Yearbook 2018 – Safeties

Draft Insiders’ – 2018 NFL Draft Yearbook

 Draft – 27th Season –
 Published by NFL scout Frank Coyle & staff
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Safeties – Grade: B

Positional Overview:
This year’s safety group is an excellent class at a critical position that has become more important with the focus on the passing game. Several highly-regarded prospects figure in the top rounds with Minkah Fitzpatrick and Derwin James probable high 1st round picks. Both are fine blue-chip prospects with the skills to play in all the packages and start day one. Fitzpatrick is one of the readiest NFL defenders in years and capable of playing several secondary positions at a high level. He projects to a top 5-10 selection. James is just starting to realize his potential and is expected to go in the top 10-15 selections with a rookie starting grade. Ronnie Harrison, Justin Reid and Jessie Bates are other underclassmen with the skill set to be early NFL starters. All are moving into the top 75 selections. Rashaan Gaulden is a defender with maybe the most upside in this class. He has lined up at safety and corner and shows fast developing skills to play at a few positions and become a three-down starter. Seniors Kyzir White and Armani Watts are coming off good final performances. Terrell Edmunds is versatile and plays a few key positions in the base and package defenses. He could surprise and be selected in the early middle rounds and carries a starting grade with experience. Juniors, DeShon Elliott and Jordan Whitehead figure to go in the middle rounds. Both are good well-rounded athletes who have moved up off strong final seasons. Godwin Igwebuike, Marcus Allen and Quin Blanding are highly rated off fine career production vs top competition and are early middle tier prospects. Troy Apke and Natrell Jamerson had good senior performances in the Big Ten and were among the best ‘Workout Warriors’ during the NFL Combine. Both figure in the 3rd day off strong career finishes. Siran Neal and Mike Basil are highly regarded small college kids with potential and rising up the charts. There could be as many 12-15 prospects selected in the top 150 choices. This class may produce 20+ safeties drafted and another 20 high priority FAs.

NFL Teams in need:
1 Cowboys         5. Rams
2 Dolphins       6. Colts
3 Chargers        7. Browns
4 Cardinals      8. Titans

NFL Premier Player
   Landon Collins
Blue Chip – Minkah Fitzpatrick
Blue Chip – Derwin James
Red Chip – Ronnie Harrison
Rising – Jessie Bates
Falling – Marcus Allen
Underrated – Armani Watts
Overrated – Quin Blanding
Sleeper – Siran Neal
Boom/Bust – DeShon Elliott
Hidden Gem – Rashaan Gaulden
Over drafted – Justin Reid

Positional Traits
Best Athlete – Minkah Fitzpatrick
Man Cover – Minkah Fitzpatrick
Zone Cover – Justin Reid
Run Support – Ronnie Harrison
Best Tackler – Kyzir White
Best Hands – Jessie Bates
Best Intangibles – Minkah Fitzpatrick
Ball Instincts – DeShon Elliott
Most Developed – Minkah Fitzpatrick

1 * Minkah Fitzpatrick – Alabama
2 * Derwin James – Florida St
3 * Ronnie Harrison – Alabama
4 * Justin Reid – Stanford
5 * Jessie Bates – Wake Forest
6 * Rashaan Gaulden – Tennessee
7 Kyzir White – West Virginia
8 * Terrell Edmunds – Virginia Tech
9 * DeShon Elliott – Texas
10 Armani Watts – Texas A&M
11 Siran Neal – Jacksonville St
12 Godwin Igwebuike – Northwestern
13 * Jordan Whitehead – Pittsburgh
14 Marcus Allen – Penn St
15 Quin Blanding – Virginia
16 Troy Apke – Penn St
17 Natrell Jamerson – Wisconsin
18 Mike Basile – Monmouth University
19 Kameron Kelly – San Diego St
20 Tray Matthews – Auburn
21 Tarvarius Moore – Southern Miss
22 Trayvon Henderson – Hawaii
23 Jeremy Reaves – South Alabama
24 Joshua Kalu – Nebraska
25 Tracy Walker – Louisiana-Laf

  Top Safety Prospects

 1 * Minkah Fitzpatrick #29        Alabama           6-0        205       – Sp 4.45                      
              Player Comparison: Charles Woodson                       Rating 94
Instinctive, versatile true junior free safety enjoyed an impressive short career with the Tide, earning SEC first team honors his final two seasons. Athletic defender has cornerback size, experience and talent as well as a free safety skill set. Plays the game fast and physical and able to get into the action in both pass coverage and run support. Good speed for a safety and able to transition quickly with natural footwork and smooth lateral movement. Easily opens his hips to retain coverage. Very likely the safest defensive selection in the upcoming draft. This young man lives, eats and breaths football 24/7. He is like a coach on the field and would bring an immediate positive culture change to most any locker room. Capable of playing any secondary position, though free safety is where he fits best. The Tide moved him all over the place in the back seven and he was outstanding wherever he lined up. Made the secondary calls too, a rare occurrence for an underclassman on a Saban coached team. Comes from a solid blue-collar background with that type of work ethic. His father is a truck mechanic. Jersey five star recruit. The 2017 winner of the Chuck Bednarik (nation’s top defender) and Jim Thorpe (nation’s top defensive back) awards. He is just the third player to ever win both in the same season, along with Charles Woodson and Patrick Peterson. Very lofty company. He has the instincts and athleticism to be a fine starting NFL corner, as well as the size, range, diagnostic and ball skills to be an excellent safety. He has top initial quickness, extremely fluid hips and fine change-of-direction. In coverage, often seems like a mind reader, in that he knows where the receiver is going before the receiver himself does. His instincts are finely honed, and his read-react ability is instantaneous. Reads routes very well and breaks on the ball quickly to break up the play. As a run defender, he is very solid. He is a textbook tackler who breaks down well in space, sees his target, wraps up consistently and minimizes yards after contact. Very tenacious and goes full speed constantly. Moves well and maintains leverage to the sideline with good closing speed. Shows natural athletic instincts with great vision, sound awareness and anticipation and rarely gets fooled by play action or counter plays. Very good range to make up ground to make plays on the ball. In pass coverage, he is skilled at jumping routes, reading the QB and baiting throws. Plays single high safety like a veteran and drops over the slot receiver naturally after corner experience. Plays bump and run well to jam and mirror in coverage. Strong frame and plays bigger and tougher than his size with the ability to matchup with top receivers or take down big running backs. Ideal makeup for free safety and very effective in zone coverage where he has the ability to read and react and use his excellent closing speed to track the ball. At free safety, he shows very good range, catch-up speed, sound transitional skills and the leaping ability to make plays. His level of development probably earns him a rookie starting role. As a junior, he started 13 games and made 60 tackles with 8 TFL, 1 pick and 8 PBU, earning first team SEC. As a sophomore, he started in 15 games at safety and made 66 tackles with 5 TFL, 1 sack, 1 FF, 7 PBU and 6 interceptions with 2 TDs. Earned first team SEC. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’ and 206 lbs. with 32 1/4” arms. Ran a 4.46 time with a 152 ten yard split, 14 reps, 33”VL and 10’1” BJ. Shows smooth hips, easy transition while dropping in coverage with the range to track the pass. Fast rising young athlete has moved into the top 10 selections. Complete skill set and intangibles to be a rookie starter. Ideal contributor in the nickel and dime package. Smooth defender with a high LOD and top ball skills. Rising top 5-10 prospect and high ceiling to rank among the best free safeties. Pro Bowl skill set and immediate impact defender.
Draft Projection: 1st Round – Top 5-10

