make the tough interception. Effective playing the run well also, aggressively fighting off blocks and taking on ball-carriers. Maintains leverage and lane integrity to break down patiently to close and securely make the wrap-up tackle. Usually reads plays well and is in sound position. Gambler and vulnerable to double moves when he bites on the initial move. At times, he can get too grabby in man coverage and must develop better initial hand technique. Often, he can be too aggressive when battling receivers on deeper routes to get holding calls. Needs to use positioning and the sidelines better. Possesses fine short area suddenness with sure hands to make the interception. Accelerates smoothly with nice closing speed. Lacks length to effectively play in trail coverage regularly. Best suited for a nickel corner role and a cover-2 zone scheme. His best work is in off coverage when in a scheme where he is able to keep most plays in front of him. Good chance to earn an early starting nickel job with development jamming quick slot receivers. As a junior, he started 12 games and registered 40 tackles with 3 picks and 7 PBU, earning ACC honorable mention. As a sophomore, he started 11 of 12 games and made 40 tackles with 1 pick and 6 PBU. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 5’10” and 201 lbs., with 31 1/2” arms, and did 14 reps. He ran 4.46 time and added a 35.5” VL and 10’ BJ. No further events. Shows the athletic talent for a starting grade with progression in his overall technique and reads. Good athlete with the AA to warrant a top 150 grade off his physical skills and LOD vs NFL caliber receivers. Quick twitch prospect and fine late value. Suspension problems hurt his grade. Risky late round pick with big upside with maturity. Capable of becoming a fixture in the package defenses. Possible starter in time and a high-level early nickel.

 26 Andre Chachere #21           San Jose St                 6-0       195       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 65
Nice sized senior is one of the more unheralded cover defenders in this class. He started the past two years, earning MWC first team honors in 2017 and 2016. Length and agility with experience as a press corner. Best suited for the cover two scheme that many pro clubs play. Jams well at the line and can turn and run with receivers, though lacks the top end speed to match up in the deep game. Though he lacks elite speed, he shows fluidity and coverage ability and has learned to use his fine length and athleticism to battle receivers. Matches up well with big receivers and is capable of making plays. Good footwork to plant and drive to the ball with nice zone awareness. His instincts allow him to read and react to routes with experience in a few coverages and good understanding of responsibilities. Relies on fine functional strength to reroute receivers and win jump ball situations. In run support, he needs to come up more aggressively when tackling at the LOS or in the open field. Takes good angles, though can struggle getting off blockers on plays at him. Improved on his ability to disengage and finish. Only marginal speed to recover in the deep game and lacks top quickness to open his hips and run in man situations vs premier receivers. Makes plays on the high passes where his height, reach and leaping ability allow him to aggressively battle big receivers. In coverage, he is rarely out muscled and his initial reads are usually sound. Size and agility allows him to play the bump and run technique with good grades. He can struggle playing off man coverage where his adequate short area quickness needs development. Overall his man technique is average and lacks the speed to outrun most of his mistakes. Skill set with the makeup of playing a cover two role and in package defenses. As a senior, he started 11 of 13 games and posted 49 tackles with 1 pick and 5 PBU, earning MWC honors. As a junior, he started 11 of 12 games, made 46 tackles with 14 PBU and 4 picks. Earned first team MWC honors. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 6’ and 197 lbs. and 31 3/8“arms. He did 13 reps and ran a 4.49 forty. Added a 38” VL, a 10’3” BJ, a 4.07 shuttle and 6.78 three cone. High backpedal and adequate closing skills limited his ability to turn and run with slot receivers. Athlete with the skill set to help in multiple packages. Movement skills are developed and overall instincts are adequate to compete for time. Good late pick with definite make it grade and probable role package defender. Top 200 prospect needs further vital experience and technique development. Experienced corner with developing ball skills to warrant time in nickel and dime sets. His fluidity could put him in a zone-based defense. Rising talent off a good postseason and solid addition and possible starting zone corner.

 27 Michael Joseph #21            Dubuque (Ia)    6-1       185       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 60
Big agile savvy senior corner started his final three seasons, earning DIII honors annually. Invited to the Senior Bowl where he performed fairly well for a lower level prospect. Slender athlete with the prototypical skills which translates well to the corner position. Quick feet with fine short area suddenness and good long speed. Fine natural coverage ability with the athleticism to ultimately compete for a corner role in the NFL. Slight frame and lack of ideal physicality and small college competition are legitimate concerns. Aided by quick feet, athletic instincts and the ball-skills to mirror receivers and grade out highly on a game to game basis. No experience vs NFL caliber receivers until the Senior Bowl week. Shows natural playmaking skills and made fast progress with experience anticipating routes and making plays on the ball. Can mirror tightly in man coverage underneath. Shows fine patience and confidence and keeps balanced and under control in coverage. At the DIII level, he was rarely beaten deep with good speed and leaping skills to win in matchups. Displays nifty footwork and above-average twitch to plant and drive out of his backpedal. At the Senior Bowl, he showed a high backpedal at times which creates problems breaking on the ball. Inconsistent at reading the QB to anticipate when to jump routes. Displays good recovery speed when he reads routes properly. He can bite on play-action and fooled by double moves. Instincts are improving, though faced a simple level of play. Inconsistent tackling whether at the line or in the open field. Lacks top makeup speed and be slow to turn and find the ball. Needs improvement on tracking and adjusting to deep passes. Overall, he is a very alert, confident and instinctive corner who is usually sound at jumping routes. Good coverage ability on underneath routes, but at times allows too much separation on deeper throws. As a senior, he started 10 games and made 56 tackles with 8 PBU and 8 picks for DIII All-American honors. As a junior, he started 10 games with 68 tackles with 8 PBU, and 4 picks for All-American honors. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’1” and 187 lbs. with 30 1/4” arms and did 17 reps. He did not run due to a calf injury. He did a 34” VJ with a 4.20 in the shuttle with a 6.89 three-cone. Definite upside potential with work on his basics. Currently, his LOD is suspect after not being tested vs NFL caliber receivers. Shows a good closing burst that he uses well and could win a roster spot. Top 200 prospect after his strong final two seasons. Quality prospect probably fits in the late 3rd day. Displayed quality raw talent at the Senior Bowl to warrant a long look in camp. Initially only a backup corner with the skill set to continue to improve and surprise, though needs a few seasons to refine his talent vs top performers. Needs to be more physical to make it at the next level and earn playing time.

