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 Offensive Tackles: Grade: B

NFL Teams in need:
1 Patriots            4. Cardinals
2 Jets                  5. Giants
3 Browns           6. Broncos

     Positional Overview:
This year’s tackle class is a solid overall group with the top two prospects expected to be mid first round selections. Mike McGlinchey and Connor Williams have left tackle skills and should be the first two off the board. There will probably be six to eight chosen in the top 100 selections with as many as 10-12 prospects selected in the top five rounds. Both McGlinchey and Williams have the physical skills and versatility to also play guard. Kolton Miler could be a later 1st or early 2nd round pick. He is a fast rising prospect with very good athleticism to play the outside and probably left tackle within a short time. Tyler Crosby is a premier right tackle and carries a top 50 ranking and early starting grade. Other probable early round prospects are Martinas Rankin and Brian O’Neill have left tackle skills, but probably line up at right tackle or guard early in their careers. They figure to go in the mid to late 2nd day. O’Neill has right tackle experience and should challenge for a rookie starting grade there. Orlando Brown is a fast falling tackle who had a terrible postseason. He projects to right tackle if in condition and has the prototypical skills for that spot. He probably goes in the late 2nd day. Brandon Parker might have as much upside as any player in this tackle class and our highest rated small college prospect. As many as 15-20 tackles could be chosen over the 7 rounds and probably at least 12 prospects in the top 150 picks. This class has marginal depth with the strength from the mid-1st round thru the top 125 prospects. Many highly-rated tackles such as Jamarco Jones and Chukwuma Okorafor project inside early as NFL starting guards. This class may furnish only a few starting left tackles in time with most 2nd tier prospects strictly rightside. This class may provide 15 potential starters.

NFL Premier Player
Joe Thomas
Blue Chip – Connor Williams
Blue Chip – Mike McGlinchey
Rising – Kolton Miller
Falling – Martinas Rankin
Underrated – Jamarco Jones
Overrated – Chukwuma Okorafor
Small College – Brandon Parker
Sleeper – Will Richardson
Boom/Bust – Orlando Brown
Long term Gem – Brian O’Neill

Positional Traits
Best Athlete – Kolton Miller
Best Run – Mike McGlinchey
Best Pass – Connor Williams
Best Pulling – Connor Williams
Toughest – Mike McGlinchey
Adjusts Best – Tyrell Crosby
Strongest – Mike McGlinchey
Most Developed – Mike McGlinchey

Top Tackle Prospects

1 * Connor Williams – Texas
2 Mike McGlinchey – Notre Dame
3.* Kolton Miller – UCLA
4 Tyrell Crosby – Oregon
5 * Brian O’Neill – Pittsburgh
6 Martinas Rankin – Mississippi St
7 * Orlando Brown – Oklahoma
8 Chukwuma Okorafor – Western Michigan
9 Brandon Parker – North Carolina A&T
10 Jamarco Jones – Ohio St
11 Zachary Crabtree – Oklahoma St
12 Cole Madison – Washington St.
13 * Geron Christian – Louisville
14 Alex Cappa – Humboldt St
15 Will Richardson – North Carolina St

Offensive Tackles

1 * Connor Williams #55           6-6        300       Texas – Sp. 5.0
    Player Comparison: Joe Staley                                        Rating 90
Long agile junior tackle returned from an early season knee injury to start two late 2017 games for the Longhorns. Earned first team All-American and Big 12 honors over his sophomore 2016 season which ranked him at the top of the tackle class. Also earned Freshman All-American honors in 2015. Nimble athlete displayed fast developing skills for the outside, including footwork, hand use and overall technique. Fine length and footwork that projects well to the outside at left tackle. Slides well with easy movement to adjust showing top balance and agility. As a run blocker, he is exceptional in all aspects. Physical and aggressive. Quick off the snap, fluid getting into position on his blocks. Stays centered while blocking, moves his feet and sustains very well. Comes off combo blocks inline and works up to the 2nd level with ease, where he gets very good fits on linebackers. He shows too athleticism for the left tackle position and projects there in the NFL. Looks smooth and comfortable moving in space. Able to lead block successfully to the outside on running plays or getting out in front of screens. In pass-protection, he shows very good kick-slide and lateral agility. Works hard to stay between his man and the quarterback. Shows very good hand punch, with the ability to lock on and sustain. Hard-nosed, blue-collar worker and considered a throwback to days of yore in the NFL. Nimble athlete with an interesting natural skill set to play the left side with size, arm length, foot speed and agility. Performed at a high-level vs Big 12 talent where he graded out among the league’s best blockers. Displays left side ability, including kick slide and knee bend to mirror. Shows quick strong hands to force rushers wide which was evident vs top Big 12 talent. Long-limbed specimen with the movement ability scouts seek in a left tackle prospect. As a drive blocker, he relies on his natural athleticism and finesse to wall off successfully. Though he can play too upright and lose leverage, he usually sustains fairly well. Shows very good lateral agility and flexibility to move in space. Long frame with good overall strength. His functional strength translates well to the playing field. On the snap, he engages defenders with a strong hand punch to gain early control. In pass protection, he shows good balance, flexibility to set up quickly and the ability to quickly adjust to counter moves. Matches up well athletically with speed rushers and is able to kick slide and use his good (33”) arm length to push defenders wide. Can be vulnerable to the bull rush when he lets his pads get high. Understands angles and technique and adjusts very well on the move to strike a defender. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’5” and 296 lbs. e ran a 5.05 time with 34” VL, 9’4” BJ and did 26 reps. Added a 4.63 shuttle and a 7.83 three cone. Prospect with the package to be the best left tackle in this class in time. Needs strength and technique work. Similar to Joe Staley in size, mobility and overall AA. Rising top 15 prospect with natural talent and size, but short resume and limited reps vs high competition. Top left tackle skill set and could be over drafted off clear upside potential. Blue chip project needs time to refine his game and may start initially at guard. High ceiling at a position of pressing need with many clubs. Clubs like Bills, Bengals, Raiders and Chargers interested.
Draft Projection: 1st Round 1

2 Mike McGlinchey #68            6-8        310                   Notre Dame – Sp. 5.25
    Player Comparison  Taylor Lewan                                              Rating 90
Physical senior technician performed well over his Irish career, forming a dominant left side with blue chip guard Quenton Nelson. Team captain and was a three-year starter at tackle with the final two years on the left side for the Irish, after converting there after being a HS four-star tight end. Great length and arms with a strong hand punch to gain a quick advantage. Slides well with the ability to maintain a solid base and play consistently sound position. As a run blocker, he shows consistently sound technique, with the size and strength to dominate. Despite his great height, he bends his knees very well and shows the ability to play with leverage. Gets a good push on his inline run blocks. Nimble enough to handle quicker smaller defenders on the 2nd level. Works hard to sustain and goes for the throat. Try hard, lunch pail type. In pass-protection, he has average lateral quickness, but knows how to use his reach and wingspan to make himself a chore to circumnavigate. Displays good balance in pass sets, controlled movement in his kick-slide and outstanding use of hands. May be best suited for the right-side, but looks very comfortable on the left.  Eventually projects to the starting left tackle role and performed very well vs both speed and power defenders. Graded out high as both a pass protector and drive blocker. Possesses ideal size and good overall strength. Shows fine awareness and displays sound technique especially an initial hand punch. As a pass blocker, he keeps a good base, moves well laterally, and stays under control. Edge rushers seldom find it easy to run the arc even though he doesn’t over-commit to the outside while remaining alert for inside counter and spin moves. Very hard to bull rush because he keeps his knees bent with the core strength to absorb defenders who try to run through him. Keeps his head on a swivel and always looking for another defender to block. Usually sustains well with good arm extension. At times lets defenders, get into his body and can get pushed back, but still works to maintain position. Neutralizes defenders initially with his punch that allows him to gain an early advantage. Shows very good balance and agility to adjust to counter moves. Despite his length and bulk, he is light on his feet for such a large tackle with the skill set to continue to progress and become a top-flight NFL starter. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’8” and 309 lbs. with 34” arms and 10” hands. He did 24 reps, 28.5 VL and 8’9” BJ and no other events. Clubs like the Cardinals, Patriots, Seahawks and Raiders are looking at him in the mid to late 1st round area. Physical fast tackle with the development to start as a rookie. Versatility allows him to project to every position except center. Rising top 25 prospect and plugin starter with total package. Worked hard this season and responded to strong coaching. Possible 1st overall tackle off the board and best left tackle. Physically similar to Taylor Lewan in natural talent and mental makeup. Aggressive technician with high LOD to start immediately either on the outside as a rookie.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