2 * Derwin James #3       Florida St                  6-2        215       Sp. 4.45                      
      Player Comparison: Sean Taylor                                                Rating 90
Big, fluid experienced redshirt sophomore made a successful return to the field in 2017 after missing most of the prior year with an early knee injury. Earned ACC honors in both 2017 and 2015. Fine physique and height with very long 33” arms and solid frame. Terrific athlete and effective as either the box or high safety. He fits the prototype for what teams want these days in a very versatile safety. He is a fine blend of size, speed, quick-twitch movement skills and instincts to fill a number of roles in the back seven of a pro defense. The Seminoles lined him up all over the place with consistent success and ability to impact. From snap to snap, he may be lined up anywhere from deep safety, to slot corner, buck linebacker, or on the end of the line as a standup pass rusher playing 9 technique with equal effectiveness. He has supreme confidence in his abilities, and should be an alpha male, locker room leader, wherever he ends up being drafted. He is in constant motion after the snap. Sees the play develop quickly and can close on the ball like a flash. He is very nimble and flexible and does a fine job of avoiding blocks. He has the cover skills, speed and instincts to run with most any receiver. Wraps up well in space and consistently limits yards after the catch. Times up his pass rush attempts very well and explodes off the edge. His sack totals are not great, but he is constantly harassing the QB and negatively effecting the play. Very aggressive in pursuit and closes downhill hard. Displays the start/stop quickness to recover and change directions easily. Fairly smooth in coverage and closes to the ball well. Strong hands and flexibility to adjust to the ball and pick it off. With the increasing need in bigger safeties, he fits the role to handle tight ends in coverage or support the run at the line. Fine fluidity in the open-field with the ability to finish with bone crushing tackles. Good backpedal and flexible hips to open up and run with tight ends and backs. Smooth change of directions with the ability to close. Able to turn, run and recover when the ball is in the air. Reads routes well and dependable in coverage and seldom out of position. Exceptional playing zone coverage with good eyes and capable of finishing with big hits. Covers tightly and will pinch down throwing lanes. Average to plant and drive on throws, though arrives with a physicality that forces turnovers. As a run defender, plays with a sense of urgency, taking precise pursuit angles to track high to low. Physical thumper when tackling and drops ball carriers in their tracks. Carries out his assignments with a good football IQ and rarely takes a penalty. As a sophomore, he made 84 tackles, 5.5 TFL, 2 picks, 1 sack and 11 PBU, starting 12 games. Earned first team ACC honors. As a freshman, he started 13 games and made 91 tackles, 8 TFL, 3 sacks, 2 FF, 2 FR, 4 PBU and 0 picks and first team ACC honors. Over his three-year career, he made 186 tackles with 12 TFL, 3 sacks, 15 PBU, 2 FF and 3 picks. At the NFL Combine, he came in 6’2”, 215 lbs. with 33” arms and 21 reps in the lifting. He ran 4.47 time with a fast 1.55 ten yard split. He added a 40” VL and an 11’ BJ. He did well in the positional drills for an outstanding overall workout. Compares well to former Pro Bowler Sean Taylor in size, AA along with his strengths and impact on a game. Displays good recovery speed for the next level and can be effective in either a man or zone scheme. He has the size/speed ratio to be an intriguing prospect with rookie starting time after a strong ACC career. Plug and play three down safety. Shows the mental toughness to take on leadership roles. Probable top 10 pick off his talent, production and upside. Starter with a high ceiling in the right setting. Future Pro Bowler with early impact ability.1
Draft Projection: 1st Round – Top 10-12

3 * Ronnie Harrison #15           Alabama          6-2        210       Sp. 4.54     
         Player Comparison: Reshad Jones                   Rating 85
Big, physical, hard-hitting safety has been among the most productive defenders in the country during his final two seasons. Earned SEC 2nd team honors in 2017 after honorable mention in 2016. Ideally built for safety with a big chiseled frame and overall muscle development and definition. Former HS quarterback and used that background knowledge to help better read the field generals, he faced weekly in the SEC. Tall, athletic, and muscular with long arms that fit the prototype of what NFL teams are looking for at the position. Used his fine athleticism, instincts, and football intelligence to help him stay with most any tight end or back in coverage. Over the course of his two seasons as a starter, he was a tackling machine for the Tide, including leading the team in that regard in 2017. As a run defender, he sees the plays develop very quickly and closes on the ball carrier like a heat seeking missile. He can be a technically sound face up, wrap up tackler, but at times looks to intimidate and will just lead with his shoulder and drive through the runner. He has an extensive amount of experience on special teams too and can be a big help covering kicks and punts, while he works his way into the starting lineup. Though that may come to pass fairly early in his NFL career. Somewhat overlooked and underrated, being part of a talent laden Tide secondary. Displays good speed with long powerful strides that give him a fine range. Usually aligned near the line of scrimmage where he is an explosive hitter and finisher. He developed further in coverage responsibilities to cover the deep middle. Shows a high backpedal with decent hip flexibility to transition and change directions, though raw in his overall coverage technique. Usually closes decisively and can deliver some impressive hits that drops ball-carriers or receivers in their tracks. Despite having good range, he is learning to trust his eyes more in coverage. Most effective in close quarters. At times, on the 2nd level, seems to let the receiver come to him and gets caught flat footed in route recognition. His read-react ability is just average and he needs to process what he sees quicker to use his athleticism. At times, he can be slow to key and diagnose and fails to anticipate plays well. In coverage, his mediocre instincts effect his range. At times, tends to look in the backfield too long and will allow receivers a chance to separate. Developing in coverage, though needs to improve his reads and reaction time. In 2017, he started 14 games and totaled 74 tackles, 4.5 TFL, 4 PBU and 3 interceptions, earning SEC 2nd team honors. In 2016, he started 15 games and totaled 85 tackles, 1.5 TFL, 2 picks, 2 FR and 7 PBU. Earned SEC honors. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’2” and 207 lbs. with 33 3/8” arms and did not run or lift. Added a 34” VL and a 10’ BJ and no agility drills. Compares to Dolphins’ Reshad Jones in size and as an athlete and hitter. Aggressive developed safety with huge upside after refinement on his coverage skills. Consistently physical when playing the run, coming downhill with power behind his pads. May be an in-the-box safety early at the next level. Very physical player with a nasty demeanor on the field and punishing intimidator. Premier special teams’ coverage defender. Fast rising top 50 prospect with the developing skill set to start early as a pro, though may be only a two-down defender until further coverage development. Big time hitter with impact ability.
Draft Projection: 2nd Round

