NFL Draft 2024 – First Round Order

NFL Draft 2024 – First Round Order

NFL Draft 2024 – First Round Selection Order – Jan. 22,2024
Frank Coyle/ Publisher

Here is the first-round draft order following the first two rounds of the NFL playoffs. The Chicago Bears are guaranteed the first overall pick from the Carolina Panthers as a result of the trade last spring. They also hold their own #1 pick, the 9th overall selection.

The NFL Draft selection order is based on the 2024 NFL standings plus the NFL Draft tiebreaking procedures. Picks 1-18 are the non-playoff teams, with the losing playoff clubs set on picks #19-28.  Tied positions rotate up in the succeeding rounds. Positions 1 through 28 are now set and the final four positions will be based on the Conference title and Super Bowl games.

Currently Carolina & Cleveland do not have 2024 1st round picks

Jan. 15 – Special Eligibility Deadline. Deadline for college players who are underclassmen to apply for Special Eligibility. They will have until Jan 18th to rescind their decision and retain their college eligibility. A list of underclassmen who have been approved for entry into the 2024 NFL Draft will be sent to clubs on January 19.

April 25-27 – NFL Draft 2024 – Detroit, Michigan

NFL Draft 2024 – First Round Order – Updated Jan. 22

1 Chicago (Carolina – 2-15)
2 Washington (4-13)
3 New England (4-13)
4 Arizona (4-13)
5 Los Angeles Chargers (5-12)
6 New York Giants (6-11)
7 Tennessee (6-11)
8 Atlanta (7-10)
9 Chicago (7-10)
10 New York Jets (7-10)
11 Minnesota (7-10)
12 Denver (8-9)
13 Las Vegas (8-9)
14 New Orleans (9-8)
15 Indianapolis (9-8)
16 Seattle (9-8)
17 Jacksonville (9-8)
18 Cincinnati (9-8)
19 LA Rams (10-8)
20 Pittsburgh (10-8)
21 Miami (11-7)
22 Philadelphia (11-7)
23 Houston (Cleveland – 11-6)
24 Dallas (12-6)
25 Green Bay (10-9)
26 Tampa Bay (10-9)
27 Arizona (Houston – 10-9)
28 Buffalo (12-7)

Playoff Clubs below bracketed based on in the Conference title games, current record and SOS

29 Kansas City (13-6)
30 Detroit (14-5)
31 San Francisco (13-5)
32 Baltimore (14-4)

Frank Coyle is a long-time scout with nationwide ties with NFL and college coaches, scouts and player agents. He is a member of the FWAA and voter in major college player awards – Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Lombardi, Thorpe, Biletnikoff etc. for the past 30 years. He writes College Football Mondays weekly during the season.

He has a new column ‘The Word on the Street’ dedicated for the NFL, NFL Draft and Free agency with unique content during January through May. He was a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He does sports radio shows for CBS and ESPN on a year-round basis related to NFL and College Football especially during the postseason team and All-star Bowl time. He has worked for CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Yahoo and Rivals sports publications and web sites

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