NFL Draft 2023 – Edge Defenders Head Strong Defensive Class

NFL Draft 2023 – Edge Defenders Head Strong Defensive Class

The NFL Draft 2023 is strongest on the defensive side of the ball and the edge class is the leader. This year 5-7 prospects will probably fall in the first round with a total of 12-15 selected in the top 100 selections. Edge defenders are the most important defensive position with the ability to change games with one play. This year’s group is a high quality class with many well developed prospects to step in as rookies and make a difference. Clubs will invest heavy here with many prospects demanding a top selection, making this position the riskiest on the defensive side of the ball.

Photo – DE Luke Van Ness – Iowa     
Photographer – Bryon Houlgrave/ The Register/USA Today

Edge Defenders – Grade: A

    Positional Overview:

This year’s edge defenders’ class is a very strong group which could produce as many as six #1 picks. There are several blue-chip prospects at the top and probably 5 could go in the top 25 selections. There could be as many as 12-15 in the top three rounds with as many as 20+ thru the middle rounds. Will Anderson is the best defender in this draft class and could be a top three overall pick. He is NFL ready and a three-down starter.  He is an explosive edge defender and the best of this special class of edge rushers. He figures in the top few selections. Tyree Wilson is a complete fast-rising player who figures in the top ten selections. He could surprise and has the freakish athleticism to fit both NFL fronts in two positions. Keion White figures in the top 40 players. He is well developed and can be a day one starter and difference maker. Lukas Van Ness had an impressive final season and displayed a special burst off the edge. He is rated a top 15 selection with a prospect with impact ability in either scheme. Ade Adebawore is a player on the rise and coveted by contenders in the first round to plug and play. He is an emerging edge rusher who may be the wild card in the top 30-40 selections. Twelve prospects figure in the top 100 picks and fit the edge rusher role. Will McDonald, Zack Harrison and Felix Anudike-Uzomah are quality edge rushers with fine production and have the developed talent to start in either front. Tuli Tuipulotu figures both outside and inside and could fit best in a five-technique position. There should be an expected run throughout the top 150 picks especially from the 2nd thru the 4th rounds. With the huge demand for rushers, clubs will draft into this deep group for prospects. Expect approximately 25-30 prospects chosen over the three-days with the importance of rushers playing a huge part in game strategy. This is a top-heavy group and deep class through the middle rounds.

          NFL Teams in need:

  1. Cardinals           5. Colts
  2. Broncos              6. Falcons        
  3. Chiefs                  7. Jaguars
  4. Saints                  8. Texans

 NFL Premier Player
Nick Bosa

Blue Chip – Will Anderson
Blue Chip – Tyree Wilson
Red Chip – Lukas Van Ness
Rising – Keion White
Falling – Andre Carter
Underrated – Dylan Horton
Overrated – Tuli Tuipulotu
Sleeper – Jose Ramirez
Boom/Bust – Zach Harrison
Long term Gem – Lukas Van Ness
Overdrafted – Ade Adebawore

Positional Traits
Best Athlete – Will Anderson
Best Rusher – Will Anderson
Best Run Stuffer – Tyree Wilson
Best Pursuit – Nolan Smith
Shed Blocks – Lukas Van Ness
Recognition – Dylan Horton
Best Intangibles – Andre Carter
Ball Instincts – Isaiah Foskey
Strongest – Keion White
Most Developed – Will Anderson

Top Edge Prospects    

1 Will Anderson                    Alabama
2 Tyree Wilson                      Texas Tech
3 Myles Murphy                   Clemson
4 Lukas Van Ness                Iowa
5 Nolan Smith                      Georgia
6 Keion White                      Georgia Tech
7 Isaiah Foskey                    Notre Dame
8 Ade Adebawore                 Northwestern
9 Will McDonald                    Iowa State
10 Felix Anudike-Uzomah              Kansas State
11 Zach Harrison                               Ohio State
12 BJ Ojulari                                       LSU
13 Derick Hall                                     Auburn
14 Tuli Tuipulotu                               Southern Cal
15 Dylan Horton                                TCU
16 Isaiah Maguire                              Missouri
17 Andre Carter                                 Army
18 Mike Morris                                   Michigan
19 Byron Young                                 Tennessee
20 Jose Ramirez                                 Eastern Michigan

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