4 * Justin Reid #8                     Stanford           6-0        205       Sp. 4.40
           Player Comparison: Malcolm Jenkins                  Rating 85
Rangy athletic junior really stepped up for the Cardinal over his final two seasons which led to him declaring for the NFL Draft. Earned Pac-12 honors with 1st-team in 2017 and honorable mention in 2016. Earned invitation to the NFL Combine where he performed very well. Long safety with the frame and arms to matchup in coverage. Lacks bulk to be physical vs the run, though he is a consistently effective tackler. Easy movement skills with the agility to slide laterally and make adjustments in coverage with the foot speed to make up ground. Experienced and effective playing the high safety role. Athletic versatile prototype safety and brother of former LSU star and 1st round pick Eric Reid. He mostly played over the slot receiver or in the box for the Cardinal where his quickness, change-of-direction, instincts and awareness helped him be effective in those roles. He has the speed, diagnostic and ball skills though to be a very good free safety prospect. Besides his fine speed, he has fluid hips and instant acceleration. He has big 9 3/4” hands and is able to get off the ground and high point the ball very well. As a run defender, he does not hesitate when closing downhill to get in on the action. Adept at avoiding or playing off blocks and will wrap up and secure the ball carrier with sound textbook tackling. Very mentally aware and can make all the secondary calls. Experienced versatility with time at every corner and safety spot in the Cardinal defense. Very capable in pass coverage with the range and ball skills to become a top NFL free safety. Closing speed to make plays on the ball with intriguing matchup talent vs tight ends. Good vision, reads the QB and routes well with the athleticism to match up in either man-to-man or in zone. Shows fine awareness to recognize routes, anticipates well and displays a fine closing burst to contest the pass at the catch point consistently. Excellent hand-eye coordination to compete well on jump-balls and totaled 6 interceptions with 5 over his final season. His coverage ability could allow him to compete for the dime package day one if he doesn’t win a starting role as a rookie. Will benefit from spending more time in the weight room and building additional core and upper body strength. Also, needs to become more consistent in his tackling technique. In 2017, he started 14 games and totaled 99 tackles, 6.5 TFL, 5 picks, 6 PBU, 1 sack and 2 QB hurries, earning 2nd team Pac-12 honors. In 2016, totaled 57 tackles, 4 TFL, no picks and 7 PBU, earning Pac-12 honorable mention. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’ and 205 lbs. with 31 5/8” arms. He did 16 reps, ran a 4.40 time with an impress 1.52 ten yard split time. Added a 36.5” VL and 10’8” BJ with a 4.15 shuttle and 6.65 three cone with very good positional drills. Centerfielder came on strong over his late career. Fast progress in coverage responsibilities and ball skills with the size and speed to matchup with TEs has raised his stock significantly. Rising top 60 prospect with developing skill set to start early. Fixture to be a three-down defender in a secondary with fine versatility and intangibles.                                                                                     Draft Projection: 2nd Round

5 * Jessie Bates III #3               Wake Forest     6-1        200       Sp. 4.50
         Player Comparison: Harrison Smith                   Rating 83
Fluid rangy redshirt sophomore has been the leader of the Wake Forest secondary for the past two seasons. Stepped in as a full-time starter in 2016 as a redshirt freshman and named Freshman All-America. Earned back to back ACC honors. Long athlete with good movement skills including fine speed, quickness and fluid athleticism to be a three-down defender with the versatility to lineup at a few spots in the packages. Ideally, he fits free safety spot with the keen instincts the position demands. Though not a violent hitter, he is a savvy sure drag down tackler with excellent range and has the ability to breakdown well in space to finish. Fine job of timing whether in run support or coverage. Displays an awesome closing burst, arriving with good pad level to maintain leverage and breakup passes. He has good read-react ability and attacks with an aggressive manner and a motor that knows only one speed. Drives through his target upon contact and able to finish. Lined up in a variety of ways, usually the high safety or slot corner in different alignments. Very effective single-high safety with excellent range to make up ground and get to the ball. In coverage, he reads his keys well with the athleticism to cover ground and make plays on the ball. Covers the back quarter well and can cover speed merchants in the vertical game. Fine size and flexibility, plus good ball skills to compete for early time in the NFL. Shows the speed, quickness and athleticism to play cornerback with natural coverage skills and technique to play over the slot receiver at the NFL level. Shows a good nose for the ball and the tenacity to make sure tackles in space. Plays all facets of the game with a strong sense of urgency. He has ideal size, especially for a heavy diet of playing over a tight end and able to run in the deep seam. In 2017, started 11 games and had 79 tackles, 5.5 TFL, no sacks, 1 picks, 5 PBU, and 1 FR. Earned first team ACC honors. In 2016, played in 13 games and made 100 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 5 picks and 4 PBU. For his career, he started 20 of 24 games and totaled 179 tackles with 9 TFL, 6 picks and 9 PBU. Best suited for playing single high scheme. Fine athleticism to be a three-down defender. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’1” and 200 lbs. with 31 5/8” arms. He ran a 4.50 time with a 1.58 ten yard split. He did not lift, but added a 35.5” VL and a 9’9“ BJ with 4.26 shuttle and 6.78 three cone. He has the speed, quickness and ball skills to be an early starter and compares to Harrison Smith in development, AA and versatility, though not as big. Shows flexible hips and quick footwork with the instincts to continue to improve in coverage. Talent to be a difference maker if coupled with a quality strong safety. High quality athlete with experience to compete for time in different packages and an excellent addition. Probable early starting ability with nice versatility. Fast developing talent and a three-down defender. Rising marginal top 75 selection with early starting talent. Teams like the Dolphins, Cowboys and Chiefs have on their short list in the mid-2nd day.
Draft Projection: 2nd-3rd Round

6 * Rashaan Gaulden #7          Tennessee        6-1      200       – Sp. 4.60  
          Player Comparison: Morgan Burnett                    Rating 80
Rangy, fourth year junior has been a key contributor on the Vols’ defense the past two seasons. Stepped into the starting lineup early in 2016 after missing the 2015 season with a foot injury. Wiry physique with good movement skills and overall athleticism. Aggressive alert playmaker with fine range and field speed that clubs seek in a centerfielder. Displays fine read-react ability on underneath routes. Recognizes routes as they are developing. Displays good vision for reading the QB and is a student of the game with good work ethic and the film work to know his opponent’s tendencies. Decisive downhill attacker who does not shy away from contact despite only adequate frame. Shows the agility to slip through the trash and take down the ball-carrier as well. Good awareness and ball-skills with the quickness to close on the ball at the catch point. Fine body control with some impressive acrobatic diving plays. Flexible in the lower body and moves easily in the secondary with quick change of direction skills. Flips his hips quickly with the ability to mirror down the field. At times, looks high in his pedal, though he accelerates nicely out of his breaks and loses little in transition when his initial reads are proper. In run support, he can at times use too sharp of pursuit angles and miss runners. Gets out of control sometimes when breaking down to tackle on the move. Despite good catch up speed, he can be put at a disadvantage if he takes many false steps. Sometimes keeps his eyes on the QB too long and loses a step in coverage. Possesses the length, reach and speed to turn and cover deep with his back to the QB. His matchup skills with tight ends probably gets him over drafted. The tendency to be overly aggressive causes him to give up some big plays, but his playmaking and ball skills help him rack up his share of big highlight plays too. Currently, he may be too inconsistent to start off as single-high free safety, though he makes plays on the ball that interests defensive coaches. In 2017, started 13 games and totaled 65 tackles, 3 FF, 3 FR, 1 pick and 5 PBU. In 2016, he totaled 68 tackles, 6 TFL, 1 FF, no picks and 4 PBU. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’1” and 197 lbs. with 30 3/4” arms. He ran a 4.61 sprint and did 8 reps. Added a 30” VL, 9’11” BJ and a 4.33 shuttle and a 7.16 three cone. Finished with good positional drills. Maintains sound positioning to play the back quarter with the skills to be a starting free safety. This is an aggressive developing centerfielder who can drop over the slot receiver and matchup with tight ends. Needs refinement in his decision making to become a starting centerfield safety. Rising marginal top 125 prospect with well-rounded skill set to start in time. Very good for early package defense as a coverage matchup. Hidden gem in this group.
Draft Projection: 4th Round

