Senior Bowl 2021 Game Day

Senior Bowl 2021 Game Day

    Draft Insiders’ Staff

The 2021 Senior Bowl game is here with an interesting roster of pro prospects who completed the week of practices, physicals and interviews. The All-star classic worked through the global Pandemic with a slightly condensed schedule that started on Tuesday with the weigh=in and practices that continued thru Thursday. Director Jim Nagy assembled a quality larger roster of 135+ athletes in the event of any opt outs of the invited. The week went well setting the stage for the game Saturday at 2:30 pm Est on the NFL Network.

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Senior Bowl Game Day

Look for QBs, Jamie Newman and Ian Book will get extensive playing time especially after Mac Jones sustained a foot injury. Jones had an outstanding week of practices, but probably sits out the game.

Runners Larry Roundtree, Michael Carter and Rhondae Stevenson may not be household names, but should be featured here and given a chance to display their natural talent and capable of being impact playmakers Saturday. Carter is a well rounded back who can be a difference maker here.

Wideouts Frank Darby, Shi Smith, Josh Palmer and D’Wayne Eskridge are expected to be featured in the passing game. Darby and Eskridge were impressive over the practices and can be impact performers here. TEs Hunter Long, John Bates and Tre’ McKitty had strong practice sessions and could be featured in the passing game. They elevated their stock this week.

The NFL Draft 2021 could provide many defensive front seven prospects and this game features several impact pass rushers. DE Jonathan Cooper, Quincy Roche, Patrick Jones and Daelin Hayes showed a burst off the edge in practices and look to continue in a game with features no blitzing backers. Cooper is primed for a huge effort and created continuous havoc in matchups. Look for edge rushers, Jones and Roche to provide impact as outside rushers and possible difference makers in this game.

Linebackers, Chazz Surratt, Jordan Smith and Baron Browning made big plays in the practices. Surrant  showed speed, instincts and playmaking ability this week. Look to them to be in the action throughout the contest to be the stars on their units. Corners Aaron Robinson, DJ Daniel, Ambry Thomas and Thomas  Graham, displayed well developed coverage skills in the practices.  They hope to prove NFL ready with a strong game performance that should elevate their stock. Safeties Richie Grant and Divine Deablo had strong weeks. Grant showed excellent range and versatility while Deablo displayed strong tackling.

This will be the final real football action in these prospects for the year with the offseason workout portion of the NFL Draft process hitting problems with both the NFL Combine and school Pro Days significantly curtailed if not completely closed out due to the Pandemic.

Senior Bowl Players to Watch

Offensive Players

7 Newman, Jamie                      QB       Wake Forest     6027     235
12 Book, Ian                               QB       Notre Dame      6000     210
10 Jones, Mac                            QB       Alabama           6025     217
7 Carter, Michael                       RB        North Carolina   5077     202
34 Rountree, Larry                    RB        Missouri            5106     216
29 Stevenson, Rhamondre       RB        Oklahoma         5115     227
84 Darby, Frank                        WR       Arizona State    6001     194
1 * Toney, Kadarius                   WR       Florida             5111     189
3 Rodgers, Amari                      WR       Clemson           5094     211
13 Smith, Shi                             WR       South Carolina 5100     186
85 Palmer, Josh                        WR       Tennessee        6012     210
1 Eskridge, D’Wayne                 WR       Western Michigan 5091 188
4 Collins, Nico                           WR       Michigan           6042     215
10 Felton, Demetric                   WR       UCLA               5085     189
16 Surratt, Sage                        WR       Wake Forest     6025     215
83 Granson, Kylen                     TE        SMU                 6021     242
87 McKitty, Tré                          TE        Georgia            6041     247
80 Long, Hunter                        TE        Boston College 6051     254
87 Bates, John                            TE        Boise State       6055     259
55 Hudson, James                     OL        Cincinnati          6043     302
71 Meinerz, Quinn                     OL        Wisconsin-White  6032 320
56 Anderson, Jack                     OL        Texas Tech       6046     309
73 Banks, Aaron                        OL        Notre Dame      6053     338
75 Radunz, Dillon                      OL        North Dakota St    6055 304

Defensive Players

9 Basham, Carlos                      DL        Wake Forest     6033     281
90 Jones, Patrick                       DL        Pittsburgh         6044     264
55 Roche, Quincy                      DL        Miami               6027     243
56 Hubert, Wyatt                       DL        Kansas State    6026     265
0 Cooper, Jonathan                   DL        Ohio State        6026     254
9 Hayes, Daelin                          DL        Notre Dame      6036     261
49 Graham, Ta’Quon                 DL        Texas               6030     290
50 Surratt, Chazz                       LB        North Carolina   6014     227
22 Smith, Jordan                       LB        UAB                 6061     255
55 Browning, Baron                   LB        Ohio State        6031     241
31 Robinson, Aaron                   CB        Central Florida 5114     190
14 Daniel, DJ                              CB        Georgia            5115     183
23 Rochell, Robert                     CB        Central Arkansas  5117 195
1 Thomas, Ambry                      CB        Michigan           5117     189
4 Graham, Thomas                   CB        Oregon             5104     193
25 Nasirildeen, Hamsah           SAF      Florida State     6031     213
26 Webb, Mark                          SAF      Georgia            6013     210
27 Grant, Richie                        SAF      Central Florida 5115     200
27 Deablo, Divine                      SAF      Virginia Tech     6033     226

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