NFL Supplemental 2022 Draft – Cancelled

NFL Supplemental 2022 Draft – Cancelled

The NFL announced this week that the NFL Supplemental 2022 Draft has been cancelled. It is the third straight year which the league cancelled the Supplemental Draft and the seven year in the past decade that no players were chosen.

The NFL Supplemental Draft has long outlived its purpose. With the new transfer rules, third years removed from HS eligibility and Covid exemption season, players have multiple options related to college eligibility and pro qualification.

The days of QBs Bernie Kosar and Steve Walsh, receivers, Cris Carter and Rob Moore and LB Brian Bosworth declaring have long passed as new rules for player eligibility have allowed them many options to extend their college and pro careers. The NFL office should cancel this event permanently after it has shown virtually no high-profile prospects declaring with only a couple of marginal starters over the past two decades.

Frank Coyle/ Publisher

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