7 Kyzir White #8                       West Virginia   6-2        215       Sp. 4.55                  
     Player Comparison: Shawn Williams                                            Rating 75
Physical senior earned Big 12 honors annually in his two year W.Va career. The brother of current WVU receiver Ka’Raun and former WVU receiver, Chicago Bears 1st-round pick Kevin. Big frame with plenty of muscle, and room to carry more. Good arm length at 31 5/8” and large 10 1/8” hands. When he plays in the box or on the end of the line, he is very active as a run defender. Closes downhill quickly and can either avoid blocks with quickness, or take them on and shed to make a play on the ball-carrier. When he plays deep safety, he shows the coverage instincts and range to go sideline to sideline and make plays on the ball. Very reliable when working over the top and as the last line of defense. While he may not have true raw speed or great athleticism, his diagnostic skills and read-react ability help make up for it. Seldom fooled by play-action and maintains coverage responsibilities. Able to stick tight to most tight ends in man coverage. Tough in the box defender who uses his muscular well-built physique and good movement skills like a Will backer. Aggressive run defender who will attack downhill with reckless abandon. Sound dependable open-field tackler who finishes. Shows speed with a linebacker’s mentality. Fine hybrid versatility after time at safety and backer type roles. Good instincts and vision and a developed sense of timing and route recognition. Improving technique in coverage and learning to read routes. Able to use his athleticism and aggressiveness to out-position the receiver at the catch point. Displays average hands to pluck the ball with good height which can be a liability in matchups. Shows adequate hip flexibility and change-of-direction skills, which hinders him vs quick slot receivers or fast tight ends. Though not a quick twitch defender, shows good initial quickness and possesses adequate speed in coverage. Good vision and strong hands with a sense of breaking on the ball, but his size limitations hurt him in matchups with tight ends. Speed has limits vs fast receivers and can be beaten over the top. In 2017, he stared 13 games and made 94 tackles with 7.5 TFL, 1 sack, 2 FF, 4 PBU and 3 interceptions. Earned 2nd team Big 12 honors. In 2016, started 12 games and totaled 58 tackles, 7 TFL, 3 sacks, no picks, 2 FF and 5 PBU. Earned 2nd team Big 12 honors. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’2” and 218 lbs. and did 21 reps. He did not run in a short workout. Added a 35.5” VL and a 9’5” BJ. At times, he can get beaten deep, though usually maintains fine deep responsibility. Some deficiencies in coverage, though the mental and physical toughness to be a special teams’ defender. Capable of winning a role in package defenses once he settles in. Marginal top 125 prospect and underrated athlete with above average measurables and good production. Top special teams’ performer with impact on coverage units. In time, a quality starter with fairly developed skills to continue to improve and may be a big surprise in a right scheme. Strong safety limitations currently.
Draft Projection: 4th Round

8 * Terrell Edmunds #22          Virginia Tech   6-0        215       Sp. 4.50           
       Player Comparison: Patrick Chung                                               Rating 75
Athletic safety had an unheralded career in the ACC, starting since early in his true sophomore season. Earned some ACC honorable mention after his senior season, culminating with a fine bowl performance vs Maryland. Good size and above average speed with reliable tackling ability and improving coverage skills to challenge for an NFL starting job. He is the brother of top LB prospect Tremaine and son of former Dolphins Pro Bowl TE Ferrell Edmunds. Fine physical specimen with ideal size for the safety position including long 32 ¾” arms and large 10 ½” hands. Experienced all over the secondary having arrived on campus as a corner and played there on the scout team while redshirting. Moved to Rover for the next two seasons, before taking over as free safety in 2017. When he played Rover, he lined up in several places for the Hokies. Often on the end of the line, where he showed the ability to hold the point and set the edge vs the run. Almost big enough to be a stack Will backer. He lined up over the slot on passing downs where he displayed the speed and awareness to play tight coverage. In all aspects, he was usually a dependable, wrap up, head up form tackler. After moving to free safety, he generally played deeper and off the ball, rather than in or near the box. He displayed the speed to run with most receivers. Usually able to play tight coverage, but was at times slow to get his head around and locate the ball, allowing catches when it appeared he was in position to breakup the pass. In run support, he reads the play nicely and uses his arms well to get off blockers and finish. As a tackler, he reads to react and gets proper positioning to make stops. Powerful frame to deliver big hits and can be a downhill thumper in the strong safety mold. He has key areas to improve in pass coverage to compete for a starting role. Good speed and range to make plays at the sidelines. In pass coverage, he can retain well in transition, though better in zone situations than man coverage. He has tightness in his hips and need better reads and learn to trust his eyes better to succeed in man situations. At times, he gives too much separation and lacks the recovery speed to make up for mistakes. In man coverage, he can be exploited by fast receivers especially with multiple moves. Still raw in route and overall play recognition and needs better technique and footwork to plant and drive on the ball. Needs reps in reading the QB and routes better to be ready to compete for time in dime package. As a junior, he started 10 games, made 59 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 2 picks and 4 PBU. As a sophomore, he started 13 games, made 89 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 4 picks and 3 PBU. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’ and 217 lbs. and did not lift due to shoulder injury. He ran a 4.47 forty with a 41.5” VL and 11’2” BJ. He stopped workout due to cramps. Makeup to compete for a role as special teams’ defender where his speed and tackling should earn time. Good tools to develop especially in coverage and play the box safety role. Ball skills need work and reps to learn the finer aspects of coverage. Good 3rd day addition with skills to produce on special teams where he excelled over his career. Fine versatile prospect with natural talent to continue to improve in deficient areas. Top 150 prospect with starting talent over time.
Draft Projection: 4th Round

