NFL Supplemental Draft 2023

NFL Supplemental Draft 2023

The NFL will conduct the Supplemental Draft 2023 on Tuesday, July 11th for players who rescind their remaining college eligibility. This draft has been a short process annually that considers special situations for players that are at least three years removed from high school.

Two players, wideouts Milton Wright of Purdue and Malachi Wideman of Jackson State are the only two entrees. They are expected to be possibly drafted with late-rounds. Recent NFL supplemental drafts have been completed without any players being chosen.

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All 32 teams will participate in the weighted process that is divided into three tiers with seven prospects entered for this year’s selection draft. Teams with six wins or less from last season will make up the first group, followed by a second group of non-playoff teams and finally a third group of the twelve playoff teams. Each team submits the name of the players via email that they want to draft with the round they would like to select them. The club with the highest selection will be awarded the player. In the case of two teams drafting the same player in a round, the club with the worse record last season will win the prospect. Players not selected in this draft class will then become free agents eligible to sign with any team.

Any team that uses a selection in the Supplemental Draft will forfeit their choice in the corresponding round of the NFL Draft 2024 The new draft prospects will be considered part of the rookie salary pool along with the players from the NFL Draft 2023 and they must fit under the current contract structure and overall salary cap. No players have been drafted the previous past three summers. In 2012, the Browns used their 2nd round pick on wideout Josh Gordon, the only selection chosen in the process. He was a Pro Bowl receiver who set new NFL records several years ago. But he has also been suspended often for failing drug and alcohol tests and is currently out of the league.

Most prospects in a Supplemental class provide little initial impact because of the late signing that caused them to miss all of the OTAs and mini-camp practices. The NFL office has considered terminating this draft process after only minimal interest by clubs. Bids are weighted according to how a team performed the previous season.


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