NFL Draft 2020 – RT Wirfs and LT Becton Head Blue-Chip Tackle Class

NFL Draft 2020 – Offensive Tackles

This year’s offensive tackle class is one of the strongest groups in the past decade for the NFL Draft 2020. Tristan Wirfs and Mekhi Becton head the group that ranks just behind the deep talented class of wide receivers in blue chip prospects and overall depth.

Offensive Tackles: Grade: A

 NFL Teams in need:
1 Patriots             4. Cardinals
2 Jets                   5. Giants
3 Seahawks         6. Jaguars

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     Positional Overview:
            This year’s tackle class is a very strong overall group with the top four prospects expected to be chosen within the mid first round selections. Tristan Wirfs, Mekhi Becton, Jedrick Wills and Andrew Thomas carry developed tackle skills and should all be off the board in the top 12-15 selections. There could possibly be seven tackles chosen in the first round with as many as 12 prospects selected in the top 100 choices. Many of these prospects have the physical skills and versatility to also play guard. Austin Jackson, Josh Jones and Ezra Cleveland all could be a 1st round picks. Jackson, jones and Cleveland are very fast-rising prospects with very good athleticism to play the outside and probably move to left tackle within a short time. Isaiah Wilson, Lucas Nuang and Matthew Peart are premier right tackles and carries 2nd day grades and pro starting talent within a short time. Peart is one of the most underrated prospects in this deep class. Other probable early round prospects, Prince Tega Wanogho and Saahdig Charles have tackle skills, though probably line up at right tackle or guard early in their careers. Charles is a tough versatile lineman may project inside, though a solid NFL starter. Trey Adams is a very underrated tackle who struggled through injuries over his career that probably pushes him to the 3rd day of the draft where he would be excellent value. Ben Bartch and Alex Taylor have NFL skill sets and our highest rated small college prospects. As many as 20-25 tackles could be chosen over the 7 rounds and probably at least 12-15 prospects in the top 150 picks. This class has good depth with the strength from the early 1st round thru the top 125 prospects. This class may furnish many starting left tackles in time with most 2nd tier prospects strictly right side. This class may provide 15-20 potential starters.

    NFL Premier Players

LT Joe Staley/ RT Lane Johnson 
Blue Chip – Tristan Wirfs
Blue Chip – Mekhi Becton
Rising – Ezra Cleveland
Falling – Trey Adams
Underrated – Matthew Peart
Overrated – Terence Steele
Small College – Ben Bartch
Sleeper – Ben Bartch
Boom/Bust – Lucas Niang

    Positional Traits

Best Athlete – Mekhi Becton
Best Run – Tristan Wirfs
Best Pass – Mekhi Becton
Best Pulling – Tristan Wirfs
Toughest – Jedrick Wills
Adjusts Best – Andrew Thomas
Strongest – Jedrick Wills
Most Developed – Tristan Wirfs
Long term Gem – Matthew Peart

      Top Offensive Tackles 

1 * Tristan Wirfs – Iowa
2 * Mekhi Becton – Louisville
3 * Jedrick Wills – Alabama
4 * Andrew Thomas – Georgia
5 * Austin Jackson – USC
6 * Josh Jones – Houston
7 * Ezra Cleveland – Boise State
8 * Isaiah Wilson – Georgia
9 Lucas Niang – TCU
10 Matthew Peart – UConn
11 Prince Tega Wanogho – Auburn
12 Saahdiq Charles – LSU
13 Trey Adams – Washington
14 Charlie Heck – North Carolina
15 Ben Bartch – St John (Mn)

Frank Coyle has published Draft Insiders’ Digest for 29 years

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