9 * DeShon Elliott #4                Texas               6-1        210       – Sp. 4.55
        Player Comparison: Glover Quin                                                  Rating 75
Athletic ball hawking junior completed a solid short career, starting only his final season at Texas. Earned Big 12 honors in 2017 while showing good ball skills and big play ability. Athletic frame with fine physique and good arm length and huge 10 ½” hands. Rangy safety with smooth footwork and change of direction skills to match up in coverage. Smart, instinctive and aware with good ball skills. Even though he was only a one-year starter, he made the coverage calls for the Longhorn secondary and made sure everyone was lined up correctly. Around the ball frequently, with 6 picks and 9 pass breakups in his only season as a starter. While he has the diagnostic skills, instincts and range to play deep, he also has the physicality and downhill attacking mentality to play in the box. Closes well on plays in front of him. He seems to make his share of big hits and forced 3 fumbles. He may not have the ideal deep speed to play free safety though, despite his other attributes and his tough, physical nature could be more conducive to the strong safety.  Shows 4.55 timed speed often which translates well in coverage to make plays on the ball. Made nice progress in man situations after being exposed to the high-powered Big 12 passing attacks. Displays the body control and coordination to make plays in coverage. Equally effective with the play in front of him, crossing routes or the deep quarter. Some limitations when he has to turn his back to the ball, though his instincts, agility and ball skills make him a quality deep defender. Shows the range to get to the ball near the boundary. He has the fluid hips to turn and cover receivers tightly downfield when his reads are sound. Able to close and effect throws at the catch point. His range is among the best in this class and can matchup with fast tight ends. Though not a physical tackler, he has improved and breaks down better at the line to finish. Effective keeping contain and leveraging in space. Aggressive to the ball, displaying fine confidence in his ball skills. Shows the body control and coordination to make the play. Above average speed to recover if he over commits with good hip flip and footwork to play tight man coverage downfield. Lacks dynamic athleticism, though instincts allow him to be in proper positioning. Needs better jam technique when playing near the line and must be more consistent to finish once he makes contact. Ball skills and closing burst of a NFL free safety, but lacks the physicality to be an in the box type at strong safety. His range and speed are above average and he can be fine in matchups with fast receivers, though needs further development there. As a junior, he started 12 games and made 63 tackles with 8.5 TFL, 9 PBU and 6 picks, earning 2nd team Pac-12 honors. As a sophomore, he played in 12 games and made 30 tackles with 3 TFL, 4 PBU and 1 pick. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’1” and 210 lbs. with 31 1/2” arms and 15 reps in the lifting. He ran 4.58 time with a 36” VL and 10’1” BJ. He had good positional drills to complete a fine workout. Compares to Grover Quin in size, mobility and ball skills. Good quickness, speed and savvy to run and cover tight ends, though needs improvement to match up in coverage. Vulnerable to multiple moves and must show he can retain coverage in the deeper zones. Probably goes on the early 3rd day after a good NFL Combine. Talent to challenge for playing time in a few roles especially the dime package with improvement. Top 125 prospect with starting ability in time.
Draft Projection: 4th Round

10 Armani Watts #23    Texas AM         5-11      205       Sp. 4.50            Rating 72
Talented all-around veteran safety has been a key part of the Aggie defense, starting all four seasons. Earned 2nd team Big 12 honors his final two seasons. Despite marginal size, he has shown remarkable  toughness and play making. Smallish physique for the safety position, though shows athletic skills to be very effective in both run and pass defense. Shows good field speed often which translates well in coverage to consistently make plays on the ball. Made nice progress in man situations after being exposed to many high powered passing attacks. Very experienced starter, but smaller than ideal. Better in coverage than against the run. Reads the quarterback’s eyes well and gets into passing lanes. Good range and instincts with fluid hips and lateral quickness. He covers the back end all the way to the sidelines. As a run defender, his tackling in general, needs work. Though not a big hitter, he misses too many tackles and fails to wrap up consistently. Many of his stops are low wrap up tackles. In coverage, he is reliable and effective with a good pedal when over the slot and able to open his hips easily and break on the play. His tackling one on one in the open-field must improve to earn time in package defenses. Used in both high and low alignments, though looked comfortable at high safety. Displays impressive range and good speed with an extra gear when necessary in pursuit. He has a smooth backpedal, with decent ability to transition with receivers on deep routes. Very alert and aware defending the underneath zones. Reads the QB and displays fine route recognition. Good burst to close out of his plant. Versus the run, he is a willing wrap up tackler. Fine instincts, read-reacts, closes on the plays quickly and decisively. Smooth in his ability to change directions with lateral quickness to make plays sideline to sideline. Needs to do a more consistent job of tracking the deep ball. His ball skills and playmaking ability are more prevalent on the short to intermediate routes. Good overall ball skills with 10 career interceptions, 18 PBU and 6 FF. In 2017, totaled 86 tackles, 2 FF, 2 FR, 10 TFL, 4 picks and 5 PBU earning 2nd team Big 12 honors. In 2016, totaled 56 tackles, 2 picks, 2 FR, 3 PBU and 2 FF. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 5’11” and 202 lbs. and did 13 reps. He did not run. Added a 35” VL, 10’ BJ and added a 4.37 shuttle and 7.25 three cone with good positional drills. Defender will have to make roster on his ability to fill a role in the package defenses. Coverage skills need to develop further for time there. Underrated prospect falling through the cracks. Good well-rounded defender to surprise and fine 3rd day value.

11 Siran Neal #5                       Jacksonville St            6-0        205 –     Sp. 4.55           Rating 72
Lanky athletic senior has played both safety and corner during his three seasons as a regular starter and key member of the talented JSU defense. Instinctive centerfielder has been a fixture in this secondary lining up at several positions which may earn him early time in package defenses in the NFL. Developed corner cover skills with a safety mentality, which makes him a fine fit for the dime packages. Moved to cornerback for 2017 and earned 1st team All-American honors and was a key performer on their defense. Earned an invite to the Senior Bowl off his late career performance. Possesses a long wiry athletic physique with fine 31 1/8” arms. Reliable run stopper, though not a hard-hitter. Wraps up well and drives through the ball-carrier. Fiery and intense player with good instincts and developing ball skills to play a few positions. Displays fine initial quickness to react to plays and is a fluid mover in space who plays under control in the open-field. Steady consistent effort, displaying nice range and ball instincts to make plays. Solid read-react ability in coverage and quick closer after the catch. Lined up everywhere in the secondary which will help him earn early time in dime packages. Exhibited development playing over slot receiver along with the deep middle in coverage. Needs to tackle more consistently and improve his pursuit angles. Looks like an eventual NFL starter after he becomes more disciplined. In the meantime, he should be a special-teams’ asset. In 2017, started 12 games at cornerback and totaled 39 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 FF, 1 pick and 11 PBU. Earned first team Ohio Valley and 1st team All-American honors. In 2016, started 12 games at nickel/safety and totaled 80 tackles, 11.5 TFL, 1 pick, 4 PBU and 1 FF. Earned first team OVC. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’ and 206 lbs. with 31 1/8” arms. He ran a 4.56 time and did 17 reps with a 40” VL, 10’2” BJ, 4.28 shuttle and 7.0 three cone. He moves well in the secondary with good initial reads and the ability to flow and play sound positioning. Physical and mental skills teams want in a safety, though he needs some development in man coverage before challenging for playing time. Lacks the recovery speed to match up with fast receivers which could hinder him from certain matchups. Good COD necessary for coverage and is a reliable tackler at both the line and in space to be effective for the dime package. Savvy versatile defender brings a few good qualities to a unit. Marginal top 150 prospect with skills to start, though maybe needs time to adjust to the pro game and more sophisticated schemes. Possibly falls to the 3rd day, though a starting safety with development. Athleticism, experience and versatility to probably challenge for an NFL roster. Deluxe utility defender with skills to play in all the packages plus gunner skill set.

