NFL Combine 2024 Event Schedule

NFL Combine 2024 Event Schedule
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Frank Coyle

2024 NFL Combine 

The NFL Combine 2024 has opened with the arrival of 321 pro prospects over the next few days for the week-long event. It will be an active week of evaluation of pro prospects who will be broken down to four groups who will stay for 5 days of medical and interview evaluation before measurements, on field drills and bench presses complete their workout. will have several scouts at the event and provide in-depth coverage.  

2024 NFL Scouting Combine Workout and Measurement Schedule

Thursday – 2/29/24
Measurements and On field Drills  – Edge Rushers, Defensive Line and Linebackers
         3 pm – 8 pm – NFL Network
Friday – 3/1/24
Measurements & On field Drills – Cornerbacks, Safeties and Tight Ends
  Bench Press – DL & TE
     3 pm – 8 pm – NFL Network
Saturday – 3/2/24
Measurements & On field Drills – Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Wide Receivers 
  Bench Press – Defensive Backs
     1 pm – 8 pm – NFL Network
Sunday – 3/3/24
Measurements & On field Drills – Running Backs, Offensive Tackles and Interior Offensive Linemen
  Bench Press – QB, RB, & WR
   1 pm – 7 pm – NFL Network
Monday, May 4th
Bench Press – Offensive Linemen & Special Teams

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