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Our guest host tonight is Frank Coyle. Frank is a nationally known pro football scout who publishes Draft Insiders’ Digest. In it’s 21st season, is a website and publication dedicated to the year round coverage of NFL and NCAA Football. Frank covers the NFL Draft and Free agency extensively with a veteran scouting staff that provides insightful information on players and team potential in the coming seasons.

Frank will answer submitted Draft questions not only about how the Packers but for all NFL Teams. Have a question now? Questions were submitted on February 1st in a Chat that night.

We are ready to take your draft questions for Frank Coyle. Note: For those that cannot make the Live Chat as many questions as you want may be submitted now preceding the start of the Live Chat tonight at 9:00pm ET, 8:00pm CT. Our Chat is ‘moderated’ meaning we will be putting your questions up in random so as many fans get a turn.

Welcome everyone. Happy to be with Packer Chatters again
Frank Coyle

Welcome back Frank to PackerChatters Live Draft Chat. Frank let us know when you are ready and we will start the questions from the fans with us tonight. Tonight’s Chat as usual will run approximately 1 hour. We will try and get to all the questions in this short time frame.

[Comment From BubbaOneBubbaOne: ]
Frank, TE’s and RB’s took advantage of Hawk and Bishop in the passing game. Which cover ILB’s could TT draft in round 3 or after? BTW- a coach who was at Ohio St when Hawk was there said at the Senior Bowl that Hawk is too big, agree?

ILB is an average group. A guy who would get early consideration would be
Dont’a Hightower of Alabama in the late first round. He is NFL ready.
Middle round guys with coverage ability would be Jerry Franklin of Arkansas
He would have limitations in the Packers scheme as a regular

[Comment From Bob C.Bob C.: ]
What players improved their stock at the Senior Bowl and who’s dropped? Thanks Frank.

TT has done a great job and value buying is always the wisest.
Picking #28 creates a multiple of situations that you must prepare for.
Trading up is always expensive.
BPA always wins in the long term. I think the Packers are looking at DB early and
often. TT usually stays with his value board. That’s why Packers are always in the Super Bowl hunt. I also like DL and an edge rusher opposit Matthews is critical.

[Comment From packerboypackerboy: ]
What three players do you think the Packers have on their radar at 28 ? Also, can Zach Brown play ROLB in Capers D ?

I say Packers needs are CB, OLB
Zach Brown is not a great fit for the 3-4 front. He is a terrific athlete but not over 235 lbs. Edge rushers are lean this year. Packers may address secondary at #28
CBs like Gilmore, Boykin. Maybe a safety like Martin
Point being Packers secondary was suspect in 2011 Woodson is entering 15th season and Collins must prove healthy. Clubs need 6 starting DB in today’s NFL game.

Comment From Bob C.
What players improved their stock at the Senior Bowl and who’s dropped? Thanks Frank.

I think players like CB Brandon Boykin, Shaun Prater & Leonard Johnson helped themseleves
I think a player like LB Melvin Ingram would be a great fit in GB
He has played both up and down on the edge and makes plays. He figures in latter first round. He had an impressive Senior Bowl
Another good fit for GB would be DL Jared Crick of Nebraska. He would be a great addition at DE in this front

[Comment From MadtorkMadtork: ]
Where is the most defensive talent late in round 1? OLB, 3/4-DE or DB?

I say DB. I am not impressed with OLB ers this year for the 3-4 scheme.
It is also one of the riskiest positions in the game. I love the CB class and feel there are 6 safeties that should go in the top 100-125 that carry solid grades.
The CB class is talented and deep. I think it will be the #1 position drafted this year again and probably the most in the first round, Top 50 and top 100 selections.

[Comment From packerboypackerboy: ]
Have you heard any news on the health of Jared Crick ? If healthy I believe he could be a STUD in the Packer D. Could the Packers get him in round 2 ? THANKS

Crick had only an average final season He was nicked up
In addition, he is a tall angular lineman who is better on the outside in a
five technique spot at end in the 3-4 front. He has the versatility to kick inside for 4 man fronts as a pass rusher. He would be a great fit for the Packers
Currently, he figures to go in the late first / early 2nd round. if healthy
His NFL Combine performance is huge.

