NFL Draft – Offensive Tackles

NFL Draft 2024 – Offensive Tackles

Draft Insiders’ Yearbook Top Prospects

 Frank Coyle/ Publisher

Joe Alt heads an amazing offensive tackle class which could set new records for first round selections and overall total picks in the NFL Draft 2024.  At least 5 or 6 tackles could come off the board in the first round with many clubs having pressing needs at the position. Here are the top 4 Prospects scouting reports, top rankings and positional overview.

Photo – Joe Alt – Note Dame (school)

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Offensive Tackles: Grade: A+

          NFL Teams in need:

  1. Bengals              5. Giants
  2. Packers             6. Cowboys                  
  3. Chiefs                7. Dolphins                
  4. Bears                 8. Commanders

     Positional Overview:
            This year’s tackle class is an incredibly strong overall group with the top six prospects expected to be chosen within the first round. Joe Alt and Tailese Fuaga carry blue chip labels and have developed tackle skills and should be off the board in the top 10-12 selections. There could possibly be another four tackles chosen in the first round in Olu Fashanu JC Latham, Tyler Guyton, Jordan Morgan and Amarius Mims. There may be as many as 10-12 prospects selected in the top 100 choices. Many of these prospects have the physical skills and versatility to also play guard. Chris Jones and Roger Rosengarten are fast-rising prospects with very good athleticism and development to play the outside and probably start as rookie right tackles.  made fast progress and finished with a huge effort at the NFL Combine. Kiran Amegadjie may not be household name, though is a high-quality lineman with the skills to become a fixture on a pro line. He has the left tackle skill set to eventually start, though is still raw in many aspects of plays. Javon Foster and Blake Fisher are highly regarded with the prototypical numbers to start in the NFL. Foster can start at right tackle reasonably early after coming off a strong final season and postseason which moved him into the early middle rounds. As many as 20-25 tackles could be chosen over the 7 rounds and probably at least 15 prospects in the top 150 picks. This class has very good depth with the strength from the top ten picks thru the early 3rd day of the process. This class may furnish many starting left tackles in time with most 2nd tier prospects strictly right side. This class can provide 15+ starters in time.

          Top Offensive Tackles 

1 Joe Alt                               Notre Dame
2 Tailese Fuaga                 Oregon St
3 Olu Fashanu                   Penn State
4 JC Latham                       Alabama
5 Tyler Guyton                    Oklahoma
6 Amarius Mims                 Georgia
7 Roger Rosengarten        Washington
8 Jordan Morgan                Arizona
9 Christian Jones               Texas
10 Patrick Paul                     Houston
11 Kingsley Suamataia       BYU
12 Javon Foster                    Missouri
13 Kiran Amegadjie             Yale
14 Blake Fisher                    Notre Dame
15 Delmar Glaze                  Maryland
16 Brandon Coleman          TCU
17 Frank Crum                     Wyoming
18 Nathan Thomas              Louisiana
19 Walter Rouse                   Oklahoma
20 Tylan Grable                    Central Florida
21 Julian Pearl                     Illinois
22 Gottlieb Ayedze              Maryland

Offensive Tackles – Top Four Prospects

1 Joe Alt #76 – 6-8, 320 – Notre Dame – Sp. 5.05
            NFL Comparison: Jack Conklin                        Rating 92
Massive athletic tackle finished his career with an impressive performance. earning back-to-back All-American honors. Starting since his true freshman season after playing tight end in HS, he became a fixture on the Irish front line. Son of former Chiefs tackle John Alt. Incredible bulk and mass and the refined technique to use his physical tools to the fullest. Understands angles and uses his long arms and strong hands to consistently protect the edge in pass pro. Anchors well and resets to handle counter moves to be a proficient protector. As a run blocker, he is physical and uses his punch, arms and top functional strength to maul opponents and steer them from the hole. At times, he plays too high which limits his power. He must drop his pads to be most effective. At the NFL Combine, he came in over 6’8” 321 lbs. with 34 ¼” arms and 10” hands. Ran an impressive 5.05 time and did 27 reps. Added a 28” VL and a 9’4” BJ. Shows all the physical and mental assets to be an early NFL starter. Graded out high consistently over his 31 starts in 47 games. In protection, slides easy with consistent technique and the toughness and discipline to man down the demanding left tackle role. Shows fast progress in most positional skills. Type to be an early starter on either side with some development. Blue chip top 6-10 prospect with complete skills.
Draft Projection: 1st Round – Top ten