12 Godwin Igwebuike #16        Northwestern    5-11      215       Sp. 4.45           Rating 72
Physical active box safety has been a valuable part of the Wildcats’ deep patrol since starting midway of his freshman season. Impressive physical specimen who is a little shorter than ideal, but very well put together. Displays fine speed along with a tough aggressive nature. He has the range, diagnostic skills and instincts which allowed him to be a top box safety. Shows the raw athleticism to be a solid single high free safety, though his coverage skills need further work. Shows the physicality and willingness to close quickly coming downhill that make him a very good run defender. Displays consistently fine tackling form. Can lay a big hit, but rarely fails to wrap runners. Good vision and instincts to be in position to finish. Gets off blockers well and is an excellent reliable last line of defense. He is a good ball athlete and from the deep safety position, shows he can read the quarterback fairly well and get good breaks on the ball. Good speed, though only adequate movement skills with some tightness in his hips to change directions. Adequate length to matchup with big receivers especially tight ends running the deep seam. Tough demeanor for the position and lines up best in the box as almost an extra linebacker. Displays good initial quickness off the snap. Anticipates well and moves up across from an inside gap just before the snap and fires across the line. Good timing when to attack the line and read-reacts very well. Chases and closes on the ball with nice acceleration to cover short-areas. Plays the run well in all facets with consistently sound tackling. In coverage, he shows improving instincts and awareness, especially on underneath and intermediate routes when the play is in front of him. Less effectiveness covering the deeper portions. Looks alert and aware and can diagnose quickly, though needs to trust his eyes. Must improve his initial read to get into proper positioning. Needs a zone scheme to be effective to take advantage of his sure tackling and adequate recovery speed. Defender you do not want isolated in man-coverage on a scat back type. Shows a good sense and feel in zone coverage. Tough to fool in a cover two set with play-action. Adequate hands for interception opportunities. Plays cautiously in coverage when in two-deep responsibilities. Focuses on the route and misreads the QB’s eyes. Hard-hitting physical tackler is best on plays in front of him. In 2017, he led the team with 78 total tackles with 1.5 TFL, 1FF, 1 FR, 2 picks and added 9 PBU for 2nd team Big Ten honors. In 2016, he started 13 games and made 108 tackles, 6 TFL, 7 PBU and 2 picks. Earned 2nd team Big Ten honors. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 5’11” and 213 lbs. with 31 1/4” arms. He ran a 4.44 time, did 19 reps and added a 35.5” VL and 10’8” BJ. Added a 4.12 shuttle and 6.56 three cone to finish a top effort. Needs development to be ready in coverage for the dime package. Good ball skills with the burst to matchup with pro receivers. Probable middle round addition with starting talent. Top special teams’ coverage defender and probable starting gunner.

13 *Jordan Whitehead #9      Pittsburgh       5-10      200      4.60       Rating 70                              
Aggressive, physical strong safety has been an unsung starter as part of the underrated Panther defensive unit. Well-built defender has been consistently productive since starting as a true freshman when he totaled over 100 tackles. He arrived at Pitt as the #1 recruit in the state of Pennsylvania and was one of the most heavily recruited cornerbacks in the country. Also played offense and was an outstanding return man in HS. Comes with an NFL pedigree as the cousin of Darrelle Revis. During his time at Pitt, he played free safety, strong safety and corner while also logging significant snaps on offense at RB. He does not possess ideal size for strong safety, but has fine instincts and ability to read-react. More effective playing in the box than he is as a deep safety. He has the light quick feet and overall movement skills of a corner. As a run defender, he has the mentality and toughness to come downhill with reckless abandon and is not afraid to mix it up in congested quarters. Ranges from sideline to sideline to make plays. Plays faster than he times on a track, and bigger than his size. So far, has gotten by on his natural football ability and needs work on his coverage responsibilities. Usually takes good angles and finishes with sound technique. Though undersized, he possesses a solidly-built physique with good overall muscle development. In run support, shows the determination to take on and shed blockers with a fine burst to split gaps. Gets a strong jam on receivers as they attempt to release and is effective re-routing, though inconsistent in that technique. Needs work on route recognition and hesitates to react which puts him in bad position to finish. Marginal size and speed limits him in coverage matchups, though he can win his share of contested passes. Overly aggressive with grabby hands at times when he loses contact in coverage and reaches to catchup. Plays the man rather than the ball and loses sight while competing for position with a receiver. Aggressive defending the run, but can get engulfed at the line by bigger blockers. May over pursue at times, leaving cut-back lanes open. In the box safety, with marginal ball skills, speed and matchup development. As a junior, he started 9 games while missing three with a team suspension. He made 60 tackles with 0 TFL, 1 interception and 4 PBU. As a sophomore, he totaled 65 tackles with 1.5 TFL, 1 pick and 2 PBU. Over his career, he totaled 234 tackles with 7.5 TFL, 2 FF, 3 FR, 3 picks and 12 PBU. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 5’10” 198 lbs. and did not workout due to a hamstring strain. He did 21 reps. Prospect will have to make roster as special teamer and backup defender. Limited coverage skills better suited for zone and needs development there for time in package defenses. His development in coverage will determine if he can win roster spot #3 safety until he improves coverage skills. Few plays on the ball. Good special teams’ defender and decent later addition with skills to develop.

14 Marcus Allen #2                  Penn St            6-2        215       – Sp. 4.60         Rating 70
Physical defender was a key part of the Penn St. defense, starting since midway in his true freshman season. Strong frame with fairly good straight-line speed and the explosiveness to finish with powerful tackles. Good size and strong lower unit to be a force in run support. Displays good field speed, explosiveness and physicality with the instincts and smarts to challenge for a starting job early as a pro. Possesses enough range to play single-high safety, as well as the strength and agility to man up in press at the line. Tough hitter to come down into the box and play the run. Possesses the explosiveness to drive through runners when he is sound in his technique. Adequate lateral agility to avoid blockers at the point of attack. Shows the power to fight blockers and use his hands properly. Very experienced and does not allow many big plays to be completed behind him when he is in single high coverage. Also he does not make many plays on the ball. Very few passes defensed and only one career pick despite being a part time starter as a frosh and a full time starter since then. He made less than one pass defensed per four games during his career. He basically has more of a strong safety or box safety mindset, because he likes to attack downhill hard vs the run and is not afraid to mix it up in close quarters. Very hard hitting forceful tackler as well as very reliable run defender who reads his keys, plays within the scheme and fulfills his responsibilities. Rarely takes poor angles to the ball and does not overrun plays and leave his gap unattended. Still developing as a cover safety, though he has the skills to run with most college tight ends. Similar in many ways to former Eagles safety Nate Allen. (No relation). He shows good instincts to key and diagnose well to be in position to make plays. Good sense of timing when to attack the line or adjust in coverage. Awareness in zone coverage with good closing speed when he reads keys properly. Plays the ball only adequately and needs work on his reads. Shows good hip flexibility but lacks acceleration for man-to-man coverage. Over his career, he had high production that ranked among the top safeties. On plays in front of him, he has a nose for the ball and a desire for playing physical football. He has some limitations in coverage and might have to be protected by scheme. Tenacious working around the line of scrimmage and can help on special teams’ coverage units immediately. As a senior, he started 13 games and made 72 tackles with 4 TFL, 1 pick, 2 FF and 3 PBU. As a junior, started 14 games and totaled 110 tackles with 6 TFL, 1 FF, 2 FR, no picks and 3 PBU. Over his career, he played in 52 games with 321 tackles, 17 TFL, 5 FF, 3 FR, 1 interception and 11 PBU. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’2”, 215 lbs. with 32 3/4” arms. He did 15 reps and added a 10’7” BJ and 37” VJ with a 4.32 shuttle. At pro day, he ran a 4.63 time and 7.13 three cone. He had decent positional drills for a solid overall effort. Initially the makeup to be a top special teams’ defender and backup defender for dime package. Physical defender with necessary development in both run and pass coverage to eventually compete for starting time. Good 3rd day gamble to produce on special teams and dime defenses. Falling top 125-150 prospect.