[Comment From RedtRedt: ]
Which of these guys will most likely be available with #28; Upshaw, Barron, Ingram & Perry. Also, what rounds for Shea Mclellin, j. Crick, LaMichael James & Chris Rainey, thanks.

Barron is a top 15-20 selection.
Upshaw is well respected and probably a top 20 guy.
Ingram and Perry probably go beyond top 20. I think the 3-4 clubs like Ingram best while DE Perry is best suited for weakside end in a 4-3 front.
LB Shea McClellin is a possible 3rd round selection. Best at OLB in 3-4 scheme.
Good fit in GB
Crick late first /early 2nd RB James is 2nd-3rd round according to workout and health. Chris Rainey is a 3rd day guy 4th-5th round area.

[Comment From Uncle JoshUncle Josh: ]
Should the Packers overpay for an over-30 Scott Wells or draft Peter Konz at 28(if available)?

Wells has done well for Packers. He is only 31 years old. I say they resign him.
Konz is the #1 center and figures late first /early 2nd. Teams like Ravens, Patriots and possibly Packers would be nice fits.

[Comment From bobbob: ]
Good evening. my question tonight for frank is this. given the glaring weakness at the safety position with n.collins being lost what are your thoughts on m.martin(ok st), a.allen(, and h.smith(n.d.).i’ve seen allen a bunch and think he’s a nice player. i haven’t seen the other 2. do you think they can fit the packer’s system and what rounds do you see them going in. thanks a lot.

Safety is a key spot in GB
Martin and Allen are more strong safeties Both hit and tackle.
Coverage is OK
Harrison Smith is a kid I like. He shows better coverage skills than most safeties
He probably goes in the 3rd round area. The safety spot is not as deep as corner and has become critical with all the nickel and dime packages. Safeties who can cover are gold.
Aaron Henry of Wisconsin is a prospect to watch especially his ability to run and his positional workout. I think this kid could surprise.

[Comment From John KayJohn Kay: ]
Frank, most of us fans focus on the physical side yet it’s probably less than half the equation. TT takes into account character, football IQ, drive, etc. Which defensive players projected to go in the first few rounds will TT dismiss out of hand b/c of these issues?

I think football IQ is so critical. Players that are hungry is vital to a locker room
Things happen over the course of the season and players that can reach down and play thru problems, injuries and never lose sight of the goal are the guys you must find in the scouting process.
DE Coples had a great Senior bowl but suspect senior season
That’s a red flag even though he could go in the top ten selections.
One thing to consider is that the process is ongoing.
NFL Combine will answer many questions via interviews.
DE Branch of Clemson has top talent but inconsistent motor.

[Comment From Jacob LJacob L: ]
If a ILB is BPA do you think Tedy may take one? A player that can cover will free up the Safetys to ball hawk and OLB to blitz. Hawk could be upgraded, do you agree?

Hawk is an average starter. That’s why I think a player on the GB short list
is LB Dont;a Hightower of Alabama. Great fit here. Physical and an every down defender.
The BC backer Luke Kuechly is a top 15 guy.
James-Michael Johnson of Nevada is a name to remember. Good ILB for 3-4 set.

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[Comment From Badgermaniac58Badgermaniac58: ]
Where do you think Nick Perry will go? He seems to be perfect for Packs needs.

Perry is a big edge rusher and will be in demand by all 32 clubs.
Any move to playing up for the 3-4 set is risky.
I think the 4-3 clubs will select him in the top 20.
Teams like Tenn, Cinnym Philly and Seahawks would have him high on their first round list. Edge rushers are gold
That’s why the GMen are in the Super Bowl. They make a difference .
But Packers fans know that after the NFC title game.

[Comment From CWood21CWood21: ]
Given that Nick Perry and Courtney Upshaw are on the board, which one do you go with disregarding the rest of the team around you?

