Blockbuster Trades Shake up the Top Picks of the First Round

Blockbuster Trades Shake up the First Round

 49ers, Dolphins and Eagles Move in the Top 12 Selections

The peak of the Pro Day workout schedules continues with a few major trades recently during the height of the workout season that shuffled the top draft selections. The Dolphins set off the shift when they traded the 3rd overall selection to the 49ers who held the 12th overall selection for multiple addition future #1 draft choices. The Dolphins then traded the newly acquired 12th overall pick for the Eagles first round choice, the 6th overall selection. The Dolphins surrendered one of the #1 picks they received from the 49ers to land the 6th overall pick.

These moves were key statements about the teams involved – namely that the Dolphins and Eagles have decided to past on the top 3-4 QB prospects. The major trades were completed within minutes of each other with the Dolphins and Eagles transaction discussed over the past two weeks. Both trades transpired as the BYU pro day just began. BYU QB Zach Wilson had a very impressive workout and most likely solidified the 2nd overall selection behind generational QB Trevor Lawrence. With the 49ers at #3 selection, they will likely choose between Marc Jones, Justin Fields or Trey Lance. QBs could fall in the first four selection with the Falcons at #4 in the market for a QB and either Jones, Fields or Lance high on their list. The top 4 QB prospects could come off the board in the top four selections with the 5th prospect not out of the question of going in the top 10 choices or higher.

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The Dolphins reset at the 6th overall pick and will most likely get a one of the top three non QB prospects. The 49ers are basically saying they love the top 3 QBs and were willing to pay the price – three #1 selections over the next three drafts. Do not rule out the 49ers moving up one spot with the Jets if the price is not outrageous. The Falcons also could be interested in moving up if the #4 QB is not as high as their 2nd or 3rd prospect.

Jets hold the #2 overall pick and have been debating using for their new starting QB (Z Wilson) or trading QB Sam Darnold in deals with the Seahawks for starters, Russell Wilson or Texans Deshaun Watson. Seattle is still a possibility with HC Pete Carroll interested with long ties to USC and liking Darnold as a reclamation project for the right deal. The Texans will most likely have a difficult time trading Watson at this time with the recent claims of multiple abuse incidents still pending. In addition, the NFL office could suspend Watson if specific charges including abuses prior to an expected long court battle. Teams still interested in moving up for a top QB would be the Panthers and Broncos along with the Lions being a surprise bidder.

The pro days of 2021 have become more elaborate due to the cancellation of the NF Combine in February because of the ongoing Pandemic. Pro day drills have been very inclusive for NFL personnel men to get the broadest view of a prospect in March and April with the most update information related to his physical skills and in person scouting.

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