3 * Kolton Miller #77                6-9        310          UCLA – Sp. 4.90          
   Player Comparison: Andrew Whitworth                               Rating 88
Tall angular redshirt junior left tackle has been a starter since midway in his redshirt freshman season, earning 2nd team Pac-12 honors his final season. Fast developing blocker displays good physical tools and athleticism for the position with the toughness to carry out assignments. Protected the blindside for highly regarded junior QB Josh Rosen in 2017. Displays good balance and the ability to slide in protection and adjust to secondary moves. In pass protection, he usually bends his knees properly, though can play too high, leaving himself vulnerable to both speed and power rushers. As a run blocker, he bends his knees and use leverage fairly well, especially for one so tall. He shows good lower-body strength and leg drive. Works best in line with good flexibility and balance to redirect and roll his hips. When he locks on, he keeps his feet moving and can drive a defender off the line, while showing good ability to sustain. He is more a muscle and maul type rather than a finesse and wall off blocker in the run game. Though he can do either for that matter. Maybe a little slow and deliberate off the snap and into his pass-protection sets. Sound at sinking his butt and keeping his feet about shoulder width for a good base. Maintains good hand position and shows a strong punch. His grip is very strong and when he locks on, he is difficult for a defender to get free of. At times he will bend at the waist and get his weight too far forward, allowing a pass rusher to easily swim past him, though this is the exception, rather than the rule. Usually bends his knees to utilize his massive frame, though can raise his pads and play with a thin base at times. This causes him to get bull rushed and struggle to recover or counter. The Bruins often ran behind him in critical situations and he was usually able to get movement and create a lane. QB Josh Rosen got harassed often by the pass rush, but it was seldom due to any shortcomings by Miller. He was generally a bright spot, along with underrated center Scott Quessenberry. In the Pac-12, he faced NFL caliber pass rushers weekly and graded out highly, showing fast progress as a prospect. He combines a long reach (34 1/8”) with fairly good footwork and balance to maintain his position in protection. Good understanding of responsibilities with the skill set to handle edge pass rushers, though may need to move initially to the right side. He is surprisingly effective on the 2nd level for such a tall blocker – adjusts easily and fits on backers. Very good size and girth will enable him to start at tackle. Must prove he can be consistent in handling elite speed rushers to line up at left tackle. His game is position and technique that allows him to lock on, slide and uses his bulk and reach to contain edge defenders. Skill set to be a pro tackle in the mold of in power and athleticism. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’9” and 309 lbs. with 34 1/8” arms and 10 3/4” hands. He did 24 reps and ran a 4.91 time and added a 31.5” VL and a 10’1” BJ. He also had good positional and agility drills with a 4.49 short shuttle and a 7.34 three cone drill. Clubs like the Panthers, Broncos, Giants and Browns are looking at him in the early 2nd round. Agile aggressive developing tackle with the skills to start early in the NFL, though must be technically sound. Versatility allows him to project to either outside position. Rising top 40 prospect off a strong NFL Combine workout. Surprise late first round selection with Patriots and Vikings very interested.
Draft Projection: 1st-2nd Round

4 Tyrell Crosby #73                  6-5        310                   Oregon – Sp. 5.25
    Player Comparison: Orlando Franklin                                          Rating 80
Massive wide body tackle was a dominant performer in the Pac-12 over his senior season, earning first team Pac-12 honors and the Morris Award for the league’s best linemen. Versatile, agile specimen also played both right tackle and guard prior to left tackle in 2017. Long frame and arms that allows him to get his hands on an opponent early on the down. Components for the right-side tackle spot, showing the length, girth, agility and power to grade out high there. Projects early to either RT or guard at the next level. Very good size, arm length and strength that translates well to the field. Good athleticism to handle the outside. Looks smooth as a pass blocker – quick out of his stance with a sound kick slide and good balance to mirror speed rushers consistently. Possesses the quickness and athleticism to handle pass-protection duties at left tackle, but also has the aggression and demeanor to be a force as a drive blocker in the run game. As a run blocker, he plays with an edge. Likes to impose his will on defenders and at times will literally toss them aside like a rag doll. Delivers a jolting initial blow when run blocking and will keep his feet moving and drive his man back off the line. Quick powerful hands used effectively with the technique and strength to lock on and control a defender. Displays fine natural knee bend, which allows him to hold his ground vs a bull rush. When he comes off the snap high he allows his pads to rise that negates his strength.  Capable of handling short or long pulls and can get good fits when asked to block in space. Sound technician and uses his pure athleticism and power to grade out highly. The type of physical presence you want as your right tackle, but able to handle speed well in protection to line up on the left side. Also more than physical and strong enough to project to guard at the NFL level, depending on which team drafts him. At times, he can play with a narrow base that leaves him vulnerable to counter moves or a strong bull rush. Very capable on tandem blocks, able to peel off, reach the 2nd level and pick off a backer. Able to handle reach blocks on zone stretch plays. Relies on his arm length, movement and balance to wall off and influence defenders. Good movement skills on the snap and uses his bulk to gain sound positioning with good foot speed when pulling or blocking downfield. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 6’5” and 309 lbs. with an arm length of 35 1/4” and 10 3/4” hands. He ran a 5.23 time and did 17 reps. He added a 30” VL and 8’9” BJ” with a 4.77 shuttle and a 7.89 three cone drill. He has drawn comparisons to tackle Orlando Franklin in power, agility and positional versatility. Probable rookie starter on the outside and one of the more versatile offensive line prospects in this draft. Developed durable prospect with the consistency to start after some technique refinement. Top 40 talent with the good skill set to surprise and become a fixture at right tackle or inside.
Draft Projection: 2nd Round

5 * Brian O’Neill #70                 6-7        300                   Pittsburgh – Sp. 4.80             
   Player Comparison: Anthony Castonzo                                        Rating 80
Tall redshirt junior athlete has performed well on the outside since his freshman season, earning ACC honors his final two seasons. Former HS tight end converted to the offensive line prior to his freshman season at Pitt. Started the final 37 consecutive games during his three seasons including 2017 at left tackle. Moves fairly well given his size and length. Natural strength and is just learning how to use it. As a pass blocker, he usually maintains good knee bend and keeps a wide base, showing good balance and hand usage. Still growing into his body with the frame to carry 310+ lbs. Put on 75 lbs. since converting from tight end. He is making nice progress with his technique, though can play high and thin based in protection which leaves him vulnerable to the power move. As a run blocker, is more the position and wall off type, rather than relying on brute strength to impose his will. His tight end background and athleticism, combined with his height and reach, could make him effective as a tackle eligible near the goal line. Looks smooth when asked to pull and block in space. Arrives under control and can lock on and eliminate a defender in the open field. As a pass-protector shows good balance and hip flexibility. Able to use his body control, balance and footwork to keep himself between pass rusher and QB. He has the kick-slide and lateral movement to run speed rushers wide at the top of the arc. Still a work in progress with only three years playing offensive line. Needs to get stronger and work on refining his technique. Seldom if ever ends up on the ground. His great wingspan makes him very difficult to beat him off the edge if initially sound. Able to get consistent movement on inline drive blocks with good technique and strong hands to steer and control an opponent. Capable of collapsing the entire side of the defensive line when he down-blocks. Shows good arm extension and looks to engulf defenders. Usually keeps his feet churning on run blocks, though at times slows down and just leans on a defender. As a drive blocker, he must keep his pads low to be effective and utilize his big frame. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’7” and 297 lbs. with 34 1/8” arms and 9 3/8” hands. He did 22 reps, ran a 4.80 time with a 29.5” VL and an 8’11” BJ. His agility drill times were a 4.50 short shuttle and a 7.14 three cone to complete an awesome workout for a tackle. Clubs like the Jets, Colts, Texans and Vikings are looking at him in the 2nd day area. Developing starting tackle with the skill set to continue to improve. Versatility allows him to project to play tackle or guard. Possible left tackle in the mold of Nate Solder and Anthony Castonzo, though needs to be technically sound consistently to handle elite edge rushers. Rising top 60 prospect and an eventual starter with package for either right tackle or guard.  Most likely gets taken somewhere on the mid-2nd day. Blue collar blocker with starting grade.
Draft Projection: 2nd-3rd Round 2

