Pro Days 2021 – updated

Pro Days 2021 – updated

With the NFL Combine 2021 cancelled this year, the upcoming Pro Days will be more important than ever. NFL scouts, coaches and general managers will canvas the country at colleges prior to the NFL Draft to get more updated information on prospects. With so many players having the shortest resumes collectively in recent memory, the late Pro Days can become a huge influence on the prospects potential with significant impact on his draft status.

NFL teams will canvass college campuses this offseason to catchup on scouting prospects for workouts, interviews and medical updates, all of which will have a huge effect on their final rating.

This schedule is updated and fluid according to the Pandemic and college situations.

Pro Days 2021

Feb 12
Clemson (passing drills with QB Trevor Lawrence and receivers)

5th – Kansas
9th – Kansas State
10th – Wisconsin
10th – Arkansas

11th – Clemson
11th – Nevada

12th – Oklahoma
12th – North Dakota State

16th – Georgia Tech

17th – Pittsburgh
17th – Louisiana-Monroe

18th – Auburn
18th – Louisiana Tech
18th – Georgia Tech
18th – Buffalo
18th – West Virginia

19th – Texas Christian
19th – Memphis19
19th – Ohio U

22nd – Iowa
22nd – Colorado State
22nd – Florida State
22nd – Toledo

23rd – Alabama
23rd – Central Michigan
23rd – Iowa State
23rd – Nebraska
23rd – Purdue

24th – Michigan State
24th – Mississippi St
24th – South Carolina
24th – Western Michigan
24th – Virginia

25th – Mississippi
25th – SMU
25th – UMass
25th – North Texas
25th – Penn State
25th – San Diego State
25th – Western Michigan

26th – Boston College
26th – BYU
26th – Michigan
26th – Virginia Tech
26th – South Dakota State

29th – Miami (Fla.)
29th – Miami (Oh.)
29th – North Carolina
29th – Duke
29th – Louisiana-Laf

30th – Louisville
30th – Washington
30th – Tulane

31th – Notre Dame
31th – Boise State
31th – Florida
31th – Kentucky

1st – Oklahoma State
1st – South Florida
1st – Charlotte

9th – Houston
9th – UAB

The schedule will change throughout the offseason due to conflicts, the Covid 19 testing and changes in any regional combine commitments by the NFL.


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