15 Quin Blanding #3       Virginia       6-2       210      Sp. 4.60        Rating 70                                   
Savvy centerfielder has been a four-year starter and first team ACC performer his final two seasons. Experienced, resilient, and productive. Played as the deep safety most of the time, though was rolled up into the box on occasion. Rare four-year starter and was a consistent tackling machine for the Cavaliers with 115+ tackles each season. Relentless and never lets up or gives less than his best on a play, even though he toiled on mediocre teams for his entire career in Charlottesville. Fine size with keen instincts, but only adequate speed. While he racks up a big volume of tackles, he does not make many impact plays. Lacks ideal range to remain on the back end in the NFL. Reads his run fits early on the down and comes downhill to fill a lane pretty well. Knows his responsibilities as a deep safety and works to not let anyone get behind him. Somewhat offsets his pedestrian track speed by taking sound pursuit angles. Extremely durable and played on 98% of the defensive snaps during his college career. Earned invitations to the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine weeks and performed fairly well. Average height/weight/speed triangle numbers. Decisive and relentless when attacking downhill in run support. Drives through the ball-carrier on contact. His fire and motor elevates the intensity of his teammates on defense. Experienced, effective and competent as either a free or strong safety. Good initial quickness with the change-of-direction to get into position to make plays. Makeup to be a good special teams’ defender. Plays the run well and rarely fooled by play-action fakes to maintain his zone. Shows the lateral movement to change directions and recover to get to the ball. His adequate size is a concern as a box safety. His speed will be challenged at the free safety spot. Fine character and leadership qualities. In 2017, he started 13 games and totaled 137 tackles, 3.5 TFL, no sacks, 4 picks and 2 PBU. Earned first team ACC his final two seasons. In 2016, he started 12 games and totaled 120 tackles, 2 TFL, 6 PBU and 2 picks. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’2” and 207 lbs. and did not lift. Ran a 4.63 with a 31.5” VL and 10’2” BJ. Workout ended when he pulled a hamstring. Type that will have to make roster as special teamer and backup defender. Man coverage skills need to be developed further for time in package defenses. This will determine if he can earn playing time. High level special teams’ defender with makeup of a gunner. Good late addition with skills to surprise and find a niche in the pro game. Top 200 selection with talent to be a serviceable defender.

16 Troy Apke #28         Penn St                        6-1        200       Sp. 4.35             Rating 65
Inexperienced one-year senior starter who at this point epitomizes the term “workout warrior” more than pure football player. His overall NFL Combine workout may have been the most impressive at this year’s event. Borderline NFL pedigree though, as his father, Steve, was a starting LB for the Pitt Panthers and a replacement player during the 1987 strike season. He is worth taking a chance on with a late pick, because he is at least highly experienced on special teams and could be a key contributor on all four units involving kicks and punts, especially as a gunner. In addition, with his pure speed and quickness he should be an effective rusher on the FG and PAT block team from the end of the line. As a safety, he generally is very raw after converting from receiver earlier in his career. Plays it safe, especially against the pass and does not trust his eyes to get his hands on many throws. He tends to keep plays in front of him and tries to minimize chunk plays. Willing downhill attacker vs the run. Sometimes gets too zealous though, comes in out of control and misses more tackles than he should. Long strider with inconsistent tackling technique especially dropping his head and failing to wrap up consistently. Attempts to be physical at the line in run support, though can take poor angles and fail to separate from blockers. Hesitant read-react and diagnostic ability vs both the run and pass. Core strength and leverage to take on blockers, though needs hand technique work to disengage more readily. Displays fine long field speed and impressed at the NFL Combine. Very inconsistent in his angles of pursuit, both coming downhill or chasing toward the sidelines. Possesses a high backpedal and hip flip to matchup in coverage and better suited for a zone scheme that allows him a cushion and time to read the route. Can plant and drive out of his pedal on underneath stuff, closing with strong hits when using sound technique. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’1” and 200 lbs. and ran a blazing 4.34 time with a 1.48 ten yard split. He added 16 reps with a 41” VL, 10’11” BJ, 4.03 shuttle and 6.56 three cone. That athleticism currently does not transfer well to the field. Large frame with 32 3/8” arms and looks the part of an NFL strong safety. Looks like he has the right demeanor for special-teams’ coverage units, though needs more discipline in his game. Gets too cautious at times when closing on routes. Lacks playmaking with few plays on the ball. In pass coverage, does not have the short-area initial quickness one would expect. Takes him a few strides to hit high gear. In 2017, totaled 55 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 pick and 4 PBU. Will have to make roster as special teams’ defender and backup. Limited man coverage experience and better suited for zone. Needs to develop much further in coverage for time in package defenses. His development in coverage will determine if he can win playing time. Probable late pick with NFL physical skills to develop, but still very raw for safety.

17 Natrell Jamerson #12       Wisconsin      5-11      200       Sp. 4.40            Rating 65                    
Versatile senior defender was a key contributor for the Badgers defense, lining up at both safety and nickel corner during his career before a breakout final season. Good physique for the safety position with solid frame and athleticism to fit into a pro package defense. Hitter with the power to deliver and finish. Best at plays in front of him and runs the alley nicely with sure tackling. Good movement skills with the lateral agility to go sideline to sideline. Displayed his versatility by playing nickel corner earlier in his career. Developed as a cover man lining up over the slot receiver and made nice progress, though not really a fit for the nickel role in the NFL. Able to handle coverage in the short zones. Route reading capability picked up from playing nickel helps him with safety keys and when to come from high to low. Little tight in the hips and loses space in transition vs quick receivers and best suited to sit in zone coverage and read the play. Uses good angles to the ball and will tackle through the ball-carrier at impact. Displays toughness for dealing with schemes and shifts after experience at a few spots in the secondary. Good speed and overall athleticism, though needs it to translate to the field more and make more plays. Needs to be technically sound in coverage. Reads routes and drives on the ball fairly well to defend vs the pass. Improving in his backpedal and ability to transition. Lacks ideal burst and explosiveness and would benefit by improving his initial reads. Also, he could react quicker supporting the run. Shows good zone cover skill, but lacks the suddenness and man-on-man vs fast quicker receivers. Athleticism and playing speed are comparatively good. Improved with experience especially with strong final effort. Appears to have average feet and slower twitch than ideal for a high-risk position. Stiff in the lower body and needs quicker change of direction. Still developing instincts for single-high safety. Versatile safety with improving instincts. As a senior, he started 14 games and made 51 tackles with 3.5 TFL, 2 picks, 1.5 sacks and 10 PBU. Earned Big Ten honorable mention. Played in 47 games with 16 starts, 14 of the starts in 2017. Earned the East-West Shrine game Defensive MVP award. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 5’11” and 201 lbs. with 32 5/8” arms and did 25 reps. He ran a 4.40 time with a blazing 1.53 ten-yard split. Added a 35.5” VL and a 10’ BJ. Competitive defender with experience to fill a few roles in dime package that will enhance his roster value. Athlete with developing skills to become a good role defender and kickoff returner with marginal starting grade. Top 200 grade, though needs to find a role in coverage to earn playing time. Talent to surprise on special teams’ value and starting gunner.