6 Martinas Rankin #55             6-4        310       Mississippi St – Sp. 5.15         
    Player Comparison: Derrick Sherrod                                             Rating 80
Agile, mobile, athletic left tackle started since his junior season and earned SEC 1st team honors over his final two years. Entered Miss St after an excellent JC career. Solid all around left tackle prospect drew notice over his early career that earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl. Combines fine length, mobility and quickness to rank among the better left tackle prospects. As a pass blocker, he sets up smoothly and slides easily to handle edge speed with the ability to recover and adjust to multiple moves. Uses his long arms well and is able to lock on and control. As a run blocker, he handles all phases with relative ease. Quick out of his stance on pass sets to engage, showing smooth steps, good knee bend and arm extension. Very effective when called upon to handle short pulls. Shows good athleticism and can cut block well with accuracy. When blocking inline, he can consistently get good movement. Able to climb to the 2nd level and eliminate quicker defenders. His ability to pull, and trap block indicate he may be even better at guard. As a pass-protector, he is quick into his sets and mirrors pass rushers well, with good arm extension and punch. Adjusts quickly to secondary moves and resets nicely maintaining his base. Can be bull rushed if not technically sound. He is a versatile athlete and will press for early starting time on an NFL roster next season. Offers several position flexibility on the offensive line. As a run blocker, gets good movement inline, especially when asked to down-block. Mobile to get up to the 2nd level and pick off backers. Long and slender with nice arm length and carries no extra body fat. Good strength to be a top inline drive blocker, combined with athleticism and quick feet to position and finesse a defender. Suited physically for left tackle and much more about finesse and athleticism than power. After a year of adding some muscle in an NFL weight room, capable of turning out to be one of the real gems out of this tackle class. Interesting prospect. At the NFL Combine, he came in 6’4” and 308 lbs. with 33 3/4” arms and 10 1/8” hands. He did 24 reps and no other events. Clubs like the Raiders, Panthers, Seahawks and Patriots are looking at him in the late first and early 2nd day. Agile developing tackle with the skill set to challenge for NFL starting time. Improving and fast rising tackle with the skills to continue to improve. Some versatility to project inside to guard. Rising top 40 prospect and definitely has the physical tools to work with, though risky. Lacks power and ability to anchor raises key questions related to run blocking and handling the bull rush in the NFL. Similar to former Bulldog LT Derrick Sherrod who was a disappointment as a #1 pick by the Packers. Early starting tackle with complete skill set, but must continue to improve.
Draft Projection: 2nd-3rd Round

7 * Orlando Brown #78             6-8        345                   Oklahoma – Sp. 5.70               
  Player Comparison: Phil Loadholt                                                          Rating 78
Huge physical true junior tackle has been a force on the balanced Sooner multiple offense over his three starting seasons. Earned All-American and Big 12 honors since his freshman season at tackle. Started all 39 career games at left tackle and instrumental in the success of Heisman Trophy QB Baker Mayfield and their powerful ground game that featured Semaje Perine and Joe Mixon over his tenure. Definitely looks the part with great overall length, long arms (35”) and well distributed muscle mass. Lacks elite nimble footwork, but uses sound positioning to utilize his massive frame. Can lock on and drive defenders back when run blocking inline and was very dominating in that role. Consistently shows instantaneous movement at the snap. Fine quickness and balance that belies his mountainous size. Plays the game under control both as a run and pass blocker. As an inline run blocker, he is very dominating and has the ability to create gaping holes. Blocks down very well, and also able to lock on and eliminate quick defenders in the open field. Effective on short pulls when the Sooners run their inside counter plays. As a pass-protector, he presents a foreboding task for pass rushers to try to get around. He has at least average lateral kick-slide, but his extreme reach help offset any lack of foot quickness. Must get his hands on speed rushers early with a strong punch to contain and utilize his power and girth. Possesses great core strength to stand up to bull rushers, though needs to be technically sound. Usually plays the game on his feet, but late in games, can appear to wear down a little and is less effective vs quickness and ends up on the ground at times. Bottom line though, is he has rare girth, length, and overwhelming strength that he is able to consistently use to his advantage. Reaches the 2nd level adequately though does not always breakdown well in space. Graded out highly on a weekly basis vs premier Big 12 talent. Challenged by elite edge rushers and must be fundamentally sound to contain. Can be beat off the edge if he does not come out of his stance quickly and use his reach properly. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’8” and 345 lbs. with 35” arms and 9 ¾” hands and did 14 reps. Ran a horrible 5.80 time and added a 19.5” VL, a 6’10” BJ, a 5.38 shuttle and a 7.87 three cone. Clubs like the Ravens, Bills, Patriots and Chargers are looking at him in the 2nd day area. Massive tackle with the skill set to continue to improve. Versatility allows him to project to both outside tackle positions. Falling top 80 prospect and probable early starter with an intriguing talent, though better suited for the right side than the left tackle spot. Mostly likely available on the 2nd day. The overall talent to be as good as the top prospects, though not as fully developed at this point and not an elite tackle. Road grader also projects as a rookie starting guard. Huge boom or bust prospect.
Draft Projection: 3rd Round

8 Chukwuma Okorafor #77      6-6        320                   Western Michigan – Sp. 5.30
   Player Comparison: Cordy Glenn                                                             Rating 75
Mountainous senior tackle has been an important part of the WM line the past three seasons, starting at left tackle his final two campaigns. Truly massive lineman and surprisingly coordinated and athletic for a man his size that projects to either tackle in time. Former five-star recruit lineman and a good basketball player started the final 39 games of his career. As a pass blocker, he has mass and the footwork to move easily along the line whether in pass pro or drive blocking.  His massive girth and very long arms to push speed rushers past the QB when he makes initial contact. Light on his feet and natural knee bender, should allow him to start at left tackle in the NFL. He has fine initial quickness, though needs to be more consistently aggressive. Tends to absorb blocks at times, rather than imposing his will. His rawness still shows, because at times he seems unsure whom to block and will hesitate when reaching the 2nd level and whiff. Rare combination of size, strength and athleticism, including the lateral quickness to remain at left tackle. Needs more football experience to refine his skills along with some glass in his diet. As a pass-protector, he shows good basic technique with sound knee bend, kick-slide and arm extension. His natural strength is impressive, because often when he locks on he stops opponents in their tracks. At times, a speed rusher will appear to beat him to the top of the arc, only to have Chukes recover and use his long reach to push the man past the pocket. As a run blocker, he comes off the snap with only adequate quickness and must use his hands early to gain control and use his mass and core strength.  Fails to fully utilize his bulk and athleticism to get the powerful push his talent suggests. Surprisingly agile when blocking on the 2nd level and can eliminate quicker defenders in space. Can get overextended in pass protection and can struggle to maintain balance and recover. Vulnerable to inside counters and needs extensive technique work on his setup and hand usage. May move to right tackle or inside to guard initially. When he gets his hands-on defenders early, he shows the power, balance, flexibility and strength to roll his hips and finish. Improved annually with further experience on the outside, though still a work in progress. Needs to play with sound hand technique to utilize his fine upper body strength to be ready for the next level. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’6” and 320 lbs. with 34 1/2” arms and 10 1/4” hands. He did 19 reps, ran a 5.31 time with a 23.5” VL and 8’6” BJ. Added a 4.80 shuttle and a 7.87 three cone. Draws comparison to Cordy Glenn in physical skills and positional versatility and overall potential. Young physical talent will allow him to compete for time at tackle or guard. Good 2nd day prospect with definite starting potential, though needs to commit to weight and technique work. Needs to play in the 320 lb. range to utilize his skills. Boom or bust prospect at the position with upside in time.
Draft Projection: 3rd Round