28 Arrion Springs                       Oregon                          5-11      205       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 60
29 Grant Haley                           Penn St                          5-09      190       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 60
30 Levi Wallace                          Alabama                        6-0       176       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 60
31 Taron Johnson                      Weber St                       5-11      189       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 60
31 Rashard Fant                        Indiana                          5-10      180       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 60
32 Jalen Davis                           Utah St                           5-10      185       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 60
33 Tremon Smith                       Central Arkansas       5-11      186         – Sp. 4.45          Rating 60
35 Danny Johnson                    Southern                       5-09      180       – Sp. 4.45          Rating 60
36 Jamarcus King                      South Carolina             6-1       185       – Sp. 4.60          Rating 58
37 Christian Campbell              Penn St                          6-1       195        – Sp. 4.55          Rating 58
38 Chris Jones                           Nebraska                       6-0       200       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 58
39 Priest Willis                          Texas AM                       6-1       205       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 58
40 Greg Stroman                       Virginia Tech               5-11      175        – Sp. 4.55          Rating 58
41 Deatrick Nichols                   South Florida             5-09      185       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 58
42 Dee Delaney                         Miami (Fl)                    6-0       195        – Sp. 4.45          Rating 58
43 Aaron Davis                          Georgia                         6-0       195       –  Sp. 4.55          Rating 58
44 Heath Harding                      Miami (Oh)                5-10      190       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 58
45 Ranthony Texada                 Texas Christian          5-10      175       – Sp. 4.40          Rating 58
46 Jordan Thomas                    Oklahoma                    6-0       185       – Sp. 4.60          Rating 58
47 D’Montre Wade                    Murray St                    5-11      200       – Sp. 4.60          Rating 58
48 Jermaine Kelly                      San Jose St                 6-1       195        – Sp. 4.55          Rating 58
49 Derrick Tindal                       Wisconsin                 5-11      180         – Sp. 4.50          Rating 56
50 Henre’ Toliver                       Arkansas                    6-0       185         – Sp. 4.60          Rating 56
51 Nick Watkins                         Notre Dame               6-0       205        – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
52 Donovan Olumba                  Portland St                6-1       195         – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
53 Chandon Sullivan                  Georgia St                 5-11      190         – Sp. 4.60          Rating 56
54 Kevin Richardson II             Arkansas                   5-11      185          – Sp. 4.50          Rating 56
55 Shaq Wiggins                         Tennessee                  5-09      170       – Sp. 4.40          Rating 56
56 Rico Gafford                          Wyoming                    5-09      175       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
57 Tre Dempsey                         North Dakota St        5-09      180       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 56
58 * Vosean Crumbie                Nevada                        6-0       195        – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
59 * Juante Baldwin                  Pittsburg St                5-11      190       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 56
60 Mike Ford                             Southeast Missouri    5-11      190       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
61 Reggie Hall                            Jacksonville St            6-1       200       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
62 Shawun Lurry                       Northern Illinois       5-08      170       – Sp. 4.45          Rating 56
63 Tre Herndon                         Vanderbilt                  6-0       190        – Sp. 4.50          Rating 56
64 Kamrin Moore                       Boston College         5-11      200       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
65 Demetrius Monday               Kent St                       5-10      205       – Sp. 4.60        Rating 56
66 Justin Martin                         Tennessee                 6-1       185       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
67 Jaylen Dunlap                       Illinois                       6-0       185       – Sp. 4.50           Rating 56
68 Chris Lammons                    South Carolina         5-09      190       – Sp. 4.50         Rating 56
69 Blaise Taylor                         Arkansas St               5-07      170       – Sp. 4.45          Rating 56
70 Tolando Cleveland               Mississippi St            5-11      195       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
71 Ryan Carter                            Clemson                     5-09      180       – Sp. 4.55         Rating 56
72 Amari Coleman                     Central Michigan     5-10      185       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
73 Trumaine Washington        Louisville                   5-10      180       – Sp. 4.50         Rating 56
74 Mike Minter Jr.                    Middle Tennessee    5-11      175       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 56
75 Malik Reaves                         Villanova                   5-11      200       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
76 Charvarius Ward                  Middle Tennessee   6-0       190       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
77 Bryon Fields Jr.                     Duke                          5-11      185       – Sp. 4.50         Rating 56
78 Darius Allensworth              California                5-10      190       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
79 Lance Austin                         Georgia Tech           5-08      190       – Sp. 4.55         Rating 56
80 Linden Stephens                   Cincinnati               5-11      190       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56

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