NFL Salary Cap 2023 Sets New Record

NFL Salary Cap 2023 Sets New Record
New Franchise and Transitional Tag Figures

Frank Coyle/ Publisher

NFL announced the 2023 salary cap will be a record $224.8 million per club. That’s an increase of 8% from the $208.2 million in 2022.

Prior years were $182.5M in 2021 (Covid adjustment), 198.2M in 2020 and $188.2M in 2019.

NFL teams have until 4 pm est on March 15th to get under the salary cap before the free agency period officially opens.

The Chicago Bears who hold the #1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, also have the most cap space in the league. The Bears are currently just under $91M under the cap, while Atlanta ($56.4M), the NY Giants ($44.2M) and Cincinnati ($43.7M) the next clubs in order.

Conversely, 14 teams are over the cap and will have either restructure or release player (s) prior the March 15th deadline. Another 4 clubs have less than $10M available in cap space currently and will have work to do to be active teams in the Free agent market.

New Orleans at $60.4M and Tampa Bay $55M over the cap have monumental roster restructuring ahead with massive player movement to just get under the new salary cap.  – Salary cap figures

2023 Base Salary Cap: $224,800,000

Team                Cap Space      
Bears               $90,893,199
Falcons             $56,414,855
Giants               $44,277,461
Bengals            $43,719,058
Texans              $39,289,053
Patriots             $32,566,047
Seahawks         $31,040,644
Ravens             $26,867,479
Raiders             $20,130,338
49ers                $16,398,516
Cardinals          $14,467,205
Chiefs               $13,997,884
Lions                $13,825,618
Colts                $13,081,832
Broncos            $9,206,724
Commanders    $6,649,246
Eagles              $4,235,666
Steelers            $1,028,747
Jets                  ($2,793,498)
Cowboys          ($7,183,002)
Panthers           ($8,938,728)
Rams                ($14,194,570)
Browns             ($14,645,606)
Dolphins           ($16,453,222)
Packers            ($16,483,743)
Bills                  ($19,612,436)
Chargers           ($20,381,524)
Jaguars             ($22,213,686)
Vikings             ($23,441,507)
Titans               ($23,623,634)
Buccaneers       ($55,033,921)
Saints               ($60,476,996)
The NFL confirmed the franchise and transition tag numbers for the upcoming year.

Clubs get two franchise tags and one transitional tags each year. The exclusive franchise tag limits the player to only his current team. The standard franchise tag allows a player to negotiate with all teams and sign an offer sheet. If his current team does not match the offer, the new team gives up two 1st-round picks as compensation. The transition tag provides a player’s original team the right to match any offer sheet. There is no compensation if the team does not match.

2023 Franchise/Transition tag figures
Position                       Franchise #                            
Quarterback:               $32.42M
Running back:             $10.1M
Wide receiver:             $19.74M
Tight end:                    $11.36M
Offensive linemen:      $18.24M
Defensive end:            $19.73M
Defensive tackle:         $18.94M
Linebacker:                 $20.93M
Cornerback:                 $18.14M
Safety:                            $14.46M
Kicker/punter:              $5.39M
Transition #
Quarterback:               $29.5M
Running back:             $8.43M
Wide receiver:            $17.99M
Tight end:                     $9.72M
Offensive linemen:   $16.66M
Defensive end:            $17.45M
Defensive tackle:       $16.1M
Linebacker:                 $17.48M
Cornerback:               $15.79M
Safety:                          $11.87M
Kicker/punter:           $4.87M

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