9 Brandon Parker #70   6-8      305                   North Carolina A&T – Sp. 5.35              ]
  Player Comparison : Terron Armstead                                           Rating 75
Tall athletic senior has been one of the best small college blockers in the past decade over his four starting seasons. Earned MEAC honors all four seasons with 1st team honors his final three campaigns. Started all 48 career games and did not allow a sack in helping the Aggies to two FCS championships. Earned an invite to the Senior Bowl where he held up well on the right side. Shows the versatility to play both tackle spots. Massive agile athlete displays sound technique and movement skills to develop into a top starting tackle. His current level of development may limit him to the right side tackle role early in his career. Needs to show more tenacity in his game to face NFL edge talent. As a pass blocker, displays good initial quickness, balance, and patience. Allows the pass rusher to come to him and does not over-commit. He appears to have the ideal physical package for left tackle in the NFL. He has rare height coupled with very long arms. He has a trim physique and does not appear to be carrying any excess baggage around the midsection. Quick and under control coming out of his stance. Smooth in his kick-slide and lateral agility. Displays an effective hand punch, with the ability to recoil and punch again. When he gets locked on to edge rushers at the MEAC level, it is generally all over. They do not get away from him. As a run blocker, he handles the various aspects all very well. He has the ability to drive block straight-ahead on power plays. Able to make the reach blocks and angle blocks on inside and outside zones. When asked to pull, he shows good quickness and coordination and gets good fits on 2nd level defenders, clearing the hole for backs. The only real question with Parker is how well he can handle the big step up to the NFL. Controls an opponent with a quick strong punch and hands to lock on. Usually bends his knees well with leverage to anchor and stop the bull rush. At times, plays with a thin base and gives ground when his technique falters. Very alert and aware to recognize stunts and twists. As a run blocker, he shows good strength, balance and agility when asked either to drive or pull. At times, speed rushers can give him trouble and he lacks top flexibility, elite balance and quickness in his kick slide. Shows the length and reach to man the outside with good movement and power at the POA. Frame, arm length and the footwork to mirror pass rushers will merit a long look at left tackle in time, though he must prove capable vs elite pro caliber edge rushers. At the Senior Bowl, he performed fairly well despite the huge jump in level of competition. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’8” and 305 lbs. with 35” arms and 9 3/4” hands. He ran a 5.37 time and did not lift. Added a 28.5” VL, a 9’5” BJ with a 4.68 shuttle and 7.82 three cone. He had good positional drills and had a solid overall performance. Developing small college tackle and could be over drafted on upside potential. Probable early middle round pick with starting grade, though needs development on his skill set, especially strength conditioning and technique work to realize his ability. Needs more glass in his diet and be consistently sound technically to earn a starting position. Talent to improve, though not currently ready for starting time and needs necessary maturation. Marginal top 100 prospect with high ceiling, though not ready to start early.
Draft Projection: 3rd-4th Round

10 Jamarco Jones #74                         6-4        300       Ohio St – Sp. 5.50
   Player Comparison:  Michael Oher                                               Rating 70
Huge veteran two-year starting left tackle earned Big Ten honors over his final two seasons including first team in 2017. Played a key backup role behind Taylor Decker his first two seasons before developing into one of the conference’s best blockers. Big framed athlete with base, arm length and footwork to play a more physical and nasty brand of football with development. Struggles at times with top edge speed due to mainly inconsistent technique and hand usage. May be best suited in the pros at right tackle initially. Keeps a wide base under him with a straight back and good knee bend. Hand usage needs development to utilize his functional power more consistently. Gets a good initial push in his run blocks when he comes off the ball with timing and sound hand usage. His straight-ahead power could be best used at right tackle, though probably gets looked at also as a left tackle. Moves well at the 2nd level to fit on backers. In pass-protection, he shows good athleticism in his footwork, with the ability to react to secondary moves. Usually handles speed rushers coming around the edge and shows alertness to react. As a run blocker, he maintains good pad level, keeps his feet moving and generally sustains very well. Considered intelligent and hardworking by the Buckeyes’ coaching staff. Durable tough blocker did not allow minor dings to keep him out of the lineup. Plays through pain if necessary. Most of the time when blocking though, he does not overwhelm anyone. Ties up defenders and creates stalemates, effectively walling off an opponent. Needs to improve his core strength to reach his potential at the NFL level. Moves early trying to compensate for less than ideal lateral quickness. Fails to punch out consistently to use his good arm extension. When he locks on to a pass rusher, he has the power and agility control them the full play. Tough to bull rush when he bends his knees and maintains his base. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’4” and 299 lbs. with incredible 35 1/8” arms and 9 ½” hands. He ran a 5.50 time and added a 24” VL, an 8’6” BJ and 4.99 shuttle and 8.32 three cone. He compares to Michael Oher in size, agility and inside/outside potential. Also, similar in inconsistent technique use especially his punch and ability to counter. Should be suited and effective in a pro-style offense after playing in the Buckeyes’ offense. Possesses all the physical tools to be as good as he wants, but needs extensive work on technique and strength to transfer his physical abilities into effectiveness on the field. Risky 2nd day pick with all the physical talent, but the type who can disappoint early if too much is expected. Eventual starter with critical development. Raw talent and boom or bust prospect.
Draft Projection: 4th-5th Round

11 Zachary Crabtree #60          6-6        315                   Oklahoma St – Sp. 5.30
  Player Comparison : Michael Schofield                                          Rating 70
Reliable four-year starter for the Cowboys’ offensive line, earning Big 12 honors over his final two years, including first team in 2017. Started since the early games of his redshirt freshman season at right tackle. Earned an invitation to the East-West Shrine Game, where he was probably the best offensive tackle in attendance. Played in a spread offense that helped him develop in pass blocking. Key protector for strong armed QB Mason Rudolph who put up incredible throwing numbers during his three seasons. Shows good positioning and hand usage early on the down to utilize his big frame to anchor. Sustains well in protection with the ability to adjust to multiple moves. As a run blocker, he is usually quick off the snap, though his time in a two-point stance limited his development. Engages his man with a strong initial jolt, keeps his feet moving well, and works hard to sustain. Able to get good movement on straight-ahead blocks against college edge defenders. Power to be very effective on down blocks, where he can collapse the entire side of defensive line. The Cowboys often ran behind him in key short yardage situations. As a pass-protector, he is adequate vs speedy edge rushers. Usually he can run his man up the field, and past the pocket, but it takes every bit of his foot quickness and reach to do so. Possesses an adequate kick-slide and lateral movement skills. If a pass rusher is able to jolt him, he can struggle to recover and maintain positioning. He can be more effective against a straight-ahead bull rush, where when he keeps a good wide base and bends his knees. Good skill set for the power right tackle role and difficult to drive back into the pocket. Adequate arms with strong hands and decent footwork and able to lock on and direct an opponent. Effectively able to influence block and wall off defender and gains sound positioning often. Able to punch out, reload and keep the pass rusher away from his QB. He did not attend the NFL Combine. At his pro day, he came in 6’7” and 317 lbs. with 34 1/8” arms and 9 1/8” hands. He did 25 reps and ran a 5.30 time with a 21.5” VL and a 7’2” BJ and a 4.91 short shuttle and 7.98 three cone.  Looks similar in many ways to Michael Schofield. Developing tackle with the skill set to surprise and possibly start if he continues to improve. Mainly a right tackle. Top 150 prospect and possible starter within time. NFL starter with refinement of his technique.

12 Cole Madison #61                6-5        315       Washington St – Sp 5.35                        Rating 65
Agile senior lineman started the past four seasons for the Cougars, including 47 starts the last three seasons at right tackle. Earned Pac-12 honors his final three seasons that warranted an invitation to the Senior Bowl. Former tight end with long athletic frame with good arm length and hands along with sound footwork and technique to line up outside vs edge rushers. Played in a pass heavy offense with relatively limited reps as straight ahead run blocker. He has light quick feet, which serve him well when walling off on running plays. His game as a run blocker is mostly about finesse than pure power. As a pass blocker, he is quick out of his stance and slides well laterally. Maintains good balance. Works hard at protecting his outside shoulder and does his best to not let speed rushers run the arc on him. Graded out nicely as pass protector, though struggled vs quality edge rushers. Punches out and locks on pretty well, keep his hands inside the frame work of the defender. Lacks a really strong ability to anchor though and can be bull rushed back into the pocket at times. Even when he gets walked back, he does not give up on a play and will do his best to consistently keep himself between his man and the QB. Lacks the raw strength to be an ideal convert to offensive guard, though can progress in that area. His future at the next level appears to be mainly right tackle. Uses hands to gain a quick advantage and the ability to control an opponent. Lacks a strong surge as a drive blocker and relies on finesse, technique and footwork to succeed. Adequate foot speed to get to the outside while effective in short traps and pulls. Good flexibility and balance that gains an advantage and adjusts quickly. With refinement of his technique and strength work, he figures to compete for a starting position in time. Displayed consistent and fairly sound technique along with durability to grade out well weekly. Shows the toughness to make the jump up to the NFL with a definite make it grade. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’5” and 308 lbs. with 32 1/4” arms and 10 3/8” hands. Ran a 5.33 time with 26 reps, a 28.5” VL, an 8’1” BJ with a 4.88 shuttle and a 7.86 three cone. Tough blocker with strong hands to finish when technically sound. Usually plays with good pad level to take advantage of his frame, AA and strength. Savvy blocker who plays with awareness to pick up blitzes and stunts with the ability to work combo blocks. Skills are suited for the right side and carries a marginal starting grade. He can surprise in camp with his good LOD and intangibles to make a roster and possibly push for starting time after a critical adjustment period. Good backup type initially. Marginal top 150-200 prospect and possible starter in time.