Upshaw has played more in both sets up and down
He is best suited for playing up on the strongside Great fit opposite Matthews.
Perry has huge upside but there is a critical learning curve to playing up
Remember Vernon Gholston from Ohio St and Aaron Maybin from Penn St.
Both were 1st round disasters.
For early contribution it is Upshaw. Hands down. Though Perry has more pass rushing big play potential.

[Comment From DanDan: ]
What would it take to trade up and draft Nick Perry? We need explosive rushers, just look at the Giants.

Trading up is not cheap. I think moving up like 10-12 spots from the #29 position might cost a #2 pick High price.
Player must be an impact player at that price.
If I am TT I sit at #28 and take LB Upshaw or highest rated DB on my board.

[Comment From SteveSteve: ]
Frank, Where do you see Michael Brockers being drafted? Is he a better fit in a 4-3 or 3-4? Thanks very much.

Frank – DraftInsiders Free Email
DL Brockers is an awesome prospect
He played inside in a 4-3 set. I think he is a great end in the 3-4 set.
This kid has enormous upside and capable of being a dominant NFL lineman.
He is truly scheme diverse and gives a DC lots of options on a number of situations. Brocker would be an awesome pick for GB.

[Comment From BudBud: ]
Do you think the Packers will go after a RB? What round? And who do you think they may target? Thanks Frank.

RB is a good deep group.
The position has been downgraded due to the NFL passing game and the durability and short NFL life expectancy for the position.
TT got James Starks on the 6th round in 2010. He was my #1 sleeper at running back that year. I think there will be good RB in the middle rounds and possibly the 3rd day of the NFL Draft. It is probably not a Top 4 positional priority in GB

[Comment From BubbaOneBubbaOne: ]
You had Gilmore going to the Packers in your Jan 4th mock draft. Do you still like him at 28th. He’s being compared to Woodson. His physicality, length, and lack of top speed suggests may be he could play safety. Your thoughts?

Gilmore faces a critical NFL Combine. He is a very good young player with some inconsistencies. I just feel that TT will address the secondary with two additions and both probably early like in the top 100 picks.
The draft will dictate who and when but I would be surprised if they don’t address secondary.
Top GB needs – CB, DL, S, LB, OL, RB

[Comment From packerboypackerboy: ]
Will Fletcher Cox last until pick 28? Does he fit the Packer D at DE ?

Good question. DL Cox is another scheme diverse kid.
Played mainly inside in 4-3 set. Good fit for end in the 3-4 front.
He has to be a guy on TT short list for the #28 selection.
He figures in the latter first round and is a very good prospect.

[Comment From MadtorkMadtork: ]
How far will Dre Kilpatrick fall? What other “size” dbs do you see in later rounds?

Frank Coyle
Krrkpatrick needs big NFL Combine especially the interviews to dispel off the field concerns.
Josh Norman – 6-1, 190 Carolina Coastal is a fast rising prospect that probably moved into the top 100 and possibly top 75 off a strong EW week.
Trumaine Johnson 6-2, 205 Montana is a small college kid to watch in workouts. He has starting NFL talent. Played CB in college, possibly a starting NFL safety.

Last question for Frank tonight goes to BubbaOne.

[Comment From BubbaOneBubbaOne: ]
My contention is playmakers win you championships. This year’s D was missing 2 (Jenkins and Collins) and 2 others (Raji and Williams) had sub par years. There’s a lot of fine players but who do you see as difference makers at DE? at OLB? at CB? at Safety?

Players in the top 3 rounds
DE would be Cox, Brockers, Crick
LB Courtney Upshaw 6-2, 265 Alabama
Vontaze Burfict of Arizona St ,
CB Gilmore, Boykin, Chase Minnifield 5-11, 185 Virginia

This concludes tonight’s Draft Chat and we thank Frank for taking the time to be with us again this year. Be sure to stop by and check out the great NFL/Draft information offered.

Thanks to all for coming with your Draft questions and to Frank for his great responses. Packer Chatters

Great to be with you again.
Frank Coyle

Thanks Frank….great information.

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