2 Tailese Fuaga #75 – 6-6, 325 – Oregon State – Sp. 5.15
                 NFL Comparison: Penei Sewell                      Rating 90
Huge nimble tackle excelled in the Beavers program, earning Pac-12 honors his final two seasons. Long frame at just under 6’6” and 324 lbs. with rare flexibility and footwork plus core strength to be a complete prospect. Combines power, quickness and foot speed to be dominant in the running game. Uses his hands very well to strike defenders and gain control with the strong hands (10 1/8”) to sustain. Shows elite skills, grading high vs top Pac-12 edge rushers. Easy mover and core strength to slide quickly, adjust and handle counter moves. Footspeed to pull and get into space to lead runners at the 2nd level. Very developed technique to fit on defenders in space and dominant at the 2nd level. Rare combination of size, agility, strength and technique to be NFL ready. At the NFL Combine, he came in 6’6” and 324 lbs. with 33 1/8” arms and 10 1/8” hands. Ran an impressive 5.13 time and added a 32” VL and a 9’3” BJ. Talented athletic blocker with the measurables and skill set for either tackle. Impressive Senior Bowl practices where he dominated vs the best edge rushers, winning vs both speed and power. High top ten grade and blocker with the development to settle into right tackle position as a rookie. Future Pro Bowler with the skill set to be the premier right tackle in the game.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

3 Olu Fashanu #74 – 6-6, 315 – Penn State – Sp. 5.10
         NFL Comparison: Christian Darrisaw                      Rating 88
Large fluid tackle made critical development in 2023 after a short career which included only 9 starts entering his final season. True junior combines length, balance, footwork and agility to start at the outside position. Still raw in technique and unchallenged in most games leave questions of level of development and NFL readiness. Slides and mirrors well and can wall off or stop counter moves inside with his powerful punch and reach. Quick laterally in his kick-slide vs rushers, though must prove he can sustain vs power on a consistent basis. Able to get movement as a run blocker when he bends and uses his lower body power. Needs technique work to sustain longer and must bend to get full use of his massive frame. When he gets high, he allows power rushers to get under his pads and penetrate the edge. At the Combine, he came in 6’6” and 312 lbs. with 34” arms and small 8 1/2” hands. Ran a solid 5.11 time and added a 32” VL and a 9’1” BJ. Talented athletic blocker with the measurables at right tackle to improve his technique and core power before switching to more natural left side. Needs to use his hands more consistently and will more power. Raw blue chipper with development concerns after questionable game to game challenges. Might disappoint early if asked to fit at left tackle. Top 15 prospect.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

4 JC Latham #65 – 6-5, 335  – Alabama – Sp. 5.30
      NFL Comparison: Trent Brown                                 Rating 88
Gigantic right tackle is a physical specimen with all the skills to translate to the NFL. True junior and two-year starter on the outside with high grades at right tackle which is where he projects in the NFL. Massive bulk at 342 lbs. on a 6’5”+ frame. Amazing 35 1/8” arms, 11” hands and 84 3/8” wingspan. He graded out high over the 2023 season, though still a work in progress from a technique standpoint. Learning to use his bulk and length and translate it into power. Must show consistent balance and coordinated footwork and hand usage to finish. He can be a dominant run blocker when technically sound and keeps his pads low. In pass protection, he can be a waist bender and struggles to adjust and gets grabby when beaten early. His huge hands are an asset which needs further technique work to maximize his usage. Dominant run blocker currently. With some strong coaching on his technique, he carries a rookie starting grade at RT. Top 15 prospect with definite upside.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

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