13 * Geron Christian #74       6-5    300  Louisville – Sp. 5.35      Rating 65         
Athletic junior tackle started since early in his freshman season, playing both sides at tackle. Earner ACC honors his final two seasons. Agile lean frame with growth potential and the good footwork to develop into an NFL starter. Long arms, strong hands and above average footwork to move laterally and adjust to moves. Over his last two seasons, faced quality ACC rushers weekly and developed nice technique. Started 37 consecutive games and 48 total contests over his short career. He is more natural at left tackle, but the Cardinals flip flopped their offensive tackles during the games, so he has experience on both sides. Former HS basketball player and he has the footwork and flexibility to prove it. Shows good quickness coming out of his stance and looks smooth in his kick-slide. Uses his very long arms to keep pass rushers off his body and can make it very difficult for speed to run the arc on him. Needs to play with sound hand placement and overall technique to get the most out of his athleticism As a run blocker, he maintains low pad level and can be explosive when engaging. Rolls his hips and keeps his feet moving to get a good push. May not have the ideal lateral agility to handle NFL quality edge speed. Relies almost totally on his length and natural strength, rather than refining his technique. Sometimes, gets out of balance by leaning too far forward and waist bending. Seems to finish too many plays on the ground. Projects to both tackle and guard where he shows an NFL skill set. Big hands and a strong punch gains a quick advantage, but must bend knees to be effective and sustain blocks. Effective when asked to move in space, though limited overall speed. He shows the ability to pull and fit on backers and is very effective within short areas where he can win most physical confrontations. Also projects inside to guard where he might compete for playing time. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’5” and 298 lbs. with 35” arms and 10 3/4” hands. Ran a 5.33 time with 19 reps. Agile blocker with the talent to develop further and an interesting prospect with the physical tools and intangibles to challenge for playing time and possibly start. Athletic savvy lineman with size, agility, flexibility, strength and technique to find a way to earn a roster spot and challenge for starting time. Good 3rd day addition and long-term prospect with the makeup to surprise and start at either right tackle or guard in time after critical development in his fine skill set. Marginal top 150 prospect.

14 Alex Cappa #71                    6-6        305       Humboldt St – Sp. 5.30
    Hindu Theory:  Doug Free                                                   Rating 70
Experienced four-year starter and first team D2 All-American performer over his final two seasons. Performed at left tackle and was a dominant blocker during his career. Physical lineman wins in close quarters once he gets his hands on an opponent. Lined up at left tackle, though projects to right tackle or guard in the NFL. Frame to add weight and displays excellent functional strength. Long athlete possesses broad shoulders with a well-proportioned physique. As a run blocker, he displays fine initial quickness and comes off at the snap with great force to create movement inline. Plays with good knee bend, which is critical at his height. Displays sound technique, though lets his pads get too high at times. His hand punch is violent and he uses a very strong grip to latch on to and control defenders in the GNAC. Keeps his butt down and seldom allows himself to get overextended. Good balance overall and rarely is on the ground at the whistle. Works hard to sustain his blocks and looks to bury defenders. He has the strength and physicality to move inside to guard as well. As a pass-protector, at the D2 level, he generally had his way with the best pass rushers they threw at him. May not possess the elite foot quickness and arm length to play at LT in the NFL with no experience at other positions. Made a strong showing during Senior Bowl week, going against the best pass rushers at that event. Played both tackle and guard over his week in Mobile, Alabama. Shows tackle length and mass with definite growth potential. Able to run block in line with success. Moves deliberately and uses his reach and bulk to get into a defender with the power and tenacity to finish. Gets overextended at times and fails to sustain, though will battle to recover. Gets into his pass set fairly well and can stalemate most bull rushes with good functional strength and hand technique. Top edge speed gives him trouble, especially off the snap where he can be beaten early on the down. Shows the kick-slide and lateral movement to mirror edge rushers and relies on his punch to recover. Better overall vs right side speed and capable of handling the power position. Quick pass rushers with inside spin moves are difficult for him to handle. Gets a strong push run blocking and can lock on and get movement. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’6” and 305 lbs. with 32 5/8” arms and 9 1/4” hands. He did 24 reps, ran a 5.35 time with a 26.5” VL and an 8’1” BJ. Ran a 4.84 shuttle and an 8.04 three cone. Fast developing tackle with the skill set to continue to improve. Hard working technician needs to be fundamentally sound to succeed. Top 150 prospect graded out well at the Senior Bowl, though still needs work and time. With improved technique, he may be able to compete at right tackle, though a move inside initially may be his best chance of early time. Good middle round pick with fine intangibles to get the most of his average skill set and earn starting right tackle or guard spot.

15 * Will Richardson #54       6-6      310       North Carolina St – Sp. 5.25     
Hindu Theory:      Jeff Allen                                                   Rating 70
Physical wide body tackle has been a mainstay on the Wolfpack’ line the past three seasons, starting since early in his redshirt freshman year. Earned 2nd team ACC honors in 2017 and decided to declare for the NFL Draft in April. Big long frame, arm length along with agile footwork to play as a tackle at the next level and equal experience at both tackle and guard. Shows the aggression and drive to effectively stay on right side after starting at tackle most of his career. Performed well against many elite speed rushers while playing vs ACC talent, in addition to facing the very talented NC St. front four during practice throughout his career. Helped form a powerful right-side of the offensive line, playing alongside RG Tony Adams, where they played an integral part of opening holes for Hines and Samuels. As a run blocker, he is very quick off the snap. Engages with force while playing with a wide base and good balance. Locks on and sustains well. Keeps his feet moving as a run blocker and tries to dominate his opponent. Despite his massive size, due to his surprising quickness, is able to make the reach and angle blocks necessary to be effective in a zone blocking scheme. Due to his impressive core strength and powerful hands, he possesses the sheer power also to be effective in a man on man blocking scheme. As a pass-protector, he was also very effective, where his long reach and lateral movement kept most edge rushers at bay. Overall, he moves well enough to remain at RT in the NFL with his core strength and physicality, but to also to move inside to guard. Adequate blocking in space, and gets out in front on screen passes, though only average foot speed. Technically sound as a pass blocker. Uses a quick hand punch and recoils nicely with good power. Good kick slide and has the lateral agility to effectively mirror rushers. Maintains his base, does not over commit with good hand extension when blocking speed rushers. Big frame and reach, but must commit to conditioning and will benefit from an NFL level training program. Quickly recognizes stunts and twists and works hard to sustain and finish his blocks, showing a mean streak. Moves efficiently to reach the 2nd level, though does not always get good fits on the backers. Struggles to change directions and redirect to multiple moves at times. Shows overall athleticism and a physical style that fits nicely for the right side. Able to anchor when facing a strong bull rusher and nice RT fit. Talent to start there with developed power when he plays with leverage. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’6” and 306 lbs. with 35 1/4” arms and did not lift. He ran a 5.22 time with a 31.5” VJ, a 9’ BJ and marginal agility drills with a 4.83 shuttle and a 7.80 three cone. Similar to tackle Jeff Allen size, versatility and development. Probable mid-3rd day pick with definite starting grade. A few off the field issues must be addressed and hurt his grade. Needs to be technically sound to realize his talent. Tough physical prospect with right tackle skill set and a fairly high LOD. Marginal top 150 prospect with a NFL starting talent at tackle or guard, though a definite boom or bust prospect. Sleeper and dancing bear lineman.

