Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll – Titans Defense Stifles Saints

Draft Insiders’ – NFL Power Poll – Week 11

Titans Defense Stifles Saints – 23-21
Packers Shutout Seahawks – 17-0

Team of the Week 
Patriots (6-4) crush Browns (5-5) – 45-7
Patriots QB Mac Jones tears Browns defense to shreds.

Upsets of the Week
WFT beats Bucs – 29-19
Panthers Shock Cardinals – 34-10
Players of the Week
  Offense – QB Patrick Mahomes – Chiefs        
  Defense – DL Jeffery Simmons – Titans
Rookies of Week
    Offense – QB Marc Jones – Patriots
    Defense – S Javon Holland – Dolphins
Game of Week 11 
   Dallas Cowboys (7-2) at Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)
     Long-time arch rivals clash for AFC West leadership

NFL Team Power Poll

Ranking /Record /Team

#1 – 8-2 Titans
The hot Titans win their 6th straight game which propels them to the top spot.

#2 – 8-2 Packers
The Packers back on the beam with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. Defense is playing well and shuts out the Seahawks. Travel to Minnesota for key North matchup.

#3 – 7-2 Cowboys
The Cowboys exploded vs the Falcons. Travel to KC for a postseason type test.

#4 – 8-2 Cardinals
Cardinals lost without Kyler Murray. Travel to Seattle this week with Murray questionable.

#5 – 7-3 Rams
Rams were stifled again by the 49ers. Get their bye week, looking to regroup for 2nd half.

#6 – 6-3 Bucs
Bucs were surprised in the Capital coming off their bye. Host Giants this Monday night.

#7 – 6-3 Ravens
Ravens were shocked in Miami. Travel to Chicago this Sunday, hoping to retain North leadership.

#8 – 6-3 Bills
Bills bombed the Jets. Host the Colts in key AFC battle.

#9 – 6-4 Patriots
Pats won their 4th straight game behind the hot hand of QB Marc Jones. Dangerous club gaining momentum.

#10 – 6-4 Chiefs
Chiefs exploded vs the Raiders and AFC West leadership. Host the Cowboys this week.

#11 – 5-5 Colts
The Colts got by the Jaguars in a key game to get to .500. Travel to Buffalo in key AFC matchup.

#12 – 5-4 Chargers
Chargers failed to beat the Vikings. Host Steelers hoping to recapture their edge.

#13 – 5-4 Bengals
Bengals travel to Las Vegas, needing to get back in the win column.

#14 – 5-4 Raiders
The Raiders have struggled the past two weeks and face key contest to maintain postseason hopes.

#15 – 5-4 Saints
Saints came up just short vs the Titans. Travel to Philly for critical game for both teams’ playoff hopes.

#16 – 5-3-1 Steelers
Steelers tied vs the winless Lions. Travel to LA and face Chargers, maybe without Big Ben.

#17 – 4-5 49ers
The 49ers played their best game vs the Rams. Get the Jaguars this week looking to hit the .500 mark.

#18 – 5-5 Browns
Browns were bombed by rookie QB Marc Jones. Host the Lions to regain playoff chase.

#19 – 5-5 Broncos
Broncos were blitzed by the Eagles at home. Get their bye week, hoping to find answers for the 2nd half.

#20 – 4-5 Falcons
Falcons were outclassed by the Cowboys. Host the hot Patriots this Thursday night.

#21 – 3-6 Giants
The Giants are rested off their bye week. Get runner Barkley back for Monday night clash with the Bucs.

#22 – 4-5 Vikings
Vikings edged the Chargers last Sunday. Host the Packers in a vital matchup for any postseason hopes.

#23 – 4-6 Eagles
The Eagles blasted the Broncos.  Host the Saints in big NFC matchup.

#24 – 4-5 Panthers
Panthers beat the Cardinals without Kyler Murray. Cam Newton is back and directed the win.

#25 – 3-6 Seahawks
Seahawks were shutout in Russell Wilson’s return. They face a must win situation at home vs the Cardinals this week.

#26 – 3-6 Bears
The Bears are rested for visit from the Ravens. At the turning point for any postseason hopes.

#27 – 3-7 Dolphins
Dolphins coming off huge victory over the Ravens. Look for three in a row facing Jets on road.

#28 – 3-6 WFT
The WFT surprised Bucs at home. Travel to Carolina hoping to build some momentum.

#29 – 2-7 Jaguars
Jaguars fell short vs the Colts in a tough loss. Host the hot 49ers this week.

#30 – 2-7 Jets
Jets were crushed again, this time by the Bills. They may have the worst roster in the league.

#31 – 1-8 Texans
Texans are rested coming off their bye. They travel to Nashville for a demanding matchup.

#32 – 0-8-1 Lions
Lions didn’t lose vs the Steelers, though they didn’t win. The NFL’s first tie of the season keeps the Lions from going winless in 2021.

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