18 Mike Basile #30           Monmouth (NJ)        5-11      200       Sp. 4.55            Rating  62        
Rangy versatile safety has been a very productive defender for the Hawks secondary, starting all four seasons and earning Big South plus All-American honors. Strong athletic frame with adequate size and good speed, instincts and ball skills to play either safety role and eventually be a three-down defender. Range to go sideline to sideline and matchup in coverage, though needs work on his reads especially in the deep game. At his best on plays in front of him, where he sees plays developing instinctively and takes sound angles to the ball with the ability to finish with sure tackling. Plays a traditional high safety role with good overall ball skills in coverage to continue to develop. Aware and able to read the eyes of passers and get a jump on the ball because of his fine instincts. Better field than workout speed and gets in the right place at the right time. Usually a dependable open-field tackler with good hitting ability. In coverage, he times his leap well and displays good hands and body control. Shows the agility and speed preferred for single-high safety role in the NFL. Depends on reading the QB’s eyes and closing on the ball and has difficulty recovering if he guesses wrong. In coverage, he lined up at times over the slot receiver and graded out adequately. Against the run, he may come up and fill the hole and wrap up with sure tackling. Often lined up over a slot receiver and shows the quick footwork to mirror off the line well with the closing speed to break up passes. Sometimes he drops down into the box and blitzes off the edge. As a senior, he made 126 tackles with 9.5 FF, 1 pick, 2 BK and 4 PBU, earning first team FBS All-American honors. As a junior in 2016, he started 11 games, totaled 110 tackles with 9 TFL, 1 FF, 3 FR. 2 sacks, 3 BK, 1 interception and 1 PBU, earning 1st team Big South honors. Over his career, he totaled 433 tackles with 29.5 TFL, 3 FF, 3 FR, 8 interceptions, 7 sacks, 6 BK and 14 PBU in 45 games. He did not attend the NFL Combine. At the pro day, he ran a 4.53 time and added a 9’6” BJ, 34.5” VJ with a 7.02 three cone and 4.32 shuttle. Under the radar defender with talent to help in package defenses. Must prove capable of helping on special teams to earn roster spot. Terrific special teams’ performer at his level which included 6 career blocked kicks. His sure tackling and legitimate 4.50 speed can earn him time on coverage units. Development in coverage will determine if he plays in package defenses. Possible dime defender with nice LOD. Late addition or high priority FA with talent to develop further, but needs to impress in camp. Top 250 prospect. Talent to be a good role performer and probable key special teams’ defender.

19 Kameron Kelly                      San Diego St                 6-2       195       – Sp. 4.60          Rating 62
20 Tray Matthews                      Auburn                          6-1        210       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 62
21 Tarvarius Moore                   Southern Miss               6-1        195      – Sp. 4.55          Rating 62
22 Trayvon Henderson            Hawaii                            6-0        210       – Sp. 4.60         Rating 62
23 Jeremy Reaves                     South Alabama             5-11      205       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 60
24 Joshua Kalu                          Nebraska                       6-0        205       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 60
25 Tracy Walker                        Louisiana-Laf                6-1        205       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 60
26 Secdrick Cooper                   Louisiana Tech              6-0        210      – Sp. 4.65          Rating 60
27 Chucky Williams                  Louisville                       6-2        205       – Sp. 4.60          Rating 60
28 Jamar Summers                  Connecticut                   5-11      195       – Sp. 4.55           Rating 60
29 Tre Flowers                           Oklahoma St                 6-3        200      – Sp. 4.45          Rating 60
30 Cole Reyes                            North Dakota                6-1        215        – Sp. 4.60          Rating 60
31 Sean Chandler                      Temple                          5-10      205        – Sp. 4.65          Rating 60
32 Damon Webb                       Ohio St                          5-11      210        – Sp. 4.60          Rating 60
33 Trey Marshall                       Florida St                     5-11      205        – Sp. 4.55          Rating 60
34 Steven Parker                       Oklahoma                    6-1        205        – Sp. 4.60          Rating 60
35 Hootie Jones                        Alabama                       6-1        210        – Sp. 4.60          Rating 60
36 Asantay Brown                    Western Michigan      6-0        215       – Sp. 4.65          Rating 58
37 Max Redfield                        Indiana (Pa)                6-1        205        – Sp. 4.65          Rating 58
38 Marcell Harris                     Florida                          6-1        215        – Sp. 4.60          Rating 58
39 Donnie Miles                       North Carolina            5-11      210        – Sp. 4.60          Rating 58
40 Stephen Roberts                 Auburn                          5-11      185       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 58
41 Ryan Neal                             Southern Illinois         6-2        190       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 58
42 Foyesade Oluokun              Yale                               6-2        225       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 58
43 Kamari Cotton-Moya         Iowa St                          6-1        200       – Sp. 4.60          Rating 58
44 Nick Orr                                Texas Christian            5-10      190       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 58
45 Afolabi Laguda                    Colorado                        6-0        205       – Sp. 4.65          Rating 58
46 * Van Smith                         Clemson                         5-11      185        – Sp. 4.60          Rating 58
47 Jordan Martin                     Syracuse                         6-2        205      – Sp. 4.55          Rating 58
48 Chris Hawkins                    Southern Cal                 5-11      190        – Sp. 4.60          Rating 56
49 Dominick Sanders             Georgia                           5-11      195        – Sp. 4.65          Rating 56
50 Raven Greene                      James Madison            5-11      200       – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
51 Nick Washington                 Florida                            6-0        200      – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
52 Travon Blanchard               Texas AM-Commerce   6-2        210      – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
53 Johnathan Alston                North Carolina St         6-1        205      – Sp. 4.60          Rating 56
54 Josh Cox                               Central Michigan           5-10      195      – Sp. 4.65          Rating 56
55 Will Johnson                        Oklahoma                       5-10      185      – Sp. 4.70          Rating 56
56 Devin Abraham                   South Florida                 5-09      190      – Sp. 4.55          Rating 56
57 Robert Taylor                       Washington St               5-09      190      – Sp. 4.50          Rating 56
58 Jaleel Wadood                     UCLA                               5-10      165       – Sp. 4.50          Rating 56
59 Ramon Richards                  Oklahoma St                  5-11      190        – Sp. 4.65          Rating 56
60 Kieron Williams                   Nebraska                       6-0        195       – Sp. 4.70           Rating 56 – 27th Season – “The NFL Draft Publication that Pro Scouts Buy” 


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