16 Jamil Demby #65                 6-5        320                   Maine – Sp 5.50              Rating 65
Physical dependable starter the past four years, earning CAA honors over his final two seasons. Started at right tackle as a true freshman before moving to left tackle his final two seasons. Probably moves to right tackle as a pro, though may line up early at guard. Good footwork with big body type and proportioned physique with good arm length, strong hands and broad shoulders. Very dedicated worker with tough mentality to play thru the whistle. Performed well at the Senior Bowl and showed the ability to adjust nicely to new situations including positional changes. Possesses all the desired tools to be a surprise starting pro guard. Big frame with nice mobility and technique to push for a roster spot and eventually a starting role. Graded out highly with fast improvement over his late career to earn an invite from the Senior Bowl. Possesses strong frame with good height, arm length and wingspan. Shows good balance in his pass set with average lateral quickness. Able to steer pass rushers wide with his reach. Speedy edge rushers can give him problems in pass-protection if he doesn’t get his hands on them early on the down. Displays the ability to win as a finesse blocker, though more a physical mauler. Played right tackle early in his career and projects there or guard as a pro. Plays a physical brand and uses sound technique and locks on consistently. Capable of rolling his hips and getting impressive movement when he bends his knees. Uses his size, bulk and reach to mirror pass rushers when he is successful. Fairly quick feet when asked to reach the 2nd level and block backers. Needs to improve bending his knees and better utilizing his weight room strength. At the NFL Combine, he came in at over 6’4” and 319 lbs. with 33 3/4” arms and 10” hands. He did 17 reps and ran a 5.58 time with a 23.5” VL and an 8’2” BJ. Developing lineman with the skill set to continue to improve. Versatility projects to both RT and guard. Four-year starter with good intangibles, durability and consistency. Top 200 prospect with make it grade. Good late round addition.

17 Joseph Noteboom #68         6-5        310      TCU – Sp. 4.95     Rating 65         
Agile three-year starter earned Big 12 honors over his final two seasons. Big frame with long arms (35 ½”) and surprising agility for such a specimen. Possesses the prototypical offensive tackle skills and physique. Incredible length, long arms and the girth to wall off defenders. Uses his bulk well in protection. On paper, he is the prototype left tackle with the tools and quickness to remain there in the pros, if he plays up to his potential. At times though, he has struggled more than he should with run of the mill edge rushers that one would expect him to stonewall with relative ease. At his best, he has very light feet, lateral agility and is very quick off the snap. His kick-slide is smooth and efficient and he shows he can do well when squared up with his man and staying between he and the QB. He shows good awareness and is usually alert to stunts, twists, and blitzes. He does not play with a fiery demeanor though. Nor is he really physically nasty or the type that looks to really bury his opponents. He is content to just steer them out of the play, or mirror and wall off. Possesses good movement skills. As a pass blocker, he shows good feet and is able to set up smoothly with a strong base and good knee bend. In protection, his technique is still a work in progress, but has all the tools to succeed. As a run blocker, he possesses the natural strength to get movement inline, but inconsistent using his hands to move a defender. Effective at peeling off his initial block and engaging another defender on the 2nd level. Shows awareness for blitzes and stunts when pass blocking. Displayed the ability to slow down his primary man and still get to the outside to knock off a blitzing defensive back. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’5” and 309 lbs. with 34 3/8” arms and 9 5/8” hands. He did 27 reps and ran a 4.96 time with a 24” VL and an 8’5” BJ. He also added good agility drills with a 4.44 short shuttle and a 7.65 three cone drill. Developing tackle with talent to continue to improve, though only a right tackle. Needs to play with more urgency. Top 150 prospect and possible starter with development. Good tools make him a prospect worth putting in the time with, though only a 3rd day addition. Good late gamble, though needs to turn up the volume to realize his physical talent.

18 David Bright #64                  6-5        310       Stanford – Sp 5.20                     Rating 62
Dependable, durable tackle has been holding down various starting spot along the Cardinal line over the past three seasons. Lined up mainly at right tackle, though started at left tackle and inside at guard in 2017, earning Pac-12 second team honors. Four-star recruit with academic Pac-12 honors and very durable with 53 career games. Thick throughout and possesses good core strength. Comes out of his stance with adequate quickness and uses his reach and wingspan well when pass blocking and is difficult to beat with speed or power. Feet are good enough in pass protection and usually contains the inside counter moves and difficult to bull rush. Lined up at both OT and guard positions during his career with the Cardinal, so brings some nice versatility to whichever team selects him. As a run blocker, he has experience in both man to man and zone blocking schemes. Possesses the quick feet and balance to handle zone assignments very well. Smart, alert and aware. Does not make many mental errors. Able to make the reach blocks on outside zone and is smooth and balanced when making short pulls on counter plays. In short yardage, he has the ability to get low, use leverage, and root out defenders on the line. Appears very well coached. In pass-protection, he is quick off the snap and into his pass sets. His kick-slide looks coordinated and clean. Displays a sound punch with good arm extension. He has only average arm length though for the OT spot in the NFL. Very underrated performer and brings the power and proper technique to beat an opponent. As a drive blocker, shows good surge and runs his feet well to consistently win at the point of attack. Understands angles and positioning and is able to wall off defenders and sustain. Adequate foot speed and balance to reach the 2nd level and fit on backers. Stiff through the hips and at times fails to bend his knees to get under an opponent’s pads and maintain good leverage. Initial lateral quickness is adequate and often effective on backside cutoff blocks. Plays better than he will test out. Zone blocker with nice functional strength. He did not attend the NFL Combine. At his pro day, he came in at 6’4” and 295 lbs. with 33 3/8” arms and 9 3/8” hands. He did 34 reps and ran a 4.81 time. Probably only a right tackle/guard, with potentially the talent to challenge for a starting job. Ability to sink his hips and anchor well with the feet and functional power to adjust. Size, feet, strength, technique and body control to compete. Tough lineman with a marginal starting grade and probable late 3rd day pick. Physical tools to be a mauler type and marginal top 250 prospect with potential, though needs clear refinement and time.

19 Timon Parris #71      6-6        315       Stony Brook (N.Y.) – Sp. 5.15     Rating 62        
Dominating performer at lower level of competition was a regular starter since his redshirt freshman season. Three-time CAA performer started 41 straight games before a broken leg injury late in the 2017 season ended his career. First team CAA in 2017 and 2016 after 2nd team honors in 2015. Tall blocker with bulk, length and strength that allowed him to dominate at the lower level. As a 5th year senior, he started at both left and right tackles. Also, projects to guard. Durable performer other than missing the late part of the 2017 season vs a high level of competition in the tough CAA. Possesses nice physique for an NFL right tackle and on the hoof bears resemblance for that role. Earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl All-star event but was not able to perform due to his broken leg not fully healed at that time. At the FCS level, he basically had his way with the undersized defensive ends he went up against, though tested by a few NFL caliber defenders in the CAA. Shows pretty good technique and comes off at the snap with fine initial quickness, keeps a wide base, with good balance and bends his knees. Long arms (33 7/8”) and big hands (9 3/8”) and gets good extension and is able to lock on and control defenders. Shows he can drive block well at his level and was able to move defenders off the line consistently. Capable of being both an influence blocker and a pure inline mauler. Good use of positioning to keep his man out of the play by locking on and walling off. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’6” and 312 lbs. with 33 7/8” arms and 9 3/8” hands. He did an impressive 27 reps, but left the rest for his pro day. Developing tackle with the physical skill set to continue to improve and the versatility to project inside to guard. Top 250 prospect with definite make it grade. Needs time to adjust to the speed of the NFL game, though he can win a roster spot and start in time after vital development.

20 Brett Toth #78      6-6        305                Army – Sp. 5.15             Rating 62
Long senior has been a fixture on the Black Knights’ line starting since midway of his true sophomore season. Starting time at right tackle where his girth and length was very effective. Earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl where he held his own vs edge rushers. Big strong frame with fine girth, average arm length and functional strength, adequate footwork and overall athleticism. Mainly right tackle where his power and footwork fit well. Flashes a strong, though inconsistent hand punch with the balance and lateral agility to perform short pulls and traps. Playing in Army’s run heavy triple option offense, he is extremely experienced as a run blocker and equally inexperienced in pass-protection. He has the tools and athleticism to be a good fit in an NFL zone blocking scheme. Light feet, quick off the snap, able to make the reach or angle blocks with great consistency. He can get outside and seal the edge very well. He can easily get to the 2nd level, where he shows the footwork and balance to get good fits on and eliminate linebackers or defensive backs in space. At the All-Star games, he was able to allay any concerns about his ability in pass-protection, where he impressed observers by displaying the agility, balance and technique.  Army had attempted a total of only 296 passes in the past three seasons combined, with only 65 of that total coming in 2017. He shows surprisingly good smoothness in his kick-slide, stays square to the man he is blocking and is able run them past the QB at the top of the arc. He has a two-year Army commitment though, but for a team willing to wait and be patient, he has the tools and work ethic to be a fine long-term contributor. Could project to either guard as well as his normal RT position. Average reach (33 5/8”) and strong hands helps him jar speed rushers in their tracks when he gets into them early. For a lineman of his size, he sets up adequately and must rely on his initial punch to gain control when protecting the outside. In pass pro, he comes off the ball with good hand use and arm extension with adequate footwork to slide. Limited flexibility to redirect within a short area. As a drive blocker, he gets strong movement when he uses leverage, but needs work on his technique and knee bend to utilize his power. Needs to be technically sound to take advantage of size and struggles when coming off the ball high. Shows some promising skills, though he needs strength and footwork to block on the 2nd level. Lacks the agility to redirect. Developing pass blocking skills with good power to anchor vs the bull rush. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 6’6” and 291 lbs. with 33 3/8” arm length and 10 1/4” hands. He did not lift or workout due to foot injury. At his pro day, he did 16 reps and ran a 5.14 time. Compares to tackle Breno Giacomini. Carries a marginal top 250 grade and a possible late selection. Needs some time to develop further, though graded out well. Phone booth developed tackle, but needs key development to realize his potential to start at right side tackle.

21 * Toby Weathersby #66        6-4        315                   LSU – Sp. 5.35              Rating 62         
Huge junior started over the 2017 season and decided to declare for the NFL Draft despite limited playing time. Raw tall athlete with the package to develop into an NFL starter with a good blend of agility, power and technique. Big frame with strong hands and adequate footwork to move laterally. Over his last two seasons, faced quality SEC edge rushers at right tackle and developed better technique and positioning. Good base with the ability to bend his knees, utilizing his adequate quickness and foot speed to pass protect or get to the 2nd level. Possesses good, but not ideal size and length for tackle, but almost perfect size for guard. Performance at RT was very good in 2017 when he only gave up one sack. Displays good quickness out of his stance and adequate ability to mirror and slide in pass-protection. Will not over-commit to his outside edge and does well at remaining alert to the inside counter. He has the athleticism to recover if the pass rusher succeeds on his initial move. Displays a powerful punch and strong hands that can make him difficult to disengage from once he locks on. His sustainable is inconsistent however. Big hands and a strong punch gains a quick advantage, but must bend knees to be effective and sustain his blocks. Marginally effective when asked to move in space with limited speed. At times, struggles to pull and fit on backers, though is effective within short areas where he can win most physical confrontations. He is not a really fiery glass eater either, and sometimes must do better at maintaining a high-level of intensity. Seems to get dinged up a lot and missed games the past two seasons with various ankle, shoulder and knee issues. LSU’s offense sometimes required him to flip flop between right and left tackle during games, so the added experience could help him make a roster as a swing tackle and one with the added strength and mass to be able to cover a guard spot too. Needs to play with sound hand placement and overall technique to get the most out of his average athleticism. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’4” and 317 lbs. with 33 1/4” arms and 10 1/4” hands. Did 28 reps, ran a 5.34, added a 24.5” VL and an 8’10” BJ. Also had adequate agility drills with a 5.38 short shuttle and an 8.55 three cone. Talent can be developed further with the physical tools and intangibles to challenge for playing time. Needs to bring a disciplined attitude to continue to improve. Good long-term prospect with the makeup to surprise once he settles into a system. Marginal starter may move inside to guard.

22 Ike Boettger #75                  6-5        300                   Iowa – Sp. 5.10              Rating 60         
Lean tall redshirt senior was listed as the starting left tackle for 2017, but unfortunately tore his Achilles tendon in September that ended his final season. Earned Big Ten honors as a junior when he lined up at three positions, mainly right tackle for the Iowa program. Overall development and skill set projects to tackle or guard. Long frame with adequate footwork and good arm length and footwork. Sound technique allows him to sustain and not get overpowered by the bull rush. Uses length to battle edge speed. Looks very clean and well-rounded in all aspects of blocking. As a run blocker, in a zone scheme, he is at his best. Quick off the snap, and able to consistently make the reach block on inside or outside zone runs. As a drive blocker, he consistently gets movement, keeps his feet moving, sustains till the whistle and finishes. Coming out of Iowa, he is well versed in all the fundamentals and is very technically sound. In pass-protection, he is quick at the snap and into his pass sets. Keeps a nice wide base, usually bends his knees and sinks his hips. Shows good quickness in his kick-slide and is able to generally mirror and wall off all the pass rushers he faced in the Big Ten. Developed good skills, showing agility and flexibility to mirror in pass protection with improving hand punch to gain an early advantage. As a drive blocker, he needs strength improvement to finish more consistently. Sustain blocks well with strong hands to steer a defender. Flexibility to roll his hips and move defenders, though can struggle vs elite edge rushers. He has the potential to start in the NFL with quick hands, balance and footwork, but he must prove healthy that cost him most of the 2017 season. Shows fine his hand placement and the ability to adjust to counter moves. In pass protection, he has the ability to slide, though at times can play high and be vulnerable to power rushers. Needs overall strength to handle power with better pad level to fully utilize his skills. He did not attend the NFL Combine. At his pro day, he came in at 6’7” and 307 lbs. with 35 ¼” arms and 10 1/8“ hands. He did 15 reps and ran 5.12 time with a 28.5” VL and an 8’10” BJ with good positional and agility drills with a 4.64 short shuttle and a 7.40 three cone drill. Talent to succeed after being tested by NFL caliber defenders. Over his career, he graded out highly, though he needs to be fundamentally sound in his technique to succeed. Agile lineman with the talent to possibly start with development. Top 250 prospect here with starting potential, but clearly must prove ready to compete for a roster spot in camp. Adequate right tackle power and also projects inside to guard. Unheralded prospect with upside to surprise in time and challenge for a position. Sleeper at the tackle position.

23 Jaryd Jones-Smith #55        6-6        315                   Pittsburgh – Sp. 5.25     Rating 60
Massive powerful fifth year senior has been a valuable member for the Panthers over his injury riddled career. Started 9 of 12 games at right tackle in 2017 with 13 starts in 33 career games. Prototypical right tackle and projects there as a pro. Huge frame and strong throughout his body especially through his trunk with very long arms (36 1/4”) and wide shoulders. Uses his fine size and good raw strength to create movement when run blocking. Capable of driving defenders off the line when he plays with proper pad level, though sloppy in his overall technique especially as a drive blocker. Appears to have the ideal tools for left tackle, though played on the right-side due to the presence of fellow bookend Brian O’Neill, another prototypical left tackle specimen. Jaryd is able to use his size and reach to effectively mirror and wall off as a run blocker. Takes forever to get around due to his rare wingspan and quick feet. Shows good balance in his kick-slide and can take the speed rushers on past the pocket when they try to run the arc. When a pass rusher tries to bull rush him by converting speed to power, he has the core strength, knee bend and ability to anchor to usually keep them at bay. Improved as a senior when pass blocking, especially his footwork and awareness. Shows a wide base with decent footwork for his size. Slides fairly well laterally considering his size, but too often can let his pads rise in his setup. Needs to use his strength and power better. Must show he can sustain blocks and stop inside counter moves. Probably stays at right tackle at the next level. Handles power rushers on the right side when he bends his knees. At the NFL Combine, he came in 6’6” and 317 lbs. and had 36 1/4” arms and 10” hands. He ran a 5.22 time, did 16 reps with a 27” VL and a 9’1” BJ. Added a 4.94 shuttle and 8.10 three cone. As a drive blocker, he must bend his knees to effectively take advantage of his big frame and utilize his power consistently. When he comes off the ball high, he lacks a strong push at the LOS and can struggle to adjust and redirect when beaten early. With some development, he should settle into the right tackle spot and play there with key development. Marginal top 250 prospect with a potential and the package and intangibles to be a late bargain to take the next step up.

24 Desmond Harrison #68        6-6        290                   West Georgia – Sp. 4.90            Rating 60         
Athletic senior tackle completed a much-traveled career with an excellent sprint at the NFL Combine that improved his stock. Attended three schools, starting as a highly coveted recruit to Texas. Failed drug tests and other off the field issues related to testing at a CC. Saw action in 2013 at Texas, but did not play one down there in 2014. He did not play in 2015 and 2016. Returned at the D2 level and had a dominant 2017 performance at West Georgia that earned a Senior Bowl invitation. He was unable to perform due to illness and injury. Checked in at just 277 lbs. due to illness. Bulked up to 292 lbs. at 6’6” for NFL Combine where he ran a blazing 4.90 time. Big agile tackle had a fine senior season that justified his blue-chip label entering Texas. Mobile specimen has the physical package to develop into an NFL starter with ideal combination of agility, power and technique. Lengthy frame with long arms (34”) and quick footwork to move laterally. Over his last season, he played with the smaller D2 edge rushers. Combines long arms and good base with the ability to bend his knees, utilizing his good quickness and foot speed to very effectively pass protect or get to the 2nd level. Needs to play with sound hand placement and overall technique to get the most out of his athleticism. Consistently reliable pass blocker due to technique, positioning, balance and fine functional strength with sound efficient footwork. In the NFL, he projects to tackle where he shows nice athleticism. Must develop his hand punch more to gain a quick advantage. Needs to bend his knees to be effective and sustain blocks. Very effective when asked to move in space and shows the ability to pull and fit on backers on the perimeter or within short areas. Also projects inside to guard where he might compete for playing time. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’6” and 292 lbs. with 34” arms and 9 3/8” hands. He ran an impressive 4.90 time. He will do other drills at his pro day. Agile athlete with the fine talent to develop further. Interesting prospect with the physical tools to take the next step. Possesses the size, flexibility, footwork and technique to earn a roster spot. Talent to continue to improve and be a good late addition and a long-term prospect with the makeup to surprise for the patient club that gives him time. Possible starter in time with top skill set.

25 Greg Senat #72            6-6        300        Wagner (N.Y.) – Sp. 5.35            Rating 60
Long athletic senior has been a two-year starter, earning D2 honors his final two seasons at right tackle. Late developing prospect with an intriguing physical makeup and skill set to project to the outside. Started college as a basketball player where he played for four seasons. Lean tall frame with good footwork and impressive arm length. Started all 22 games on gridiron. Over his final season, he made nice improvement especially in pass pro with his kick slide and hand technique. Earned an invitation to the East-West Shrine game where he graded out fairly well vs quality edge rushers. Overall, he has developed good skills, showing agility and flexibility to mirror in pass protection with improving hand punch to gain an advantage. At times, struggles to sustain to control secondary moves and can be overpowered by bull rush. As a drive blocker, he is quick on the snap, but lacks a strong push and needs strength improvement and technique to finish more consistently. Needs to bend his knees more and get better use of his hands to sustain blocks. He has average strength in the lower unit that limits his functional power, despite the flexibility to roll his hips and move defenders. Struggle to sustain and finish and at times raises his pads and plays with a thin base and loses leverage. He has starting pro potential with quick hands, balance and footwork, but he needs extensive work, especially his hand placement and his ability to adjust to moves. In pass protection, he has the ability to slide laterally with good grades, though plays too upright and is vulnerable to power rushers and counter moves. Needs overall strength to handle power with better pad level to fully utilize his athleticism. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’6” and 302 lbs. with 34 7/8” arms and 9 7/8” hands. He did 19 reps and ran 5.37 time and added a 26” VL and an 8’10” BJ. He had solid positional and agility drills with a 4.71 short shuttle and a 7.41 three cone drill. Athletic package to succeed, though has been tested by few NFL caliber defenders. Graded out high, though he needs to improve his knee bend and overall skills. Raw agile lineman with the talent to possibly start in time, though needs extensive technique and strength development to realize his potential. Marginal top 250 prospect with potential, but clearly raw in critical aspects of play especially with his functional strength and basic technique. Intriguing unheralded lineman with upside to surprise, though clearly needs time.

  26 Jeromy Irwin             6-5        295                 Colorado – Sp. 5.15                                Rating 60
27 Elijah Nkansah           6-5        310                  Toledo – Sp. 5.10                                    Rating 60
28 Aaron Stinnie             6-5        310                  James Madison (Va) – Sp. 5.15           Rating 60
29 Jamar McGloster       6-7        310                  Syracuse – Sp. 5.30                                Rating 58
30 Bentley Spain            6-6        310                   North Carolina – Sp. 5.25                     Rating 58
31 Andrew Nelson          6-6        305                   Penn St – Sp. 5.20                                 Rating 58
32 Gerhard de Beer        6-7        320                  Arizona – Sp. 5.35                                  Rating 58
33 Jake Campos              6-8        300                   Iowa St – Sp. 5.25                                  Rating 58
34 Brett Kendrick           6-6        320                   Tennessee – Sp. 5.15                             Rating 58
35 Marcell Lazard           6-6        310                   Boston College – Sp. 5.25                     Rating 58
36 Rick Leonard              6-7        305                   Florida St – Sp. 5.20                              Rating 58
37 Sandley Jean-Felix    6-5        320                   Marshall – Sp. 5.35                                Rating 58
38 Christian DiLauro     6-5        300                   Illinois – Sp. 5.20                                  Rating 58
39 David Knevel              6-9        315                   Nebraska – Sp. 5.25                                Rating 58
40 Korey Cunningham   6-6        305                   Cincinnati – Sp. 5.30                            Rating 56
41 Zach Golditch              6-5        295                   Colorado St – Sp. 5.35                          Rating 56
42 Justin Evans               6-5        310                   South Carolina St – Sp. 5.25               Rating 56
43 Anthony Coyle            6-5        295                  Fordham – Sp. 5.20                               Rating 56
44 Aaron Cochran           6-8        350                  Oklahoma St – Sp. 5.50                        Rating 56
45 Justin Spencer           6-5        300                  Youngstown St  – Sp. 5.25                   Rating 56
46 Leon Johnson            6-5        325                   Temple – Sp. 5.35                                 Rating 56
47 Brandon Hodges       6-4        315                   Pittsburgh – Sp. 5.30                            Rating 56
48 Sunny Odogwu          6-7        315                   UCLA – Sp. 5.35                                    Rating 56
49 Jack English               6-5        305                  Virginia – Sp. 5.25                                 Rating 56
50 Brandon Smith          6-8        327                  East Carolina – Sp. 5.35                       Rating 56
51 Joshua Outlaw           6-6        310                  Louisiana Tech  – Sp. 5.40                   Rating 56
52 Layth Friekh               6-5        300                  Arizona – Sp. 5.25                                 Rating 56
53 Andrew Kirkland       6-4        320                  Washington – Sp. 5.30                         Rating 56
54 Kyle Meadows           6-5        300                   Kentucky – Sp. 5.15                               Rating 56
55 Matt Diaz                   6-6        295                   Wagner (N.Y.) – Sp. 5.30                      Rating 56
56 Aaron Evans              6-6        325                   Central Florida – Sp. 5.35                    Rating 56
57 Ty McCulley              6-5        310                   Colorado St-Pueblo – Sp. 5.30             Rating 56
58 NaTy Rodgers           6-5        300                   Houston – Sp. 5.25                                Rating 56
59 Kyle Saxelid              6-7        290                   UNLV – Sp. 5.25                                     Rating 55
60 D’Aquin Withrow     6-6        295                  Louisiana-Lafayette – Sp. 5.30            Rating 55
61 Jordan Rose              6-6        325                   Idaho – Sp. 5.40                                      Rating 55
62 Nate Velichko           6-7        305                   San Jose St – Sp. 5.35                            Rating 55
63 Gabe Brandner        6-6        285                   Duke – Sp. 5.20                                        Rating 55
64 Tommy Boynton      6-4        300                  Georgia Southern – Sp. 5.30                 Rating 55
65 Dennis Finley           6-7        310                   Michigan St – Sp. 5.35                            Rating 55
66 David Reese             6-7        300                    Montana – Sp. 5.40                               Rating 55
67 Reed Darragh           6-4        290                   Texas-San Antonio – Sp. 5.3               Rating 55

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